Tuesday, June 30, 2009

wake up call

Yo Billy Bob, what ya doing up at 3:30am? "3:30?, Oh, I thought it was 6:30" Have ya ever woke up and couldn't go back to sleep? Laid your head back down on that soft feather pillow and looked off into total darkness while the dogs are snor'n right next to ya?

Went to the car chiropractor yesterday morning for an alignment, but the doctor said "jeep" needed to go to the hospital to get balls replaced. I'm supposing he meant ball joints. What else could go wrong with this "brand new" 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Sheesh, I'm gonna have all my life savings tied up in a piece of junk. By the time I get everything fixed the way "I" want it, it will be a $5,000 car/truck/rock climber. What was the guy thinking what put all this crap on a perfectly good Jeep? But I do have some good news.....the doctor wants to trade me the lift kit and long bar suspension for the stock set up he has on his jeep. But HIS Jeep is one them "cheap" ones.

Old pesky neighbor Wayne came over last night, for the 15th time, say'n we was gonna play golf this morning. I says, "are you nuts?" and he says, "no". So, it's off to the golf course again this morning....tee time 7:30. You would think he would be get'n tired of my beating his arse all the time. Well, maybe not all the time!!!!

OK....will have more adventures to write later.......................................
Hee Hee Hee....beat old pesky neighbor .....BAD...BAD...BAD
Then I came home to my two rowdy jump'n dogs, Lug Nut and Sadie Mae. "Oh look, it's daddy" These dogs are nuts.

Made me up a big ol' ham and mater sandwich....mater were froze....does this mean my fridge is work'n? Bout 30 minutes later my eye balls was say'n, "we gotta go lay down" Well that didn't work...dogs decided it was play time, what disturbed a perfect nap. Got 15 minutes.

Been reading the health plan news and I don't think us old folks are gonna be too happy if it passes. Sure hope 2010 and 1012 will be different. WAY different.

Sauerkraut, taters and pork ribs for dinner tonight. Took my alka seltzers pre dinner...just in case. Remember what happened the last time??? I do.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

second place

Whoa, it's late....past my bed time. Been a really looooooong day. But I got's to make it short.
My golf clubs did a good job today. Came in second place in the "old farts" tournament. Ended up with a total of 134 after two rounds. That's ten under par with my handicap. Just like the pros.

Appointment in the morning to get Jeep alignment. Wanders all over the road. Hope this will take care of this and allow me to rubber neck going down the road.

Took me a nap this afternoon that was longer than the law allows. Would you believe two hours????

See ya tomorrow!!!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

where my golf ball???

Up way to early this morning. I mean the ol' sunshine was still asleep. After my first cup'o, sunshine done waked up, peep'n over that mountain over there. Beautiful sunrise, but where the hell was my camera?

Got to the golf course an hour early. Paid my entry fee and smak'ed a few balls on the practice range. Putt'd a few on the putting practice green. I was ready. Gonna hit that ball so far it gonna take a week to find it. I still have 6 days to find my first drive.....it were gone...pooof...lost. I settled down after that and started playing in the right fareway.....barely. Had a terrible front nine but picked up the pace on the back nine for two under handicap. Not a winning score, but tomorrow I will do better.

By the time I got back to the motor home, I was starved. Brewed me up a big ol' sandwich what put my lights out for almost two hours. Love my naps. Later, my other old neighbor brung me over a piece and a half of homemade banana cream pie. Lug Nut come "this" close to get'n it while I wasn't look'n. After a left over chicken and corn dinner, the pie will be lunch tomorrow afternoon.

Spent an hour on the porch this evening. Nice and cool, quiet and very relaxing. Now I got's to go to bed and dream sweet dreams....swak'n golf balls.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Tournament Practice

Up bright and early just in time to see dark turn to light. It's amazing that it happens every morning about the same time. Too many clouds this morning for a fantastic sunrise. But I know it was there.

Went off to the golf course by 7:30 for a last practice round before the tournament tomorrow morning. If I swak that gold ball tomorrow like I did this morning, I ain't gonna win noth'n. It were terrible, but I was still under handicap. But three under, never won anything.

Took the brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee w/5.2 V8 to the tire and alignment place to get it checked out.....dern thing wanders all over the road and I don't like that. Of course, they had to make me an appointment for Monday morning.....people standing around doing noth'n and they want an appointment. Sheesh!!! Makes me so mad I could squeeze a grape. Now, there goes all my plans for Monday morning.

Took a pic of one of my visitors. Scotts Oriole.
Sticks his beak in them little holes just like the hummers do.

