Saturday, November 30, 2013

Now what do I do?

Who says Black Friday ain't everywhere? I went to the golf course yesterday an' what did I find? Long lines an' no shop'n (golf) carts. My god, there was a thousand people armed with bags of golf'n stiks swak'n golf balls into the trees, out of bounds an' into every water hazard on the course. It was old folks, some of 'em bout my age, all want'n to play a round at the same time. I didn't even get out the car. Well I did, but not for long. Did some ugly putt'n an' some ugly chip'n an' said "to hell with it". 

Back at "da house" I break out a Subway sammich I just bought. Boy howdy was I hungry.....an' then "boy howdy was I sleepy" or what? I cain't even eat a marshmeller without get'n sleepy. So's I take me a nap. I do that quite often ya know.

Then I got to think'n....."Billy Bob, you is lazy". Well, it ain't really that I'm lazy, I just don't want to do nuttin. It has all to do with "location". I'm in the wrong location...."el Rancho Abraham". Ya see, when I camp in Sinton, Texas, I'm a long ways from salt water, fresh water, Walmart, an' all the other places I like to go. I don't need to be in Sinton. So, the adventures of Billy Bob is at a standstill. I'm bout ready to hook up "that jeep" an' go down the road a piece. Let me think bout that for a bit an' I'll get back to ya.


Friday, November 29, 2013

My Friday is black

Boy howdy.....I sure gonna be glad when all this black friday thanksgiv'n holiday stuff is over. Not that I was chief cook an' dishwasher or nuttin like that. I don't do that kind of stuff no more. I'm a "sit back an' wait" kind of guy. Wait'n for somebody to to serve me up a big ol' plate full of goodies.

I had my smoked turkey. I had ham.....an' all that other stuff ya only get on Thanksgiv'n. Yup, I stuffed my face full an' had to take me a nap. When I waked up, it was dark outside. Ain't nobody sleep that long....two hours plus.

It's too dad gum nice outside to sit in "da house" all day. I'm think'n some golf ball swak'n would be a good way to spend the afternoon. *check'n wallet for loose change*. Dang, who been in my wallet? *breaks out my stash*. Ok, that's it, golf ball swak'n this afternoon. An' then hit up the local greasy Mexican food eatery. Yum yum boy howdy.

Ok.....I ain't got nuttin excit'n to write about today. I don't do excit'n stuff when I'm stuck in "da house" freez'n my buttocks off. It's been cold ya know. One night it got down to 30 degs. Brrrrrrr, that's way too cold for the old Billy Bob. But I ain't got no choice....it was cold everwheres.

Speak'n of sunshine an' warm weather.....my new charge controller is work'n like a charm.

Ok....things to do ya know. 


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

This turkey is froze

Whoa, is that a turkey bird I see?

Now let me tell ya bout wife #2 an' her "bake a turkey" fiasco. She don't like me, so she won't be read'n this...so I can say anything I want. It was Thanksgiving an' she ain't never bake no turkey before. She done run me slap out the kitchen, something bout she was gonna cook this "damn turkey" all by herself. It might be noted at this time, wife #2 needed a Betty Crocker cook book to boil water.

There was bang'n an' clang'n of pots an' pans, cuss'n, stuff break'n, more cuss'n, holler'n an' scream'n at the kids an' more cuss'n. The kitchen was no place to be. The aroma of flavorful food flowed throughout the house.....damn, I get'n hungry....eat me up some turkey an' stuff. 

The table is set, all this scrumptious food wait'n to be eat up....the turkey comes out the oven. Boy howdy, that one good look'n turkey I betcha. I takes a big ol' carv'n knife to make a cut.....oh wait, what's this? Stick'n out the hinney of that turkey is a little bag. You guessed it, a big ol' turkey neck, gizzard, heart an' liver....still froze solid like a brick. I make the first cut into the breast.....what the hell, it's still froze. I yank a leg off....it's still froze. "What the hell wife #2, did ya read the directions"??? Ya got to thaw a turkey before ya bake it. Everbody knows that. Wife #2 in tears, we head off to the nearest restaurant.

Anyhows, nephew Joseph is gonna smoke a turkey for Thanksgiv'n again this year. Hope to hell he thaws it first. Last year it come out perfect. Damn, I'm get'n hungry.

A lot of thought has gone into when I will go shop'n. For sure I don't want to go today, the day before Thanksgiv'n. There gonna be hunnerts of people buy'n up last minute stuff they forgot last week. Walmart would be the last place I would want to go. Then there's Friday. Black Friday. No, ain't gonna do that neither. If'n it weren't for run'n out of meds, I would wait till next week. May do that anyhows.

