Friday, September 28, 2012

Golf ball swak'n

I'm gonna just sit here an' watch it rain. It's too damn cold to go outside an' sit on "da porch" (62 degs).

Oh damn, I almost forgot. OFM Barney gifted me with a modified 3 wood for swak'n golf balls 200 yards an' beyond. Well, I swaked a few balls out in the desert with it, an' some of 'em flyed straight like a arrow. But not quite as far like what Barney was talk'n bout. "Well shoot Billy Bob....modify it". So that what I did. Ya see, Barney has short fat arms an' he ain't much taller than a girl. So he cut 2 inches off'n the shaft. Now the old Billy Bob has got long skinny arms and is a little taller than what Barney is. So I add a inch back to the shaft and put one my special 200 yards oversize grips on it.

Off to the golf ball swak'n place me and Wayne goes. I pull out that twice modified 3 wood on hole #1, sets my ball up on a tee and let 'er fly. Swooosh.....bammm. Holy crap, my ball is way out there in the desert bout 50 yards east of the fareway. What the hell my ball do'n over there? That ain't wheres I were aim'n. Then on the 3rd hole, I breaks it out again for my tee shot. Swooosh....bammm. Holy crap.....there it go bout a mile or so....right down the middle the fareway. Hit'n Barney's old modified 3 wood off'n a tee is work'n out pretty good. But hit'n it off'n the ground, it don't work worth a poop. I know, 'cause I tried it the rest of the game. Go a hunnert yards an' stop dead in it's tracks. Back to the draw'n board.

My putt'n was spectacular yesterday. Well I thought it was anyhows. Had only one 3 putt hole the entire game. Chipp'n an' pitch'n was right up there with the pro's. Well I thought they was anyhows.  Ended up with a nice relax'n round of 91. Remind me to put Alka Seltzer in my golf bag. Needed it "bad".

Wayne swaked a couple balls. Did much better than what I was expect'n. They went straight down the fareway just like they supposed to do....an' that's what counts in a round of golf. He sure do miss play'n a round of golf ball swak'n with the old Billy Bob. He gonna try to play 9 holes next time we go. I know one thing for sure....if'n he fall down, I'm gonna leave him lay there. Ain't no way in hell I could ever pick him up off'n the ground.

Ok...that's enough talk bout golf ball swak'n for one day. Although I could tell ya some great stories bout me an' old "pesky neighbor" Wayne out there on the golf course mak'n fools of ourselves. What great memories.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Poly mesquite

The old Billy Bob ain't as lazy as ya might think. I been work'n on the "mesquite eagle" project while I been sit'n out there on "da porch" sip'n up a cup an' think'n.

I tried ever way on the world to retain the beautiful mesquite wood colors, but ever thing I tried, failed the tests. The resulting finish is a very dark (black) color with traces of the reds I wanted to stand out. I have many choices of mount'n the eagle. This is just one out of bout a hunnert.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Stay'n warm

Cain't think of much of anything to write about this morn'n, so's I gonna just sit here till I come up with something. "Holy crap Billy Bob, ya gonna sit there all day"?

September and October are bad months for me. I got vehicle registrations to take care of. Two different insurance companies to send my hard earned dollars to every 6 months. Then it's the time of the year I have to think about how I gonna stay warm for the winter. If'n ya know anything bout the US, ya know there ain't many places you can go to avoid freez'n temps and the dreaded "snow" season.

I remember one time, when my mind was only half work'n, I took off for Atlanta to spend Christmas with the kids and grandkids. Boy howdy was that ever a mistake. Parked "Sally da house" on a freak'n hill (sons driveway). Come Christmas day, it were cold. Water lines and water pump frozed slap up. Heater run'n full bore...never get above 55 degs inside. This was a year for snow. I were stuck on a hill in the snow. I tole the kids I ain't neeever come back to Atlanta in the winter. An' I ain't.

There's always Florida....right? Sunshine State or something like that. Well, if'n ya ain't never been to Florida, it don't take long to hate it. Ya wanna rent a RV space in Florida? Bring bout $600 a month an' some change. There ain't no sunshine nowheres worth that much. I been through part of Florida in the summer. Didn't like that neither. I pulls into a RV park an' says to the nice lady...."Ya got a spot for me for "one" night"? They sure did. Out back with the old dilapidated travel trailers, druggies, and trailer park queens. All for $38 a night. Heee Hee hee, my kind of people....not my kind of prices.

Spent 3 winters at the "slabs" out in southern Calif. Now this is a "wild an' wooly" kind of place to spend a winter. But it's free. Ain't nuttin there but 640 acres of desert sands, bushes and thousands of crazy people with only one thing on their mind....FREE an' "get neekit". There ain't no water, ain't no electricity and there ain't no place to dump your poop tank. Ya want any that stuff, ya go to town. Walmart is 25 mile away, so it ain't all that bad.

Last but not least is south Texas if'n ya wanna stay warm. If'n ya know anything bout Texas, ya know it's a rather large state. Ya don't just go "down the road a piece". Ya gotta drive for days to get somehweres. And you're still in Texas when ya get there. Last year I took the advice of OFM Barney and spend the winter in Falcon Heights, Texas. Boy howdy let me tell ya, it were warm. Winter only lasted bout a week or something like that. There's a State Park there for $90 a week or ya can stay at the Community Park for nuttin. I did both. The lake was fantastic for fisher guys and gals. Perfect for "bubba" boats and stuff like that. Catch ya up all the bass fishes ya ever wanted. Big 'uns too.

So, there's only 3 choices to stay warm in the winter. Anywheres else ya gonna freezer your ass off. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Thank ya thank ya thank ya....

I sure do want to thank everbody what wished me a Happy Birthday yesterday. I were begin'n to think my ratings had dropped to a all time low and Billy Bob's Place was being boycotted. I suppose I learned something yesterday with all the well wish'n birthday comments. 

So what am I do'n with my blog what I didn't do a couple years ago? Is it just that I'm a couple years older, writ'n stuff that don't interest nobody but myself? Too much repair/fix/modify? Not enough silly stories, accidents and nonsense? "Damn Billy Bob, ya gotta git with the program....write something funny". 

For everbody what ain't lik'n the new Blogger format, bout all I can say is it's just like the old one. Does the same thing just like the old one. When I first changed over a couple months ago, I hated it too. Didn't take long to get used to it. Had to 'spearmint with it a bit before I forgot there was a old one I used to use. Don't ask me why they changed the format 'cause I ain't got a clue. All I know is that the new one works.....just like the old one.

Wayne fix me up a birthday dinner last night. Throwed half a chicken on my plate, some grilled taters and some the most god awful tast'n beans ya ever ate. I were expect'n baked beans, so's I take a great big ol' bite. What the hell???? They was black beans with corn in 'em, something what look like celery....maybe onions. Worstest beans I ever eat in my life. Not eat...taste. Throw them straight in the dumpster. Sadie Mae wouldn't even eat 'em. Good thing too, 'cause she farts in bed.