And this is one my beautiful blooms on a "bird of paradise"...or what ever it's called.

My poor mater plant was due to have mater puppies by now, but still noth'n. Pretty little yeller flowers, but no little green maters. I'm gonna make one more attempt to save it's life....gonna water it two times a day and see what happens.

Off to Walmart and Kmart to buy something. Don't know what, but all this money I saved this week is burn'n a hole in my pocket.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Boring day

Nothing to write about today. Although it was a beautiful, overcast, windy, and moderately hot day.

My pesky neighbor Wayne brung me a skill saw today 'cause mine bit the dust. He also brung me a piece of plexiglass for my solar oven. Hmmmm....do ya think plexiglass will melt when the oven gets up to tamp.??? I know what I can do, if it melts, I'll replace it with real glass. But at least I have a project to start on.

Didn't do a thing today after a great round of golf other than change the license plates on the jeep. Didn't think I would ever sport a set of New Mexico plates, but the price was right. And no annual safety inspection like home State Texas.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oh Oh....

Oh Oh, I forgot to make a post last night. Well, it wasn't really that I forgot, I just forgot what time it was and by that time, my brain was in sleep mode, not remember "what did I do today" mode.

This morning I woke up to "ole one eye", still in sleep mode, stumbled to the coffee pot, poured water on the floor what was intended to go in the pot......not a good start of a new day.

Want to thank those that have left comments. I guess comments are the reason we have blogs in the first place. My blog has replaced my travel logs. I used to write in them little $.10 notebooks on sale from Walmart every school season. Boy Howdy, do I have some stories in them notebooks.

Went online look'n at new cameras. Found what I want, but everyone is "out of stock". Then I got to think'n, "what ya gonna do with three digital cameras"??? So, if ya think like I do, I saved $500 yesterday. So, if I saved $500, what am I gonna spend it on????

More as my day unfolds.............

Well, it unfolded. Would you believe it took two hours to do dishes??? I have a method for doing dishes. Ya fill up a pan full of hot water and Dawn and soak what the pan will hold for 15 minutes. In that 15 minutes, ya rest. Then ya wash and rinse them and put in some more to soak. Rest #2. Then ya wash them and fill'er up again. Yeah, that's right, rest again. Three well planned rests should be no less than 45 minutes. Actual dish time should be no more than 15 minutes. Unless you happen to take a little cat nap in between.

Pulled the tow bar base plate off the little red Bronco II in hopes of modifying it to fit the Jeep. Hmmmm, for what it would cost to modify, I can build a new one...well maybe let the welding/fabrication shop do it for me. A new base plate costs right at $400 with shipping. If ya be think'n like I'm think'n, I could save another $200 to add to that $500 I saved yesterday. More on the base plate at a later date.

Signed up for a two day golf tournament this weekend. Match play, 36 holes...just like the pro's. If I keep swak'n golf balls like I been doing, I have a good chance to win. Been hitting under my handicap for the last two weeks.

Finished up the left over cat fish and macaroni for dinner. Weren't no better than last night. Was gonna save a piece for lunch tomorrow, but I ate it all gone. Now what I gonna do???

So sorry bout that ole mater plant. Just hanging out there in the topsy turvy thingy doing nuttin. I water it, feed it and it has plenty sunshine, but it do'n nuttin.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Found that rattle

Slept in this morning till 6:30....lol, right. Sleeping in would be more like 8am. Usually roll out at 7am when Lug Nut has his face in mine say'n..."ya gonna sleep all day"??? Dogs say the darnedest things.

Spent half the morning and half the afternoon waiting for my number to come up at the Dept. of Motor Vehicles. When it finally did, I was starving, belly rumbl'n, had to pee and nerves were on edge with the scream'n kids. Why do people take kids to the DMV??? Jeep is now titled and registered in the State of New Mexico.

After a big lunch and a little well deserved nap, I crawled up under the Jeep to locate a God awful rattling sound. Found it!!!! Now how I gonna fix it. (Note: Previous owners installed a lift kit and some long stabilizing bars front and rear that they apparently didn't maintain (grease). The adjustment ends seem to be worn out.) Now...here's my plan. Take all that junk off and go back to factory specs. Just hope it doesn't cost an arm and leg as it did to whom ever installed this crap.

My pesky neighbor, Wayne came over for the 6th time today with a big ole catfish fillet....YUM YUM YUM. Then he started talking bout what HE was gonna have for dinner.....hamburger with tomato and onions. Fish went in the frige for tomorrow and my hamburger is cook'n as we speak.

