Sunday, August 30, 2009

"da ball....did anyone see da ball"
"redneck golf" in Douglasville, Ga. 2005

Now what? Done did all I wanted to do today and still have 4 hours daylight left.

Let me tell ya bout a great golf game....not you Ben...you don't like golf. I were swak'n that golf ball like Tiger Woods were a "rookie". Old pesky neighbor scared me though. Only one stroke behind me and on the back nine he started, mak'n pars....three in a row. Billy Bob had to buckle down and make up for a double bogie....what he did and won the game by one stroke. Wonderful golf'n day.

Lit up the solar oven out in the yard and pointed it right at the sunshine. Gonna be cook'n up some grub for my dinner.

How a big ol' half a chicken, baked tater and maybe some steamed broccoli? Yeah...that what I gonna do.

Rounded up all my tools from my projects for the last two weeks. Did anyone see where I left my hammer??? Boy howdy, didn't know I had so many tools just lay'n round "do'n nuttin".

Did a dumpster run get'n rid of some this junk I carry all over the country. I know I has to be way overweight and burn'n extra gas tote'n that stuff. Anyone need a table saw and some concrete blocks??? Just kid'n.....gonna keep the table saw.

Dishes all done up for a change and kitchen clean as a whistle. Hmmmmm....is a whistle really clean with all that spit??? Got lots of stuff from the kitchen for the birds and rabbits. Hmmmm....do rabbits like beer bread???


  1. Billy Bob, you better sit down.. I actually watched part of that golf game today that Tiger DIDN'T win. :-) I don't mind Golf at all, I just got dang tired of Tiger this, Tiger that, even when he screwed up it as some sort of Earth Shattering event.

    BTW,what is your ballpark date you be in Alpine Texas area? May just drive down and see you and we can run down and see John Wells.

  2. Ben, what you talk'n bout...Tiger is da man. BUT....there are times he hisses me off....like today....he seemed to think he "deserved" to make that putt...what he didn't.
    Alpine....hmmmm...let me think. Are you suggesting I spend money in an RV park after putting these solar panels on "da roof"? I'm think'n the last week of Sept if I get myself in gear. Probably be first week of Oct. Then again, I may not be able to go at all...depends on my doctors appointment next month. Lungs are getting worster.

  3. BB, Don't care where you plan on staying, just wondering when,, Just let me know when. And don't expect me to come barge in on ya. I can find a place. I got friends at the Holland Hotel :-)

    Tiger? I think his flash in the pan is reaching the end.

  4. Lol, I can't believe Wayne made three pars in a row!!! Congratulations on your win today Billy Bob.

    If I remember correctly John Wells invited you to boondock on his land and I am sure he would offer the same to Ben. You all could camp out at his land after all he has 40 acres so you would not actually have to see him or he you guys.

    If I had my little piece of desert you would both be welcome...but alas I have to find the right property first, lol.