Friday, August 7, 2009

doing nuttin is better than "work"

I don't know what it is, but every single morning I seem to forget the important things...like tak'n a pic of a beautiful sunrise. Not that anyone else would be interested, but the sunrises and sunsets in Deming are spectacular....on occasion.

Anyhows, old Billy Bob had a rough night with at least 150 leg cramps. 150??? Oh no, I meant to say 5 or 6. I've tried everything from eating a half dozen bananas a day to swaller'n a hand full of every kind of pill designed for leg cramps. It's a messed up back what is causing it and there ain't nuttin I can do.... but suffer, if I work too hard. Another reason to do "nuttin" .8<)

Had a wonderful day on the porch with my new hobby. Swaked a total of 638 "confirmed kill" pesky flies. Unconfirmed didn't count since I don't know if I swak'd them or not.

UPS guy showed up right on time this afternoon with my new mirror finish diamond plate reflectors for the solar oven. Took less than an hour to mount them and we was back in the yard pointed at the sun. Tomorrow sounds like a soup pot to me.

Tonights dinner is a fried boloney (bologna for the city slickers) samitch (sandwich) with fresh Mexico mater slices and white onion. Along with a fresh boiled ear of corn trucked in from somewhere in Colorado.
Boy howdy can that Billy Bob cook a slab of boloney.

Some one sent me this pic of a sunset at the north pole. It's amazing!!!

Now that the evening sun has gone down, I have nothing to do but wait for bed time. It's funny that I would do that every night with never an after thought.
My days have been so good to me, it makes me wanna pee. I have nothing to b**** and complain about. I'm kind of sorta happy. I have nothing better to do with my life than to get up tomorrow and see what the day has in store for an old retired, adventurous, fun loving feller like me.


  1. Sorry bout your leg cramps, I have no cure, but do know the feeling. One Doc told me mine were too much salt. What ever,,
    And where is that bread you were going to cook up? from scratch?

  2. My husband has a terrible back and in turn has leg cramps every night. He was just put on Vit D/3 (2000), Calcium w/magnesium (2000) by the doc. Seems to be working a little.


  3. I love pictures of sunrise and sunsets you are up early anyway take a couple of shots.

    Sorry about your leg cramps. Your solar oven looks great.

  4. Billy,, about your flies, if you can't use them for target practice with your pellet rifle, try this simple trick, it works I know cause I have used it outside and inside over my sink.

    1. Get a small clear sandwich bag or Ziplock; shopping bags do not usually work.
    2. Fill the bag up with normal tap water.
    3. Tie the bag shut with a piece of string.
    4. Use the same piece of string to suspend the plastic bag from the rafters or from a window sill; make sure there is space around the bag (it cannot be too close to a wall).

    I put a big ole black paper clippey thing on the bag and hang it up with a pushpin and string.

  5. Ben, I done tried that plastic baggie trick when I lived on my sailboat, in my first motor home and even tried it with "Sally"....it don't work. In fact, down in south Texas, where things are bigger, the flies would unzip the baggies and go for a swim in the water. Towels were furnished by the Corpus Christi Holiday Inn.
    I was eat'n in a local "greasy spoon" in Port Aransas what had them baggies hung everywhere. Each table had it's own flyswapper. Weren't many dead flies lay'n round 'cause the roaches were carrying them off as soon as they hit the floor.

  6. I knew an older gentleman who told me he had a bowl of oatmeal every morning to keep the leg cramps away.
    Something to do with keeping the cholesterol down and improving the circulation.
    I thought it helped...