Looked out my winder and seen some of "mamma" nature in the works. Sun shin'n on them mountains over there was just too much to resist. Ya got's to be quick when these kinds of scenes come up.

Ok....hamburger is gone!!! Very good choice Billy Bob.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

long day

Rolled my self out of bed at 4:45 this morning after a very restless night. "What are you think'n Billy Bob, no one gets up that early". I guess when you're retired, you can get up any time you want. Since I was up so early, I watched another one them beautiful sunrises the desert is so well known for. No photos, so ya gotta take my word for it.

My pesky neighbor, Wayne, showed up at my door at 6:15 mumbling something about playing a round of golf. Didn't take me long to put my shoes on and grab a cap. We were tee'd up by 7am. Had a wonderful game except for that lake over there that eats golf balls. Wayne kept score and I still beat him...but only 2 strokes.

Throwed the dogs in the Jeep and took them for a ride where they could run. To my surprise, they stayed close to their daddy. Probably too hot to be traipsing (thank you spell checker) around in the desert. It was a mite warm today. Maybe 95 to 97.

Wind and clouds rolled in this afternoon and the humidity went up....lol...probably made it to 20%. The weather has been milder than the two previous years. June is the hottest month and usually in the high 90's and low 100's.

Checked out some of the gadgets in the Jeep. Holy cow, it has everything!!!! Now I have to locate a tow bar base plate so I can tow it to my next destination. But that's gonna be a few months. In the mean time, I have lots of things to do and much to think about.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Where my Jeep Grand Cherokee????

Boy Howdy!!! Although I am a very patient type a guy, I'm getting very impatient. Here it is 3 pm and still no Jeep at my place. But it IS on the way. Maybe the seller is trying to limit the time I have to test drive. Going to Silver City and back was the plan, but it will be almost my bed time when we return......drat!!! I guess if the Jeep makes it the 130 miles from El Paso towing a little car behind and not "steaming" when it gets here, I don't need a long test drive.

9 pm:
Well, I am now the proud owner of a Jeep Grand Cherokee with a 5.2 liter V8, automatic, 4x4, with great big ole tires and a lift kit. The seller and Louie finally showed up just in time to take off to Silver City to eat and get my first ever, in my life, speeding ticket. It were a freak'n trap. Small town cops. Drives nice, has lots of power and goes too fast in a 35 mile zone.

That was my exciting day. Glad it is time to write this one off and start a new day in the morning.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Sleepless night

Boy howdy, did I have a hard night last night. Couldn't sleep worth a darn. Let me tell ya what happened.
About two hours after I made yesterdays entry in my exciting blog about my doomed little Bronco II, it were like a big yeller bird flew over and pooped on my head. But it weren't poop. My El Paso tour guide Louie IM'ed me to tell me about a '97' Jeep Cherokee Limited for sale. How bout that????
We talked for hours and he convinced me to at least take a look, so I started making plans for a trip to El Paso. Although I was as excited as a new dog puppy, I didn't let Louie or the seller know that. Played the old "hard to get" game. It worked. Got the price dropped to an acceptable level and even talked them into bringing the Jeep to Deming for my inspection. Even made them take pics and send to me. Even though I will probably buy it for agreed price, I will probably try for another $200 discount.
Will post all updates as the day goes by. In the mean time, I have to get ready for a round of golf. Yeah I know, all I think of is having fun.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fun in the desert

Oh what fun it is to be stuck in the middle of the desert. I have to say "stuck" as I will be here till I decide somewhere else to go. In the mean time, I have nothing to do but have fun. Whether it's laying on the couch in deep thought, or sitting on the porch watching spectacular sunrises and sunsets. With mountains in every direction, I am never bored for a different view. All I have to do is turn my chair.

But, living in an R/V park has it's disadvantages. Can't let the dogs out to chase roadrunners and rabbits. Can't shoot a gun. Can't take a "neekid" shower in the yard. Can't have a roaring campfire. Can't listen to "loud" music. Ya just can't do nuttin. So, that's why I go play golf.

My little red Bronco II has about seen it's last days. I think it's doomed for the junk yard any day now. It's kind'a like being married. When ya don't trust your mate, it's time to go. Me and my little red Bronco II have been together for a long time and hate to see her go, but I ain't gonna walk back from them mountains over there. My walk'n days were over a long time ago.

