Saturday, August 8, 2009

Got up way late this morning. Brewed me up a mean pot of coffee and sat myself down for a relaxing good time. Well, first off, I was still asleep and fell slap over that mixer thing sitting in the middle of the floor....no sustained damage, but I did mutter a few choice words. Then I poured me up a cup of that mean coffee only to find out I was slap out of my CoffeeMate. Tried some milk, but all that did was take the meanness out my mean coffee. Then here come old pesky neighbor Wayne say'n "ya gonna stay inside all day"? My God, it's not even 7am yet.

Sit'n on "da porch", I got to think'n, what I often do, that old dirty greasy BBQ pit sure could use a good cleaning. So's I commenced to tak'n it apart and scrap'n 2 years of accumulated grease and grime.
When I got all that done, I figgered I might as well paint it too.
What I did. Now how the hell did I get black paint on my almost brand new jeans?

Ok, Cops is about over. Gonna go to "da porch" for a bit and maybe I'll be back to say something exciting.


  1. BB you said you got up late...then you mention your neighbor came over and it wasn't even 7:00 am yet...what do you consider getting up late?

    Your grill looks great, it brought back a little bit of nostalgia when I read its name...for years I used to be a good client of an establishment by the same name in the city of South Houston.

  2. BB, get you some kerosene and try washing that paint out of your jeans, don't soak em, but gently wet them , and maybe an old tooth brush rub some.. or just relegate them to the Old/work jeans area. I got a pair still of ole jeans cut down to shorts that I wore when I painted the barn about 8 years ago. They are not "out in public" shorts but come in handy

  3. MsB, if'n ya recall a while back, when I cleaned "da porch", I posted a pic of the Dog House Bar and Grill. It serves two purposes as you can see by the name.
    LOl....most time I am up and drink'n my mean coffee by 6:30, but when I get up late, it's between 6:30 and 7:00am. On golf days, I'm up at 5:30 sharp so's I can get "that other eye" open before we leave at 6:45. When I was younger, get'n up late was any time after 11am. Early was 8am.
    LOL....now what ya wanna know???