That reminds of a cat I onest owned. Well something like that. He sleeped on the pillow right next to mine. And he farted at night. I ain't talk'n no little sweet smell'n farts, but these things were god awful nasty "wake ya up from a dead sleep" farts. One time he were lay'n on the couch next to a lady visitor, get'n petted an' stuff like that, when he let loose one them things. The lady get all beet red and says...."I gotta go". Never see her again. Damn cat. 

Gonna run down the road a piece this morn'n....or afternoon. I done run slap out my little cigar thingys I suck on. Make a Walmart run while I'm out. Walmart got the bestest maters ya ever eat. Corn on the cob ain't too shabby neither. Then stop by the produce sell'n place....get me a watermelon an' a couple cantaloupes (spell checker did that).

Ok....got things to do....laters.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Year #2 of old....71 today

Another year in the life of Billy Bob has passed....hopefully with no end in sight. Do I feel older? You damn right I do. It ain't like these old bones are gonna heal and make me a young man again. Just something I got to deal with.

I was look'n back on "last year" and what I accomplished in that time. Well hell, it weren't nuttin but a bunch of work modify'n and fix'n stuff. But that's what I like to do. There ain't nuttin more excit'n than to take the original idea of a manufacturer and screw that idea all to pieces. I'm still work'n on the idea to make a remote controlled golf ball that will sink a putt at 50 feets. 

In the last year I have been feel'n better in some ways, but discover'n new ailments have also took control of my life. I didn't figger on this kind of stuff when I was a young whippersnapper....you know bout when I were a 60 year old....or something like that. There was a time I thought I was indestructible. But holy crap, what happen in the last few years? It catch up to me all at the same time. When I look around me and see what other old folks are go'n through, I rekon I ain't got it so bad. What they say....it could be worse?

I got all kind of electronic test'n equipment for test'n my blood pressure, oxygen level....pills for this an' that, rubs for aches and pains....you know what I'm talk'n bout. Didn't have none that stuff when I were indestructible. Didn't need none that neither. We used to sit on "da porch" talk'n bout what we gonna do, the stuff  what we did, and all the places we been. Now we sit out there talk'n "old folk" talk. Bout health issues an' stuff....."how ya feel today" an' "am I gonna die".

I got to think'n back on my first year of "officially" old. I don't rekon I did too bad. Put another 5 or 6,000 mile on "Sally da house" traisp'n all round the country. Spend some wonderful time camp'n all over Texas. Visit'n lakes I only read about in magazines. Catched me up a few fishes along the way. Swaked some golf balls. See country I ain't never see before. A trip to Georgia to see the kids and grandkids. And of course, do some fix'n and modifications to "Sally da house. Yes, I rekon I had me a pretty good year.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Vacation in Deming

Is this what you're talk'n bout....look like this?
And you want it to look like this? 
Press the 'Compose' button.....

Blogger changes almost as fast as a blogger. If'n ya keep up with blogs in a circle, you'll notice they change with time. While others may not change at all. Some bloggers write something every day, while others only write on occasion. But you already knew that....right? So exactly why do we blog in the first place?

In my case, I have a love of writing. Not the stuff you would order from Amazon on the best seller list, but the everyday trials, adventures an' misadventures, memories and just plain ol' nonsense I deal with in my life on a daily basis. The good times and the bad times. Happy times and sad times. I have no shame.

Last night I were lay'n there on the couch flip'n channels and come across a documentary on the Revolution of Mexico. You know, Pancho Villa and his band of revolutionaries in northern Mexico and Zapata in southern Mexico, both assassinated by the government. I had no idea the state of Mexico in 1900. It was a dictatorship. The people were slaves to the government. I would say it's not much better in 2012 with the people slaves to a corrupt government and drug cartels. Guns and ammunition were banned from the people to deter any further resistance of the people.

Ok, what's Billy Bob been do'n? Mostly he's been sit'n on his ass do'n nuttin. I can do that ya know since I'm on vacation in Deming.

Finished sand'n that "mesquite eagle" project. Boy howdy let me tell ya, that were a job. But, like I said before, I gonna have a problem with apply'n a finish on it. When I apply a coat of polyurethane to a sample area, it turns to a very dark color instead of enhancing the beautiful reds in the wood. I know 'somebody' can give me some suggestions....right?  Ok wood professionals, help the old Billy Bob out here.

I have no intention to leave Deming for another 3 or 4 weeks. A neighbor went to El Paso 2 days ago. I ask him how much water was in the Rio Grande river. He say ya can walk across it. That tells me there is no water in Lake Amistad in Del Rio or Falcon Lake in south Texas. Now how the hell is Billy Bob gonna catch fish if'n there ain't no water?

Ok....here come old "pesky neighbor" Wayne. See ya laters....

Friday, September 21, 2012

Look'n down the road a piece...

No, Bob from Athen, salt'n the yard was a waste of hard earned dollars and hours of back break'n work. Ya cain't beat weeds. Damn things even grow out of solid rock. And goat heads.....my God, poor Sadie Mae is always hop'n round on 3 feets.

What ever I did was a good decision. We talk'n batteries here this afternoon. Ya see, two day ago, I charge the batteries to full capacity. Change the charg'n wire from the solar charge controller to the batteries. Found no shorts or nuttin like that in the old wire. Batteries charged from the solar panels all day yesterday and this morn'n I had only used bout 6/10th's of a volt (12.64 volts this morn'n).  Go head....check my math.

It were so hotter an' hell yesterday I come in "da house". Break out my broom an' sweeps the entire floor. Then I breaks out my Swiffer mop thingy an' mop the entire floor. When it dry, I says...."damn, maybe I better wax it". What I did. Look like a brand spank'n new floor. Until I got up this morn'n. Little puppy dog feet prints everwheres, a few goat heads and some unwelcome sand.
Did I ever mention before, never install dark floors in a RV?

Went down to the floor'n sell'n place an' they got a piece of vinyl floor'n that would be perfect to cover most of the wood floor in the liv'n room and kitchen. Heavy duty stuff what should hold up to anything Sadie Mae and Mother Nature can throw at it. But....the install guy tole me it has to be glued down or it will curl on the edges. Damn!!! And I liked that stuff. There ain't no way to staple it under the slide out. I can glue it under there, but ain't no way to hold it down till the glue sets. Only one inches clearance.

Been read'n the news. Obama and Romney is really piss'n the old Billy Bob off. I want to hear what they gonna do for America, not throw'n big ol' rocks back an' forth at each other. Then we got all the upris'n in the middle east. Damn....there's crazy people all over the world.

Speak'n of crazy people. Remember I was tell'n ya bout the guy out here at the park what is stock'n up on supplies for "when it happens" (dooms day or some shit like that)? Well, the other day he went to the store and bought up $150 worth of pasta. Now that's a lot of pasta don't ya think?