Bought me 2 new pair of Wranglers and washed them over at my pesky neighbor Wayne's place. IN COLD WATER. Hung 'em on the line and they turned into boards. When I folded them up nice and neat, they unfolded themselves. Who ever hear such a thing???? Off to the laundry come monday morning where they have HOT WATER.

Looks like chicken and corn for dinner. Been in the fridge for 2 days, so I better eat it tonight or give it to the dogs. It looks good, but what is that smell??? "Smell-my-nella"????

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Been think'n

Ain't easy to write about an exciting day when you didn't do nuttin.
Been crank'n my tv antenna back and forth trying to get a good signal.....rekon a new antenna is next. The new HDTV is doing ok if ya consider not being able to hear it ok. Who ever thought that speakers on the bottom of a tv is "a better idea" needs therapy. Now I had to go out and buy an amplifier and speakers. I can see it now....I'm gonna end up spending $1000 just to watch "crap".

Today is the day Rio Mimbres Country Club plays the Truth or Consequences Country Club in a round of "swak them golf balls". The last time our club went to Truth of Consequences, they beat our arses like really bad. But old Billy Bob wasn't there. Today will be a different story.

Ok....game over. Out of twenty or so teams, we skunked them so bad they will never come back to Deming. Old Billy Bob swak'ed that ball right down the middle of the fareway....so far it took almost a week to find them all. Great time at the golf course. Had pizza after the game.

Started rounding up my "stuff" to build my solar oven. Had a bunch of it in my cart at Walmart, but started dropping it off in different locations through out the store......lol. Decided I better find a piece of glass before I buy stuff. Can't wait to cook up one these little rabbits running round here. Anyone like solar cooked quail???

Oh crap, what did I do NOW???? My back hurts so bad my toenails hurt. Sciatica....been there, done that too many times. "Oh, I can lift that" has been my motto for too many years, but it has always cost me in the long run. Now I'm a sissy, but still over do it. Men are so dumb!!!

If this is all I write today, so be it. But maybe, something exciting will happen in my boring life.

Update on my dash air. Nope....no pressure at all.....pooof!!!!....all gone. I see no sign of a leak at all, so I'm suspecting it's the compressor clutch seal. With out a leak detector, it's hard to find a freak'n leak.

Update on my mater plant. Not look'n good. Seems the winds of Deming is taking a toll on the leaves. Have new growth and new buds, but no little maters yet. Now what am I gonna do????

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Golf Day

Oh what a beautiful day to be out playing golf, walk'n da dog, picnic in the park, or just layed back out under a tree...........

or on the porch.
(built Nov. 2006)

Up this morning and off to the golf course before most people are just waking up. It were cold again this morning with a temp of 61 degs. in the sun. Slight breeze out of the north what turned into wind by the 3rd hole. All up hill from there....struck an 86 after a triple and two bogies on the back nine. Dad burn bushes, trees, water, people talk'n, sand and wrong club.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Say it like it is

What I like bout these blog things is you don't have to look any body in the eye while you're beat'n yer gums. You can say anything you want, stretch a story, tell an outright lie and get away with it.

Up this morning to a beautiful sunrise....well what was left of it. It's amazing what the sun will do to the desert two times a day.

Spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

Played a round yesterday morning. If I had played the back nine as good as the front nine, I would have had a great game. Still did Ok for a rookie.

Then I went to Walmart and bought me one them brand new high dollar HDTV's. Didn't want one them converter boxes. For sale: One used TV. Cheap. Told my El Paso tour guide, Louie, I was gonna use my old tv for target practice with my high powered .357 magnum hand held cannon. Hee, hee....may just do it.

Oh, by the way, this digital crap sucks. It don't freak'n work out here in the desert only 10 miles from the towers. I've lost all my favorite channels. Fortunately, Albuquerque won't be changing over till 2010, so at least I have some analog channels.

Looks like rain....feel outside....yep, it's rain. Been overcast all day with wonderful temps in the mid 80's. Hope it is just like this tomorrow on the golf course. Gonna hit that ball so hard, it'll take a week to find it.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Trees in the desert

Many many years ago as the settlers were moving west on the old Butterfield Trail (over there about 4 miles) some of the settlers took up homesteads in what we know as the desert. Not having any shade for their afternoon "siesta", they planted trees, spruced up their yards with bermuda grass and cute little flower gardens. Or, as another story goes, the deserts used to be forests till the loggers cut every thing to the ground leaving only a few trees for shade for the loggers "siesta" time. Yes, there are trees in the desert.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Alarm clock

What's the use of having an alarm clock it the damn thing don't work? Three mornings in a row I have layed there waiting for it to go off and.....nothing....just the little second hand go'n round and round.

Up at 5:45 this "cold" morning. Would you believe it was 51 degs??? No wonder I was curled up in that skinny blanket with goose bumps. Today is gonna be a beautiful day so guess what ole Billy Bob gonna do. Yep, take this old body down to the golf course and "swack" some gold balls. Gonna hit that ball so hard, it'll take a week to find it. My pesky neighbor, Wayne, had a "great" fall the other day and been whin'n bout how bad he hurts, so I guess that will be his excuse when I beat him BAD today.

Had a comment yesterday that it looked like I had a "little" bit of desert at my home base in Deming.

Little bit???
Does this look like a little bit of desert???
It's ALL desert........

Oh Oh....."I can't find my golf ball". I really don't want to talk about it right now. It was terrible. Disgusting!!! Yeah my pesky neighbor, Wayne, beat me by two strokes. "that's all I have to say bout that" (GUMP).

Sit'n here eat'n a big ole can of sardines , one them 15 oz. jobbers and crackers....boy am I gonna be sorry after while. When I was younger, before my cast iron stomach lining ate away, I could eat anything. Now, my doctor says to eat "sissy" food. Mushy nasty stuff!!! Yogurt, rice pudd'un, steamed this and steamed that....."sissy" food.

Speak'n of "sissy" food.....them sardines sure won't pass. I took so many alka seltzers this afternoon, my stomach is sizzling and foam'n. So, on top of all that, I made the bestest "man" food for dinner. Hamburger steak, onions and gravy, boiled taters and green beans with half a stick of butter. See what old cast iron stomach has to say bout that!!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Here it is another day again, but I have no idea where I put yesterday. It was on the counter top yesterday morning before I toted the trash to the dumpster, but that was the last I seen of it.

Boy howdy, did I ever lay back yesterday. It was a beautiful day in the mid to low 80's with a steady wind blow'n all day long. When ya come to Deming, ya get the wind for free.

This is "home base" Deming.

This is one my cactus. It had a beautiful bloom starting when I left here in April, but my pesky neighbor Wayne didn't take a pic when it was in full bloom.

CEO John Wells of The Field Lab could have used the bloom in his research of feeding his Texas Longhorns.

And here's the beauty.

Now....what am I gonna do today???

Monday, June 8, 2009

Departure and Arrival Day

Well here it is departure day already. Got up "way" bright and early this morning, but not by choice. Freak'n dogs wanted out to see what that commotion was about. Weren't nuttin but the garbage truck speeding by and banging the dumpster on the ground. I think they love to do that just to hiss off sleeping campers. It works!!!

Working at my usual speed this morning....been up 2 1/2 hours and already have the bedroom slide in and dishes soaking in the sink. Don't want to rush into anything. I could be out of here in another hour, but why??? I only have a hundred miles to go. Look out Deming, here comes "the popster".

If I don't get my satellite set up this afternoon, you can expect my next post.....like tomorrow. It sure is a hassle setting that thing up. Take a good 20 minutes and then ya got to find the satellite, tweak it out and walla, you're on line. Verison air card would have been sooooo much easier.


Well lookie here, Ol' Billy Bob is in Deming hooked up to a/c pump'n electricity, super pure water and mild temps. And that internet satellite dish is pump'n out gig-a-bytes.

Was a nice comfortable 130 mile trip from El Paso to Deming even thought the wind was blow'n 15 to 25 mph. Arrived my "home base" r/v space right at 3 pm and had everything set up by 5pm....breaks, ya know!!!

My pesky neighbor Wayne says it's been in 50's at night, so I'm hoping for a great nights sleep. I need it since I didn't get my nap this afternoon.

Maybe a golf round tomorrow morning at 7am. Swack that golf ball!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

What can I say???

What can I say about yesterday? Well, really not a whole bunch since it was a typical "retirement" day. You know, 6 saturdays and one sunday every week. Add to that a couple hours of resting up from the day before. Yeah, it's great to be retired an put off doing today what can be done tomorrow. Kind of like Government subsidies, getting paid for not producing.

Oh lookie here, we have flowers....then little green maters and then great big ol' juicy delicious bright red maters. Who says ol' Billy Bob ain't no farmer???

What today will bring is a different story. No special plans. We'll see!!!

It appears that someone can't see the maters on my plant. What ya gotta do is look at them two little yeller flowers and visualize huge red maters hang'n there.

For those that love peanut butter as I do, don't, I repeat, don't eat half a jar of that stuff. Four alka seltzers later and I still think I'm gonna die. I been belch'n out both ends, stomach rumbl'n like a freight train and puffed up like a balloon. Sheesh!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Not a bad day

Holy cow....is this me feeling good this morning? Must'a been something I ate.
Louie came by early this morning...bout 10am right after he got up. LOL....he's a late sleeper, but this was early for him. I had been up for hours, done finished the three s's and was ready for action. Ate me up 2 humungus taquitos, not those tiny little rolled up jobbers, but huge....taters, onions, bell peppers, a couple eggs and covered with red salsa...all folded in half in an 8" tortilla X 2.
Right at 11:30 me and Louie headed east to Hueco Tanks State Historic Site. Have no idea what it's historic for, but we was there. Not for long though 'cause they said we had to WALK. Are they nuts?

Took off my sun glasses and this is the result....can't see.

It's really bigger than it looks...............

After that exciting trip, we went downtown to pick up an air compressor that will "blow up" my tires. Something like 4 cfm at 90#. Well, wouldn't ya know it....out of stock and discontinued. May as well just order one off the internet and be done with it.
After that disappointing moment we headed to the Mexican flea markets just a stones throw across the river. Of course, Louie wanted to go across the bridge, but not old Billy Bob. Got red tagged the last time I went and I ain't gonna sit in some interrogation room explaining how I came to be a US citizen. Actually it was easy, my momma borned me in the good ol' US of A. But I ain't got no proof of that....any shape or form.
Didn't buy a thing mostly 'cause everything was for wimmins. They had dresses, tight fit'n jeans, little frilly undergarments and purr-fumes every where ya looked. Ate up a big ol' whopper at Burger King and called it a day.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's the Water

War was ya at yisterday Billy Bob? "Oh I were just lay'n round do'n nuttin".
Woke up bright and early again this morning, not because I was want'n to, but I was need'n to go BAD. That's what ya call an internal alarm clock.
Yesterday it was all down hill from the time I got up. What the hell did you eat this time Billy Bob? Yeah, I was sick all day, but I think I have it all figured out. It's the water. I swear, I think El Paso gets their drinking water right out of the Rio Grande. This is the most God awful tast'n water I ever drink. So bad, it even ruins a good cup of coffee.
Today was a much better day than yesterday after I ate a hearty breakfast...bowl of cereal. Cranked up the a/c when the temp reached 95 degs. and took me the longest nap knowed to mankind. Did up them old nasty dishes in the sink and picked up the house. Where all that stuff come from?
Come supper time, I decided on something good and greasy to lube up my innards since I can't drink the water. Nasty stuff!!! Fried me up some taters, a big ol' pork chop and a can of buttered corn. Ate it all up in half the time it took to cook it.
Louie came over and we sat outside for an hour or so until the skeeters started bit'n Louie, not me.
That folks, was my day. Maybe, just maybe, I'll have something of interest to post tomorrow.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Hello day

Well would you lookie here....it's June. Just wondering what significant changes will happen this month. All good I'm hoping.

Didn't finish yesterdays blog entry 'cause I fell plumb asleep after eat'n up a batch of pork rib tips, sauerkraut and taters. Old uncle Ben on his blog ( http://benntexas.blogspot.com/ ) inspired me to this concoction last week and I finally slapped it all together. Thanks Ben.

Speak'n of eat'um up, I seen a commercial for one them pizza places advertis'n some bread pizza thingy. That made me think.....what I do quite often....this would be perfect for a solar oven. But I don't have a solar oven. Billy Bob, ya gots to git with the program.

In answer to a direct question in the comments section.....MsBelinda, I will be parking my shack in Deming for a couple three months. I have a huge permanent rv spot there, fenced in for the dogs, my porch and the golf course is only 5 miles away. Maybe this will be the course I break the "holy grail" 80 on. Plus I have a lot of think'n to do.

Gonna go look at a motor scooter today.
Billy Bob....what the hell you gonna do with a motor scooter??? Ya can't ride the damn thing in the desert and it's way too little for a grown man. Sides that......where ya gonna put it when ya travel???

Say hello to my Mikey!!!!

And a big howdy to Mouw Mouw

Went off scoot'n the streets of El Paso again today. Just the usual stuff...do I turn here or there??
Went to the Indian Casino and bought me some more smoke....nasty stuff. Forgot my meds. bottle, so I just drove right on past Walmart without stopping. Very seldom do that.
Come back home and took me a long nap, put on a pot o' coffee and now I'm gonna sit outside....
and watch my mater plant grow.....