Saturday, September 8, 2012

Winter is here

As your life passes by your eyes, are you satisfied with what you see? Holy cows, that's a hard question. Every life has it's ups an' downs, so I hear. I know for a fact that mine has. Somewheres along the way, I made a few mistakes, some bad decisions. Don't we all? Just a little thought to ponder on this morn'n.

We was wait'n here in Deming in anticipation of the coming storm. The winds blowed and howled last night, "da house" rock'n on her jacks, a sprinkle of rain. Today looks like a typical winters day...in the middle of summer. It's 62 degs with a low last night of 59...according to my Walmart thermometer hang'n out there. But this is what the Billy Bob been patiently wait'n for. Anything to break the high temps of summer in the desert, or anywheres else I might be.

After 7 years of "homebasing" in Deming, it seems kind of like home when I look out the winders and see the accomplishments I have done to my RV camp'n site. To just up and walk away ain't no easy thing. But I've done it all my life, move from one place to another...only to move again. Although I have lived in only 8 different states in my life time, I have moved/relocated no less than 25 times. Staying on average bout 2 to 4 years in each. Some much less. That's a lot of mov'n bout the country for one little redneck boy. And speak'n of schools, up to 1958, I had attended 21 different schools. With that much school'n, I should have been a professor or something like that.....but I weren't. I chose to be an average, every day, normal, hard work'n "redneck". Pay my taxes, drink a beer, do my thang.

Holy cows, today is the 8th of Sept. What the hell??? I got things to do. Now I ain't got much time left to do 'em. As you are well aware, the old Billy Bob thinks before he jumps. Some would call that procrastinat'n, but I call it smart think'n. Ya don't just go jump'n into a river, without know'n what's under the surface or how deep it is. Sheesh, that ain't smart. Anyhows, I got a set of batteries to buy and get installed. But I got to make the decision to either buy just one battery (replace the broke one) or to buy an entire set of 4. "Billy Bob....think. Ya got money stick'n out yer ears, buy the full set". That ain't money in my ears, that's Bermuda grass.

I been sit'n there on the couch look'n round....I got me a brand spank'n new motorhome. That what it fell like anyhows. With that old, ugly, nasty look'n, stained carpet gone to the dumpster and replaced with a real wood floor, an a few other modifications, it's a brand spank'n new look in here. Did I mention.....NEVER EVER....install real wood floors in an RV???? I'm serious just like a heart attack, don't do it.

I mentioned this before, but I gonna mention it again. This is how I came to choose my flooring.
Ya walks into the neighborhood drink'n establishment and see this gorgeous beautiful young lady sit'n at the end of the bar. She gits yer attention right quick like. Well, that exactly what happen when I pick out the wood flooring for "Sally da house". That floor'n was sit'n there at the end of the bar (display) with a beautiful smile on it's face. Gleaming and beautiful it was. That was the gal (flooring) for me. But I forgot to do a background check. I didn't care. I were mesmerized (blinded) at what I were look'n at. I wanted this flooring come rain or shine (scratch and dent). Damn, you should see this old gal in the morn'n. YIKES!!! Well, it ain't really THAT bad. But look'n through my eyes (libra)....well, you git the picture.

Ok...I'm out of here. Got a TV to hook up for the old "pesky neighbor" Wayne (birthday gift), a few dishes wait'n patiently in the sink...maybe sweep the floor again. Hell, maybe a nap after while.



  1. Must of been a real bad dude that was chasing you around the country to get you to move that often. Glad he never caught you. . . yet. I love your comparison of the floor to a gal at the end of the bar. Good post, I loved it.

  2. Shore looks nasty down there in the valley around you and Deming. Up here on the mountain it is definitely not nice. Rain drizzle and 55 most of the day so far. the wind coming off the Florida Mountains has been moving the Castle around a lot.

  3. Don't they all look the same in the dark???

  4. Get a bona mop and the liquid to clean your floors its real easy to do ad the mop surface is washable and reusable

  5. BillyBob... you are just too easy going to swoon over a purty girl (or wood floor) at your age! LOL LOL

    Hey... I am told it's not good idea to replace just one battery with a new one, it will get dragged down to the partially worn down levels of the other ones. (or so I am told) We did that once when we replaced just one battery, and the others all were not so good to begin with. None of them lasted very long and the new one bulged out at the case. (Interstate) So we replaced them all at once and no more problems.... Just saying.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  6. Billy Bob you really out did yourself with this post, I tip my hat off to you! I am going to bookmark it because it is a classic :)

    p.s. thank you for finally answering the question of what you got Blue Eyes for his birthday present.

  7. Well, ya should know by now that the purty girls at the bar are all dressed up to show off their finer charms to distract you into giving up your, um, money. Walk in knowing that and there aren't as many bad surprises when the sun comes up next day. That's what I've been told, anyway.

  8. Enjoyable thoughts this morning! I do love the comparisons, I'll admit!

    Makes me grin a bit!