I got all my plans made for the next 6 months or so. Meet up with the OFM somewheres in south Texas in a couple months or so. After a few stops along the way. By that time, Barney should be a competitive fisher man.....give the old Billy Bob a fish catch'n beat'n he'll never forget. "Ahh, Billy Bob, Barney all ready catch more fish than you do".

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Planned trips...or not

Boy howdy it's hard to find something to write about. I sit here for a hour this morn'n think'n where do ya start. Nuttin is what I came up with. As usual, I'll come up with something....even if it ain't of interest.

I know everone is get'n tired of read'n bout repairs, fix'n an' broke stuff, but that's all I been do'n to write about. Speak'n of which, the solar system is crank'n this morn'n. Ripped a big ol' gouge in my arm pull'n that wire under the hallway closet and drawers. Wrap it up with a couple band aids, some gauze and hold it all together with a wrap of duct tape. Was good to go the rest of the day.

Did I ever tell ya bout the time......I send the kids to bed early for being too rowdy...run'n through the house a hunnert mile a hour.....scream'n, jump'n on furniture...stuff like that. Robert slept on the top bunk. The giggl'n and laughter continued for a good hour or so. Then there was this loud thud, like somebody drop a bowl'n ball on the floor. Somebody was scream'n bloody murder. Robert had done fall slap out that top bunk right on his head. Damn fool boy. Done put a pretty good gash in the side his hard skull. Daddy break out his razor and shave that boys head slap bald....all round that big ol' gash. Cut me some strips of duct tape and stitch him up good. Ain't no call to go to a doctor when ya got a full roll of duct tape. Miracle stuff ya know....fix anything.

I were sit'n outside on "da porch" early this morn'n, sip'n up a cup an' do'n some serious think'n. How long is Billy Bob gonna be able to still travel round the country???....that were the subject. It ain't like it was 10 years ago when I would just jump behind the wheel an' "go" without any thought of where I was go'n or when and how I would get there. That's all changed. Everthing is planned in advance. With a destination down the road a piece. This winters destination was planned months in advance, in the dead of summer, with planned stops in between. Mak'n plans is Billy Bob's worst sin....if'n ya don't count cuss'n an' stuff like that.

I took off one time, with no destination in mind....but I knowed where I would end up. I come to a intersection of two highways. Which way?? And away I would go, unknow'n where. Didn't see a damn thing but desert, corn fields, never end'n highway, cows, donkeys an' prairie dogs....nuttin exciting. I did this for a freak'n month. Never gonna do that again. Ended up in Port Aransas, Texas with nuttin to show but a empty wallet and a tired "Sally da house". Yee ha....giddy up Sally.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Still low voltage

Boy howdy......all bad news this morning. It ain't so bad that it can't be fixed, but damn, I'm tired of fix'n stuff. Would rather be out swak'n golf balls.

Ok, here's the deal.....yesterday I replaced the house batteries in "Sally da house". Think'n all would good to go, I found out I have another electrical problem.....somewheres. By the way, I did not pay $750 for 4 batteries. I spent $750 yesterday....close to $200 was for insurance co-pay and meds cost. But anyhows. With the 4 new batteries installed and connected, three hours later I started the evening with low voltage. Remember when I said old folks screw up? Well, I failed to check the voltage of the batteries when I first connected them. Were they fully charged or were then partially charged? What ever the case, I still have a problem....somewheres. Today will call for the assistance of "Inspector Billy Bob" to diagnose for possible shorts and "ghost" circuits. Gonna be a fun day I'm sure. "Damn Billy Bob, don't ya ever get tired of fix'n stuff"???

"My God Billy Bob, did all that stuff come out of the back of "that jeep". Out behind the jeep lays a huge pile of "stuff". Inside the jeep is another pile of "stuff". Ya see, I decided I would clean out the back of "that jeep"....rearrange ya know. It's all fish'n related. The "bubba boat" and accessories takes up most of the conglomeration.

Made me a fish'n pole holder so's I don't break off any more tips on expensive fish poles.

Maybe in a week or so I'll have everthing loaded back up in a uniform order instead of just throwed it back there in a big ol' heap. Cain't find nuttin.

Was a bit chilly this morn'n. Something like 48 degs. just before old sol waked up an' showed his face on the horizon. I don't really mind a cool morn'n, but when I got to thaw out my water hose to make coffee, I ain't happy. The way I see it, I ain't got much time left in Deming before I go look'n for warmer weather over there in Texas. After I get all these new repairs took care of of course.

Afternoon fix it repair an' stuff like that update.

Now ya know the old Billy Bob ain't gonna just jump into his  repair overalls with out first do'n a little think'n.    
Ask a few questions and confiffer the situation, stuff like that. Fiddl'n round, yank'n, pull'n, wiggle up'ards and downw'ards on them solar panel wires I notice I get'n all kind of difference in voltages. That ain't right.

Off to the wire sell'n place I go. Gonna change me some wires. Do I need to? Hell I don't know, but I gonna. Bought me up 60 feets of #6 stranded wire and a few assorted connectors for the ends. Ain't gonna be no different voltage when I get done I betcha. In the mean whiles, I charge up them batteries all the way to the top. Won't hold no more.

Got the cripple up neighbor boy to crawl up under "Sally" and change the fuel filter. Crank up the engine and still got the same problem. But I got a new fuel filter anyhows. Look like a trip to the auto mechanic shop some time in the next couple weeks. But first, I gonna try to locate the problem by process of elimination. You know, start chang'n parts till I get the right one. Poke and hope if'n ya know what I mean.

Old "pesky neighbor" Wayne sure has been cantankerous for the last few days. Bitch an' moan bout ever little thing. "What up Wayne"???

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Continuation of last night.....new batteries

Ya see, what happen was I had a visitor on "da porch" while I was writ'n. Pooshed publish and that was it.

I found out a while back that us old folk screw up a lot more than youngsters do. It ain't that we do it intentionally or anything like that. It just happens.....poooof, just like that.

What I'm lead'n up to this morn'n is them damn batteries. Not only the 4 house batteries, but the "that jeep" battery too. Ya see, I was gonna go to town to get a price to replace the house batteries in "Sally". Jeep won't start. Ok, I'm get'n ahead of myself. Back to the testing of the house batteries. For those ask'n "what the hell is a house battery", an RV has a set of batteries to operate all the stuff...lights, control circuits for the  refrigerator, heater, monitoring systems....little 12 volt wires go'n everwheres.

Up till yesterday, all the tests on the batteries has been go'n pretty good.....very low battery voltage every morning before the solar panels kick in. Well, yesterday I thought I would be a wise guy and I push that little button to "equalize" (pulsating high voltage to the battery bank). This removes the sulfate build up on the plates. Like I said, old folks screw up. The voltage did not go up in the batteries, but it went down. By the time the sun went down, I had 12.27 volts.

Well anyhows, I have decided a new set of house batteries are the order of the day. When I finally got "that jeep" started yesterday, I cruised down to Tinnley Tire for some prices. Holy jump'n Jesus, $138 each....and I need 4. Look'n online, yes battery prices have increased again. But I ain't finished shop'n though. There's 2 more places in town that carry golf cart batteries.

On top of all that, "Sally da house" is got a problem. Ya see, when ya turn the key to start the engine, it don't do nuttin....starter don't engage. But, if'n ya turn the key off and then back to start, the engine fire right up. How comes that??? Well, here what I'm think'n. Maybe there's a fuel pressure switch what won't let the starter engage until the pressure is high enough to run the engine. Just a thought ya know. So, I'm gonna replace the fuel filter....if'n I can find the damn thing. If that don't work, to the shop she goes. Sleep out in the park'n lot till it's fixed.

About golf ball swak'n. Old "pesky neighbor" Wayne ain't been feel'n too good for a couple days. Low oxygen or something like that. He been snort'n up them oxygen bottles right an' left. I don't think he would make it around the course driv'n the cart, much less try'n to swak a ball. Probly fall down an' there ain't no way Billy Bob gonna pick his big ass back up.

Ok, got things to do. Fuel filter, battery prices, pick up meds.....yeah, that would be a good day.

Recap of a successful day.
Got the fuel filter.
Picked up my meds.
Purchased and installed 4 brand spank new Interstate 6 volt golf cart batteries.
Ya cain't beat that with a stik.
Ok, so now I'm broke. This was a $750 day whether I liked it or not.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Late report

Well shoot, this morn'n I didn't feel like writ'n nuttin, so I didn't.

Yesterday weren't all that bad of a day when ya consider ya went to Walmart. I grab up my little shop'n list an' head off to town. Spend bout a hour or so shop'n an' just look'n at stuff. By the time I was pull'n out the park'n lot, I figger out I done forgot to pick up my meds. That's Ok, I'll pick them up Monday. Now Monday is gone an' I still forgot to pick 'em up.

Ok, here's the deal. I been run'n a test on my house batteries for 4 nights to see if they have enough life left to  serve my boondocking needs. No they don't. Well wait a minute here. Gonna run one more test tonight with all the 12 volt fuses pulled. If'n I still have dead batteries again tomorrow morn'n, then I definitely have a battery problem.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Back up a few years....

Boy howdy let me tell ya......I didn't sleep worth a crap again last night. The first thing happen, I forgot to take my meds before I went to bed. It weren't long before all my supper was in my throat....what it sometimes do. Usually when I don't take my meds (acid blocker). Ya see, I used to have acid reflux from all the greasy spicy junk food I used to eat. The acid reflux turned into Barrett's esophagus. It caused a drastic change to my diet and a daily dose of acid blockers. Probably for the rest of my life.

Then for no reason at all, I waked up in a sweat. Well not really a sweat, but I was hot. Come to find out, I had roll over an' over and was all wrap up in my covers.....like a baby caterpillar or something like that. Being claustrophobic, I almost lost it get'n out them covers. Then I had to pee. Damn, I never get a full nights rest for one reason or tuther.

Got up early this morn'n think'n I would get a good start on the day. It were cold outside....nice an' cozy in "da house". Caught up on the blogs I missed last night and says...."what I gonna do now"? So I went back to when I first started my blog. Way back in 2008. Had me a bunch of dreams back then and did some travel around the country. Sure do wish I had started my blog when I retired in 2002 (January). Then you could have met "Alice".
"Alice" was a good old gal. Go anywheres I wanted to go an' never complain bout nuttin. She ate a lot though....something like 7 mile a gallon on a good day. Fire right up and go a hunnert mile a hour rain or shine. I put 30,000 miles on "Alice" in 3 short years before trad'n her in on "Sally da house" in Sept. 2004.

If'n ya remember me mention Vickie Lynn a time or two, she named "Alice". Vickie was my first mate at the time before she walked the plank. She had sinful ways....drink vodka by the gallon an' smoke pot by the pound. Of all my first mates, Vickie was right up there as #1. Smart girl she was. Rest her sweet little soul.

Agenda for today? Hell, I don't know. Need to make a Walmart run since I'm out of meds again and sure could use some groceries. Been out of milk for a week, bread is stale an' I ain't got no donuts. Gotta have donuts ya know.

Wayne been pester'n me all day long yesterday bout go'n golf ball swak'n. Says to me..."what ya gonna do tomorrow"? He thinks I can't see around his "round about" remarks, but I'm think'n he want to go golf ball swak'n today (Sunday).
What ya think???


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Laid back in Deming....do'n nuttin

Holy crap....what happen? It were downright cold last night. Jump out of bed bout 5am this morn'n with one them pain retch'n leg cramps....an' I had to pee too. While I was up, I looked at the temp. Yup, it were cold that for sure....41 degs.

Ate supper out there on the porch last night, grilled ham steak, grill roasted corn on the cob an' a big ol' mater all cut up in bite size pieces. It were 65 degs....and falling. I were begin'n to feel the chill. Nobody came to sit on "da porch" for the evening BS session. Sadie Mae is rolled up in a ball in a corner out of the wind. It's winter in Deming. Well just for a day or two. Warmer weather is on the way.

Many time in the past I would get myself stuck somewheres where it were too damn cold to walk to the outhouse. I remember the ice storm back in bout '79 when power lines tumbled to the ground, tree limbs broken off from the weight of hunnerts of pounds of ice, water lines froze solid....temps down in the minus numbers. I lived in a "holler" where the sun shine only one time a day.....right bout noon time. The road in was covered with ice and a foot of snow. Weren't no way in an' no way out. We was stuck.

Fortunately, the old Billy Bob was a maker of things. In this case he had built a coal burn'n stove. Sit right there in the liv'n room. For light we used candles and kerosene lamps. For water, we used melted snow on the coal burn'n stove. We cooked on the stove. Everthing for our survival was dependent on a fresh supply of West Virginia coal from down at the bottom the hill. Yup, the old Billy Bob know what cold feels like....an' he ain't never gonna do it again.

Not much go'n on here in Deming what would interest anybody. Do'n a few small repairs and modifications on "Sally da house". Mostly just to pass the time of day. Been wear'n out wire wheels on the Dremel tool sand'n that "mesquite eagle" project. Com'n along pretty good if'n I do say so myself. Maybe by this time next year it will be a finished product.
The "walk'n stik" project ain't turn out at all to my satisfaction. It's on hold, lean'n against the wall, until I either finish it or give it to old "pesky neighbor" Wayne. It's shiny and purty, but not what I was look'n for.