Was it cold last night? Well, you can bet yer bippy it was cold....34 degs. It's been a long time since I been caught up in one place that cold. There are other options.....like south. *Checks weather* My God, it's the same temps in Falcon Lake as it is here in Sinton.....give or take a couple degs. This should be the last of winter here, but then ya never know. Not long ago, 2009 or 2010, it snowed. I DON'T DO SNOW!!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fish, pinto beans an' fried taters

I hope ya didn't wager too much on whether the old Billy Bob would go shop'n or not. Ya see, it were so cold outside, even Sadie Mae refused to go out an' chase them damn cats. No....I stayed home in a nice warm house ("Sally da house"). The weather forecasts predict temps in the 70's an' 80's in a few days....shop'n can wait.

By the way, the sun is shinn'n, 55 degs....what a beautiful day.

So, what's on the agenda? Ha, that's a silly question....there ain't nuttin on the agenda. As long as it's cold outside, I ain't gonna do nuttin. I ain't gonna go nowheres. I'm just gonna sit here an' bitch bout how cold it is outside.

But.....Falcon Lake is just down the road a piece. I been sit'n here think'n bout all them big fish down there, just wait'n for the old Billy Bob to catch 'em up. The "bubba boat" is all legal again with a secondary back-up battery an' a new registration on it. I got me a brand new fish'n reel, two fish poles...an' a mouth full of assorted worms. What could go wrong? "Well Billy Bob, ya could sink ya know". No smok'n in the "bubba boat". Betcha somebody remember that fiasco

Ya see, I was out there in deep water fish'n....with a smoke hang'n out my lips. Fish on. I rares back on my fish pole, knock that smoke clean out my lips an' burn a hole in the "bubba boat". Pooof, just like that, my ass is get'n wet...I'm sink'n.
Inks Lake 2011.

Did I ever tell ya bout the time....me an' wife #1 jump in my little fish'n boat. We got a pound or two of dead shrimps, 1 fish pole....an' some string (twine). Off in the distance I see "bait fish" jump'n in the water...scrambl'n for their lives. "Thar's fish in them thar waters". I puts a little piece of shrimp on my hook an' toss it out. I ain't catch nuttin. Meanwhile, wife #1 is put'n a hook on that string. She put a shrimp head on there....an' toss it out. Sheesh, you cain't catch no fish with a string an' a shrimp head....BAM, wife #1 has a fish on. She catch up a whole bunch of "speck" an' I ain't catch'n nuttin. We trade fish poles....by demand. "Gimme that string". Now she catch'n up fish on my fish pole an' I ain't catch nuttin on that damn piece of string. Well, I'll take credit for all the big 'uns. We run slap out of shrimps bait, it's time to call it a day. Over 80 pounds of fresh spotted sea trout slung over my shoulder, we head for home an' two hours of clean'n big ol' fish. Texas City dike 1968....give or take a year. Yum yum....fresh fried fish, pinto beans an' fried taters. Ya cain't beat that with a stik.


Monday, November 25, 2013

Contaminated drinking water

I hope you didn't wager too much of your hard earned cash on whether the old Billy Bob would wash up them dishes or not.

At 9pm last night, I was sit'n there watch'n....now git this....Mexican movies. Don't even ask why 'cause I don't even know. I put a pan full of dishes to soak. By 10pm, I had put the last fork in the drawer....dishes is done. Pay up. I were quite proud of that. 

Bad news for Sinton, Texas residents. A letter was sent out of a health warning notice to all residents of Sinton, Texas by the Sinton "water people" that....get this, your drinking water may be contaminated. MAY? be contaminated? They don't know? What the hell??? I been think'n now for the last week or so that my coffee don't taste right....like 6 month old grinds, or something like that. But it's the freak'n water....what is typical for Sinton. "Don't drink the da water Billy Bob....it MAY be contaminated". Sheesh...now I got to tote water. 

Tell me!!!
Who said the old Billy Bob don't cook good look'n biscuits? Don't need to say no more bout that. Them things are perfect.....yeee haw!!! Sure do wished I had me some sausage gravy.....yum boy howdy.

I sure do hate to go out in this weather....42 degs an' sprinkle rain. But it's a have to situation. I'm out of meds. I'm out of bread an' milk. I'm out of donuts. I need some soup make'ns. And I need some water what ain't contaminated. Closest Walmart is in Calallen, bout 20 mile. Get everthing I need in one stop shop'n.

