Tuesday, June 30, 2009

wake up call

Yo Billy Bob, what ya doing up at 3:30am? "3:30?, Oh, I thought it was 6:30" Have ya ever woke up and couldn't go back to sleep? Laid your head back down on that soft feather pillow and looked off into total darkness while the dogs are snor'n right next to ya?

Went to the car chiropractor yesterday morning for an alignment, but the doctor said "jeep" needed to go to the hospital to get balls replaced. I'm supposing he meant ball joints. What else could go wrong with this "brand new" 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Sheesh, I'm gonna have all my life savings tied up in a piece of junk. By the time I get everything fixed the way "I" want it, it will be a $5,000 car/truck/rock climber. What was the guy thinking what put all this crap on a perfectly good Jeep? But I do have some good news.....the doctor wants to trade me the lift kit and long bar suspension for the stock set up he has on his jeep. But HIS Jeep is one them "cheap" ones.

Old pesky neighbor Wayne came over last night, for the 15th time, say'n we was gonna play golf this morning. I says, "are you nuts?" and he says, "no". So, it's off to the golf course again this morning....tee time 7:30. You would think he would be get'n tired of my beating his arse all the time. Well, maybe not all the time!!!!

OK....will have more adventures to write later.......................................
Hee Hee Hee....beat old pesky neighbor .....BAD...BAD...BAD
Then I came home to my two rowdy jump'n dogs, Lug Nut and Sadie Mae. "Oh look, it's daddy" These dogs are nuts.

Made me up a big ol' ham and mater sandwich....mater were froze....does this mean my fridge is work'n? Bout 30 minutes later my eye balls was say'n, "we gotta go lay down" Well that didn't work...dogs decided it was play time, what disturbed a perfect nap. Got 15 minutes.

Been reading the health plan news and I don't think us old folks are gonna be too happy if it passes. Sure hope 2010 and 1012 will be different. WAY different.

Sauerkraut, taters and pork ribs for dinner tonight. Took my alka seltzers pre dinner...just in case. Remember what happened the last time??? I do.


  1. YO Billy!! Sorry about your Jeep, IF I were faced with the issues you have described so far, I would ask your mechanic how much to put it back STOCK,, get all that lift kit crap out of it. Would be much easier on the front end steering and suspension won't it?
    As for your waking up early? I have fingered out that when my body and mind is finished with sleep it wakes up , whether "I" want to or not. Same with foods, some days I get cravings,, so I eat them. I think it is the bodies way of telling you some chemical or mineral is low and to replenish it.

    Just my deep thoughts for the day.

  2. I suffer from insomnia so I know only too well what it is like not to be able to sleep.

    Too bad about your new car, you are spending a lot of money on it...guess you have used up what you saved last week.

    BTW congratulations on coming in second in the tournament. Had not had a chance to go online until today.