Next scheduled golf swak'n game is monday afternoon with none other than the old "pesky". He been driv'n me crazy with all his talk bout how he can swak a golf ball a hunnert mile. If'n he swaks one only 30 yeards, we will both be happy. Ya see, me and Wayne been play'n golf ball swak'n bout 7 years now....together. If I can make him feel good in some little way, that what I gonna do. But I sure as hell ain't gonna let him beat me. I suppose there will come the day when I am no longer gonna be able to play golf. I only hope I'll have someone to take me to the golf course to swak a few. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Write a book

A couple of comments yesterday suggested I write a book bout my life. A few years ago (bout a hunnert) I was think'n along those same lines. This was a time when my mind was right and could remember vivid details of my childhood. Close my eyes and see that little "banshee" of a boy run'n barefoot through the woods with a stik in his hand chas'n critters of every shape and size. He was a wild one that Billy Bob was.

Lived on a farm from my first memory up till I was 8 year old. Mom an' dad was divorced. Dad was fight'n in the war. There were 6 of us kids, some orphans, some wayward and some just unwanted. I fit in there somewheres. We called the farmer lady "moms". Moms was my protector. Any time I screamed "MOMS" she came run'n an' beat hell out them bigger boys. I used "MOMS" to my advantage when ever I was backed into a corner. Everbody feared moms and her stik and they feared little Billy as well.

What made Billy Bob what he was back then and what he is today? How could one little boy be so filled with piss an' vinigar, adventure, total disregard for his well being, all rolled up in a little package, still be alive today?  I ain't never feared nuttin in my life that I can remember. Well....maybe one time when me and another guy stoled a boat an' got caught. Look'n down the barrel of a big ol' gun tends to make ya back step an' rethink your situation. I didn't think myself any different from anyone else, but I was different. I thought myself to be "normal", but all through my life, people says I ain't normal. I ain't never done nuttin criminal. Always abide to the laws.....somewhat. So how the hell did Billy Bob come to be?

One my favorite writers was Samuel Clemens. You know "Tom Sawyer" and "Huckleberry Finn". But I didn't read any his books until I was of read'n age. By that time, I was already a rambunctious child, follow'n in the footsteps of Tom and Huck. Cream of the crop scream'n, run a hunnert mile a hour, terror on two bare feets American boy.

I so much loved my younger days. The antics I would pull. The terror I would see in the eyes of the "bigger" boys as they avoided playing "my games" like a plague. When I wanted to ride a cow puppy, the bigger boys was my wranglers.....round up a cow puppy, steady it till I climbed on it's back. When I wanted to play cowboys and Indians, the bigger boys was my Indians. I either got my way, or I would scream "MOMS".

Boy howdy let me tell ya. Them winds yesterday was slap blow'n up a storm. "Cord'n to the weather people, the winds was blow'n 30 mile a hour. Ha.....they wasn't at Billy Bobs house. Out here, it were blow'n more like a hunnert mile a hour....I swear.

Since I were stuck in "da house" all day, I decided to do some housework. Sweeped the floors, shaked out the throw rugs....all for nuttin. They all covered with fine sand an' dust what fount a way in through the tiniest of cracks. Dumped out the stink'n dish water and refilled so's I could finish do'n dishes. Damn....they sit'n there in cold water again this morn'n. It's Ok MsB, I gonna git 'em done....eventually.

Weren't too cold last night like what I was expect'n. This is just a taste of what's to come. But I ain't gonna be here when it happen. Barney done pull out to get away from the dreaded winds of Deming. Said our goodbyes and "see ya down the road a piece". Don't think I'm gonna be too far behind him as we both set our sights on returning to Texas for a warm and delicious winter....catch'n up big ol' 14 pounds bass at Falcon Lake.

Ok....got things to do....mainly dishes. But before I do that, I gonna go out there, sit on "da porch", sip up a cup an' do some think'n. Laters!!! 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Snow?.....no way

Wind??? What wind? Holy Crap, yesterday was a beautiful day and what do we have for today? Wind and more wind. If you're sailing across the oceans blue, there's just enough wind to get ya up to flank speed. In nautical terms...."thar she blows".

Did I ever tell ya bout the time.....we was steam'n somewheres in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Italy....if'n I'm not mistaken. The swells was big enough to suck up a aircraft carrier.....slap out of view. All hands were cautioned to "go below decks" and batton down the hatches. We was in a blow. And what does Billy Bob do? He grabs up a camera an' heads for the signal bridge....take me up some pictures, that what I gonna do. From the signal bridge I had a full view of the entire length of the ship from bow to stern. The bow was bust'n waves as we plowed into the storm. Water engulfing  the entire forward decks. Anything not tied down went overboard. One life raft ripped from it's boat davits and tossed to the hungry sea. Billy Bob like this shit....yeee ha....you betcha. Clickity click take some pics. When it was all over, I found myself stand'n before the Executive Officer explain'n my presence on the signal bridge in a raging storm. I was a shipboard electrician, so I was a important piece of machinery. The US Navy has no sense of humor.   

Problem with wind is that when it blows over 20 mile a hour, it kind of puts the brakes/binders on planned events. Little things small and round that roll....such as golf balls, little pieces of sand an' fly'n projectiles should be avoided. According to last nights TV weather forecasts, today is gonna be hell. Maybe not in Deming, but other parts of the state can expect winds up to 50 mile a hour, cold temps, and possible snow above 10,000 feet. "See, I tole you, it's winter already".

Todays plan was to go golf ball swak'n with the OFM Barney. You notice I said WAS. If the winds continue as they are now, we will probably postpone our outing. Downtown winds are right at 20 mile a hour and the trees are danc'n at Billy Bob's place.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Toss an' turn

I jist ain't been do'n nuttin. Before I go to bed every night, I got a hunnert things on my mind what I'm gonna do tomorrow. Toss an' turn all night long think'n bout them. Skake a couple leg cramps out somewheres bout 4am, or something like that. By the time the sun rises it's one big eye at me, I'm wored slap out.....dead tired. 

Ain't got much to say bout that golf ball swak'n game the other day. We started off, I were hit'n one notch above them professional players, Barney right behind me by a stroke. We was strut'n some stuff. Anyhows, Barney took the lead on the back nine an' I never see the light of day after that. He whooped the old Billly Bob a good 'un.

Now let me give ya an example of old man frustration and distrust in government agencies. I had a registration decision to make on "Sally da house". Unline, mail in or drive to south Texas. I already went through all that with "that jeep" if'n ya remember. Anyhows, I fire up the old laptop and bring up the Texas online vehicle registration page. This should be easy. What it was. Done in less than 10 minutes. They gonna send me a email to confirm. Ok....where the hell is my email???? My God people, all ya gotta do is push a button....email sent. Right!!! They make me worry for two days that maybe the entire Texas DMV computer system shut down....or maybe my check bounced....or I got myself into some kind of internet scam.

Anyhows, this morn'n, sit'n there in my email thingy was, not one, but two emails....I passed with fly'n colors. By the way, I learnt something I didn't know. Don't know how it works with cars and little trucks....an' stuff like that, but if ya own a motor home, you can register for 1, 2 or 3 years. How bout them apples? I registered for 2 years to match the registration on "that jeep"....both expire same time. Good to go for two more years.

Had a great time with OFM Barney yesterday.  Had us a wonderful dinner at a Mexican eat 'em up right down the street a piece. The old Billy Bob ate up too much that wonderful food, loosen his belt an' top button....let out a few comforting gastic explosions, jumps in the "Truck" an' we head off for more adventure. Have ya ever see a kid in a candy store? That were Barney in the produce market. Tak'n pictures, touch'n stuff....fill up a whole shop'n cart.

Ok....got things to do....laters.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Golf ball swak'n day

Where do ya turn when you are lost for new material to write about. Religion? Politics? I think not. 
"Oh crap, look like Billy Bob be on one his whinn'n sprees". Oh shut up. I can whine if'n I want to.

Ok.....today I have many important things that has got to be done. Yes, finish wash'n dishes is one. Not really important, but they begin'n to stink sit'n there in that dish pan. One other item of importance on my never ending list of things to do, is register "Sally da house" for another year of highway travel.  I have two choices....well, actually three. #1, I can register online. #2, write a check and mail it in, or #3, I can pack up and drive 800 mile and register in Nueces County...south Texas. Last and the most important item for the day, is to swak a golf ball a hunnert mile.

Ya see, the OFM Barney is been put'n the squeeze on old Billy Bob bout how far he can swak a golf'n ball with his brand spank'n new secret weapon, his sawed off .230 gauge single barrel golf ball swak'n stik. But little does old Barney know, the old Billy Bob modified his swak'n stiks to fit the occasion. Gonna swak that golf'n ball so hard I ain't never gonna find it for a week. That the main reason I gonna carry a extra ball in my bag. If'n ya ain't never hit one them little white balls a hunnert mile, ya don't know what ya miss'n. Hot damn, I love golf ball swak'n.

Old "pesky" was tell'n me yesterday he is all fire up for today's tournament. Tole me he was practic'n. Hit a ball a hunnert mile ( hunnert fifty yards). Pesky has no perception for distance....or numbers. Today's round bout the golf course will tell "the rest of the story". Wayne tells me bout his love for the game. We talk bout all the rounds we have played together in the last 7 years. I get a sad feel'n that his days of golf ball swak'n is coming to an end. Hope he has a good round today. That's all I got to say bout that.

Ok....make it short. Got things to do. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Batteries again

One thing of importance to talk bout this morn'n is batteries. Most of ya only have one battery, so this talk won't interest you one bit. But for all you RV'ers out there in listen'n distance....here's the deal. Also noted by Karen (Rving Small House) in the comments. A battery bank is a combination of more than one battery, usually 2 or, as in my case, 4 deep cycle 6 volt batteries. When ya connect 2 6 volt batteries in series (positive post to negative post) you have one 12 volt battery, with an amp hour rating of the stated rating of either of the two 6 volt batteries. At this time, be it noted, that "house" batteries in an RV should be of the exact kind (no mixing), make and amp hour rating, no matter how many batteries you use. Mixed batteries are to be avoided.

Now let's talk bout characteristics of a set of older batteries, let's say 4 years old....like mine. The life expectancy deteriorates over time and use from it's new condition ratings. Eight years is an estimated maximum life expectancy for an entire set. If during that time, one battery is damaged, or dying from dehydration (subjected to low water conditions) or malnutrition (erratic charge), the entire set of batteries will suffer as though it were simply one battery. A damaged battery will be the determining factor for the entire set.

In my case, I have one 6 volt battery what spranged a leak from vibration and rub'n against a bolt. This affected my entire battery bank to the condition of this one battery....one foot on the edge of the grave. Ok, the other 3 batteries should have another 2 to 4 years if life left in them.....right? For a hunnert dollar, I can replace this one battery and expect my entire set to last another 2 to 4 years. Or I can replace the entire set for right bout $500....includ'n labor and last for 6 to 8 years. This is where logical Billy Bob think'n comes into play. I'm think'n a hunnert dollar investment for the 1 battery, and reap the full lifespan out of the other 3, would be logical. "Jesus Billy Bob, you is a genius".

Ok.....I sleeped in this morn'n. Way past my usual wake up call.....the bathroom. At first I had a slight feel'n of guilt that I might sleep my life away if this became a daily habit. I'm think'n somewheres in the Bible, God said to lay back on Sundays and sleep as long as ya want. Then, I took my first taste of my morn'n coffee. All signs of guilt left me at the first sip. Damn I make a mean cup of coffee...strong and bold. I am now guilt free.

Since I been back on my daily requirement of drugs as prescribed by Dr Fronkinsteen, I've been hav'n a digestion problem with the food I eat. Yes, I'm eat'n good nourish'n food. Plenty of fibre....lot's of fat (lubrication).  

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Winter is here

As your life passes by your eyes, are you satisfied with what you see? Holy cows, that's a hard question. Every life has it's ups an' downs, so I hear. I know for a fact that mine has. Somewheres along the way, I made a few mistakes, some bad decisions. Don't we all? Just a little thought to ponder on this morn'n.

We was wait'n here in Deming in anticipation of the coming storm. The winds blowed and howled last night, "da house" rock'n on her jacks, a sprinkle of rain. Today looks like a typical winters day...in the middle of summer. It's 62 degs with a low last night of 59...according to my Walmart thermometer hang'n out there. But this is what the Billy Bob been patiently wait'n for. Anything to break the high temps of summer in the desert, or anywheres else I might be.

After 7 years of "homebasing" in Deming, it seems kind of like home when I look out the winders and see the accomplishments I have done to my RV camp'n site. To just up and walk away ain't no easy thing. But I've done it all my life, move from one place to another...only to move again. Although I have lived in only 8 different states in my life time, I have moved/relocated no less than 25 times. Staying on average bout 2 to 4 years in each. Some much less. That's a lot of mov'n bout the country for one little redneck boy. And speak'n of schools, up to 1958, I had attended 21 different schools. With that much school'n, I should have been a professor or something like that.....but I weren't. I chose to be an average, every day, normal, hard work'n "redneck". Pay my taxes, drink a beer, do my thang.

Holy cows, today is the 8th of Sept. What the hell??? I got things to do. Now I ain't got much time left to do 'em. As you are well aware, the old Billy Bob thinks before he jumps. Some would call that procrastinat'n, but I call it smart think'n. Ya don't just go jump'n into a river, without know'n what's under the surface or how deep it is. Sheesh, that ain't smart. Anyhows, I got a set of batteries to buy and get installed. But I got to make the decision to either buy just one battery (replace the broke one) or to buy an entire set of 4. "Billy Bob....think. Ya got money stick'n out yer ears, buy the full set". That ain't money in my ears, that's Bermuda grass.

