Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Continuation of last night.....new batteries

Ya see, what happen was I had a visitor on "da porch" while I was writ'n. Pooshed publish and that was it.

I found out a while back that us old folk screw up a lot more than youngsters do. It ain't that we do it intentionally or anything like that. It just happens.....poooof, just like that.

What I'm lead'n up to this morn'n is them damn batteries. Not only the 4 house batteries, but the "that jeep" battery too. Ya see, I was gonna go to town to get a price to replace the house batteries in "Sally". Jeep won't start. Ok, I'm get'n ahead of myself. Back to the testing of the house batteries. For those ask'n "what the hell is a house battery", an RV has a set of batteries to operate all the stuff...lights, control circuits for the  refrigerator, heater, monitoring systems....little 12 volt wires go'n everwheres.

Up till yesterday, all the tests on the batteries has been go'n pretty good.....very low battery voltage every morning before the solar panels kick in. Well, yesterday I thought I would be a wise guy and I push that little button to "equalize" (pulsating high voltage to the battery bank). This removes the sulfate build up on the plates. Like I said, old folks screw up. The voltage did not go up in the batteries, but it went down. By the time the sun went down, I had 12.27 volts.

Well anyhows, I have decided a new set of house batteries are the order of the day. When I finally got "that jeep" started yesterday, I cruised down to Tinnley Tire for some prices. Holy jump'n Jesus, $138 each....and I need 4. Look'n online, yes battery prices have increased again. But I ain't finished shop'n though. There's 2 more places in town that carry golf cart batteries.

On top of all that, "Sally da house" is got a problem. Ya see, when ya turn the key to start the engine, it don't do nuttin....starter don't engage. But, if'n ya turn the key off and then back to start, the engine fire right up. How comes that??? Well, here what I'm think'n. Maybe there's a fuel pressure switch what won't let the starter engage until the pressure is high enough to run the engine. Just a thought ya know. So, I'm gonna replace the fuel filter....if'n I can find the damn thing. If that don't work, to the shop she goes. Sleep out in the park'n lot till it's fixed.

About golf ball swak'n. Old "pesky neighbor" Wayne ain't been feel'n too good for a couple days. Low oxygen or something like that. He been snort'n up them oxygen bottles right an' left. I don't think he would make it around the course driv'n the cart, much less try'n to swak a ball. Probly fall down an' there ain't no way Billy Bob gonna pick his big ass back up.

Ok, got things to do. Fuel filter, battery prices, pick up meds.....yeah, that would be a good day.

Recap of a successful day.
Got the fuel filter.
Picked up my meds.
Purchased and installed 4 brand spank new Interstate 6 volt golf cart batteries.
Ya cain't beat that with a stik.
Ok, so now I'm broke. This was a $750 day whether I liked it or not.


  1. I have a spare fuel filter that I keep in the RV. Don't know why, it don't get on the road much. After my wife gets fixed up and has her eye surgery, we will be able to go more, I hope.

  2. When it rains it pours Sorry to hear of your mechanical probs.

    1. Hi kristine....welcome to Billy Bob's Place. I knows some Barrs from Port Aransas.
      If'n ya hang around long enough, you gonna hear bout all kind of problems I run into. I used to live right under one them rain clouds. Everthing I did, I got rained on.

  3. Better for this stuff to happen while you are parked at base, than when you are on the road somewhere!

    Hope you get it all in shape pretty soon!

    1. Well Jim, it so happens that I been hav'n battery problem for the last year.....in "Sally da house" and "that jeep". Just got worse.
      The starting problem with "Sally" just started down the road a piece on my way to Deming. Fingers crossed the fuel filter will remedy the problem.

  4. Don't 'day look purity! How much them bad boys weigh?
    I'm partial to AGM's; ya don't hafta add water, 'an bein an' ole' codger, I'd tend to forget.

    Good luck 'wit 'dem.


  5. Oh yeah: Got 6 of them in this thing, with solor. 750 AH. I can lite up a town.
    They weigh a LOT! I tend to spend a lot of time in one place, away from the demonds...


  6. Well Dang it BB. I thought I told you about getting your 6V batteries at Sam's Club. I think I paid $85 each for 4, may have been $2.00 more. and they were Exide brand.

  7. OH that brand spankin new batteries sure look great! Hope you figure out your starting up fuel filter situation. If we were parked next to you, Steve would be sure to give it a good look-see!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard