Monday, June 22, 2009

Found that rattle

Slept in this morning till 6:30....lol, right. Sleeping in would be more like 8am. Usually roll out at 7am when Lug Nut has his face in mine say'n..."ya gonna sleep all day"??? Dogs say the darnedest things.

Spent half the morning and half the afternoon waiting for my number to come up at the Dept. of Motor Vehicles. When it finally did, I was starving, belly rumbl'n, had to pee and nerves were on edge with the scream'n kids. Why do people take kids to the DMV??? Jeep is now titled and registered in the State of New Mexico.

After a big lunch and a little well deserved nap, I crawled up under the Jeep to locate a God awful rattling sound. Found it!!!! Now how I gonna fix it. (Note: Previous owners installed a lift kit and some long stabilizing bars front and rear that they apparently didn't maintain (grease). The adjustment ends seem to be worn out.) Now...here's my plan. Take all that junk off and go back to factory specs. Just hope it doesn't cost an arm and leg as it did to whom ever installed this crap.

My pesky neighbor, Wayne came over for the 6th time today with a big ole catfish fillet....YUM YUM YUM. Then he started talking bout what HE was gonna have for dinner.....hamburger with tomato and onions. Fish went in the frige for tomorrow and my hamburger is cook'n as we speak.

Looked out my winder and seen some of "mamma" nature in the works. Sun shin'n on them mountains over there was just too much to resist. Ya got's to be quick when these kinds of scenes come up.

Ok....hamburger is gone!!! Very good choice Billy Bob.


  1. I was a little apprehensive when I read the title as to whether or not to read today's post. I have been having nightmares for two days after reading another blog that dealt with snakes. Glad to know that is not what your post is about.

    My friends that lived in El Paso used to register their vehicles in New Mexico so they would not have to get a state inspection sticker or pass annual vehicle emissions testing dont know if that is still the case but your rates will be lower in New Mexico.

    That hamburger sure looks good...

  2. Burger sure looks good BB.. I find I can't keep a tomato before it goes bad. Even seal the top with Glad Cling wrap and put it in Tupperware keeper and put in fridge. Got any tips on how to make them last longer? BTW I had a burger my cousin had grilled , last night also.. Good Eating.

  3. People take their kids to the DMV because they have no other choice BUT to do so. It is not THEIR fault that the DMV takes so long! Many also do not allow food &/or drinks in the DMV unless they are in a bottle. My solution? We keep 4 bottles on hand for just such an occasion. I drink out of one and each of my kids out of the other. I kid you not! They cannot rightly keep people in there for 3-4 hours just to renew their tags &/or change states and not allow food &/or drinks for them.