Ok, that's the plan. Get me some warm clothes on an' go shop'n. Damn I hate cold weather.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Blue shirts an' blind dates

Kee kee kee......I don't do dishes an' shit like that. Well I do, just not yesterday. Probly ain't gonna today neither. With four clean forks in the drawer, there ain't no real reason to wet my hands with dishwater. That's the way I look at it anyhows.

I got me a new shirt one time. It were a beautiful shirt to me 'cause I never get no new shirts. It was dur'n the hard times, bout 1954....somewheres around there. This shirt as I recall, was a beautiful dark blue, my fav color an' had some kind of flowers all over it. Hell, I don't know....it could have been watermelons or animal critters. That don't matter. What matters is that it was a brand new shirt an' I was gonna wear it to school. I stick out like a sore thumb in that bright blue shirt.

This guy, he start mak'n fun of my shirt. He call it a girlie shirt..call me a sissy, or something like that. Hell, I don't know....maybe he don't like blue. So's I jist up an' punch him. I did stuff like that was I was grow'n up dur'n the hard times. Damn!!!....he punch me right back. One solid blow on the end of my nose. Like a faucet turn on, I got blood run out my nose....all over my brand new beautiful blue shirt....with flowers, watermelons or critters all over it....hell, I don't know. Now I'm gonna get a whoop'n for sure when I get home. Me an' this guy runs to the restroom. We stop my bleed'n nose first off. Then we wash that shirt like two Chinese washerwimmins. Make it brand spank'n new look'n again. We was best friends after all was said an' done, but to this day, I don't remember his name. I learnt me a good lesson that day....."don't wear a bright blue shirt to a fist fight".

Anyhows, it's still cold outside. Upper 40's if'n ya got to know. To me, that's cold, an' I ain't go'n outside for nuttin. "Ya could do the dishes Billy Bob...do some housework". Well yeah I rekon I could. If'n I was want'n to....but that ain't likely to happen. But then.....just maybe.

I went on a blind date one time...referring to a comment MsB made followed up by another by Shadowmoss...."what you talk'n bout fire Shadow". Anyhows, I arrive to pick up my blind date right on time. An' then I wait 30 minutes for her to get ready. Sit'n in the same room with her parents, a bull dog steel worker daddy an' a "I got my eye on you" mama kind of make me all sweaty an' nervous. We goes to a nice eat'n place an' get a winder booth, order some eats an' start ask'n questions....that's what "blind date" strangers do ya know. She's kind of pretty, somewhat on the trim side, polite....sits up straight, stuff like that. But that laugh an' her voice....let me tell ya. She talk like Minnie Mouse an' laugh like a walrus. An' then she "snort" like a hog ready for butcher. I'm try'n to keep a straight face ever time she go in her snort routine, but lose it before our food gets there. She gets pissed off an' tell me she's gonna tell her daddy. Out the door she go.....never to be seen or heard from again. Damn she scare hell out me.    

Saturday, November 23, 2013

We charg'n batteries

Yikes......it's cold out there. Well, I guess you could call it cold, I know I damn well do. The bad part is that it's gonna last a few more days, an a few more days locked up in "da house" is gonna drive me crazy. I mean, like what can you do in a little shack besides sit on yer ass, take naps an' watch TV?

Feel'n better is always a good thing. I'm not sick no more this morn'n. The old stomach is just sit'n here say'n..."feed me". That's probly where all the trouble started....eat'n "stuff". I ate some "stuff" the day before I got sick. I know from past experience, that "stuff" has and will make me sick. But I still eat "stuff".

No, I don't eat right....accord'n to what Mrs. Obama wants me to eat.....Grrrrr her. I ain't fat by any means, so what the hell, I eat what I want. I try to cook healthy meals, but by the time I eat 2 gallons of "one pot" whatever, I get burned out. "Where's that damn goat"? That's when I revert to eat'n more "stuff". An' that's when I usually get sick. 

Anyhows.....I got that new charge controller all hook up last night. It seems to be work'n just fine even thought there ain't no sunshine. See!!! An' you thought I didn't no nuttin bout solar.....ha.
There is still further testing to be done to the rest of the system, but that's outside. I ain't go'n outside today. 

Have ya ever got to where ya didn't want to go to bed? I sit here for the last three nights dread'n go'n to bed. Watch'n crap on TV I would never watch no matter what. Stay up till 3am. Ya see, when I lay there toss'n an' turn'n, try'n to go to sleep, my brain kicks in...high gear, an' all kind of weird stuff happens. My past, present an' future life unfolds before my wide open eyes. I see bugger mans over there in the corner. I hear sounds what ain't there. I forget where I'm at...."El Rancho Abraham RV Resort an' Damn Goat Farm". This ain't good. For god's sake, I need my beauty rest ya know.

