Sunday, June 21, 2009

long day

Rolled my self out of bed at 4:45 this morning after a very restless night. "What are you think'n Billy Bob, no one gets up that early". I guess when you're retired, you can get up any time you want. Since I was up so early, I watched another one them beautiful sunrises the desert is so well known for. No photos, so ya gotta take my word for it.

My pesky neighbor, Wayne, showed up at my door at 6:15 mumbling something about playing a round of golf. Didn't take me long to put my shoes on and grab a cap. We were tee'd up by 7am. Had a wonderful game except for that lake over there that eats golf balls. Wayne kept score and I still beat him...but only 2 strokes.

Throwed the dogs in the Jeep and took them for a ride where they could run. To my surprise, they stayed close to their daddy. Probably too hot to be traipsing (thank you spell checker) around in the desert. It was a mite warm today. Maybe 95 to 97.

Wind and clouds rolled in this afternoon and the humidity went up....lol...probably made it to 20%. The weather has been milder than the two previous years. June is the hottest month and usually in the high 90's and low 100's.

Checked out some of the gadgets in the Jeep. Holy cow, it has everything!!!! Now I have to locate a tow bar base plate so I can tow it to my next destination. But that's gonna be a few months. In the mean time, I have lots of things to do and much to think about.


  1. I dont know how I did not see this post last night. Is the posting hour your local time?

    Why do you call Wayne your pesky neighbor? lol...does he know that?

    Hope you had a happy Father's Day.

  2. LOL, MsB....My pesky neighbor, Wayne....is a pest. He comes over to see what I am doing at least 5 times a day....just a lonely old coot. But I surely don't mind since I'm also a lonely old coot!!!
    Had a nice Fathers Day, but I didn't know it till my oldest son called me from Afghanistan.