I been sit'n there on the couch look'n round....I got me a brand spank'n new motorhome. That what it fell like anyhows. With that old, ugly, nasty look'n, stained carpet gone to the dumpster and replaced with a real wood floor, an a few other modifications, it's a brand spank'n new look in here. Did I mention.....NEVER EVER....install real wood floors in an RV???? I'm serious just like a heart attack, don't do it.

I mentioned this before, but I gonna mention it again. This is how I came to choose my flooring.
Ya walks into the neighborhood drink'n establishment and see this gorgeous beautiful young lady sit'n at the end of the bar. She gits yer attention right quick like. Well, that exactly what happen when I pick out the wood flooring for "Sally da house". That floor'n was sit'n there at the end of the bar (display) with a beautiful smile on it's face. Gleaming and beautiful it was. That was the gal (flooring) for me. But I forgot to do a background check. I didn't care. I were mesmerized (blinded) at what I were look'n at. I wanted this flooring come rain or shine (scratch and dent). Damn, you should see this old gal in the morn'n. YIKES!!! Well, it ain't really THAT bad. But look'n through my eyes (libra)....well, you git the picture.

Ok...I'm out of here. Got a TV to hook up for the old "pesky neighbor" Wayne (birthday gift), a few dishes wait'n patiently in the sink...maybe sweep the floor again. Hell, maybe a nap after while.


Friday, September 7, 2012

Oh Oh...git'n bored

Ain't got much to talk bout today. Seems like sometimes ya get in a rut and there ain't no way out. Got some things to do, dishes be'n one of them, but I ain't got the gumption or the "git up an' go" to do the needed things. Just like this mor'n, all I wanted to do was go outside an' sit on "da porch" sip'n up a cup before do'n my morn'n chores of read'n blogs an' post'n one my own.

While out there on "da porch", I breaks out my little Dremel tool an' continue to remove the aged gray matter from my mesquite eagle project. Out of curiosity, I applied a little polyurethane to an inconspicuous spot on the bottom. OH, OH, it gonna be too dark....almost black. Nowheres near what I were expect'n. Now....do I trash this project, or try to fix it?

And then....here come the guy what gonna buy "da porch" with a load of lumber to build a ramp from "da porch" to "da house". Well, he done that, plus he added a set of steps off the ramp so the old Billy Bob don't fall down. I done broke one the steps an' fall flat on my ass. Dad burned rookie carpenter. Now I gotta break out my tools an' fix it.

And then....here come the old "pesky neighbor" Wayne....all full of piss an' vinegar. Kick'n boards an' stuff and expensive tools out his way.....gripe'n bout a neighbor lady what wouldn't talk to him. "Damn Wayne, you know she don't like you".

Applied the last and final coat of polyurethane to the "stik" project. Looks so so through my eyes, but again, nothing like I had expected. I'm a Libra, and everything has to be to perfection before I'm satisfied. The "stik" is not there. Kind of like what happen to the new walnut floors in "da house". I'm gonna have to cover them up with vinyl flooring. Need I remind you again.....NEVER EVER install real wood flooring in an RV. Use the cheap stuff...man made wood look'n stuff (Pergo) with a surface as hard as the finest grade of stainless steel.  

The OFM Barney come by yesterday right bout lunch time. We head off to town for the bestest hamburgers ever made. No, I'm not talk'n bout no Whataburger hamburgers....Burger King....home of the Whopper. Hot damn yum yum eat 'em up. Then we cruised down to the golf ball swak'n place. Just to take a look see ya know. Our blood pressures raised bout 10 pounds and decided to swak a few this com'n Monday afternoon. Come rain or shine, don't make me no matter, I'll be there.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Happy birthday Wayne

Ok, so I didn't get all that stuff done yesterday what I was gonna. After I got to look'n at things, I decided that dishes was a non issue. I still have 4 clean forks left in the drawer, so 4 more days on the dishes will wait. About tak'n a ride on the "billy bike", that was put on hold too. Ya see, I had to walk up to the dumpster an' back, so that was enough exercise for one day. Floor has been sweeped of all debris....good job Billy Bob, you had a productive day.

Today is old "pesky neighbor" Wayne's birthday. Today he turns officially an old man, 70 years old. Happy birthday Wayne.

I have a buyer for "da porch". My last treasured possession in Deming. I'm think'n .50 cents on a dollar is a good sale. I've got my moneys worth out of it just by sit'n out there sip'n up a cup an' do'n a little think'n. It's gonna remain at the same location where I built it 7 years ago. The feller is gonna move into my spot when I pull out somewhere's around the first of Oct. Give a week or two. 

Research on a motor for the "billy bike" has been fruitless. Cain't find exactly what I'm look'n for. Ya see, what I want is something that when I turn the handle to "go", it gonna go like a hunnert mile a hour. Most of what I've found only "assist" hard muscle aching peddling. I'm think'n more on the idea of "no" peddling. Git the picture? Most e-bike motors are built and shipped from China. Hmmmmmm, where I gonna get spare parts if'n it break down???

Did a half pizza on the grill last night. Hot damn that were one good pizza. If I hadn't throwed my bag of mesquite chips in the dumpster, I would have had smoked grilled pizza. Ya see, what ya do is, ya go to Walmart an' buy ya up one then froze DeGerno....or what ever, supreeem jobber do's. Cut it in half. Defrost the half ya gonna grill. Turn the grill to bout 350 degs....it gonna end up 400 before ya know it. Place the pizza, with the little piece of cardboard under it, on the top rack, unless ya wanna catch it on fire on the bottom rack. When ya see the cheese melt'n down and the crust get'n a little brown on the edges, yank that cardboad slap out from under it. Onest the crust gets to the flavor ya like it....eat 'em up.  

Ok, Barney gonna be here in a few for a hamburger fron one of the finer hamburger places here in Deming. See ya on the.....I were gonna say other side, but that don't sound too promising. How bout just "laters".

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New lease on life

Boy howdy let me tell ya......yesterday was a successful day. Sit right here in the liv'n room of "Sally da house" and watch another beautiful sunrise light up the sky with amazing colors. Worth ever minute of lost sleep.

Then I sit down in front the computer with a blank stare on my face. There was nuttin, absolutely nuttin, I wanted to write about. Now don't get me wrong. I ain't say'n I didn't do stuff, 'cause I did. Member that stik I'm mak'n? Well, it's been sanded, stained and three coats of polyurethane have been applied. The "eagle has landed" project is coming along just fine. It's gonna be a beautiful piece of art....I betcha a dollar.

Did I mention I bought me up a brand spank'n new BBQ grill? Well, I fire that sucker up last night to burn me a steak. Holy crap, that sucker up to 625 degs. That aughter burn anything. What it did....perfect. Burn all around the edges, nice grill marks and juicy red on the inside. Too bad it weren't a big ol' T-bone.