Speak'n of beauty rest.....I took me a nap one time. An extended nap. When I wake up, it was get'n dark outside. So I get up an' fumble through the fridge for something to make for supper. I build me a great big ol' sammich from hell. Outside it's get'n brighter.....the sun is come'n up over the horizon. It's tomorrow....what the hell??? Ya ever done that???

Ok, I got dishes to do....maybe. Winders need washed on the inside. Maybe do some dust'n.....sweep the floor. You know, girlie stuff. God I hate housework. 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Crazy Horse

Boy howdy, I'm still alive. I had my doubts though. If it had only been stomach rumbles I could have handled that. But, oh hell no, I had me some terrible headaches what wouldn't go away, neck pain like somebody sucker punch me, an' somebody set a stick of dynamite off in my right hip. There was nothing excit'n happen at Billy Bob's house yesterday.   

I was ride'n a horse one time. The damn horse left me up there in the mountains to walk all the way back. Holy cows, that was way back in 1958. Ya see, I always wanted to be a cowboy, ride'n horses, throw'n cows on the ground....you know, stuff like that. Have ya ever go "cow tip'n" at night? Yeah, I did that too. Anyhows, I goes down to the horse rental place an' rent me up a big ol' horse. Gonna ride up to the mountains....ha, round up some stray steers, rustle up some outlaws. I are a cowboy ya know. I got me a African safari hat on, black Levies an' a tee an' a borried pair of ride'n boots. Didn't find no stray cows or any outlaws, just sand, rocks an' desert brush. Ain't see nobody. I was five mile from the horse rental place an' it were hot like blazes. That horse is sweat'n up a storm an' want'n to go to "da house". But I didn't know that at the time.

We stop for some refreshments an' a sammich I brung along. I pour some water in my African safari hat for the horse. He rolls them big black eyes at me, take a few swallers an'.....poooof, he was gone, just like that. He leave me stand'n there with a "dumb ass" look on my face. All I see is a dust trail go'n down in the valley. That horse was go'n home. Remember them "borried" boots I was tell'n ya bout? Well, they was bout two sizes too big. Blisters....did I ever tell ya bout blisters? My god, by the time I got down the mountain an' back home, I had blisters on top of blisters. Damn "crazy horse"!

*Snaps fingers*.....just like that, it's cold. First the rain come down in buckets. Then the wind pick up. The temp drop to 48 degs. Sure am glad I ain't in one them northern states, like North Texas. I really don't like this shit.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Upadted...Shoot....brain fried

Ok, today was a bust all the way around. Before I went off to meet up with Barney at the golf ball swak'n place, I like to puke my guts clean out. Boy howdy was I a sick puppy. Alka seltzer fix that right up for a little while.

We swak up a few golf balls, nuttin spectacular to mention here. Then I fall slap apart. Ball go over there an' hit a tree. Ya don't suppose to hit trees ya know. It only got worse. I quit keep'n score, an' then I just quit.

We go to eat some Mexican food. Well that don't work out too well neither. I'm sick again. Need to go home to "da house" an' sleep it off. Take me a Alka Seltzer first. Holy cows, today sucks.
Ok, so I hurt this morn'n from crawl'n up under "da house" trace'n out them blamed wires. Find out where they go an' what they for. An' I ain't done yet. Ya see, it's important to know how stuff works an' the only way to do that is "crawl up under da house". So for now, we are done with all this stuff until I install the new charge controller.

"I don't know". I say that quite often when I try to figger out something. That's when I grab me up some tools an' take stuff apart. I don't call up no certified professional fix it guy or nuttin like that. All they gonna do is "grab up some tools an' take stuff apart". Then charge me a hunnert dollar a hour.  

Whoa boy howdy....I cain't hit a golf ball worth a poop this morn'n. Went out there in the yard an' tee me up two balls. Swak the hell out 'em. Take me a big ol' macho swing.....BABAAAAM!!! One went over there, almost hit the neighbors house an' the other one went over there, bounce off a fence post. Ya haaa!!!....I'm ready for a round of golf ball swak'n.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ain't nuttin to write

12.65 volts
13.02 volts
12.72 volts
13.20 volts.
If you figger that stuff out, you let me know soon as possible. I spend a dad gum 2 hour follow'n wires yesterday. Who ever hear of runn'n every single 12 volt wire to the front of a motorhome an' then runn'n the damn thing back to where it start from? These are big wires, like ya find on a earth mover Caterpillar bull dozer. I ain't figger nuttin out.

