Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's the Water

War was ya at yisterday Billy Bob? "Oh I were just lay'n round do'n nuttin".
Woke up bright and early again this morning, not because I was want'n to, but I was need'n to go BAD. That's what ya call an internal alarm clock.
Yesterday it was all down hill from the time I got up. What the hell did you eat this time Billy Bob? Yeah, I was sick all day, but I think I have it all figured out. It's the water. I swear, I think El Paso gets their drinking water right out of the Rio Grande. This is the most God awful tast'n water I ever drink. So bad, it even ruins a good cup of coffee.
Today was a much better day than yesterday after I ate a hearty breakfast...bowl of cereal. Cranked up the a/c when the temp reached 95 degs. and took me the longest nap knowed to mankind. Did up them old nasty dishes in the sink and picked up the house. Where all that stuff come from?
Come supper time, I decided on something good and greasy to lube up my innards since I can't drink the water. Nasty stuff!!! Fried me up some taters, a big ol' pork chop and a can of buttered corn. Ate it all up in half the time it took to cook it.
Louie came over and we sat outside for an hour or so until the skeeters started bit'n Louie, not me.
That folks, was my day. Maybe, just maybe, I'll have something of interest to post tomorrow.


  1. Well at least you isolated the problem.

    Hope you get to feeling better.

  2. I have "heard" That a good Tequila will work wonders on your problem with the water. Won't cure it, but you won't care!! :-)