Tuesday, August 4, 2009

day late, dollar short

Well shoot, I got so busy yesterday I was too tired to make my post last night.
About yesterday.....yep, it was a Monday. Piddled with an old "brand new" China made inverter generator what bit the dust on a boondocking trip last winter. Never, I repeat, never order China!!!
I made'er "smoke" right out that little black box thingy. Then I went online look'n for parts....hahahaha, right.

Then I looked at my bicycle what I never ride....if'n I had a motor on there, I would probably ride it. Ya rekon I could use the motor off'n this China made generator?

Oh crap, it's 6:45 and old pesky neighbor Wayne is load'n up the old 3 wheel golf cart......we'll be see's ya laters.

Well that was an easy game. Never lost a ball and struck a pretty dern good score of 87. That's good for any armchair golfer.

Now for Uncle Ben.............

This is "Sally"
'03 35' Condor 8.1 Chevy Vortec V-8
9.2 MPG

And this is old "Alice"
'89 Open Road 454 Chevy V-8
6.8 MPG

Loved Alice to death, but she just wouldn't hold all my "stuff"

Speaking of Uncle Ben...his blog here...he mentioned he found another one my web sites I brewed up a while back. After read'n a few lines, I figgered it needs to be worked on some more.
Here it is if'n ya wanna see who Billy Bob is. Needless to say, it's called Billy Bobs Place. Enjoy!!!

Still waiting on price confirmation on a set of 130 watt solar panels for "Sally". Found some Sun 130 watt panels for $257.40 each...that's $1.98 a watt....of course plus shipping. I would think by now I would have received a confirmation since mak'n $$$ is what a business does. I guess I could just click "my cart" on the business web site and see what happens. Yep...that's what I gonna do.

Old pesky neighbor Wayne brung me over a mixer thingy this morning to make bread dough and stuff with. He didn't say if he was giv'n it to me, so I guess I'll just keep it.
He also didn't tell me how to operate it, so's I guess it will be "spearmint" time.


  1. Maybe it is just meant to be a kickback Day BB,, BTW,,I stumbled on your old web page, didn't know you used to sail one of them Diaper Wavers!! :-) I won't tell, (wink)

  2. LOL....you must be talk'n bout Barnacle Bills Place ( http://barnacle.tripod.com/BARNACLE3.HTM ) . That was back when.....!!! Was just a young feller full of P&V.

  3. Thanks for the pictures of the Wheeled Home BB..appreciate it.. Hell I looked at one like the old one not long ago.

  4. what r u doing nothing go cut the grass and stay off the g coarse doesnt do nothing but take your money lol
    well i finialy figured all this stuff out.

  5. If you find out that mixer is on "loan" Come get mine. Wife bought it some time ago, but there ain't much it won't do. I never use it, taking up space is all now.

  6. Thanks for posting pictures of your RV's.

    Went to look at your old blog and I never would of guessed you had lived in a sailboat.

    First blog I ever read was of a guy who used to live in a sailboat and then decided to trade it in to travel all over the US in a motorcycle with a side car for his dog braving the elements.