Speak'n of T-bone, have ya look at the prices of meat in the stores? My God, you would think they was feed'n them cows gold coated hay. Here in Deming....T-bone $12.95....or something like that. I like to splurge onest in a while, but this is ridiculous.

Made my doctor appointment right on the money....Billy Bob is never late. Gained back all that weight I lost a couple year ago.....back up to a romp'n stomp'n 150 pound. Then the nice lady check my height. Holy crap, I done shrinked another 1/2 inches. I used to be 6 foots ya know......not really. Now I'm 5 foots 8 inches. What the hell????

Any hows, had a nice visit with my Dr Fronkinsteen....that not really his name. A EKG was performed, along with all the usual pok'n an' prob'n. Question and answer session proved out to be good news.....I'm better than a year ago. But I'm no longer allowed to "conserve" my medications as I did for the last 6 months. I guess I'm good to go for another exciting year of travel and adventure.

Speak'n of travel and adventure. It ain't like it used to be. With my new lease on life, I'm think'n I'm gonna attempt to make me some changes this year.  I'll never be able to catch up to some the other RV'ers out there, but maybe I can make my life a little more interest'n. I don't need to slow down....damn, if I slowed down any more I would be go'n backards.

Ok, got things to do. Projects to work on, ride that "billy bike"...sweep the floor, wash them dishes....git off my ass. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Winter look'n good

Ok, here's the deal. Did a little research on weather conditions for one the campgrounds/lakes I plan to visit when I leave New Mexico. Looks like right bout Oct, 15th is a good choice for a departure date. Average temps should be in the mid 80's during the day and upper 50's to lower 60's at night.....give or take a couple degs. I can live with that.

I been get'n backward leg cramps for the last few nights. I says backwards 'cause they ain't in the usual place, the back of my calves. These suckers go right up the front my leg....make my toes stick straight up the air. Hurt like a sum a gun. Well, I got to think'n, let some air out the bed. That didn't work neither. So last night I slip me some my winter socks on my feet. Didn't have no backward cramps, but my feet sure did get hot. Damn A/C came on at 2 am. What the hell, it been get'n in the upper 50's every night for a week.

Put me on some stain an' a coat of polyurethane on that stik I mak'n. Don't like it. Gave it a light sand'n an' another coat of poly this morn'n while I was sit'n on "da porch" sip'n up a cup. Still don't like it. Maybe one or two more coats. I love projects.

"Dad burn it Wayne, don't be bring'n that old golf cart over here". Well, he did anyhows....for the Billy Bob to fix. While I was miss'n in action from Deming, some jack leg professional golf cart mechanic done screw up the whole thing. He don't no nuttin.....rookie. Won't charge.....or that what Wayne says. Ok, I'll take a look see.....but later.

Did ya ever notice, them young fellers, ya cain't tell 'em nuttin. They think they know it all....macho think'n. Well let me tell ya right now, it's them old folks what know it all. They experienced an' they been there, done that. They been down that same road you are travel'n....probly didn't listen neither. But they learned. The hard way. Just like you gonna do. Listen now and save yerself some grief down the road a piece.

Ok, got a few things to do......laters.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Surprise visit

We got a believer out here at the old campgrounds. He's prepp'n, or as I call it, hoarding. In his motorhome, he has stashed 100's (spelled hunnerds) of pounds of can goods and packaged dry stuff. Just purchased another $300 dollar worth of food soon as he got his "check". One hunnert pounds of pintos to feed the campground when "it" happens.

Now he got all this stuff stored in every crack and cranny in preparation of the com'n days when there will be no food on the grocers shelves. He got enough to last a year. But....since the world is gonna end here in a couple months.....what the hell???

I were lay'n there on the couch  an' I hear this little knock on my door.....tap tap tap. Now who the hell could that be? I jumps up an' flings the door wide open....it's Barney the Old Fat Man. Damn, the OFM was look'n good from all that walk'n an' bike rid'n he been do'n for the last couple months. A healthy specimen that what he are.
"Lesson learned Billy Bob....git off yer ass".

We sat out there on "da porch", three old fats, discuss'n life in general, all in agreement that life is good.
Then we went out for Mexican. Yes, life is good.

One fine look'n gentleman.....
"pesky neighbor" Wayne

Two fine look'n gentlemen......
OFM and "pesky"
"Hey, where the hell is the Billy Bob"???

Gonna have to take "that jeep" down to the automotive fix'n place sometime next week....get the front end check out and reinstall the front drive shaft. Ya see, when I goes down the road do'n a hunnert mile a hour, the front end start jump'n all over the road.....shimmy'n an' shak'n....the dreaded "death wobble". Google that an' you gonna know what I'm talk'n bout....scare the hell out ya I bet ya a dollar.

This is Sunday, the day of rest. Ok, that exactly what I'm gonna do today. Ain't gonna do nuttin. Well, maybe I'll go sit on "da porch", sip up a cup an' smear some polyurethane on that stick. I finished sanding hell out it yesterday and put a nice coat of red mahogany stain on it. Not sure if I gonna like it.

In answer to one of yesterdays comments: Old "pesky neighbor" Wayne, is always look'n mad. Look like he gonna kick somebodys ass. But I got to bust his bubble, Wayne is a gentle as a lamb Teddy bear, roar'n like a lion to a full moon.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Never later than better......HUH?

What's the old say'n....better late than never? Sometimes I'm think'n ....better never than late. That kind of like I feel this beautiful sunshiny day in southern New Mexico. Couldn't ask for better weather than what it is here.

Yesterdays post was an attempt to explain how I ended up in the desert and how I fell in love with it. I could have just posted a 2 liner and been done with it, but you know how the old Billy Bob operates.....details on top of details. By now, all my followers what's been with me for a spell probly know me pretty well. I don't hide nuttin....tell it like it is/was. I needed yesterdays post, even thought it ended up a reminder of sad past. Good for the soul ya know. Keeps ya stomp'n through the brush and rubble to a better day.

Well shoot, I been back in Deming for only a few days an' I already have a couple projects started.

The first is just a stik. It could be used as a walking stik, or ya could do like I gonna do, hang it on the wall.
Since Deming is no longer my home base of operations, this stick will be a reminder of my time in Deming. A nice coat of mahogany stain an' a couple coats of polyurethane and this stik may out live the old Billy Bob. It's made from a yucca stalk.

The second project is what ya see here, an old mesquite root from my grandpa's ranch just down the road a piece bout 7 mile north of Columbus, NM. The eagle was give me by my grandson Tim. I got plans for them two items.

A third project is on hold. The "adobe doll house". But that don't mean it's forgotten.....stay tuned.

An attempt to include a couple photos of old "pesky neighbor" Wayne is pretty much a failure. I'll post this one and try again to get some good pics of him later.
Then of course, there's the old Billy Bob sit'n on "da porch, sip'n up a cup an' do'n some think'n.
Ya cain't get no better than this....amungst friends.

This pretty much sums up my day here at "Pesky's RV Resort and Spa".