Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A think'n day

Today was a day for think'n. I was think'n I would go to Walmart to pick up some "stuff" and then to the tire store for a price on some new shoes for the "that jeep" and then to the Country Club to pay my dues and then to Ed Jones to deposit some funds into my fundless account. That's what it was....a day for think'n.

Boy Howdy....let me tell ya bout the storm what we had last night. My motor home was "rock an roll'n" like Chubby Checker and shak'n like Dolly Parton and I says..."what the hell"??? Wind done blowed my satellite dish slap over and internet was gone....poof...just like that. Went outside to check on damages and walked right into a sand storm what felt like I done been shot with buckshot. Weather news said we had 60 mph winds, but I swear it were more like 500. I swear!!!

Let Lug Nut and Sadie Mae out today to run some rabbits, but Lug Nut was more interested in the neighbors horses. Don't know what he would have done if'n he caught one. The dog ain't right!!!

Seems my solar company I was gonna order panels from has taken their web site down. That's a bummer. I know they ain't out of business cause they have two GIGANTIC warehouses, one in Florida and the other in Pheonix Az. Will give the old telephone call a try tomorrow.

That's all folks....got a big ole piece of lemon cake to eat and take my drugs for the day.

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  1. Does that mean that "that jeep" is a keeper?

    Sounds like you had a serious storm. what is it with storms and deserts lately?