Check them solar panels out yesterday. We good to go on them suckers. New charge controller will be here Friday....Yeeee haw!!! BUT....as you can see from the above, we have a voltage issue. I love this kind of shit.

Now....somebody mentioned golf. Don't go blam'n the old Billy Bob, it weren't me. I'm think'n somewheres around 11am Wednesday morn'n would be a perfect time to swak some golf'n balls. See ya there.


Monday, November 18, 2013

I'm think'n Sinton Texas sucks

Boy howdy, who's idea was it to tear all this stuff apart? I have taken a simple little part replacement an' turn it into a major re-installation. I got wires stick'n out the wall, battery test'n stuff lay'n out there in the yard....done burn up (big ol' holes) a perfectly good pair of Wranglers with battery acid an' I ain't even got started yet.

Oh great....you should look outside. See all that fog stuff? Water drip'n off everthing? I'm gonna get wet I betcha. If this is the front the weather guys was talk'n bout....I ain't skeered, it's 77 degs. Ain't the first sign of any wind....nor sunshine.

That bump on the head yesterday morn'n didn't seem to affect my think'n none. I was up till 3am last night think'n bout stuff.

Back at "El Rancho Abraham", I can't think of one good thing to say. I been back for almost a week an' it's just like I never left. I'm think'n it's not a good place to be. First off, that damn goat comes in "da house" any ol' time he wants to. Then I have to beat hell out him with a flyswapper to get him back out.
I ain't got nobody to talk to. Nobody help me do stuff. I just sit here think'n...."this shit sucks". Dad gum dogs bark'n all the time. Sadie Mae sound asleep. Free camp'n ain't always what ya think it might be. I can feel another case of depression com'n on.

I always tried to live a excit'n life. Do stuff. Get up early in the morn'n rare'n to go. Go break something.
Go catch a fish.

Build a sail-cart
Go gold prospect'n..

.....excit'n stuff. Ain't none that stuff gonna happen in Sinton, Texas. 

Well, I got things to do. Order a charge controller an' start check'n out stuff in the solar system.


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bang'n my head on the floor.....

Been a really bad day for the old Billy Bob. I was tell'n somebody the other day that I ain't fall down in a few months. Well, I did this morn'n. I was climb'n out of bed, do'n a hunnert mile a hour 'cause I had me a leg cramp. I was go'n "GD....GD....GD". Both legs was wrap up in a blanket. I bounce off a wall an' hit the floor head first. I lay there for a second...everthing is crookit. I still got that leg cramp ya know....jump up an' take care of that. I had a headache ever since. An' I still cain't see straight.  I need to lay down.

I'll tell ya bout the coffee grounds on the floor at another time....

This afternoon I'm feel'n much better. Watch me some TV an' eat up a big ol' steak sammich.

Ok.....I grab holt to my voltage check'n thingy...multimeter. Sorry ladies. I go outside an' check the voltage on the battery bank. 12.75 volts. Now that can't be right, the solar charge controller show 13.56 volts. So's I check the voltage at the battery wires connected to the charge controller. 13.00 volts. That ain't right neither. The next step will be to check the solar panel voltage....what should read 17.2 volts with the wires disconnected (open circuit voltage). I'll do that right now.....be back in a minute.Whoa....19.48. That too high....or is it? "Billy Bob, order a new charge controller". Google is your best friend.
Ok, forget all them solar panel voltages. The power voltage (wires connected) for my solar panels should be 17.7 volts an' the open circuit voltage (disconnected) should be 20 volts. The panels are fine. "Billy Bob, order a new charge controller". That's settled, this damn charge controller ain't no good.  Here goes another $300 bill. Free electricity from the sun is expensive. "Psssst Billy Bob, 10 or 15 nights of free boondock'n will pay for that charge controller". I feel better with that thought in mind.

Since I have the solar system all tore apart, I may as well check everthing all the ways from the roof, to the charge controller, to the batteries. That's a lot of wires to check.

Climb'n up there on the roof should prove to be something worth reading. I HATE that roof.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Nuttin but work for the old Billy Bob

MAN!!!! When people say they don't want to hear about golf, they don't want to hear nuttin bout golf.

Is it OK if'n I mention "batteries"?
I hook up that 40 amp charger to the house batteries. Turn it on an' "let 'er eat" for 3 hours. We put'n some serious amps in them batteries. By 6pm, it was darker 'an hell outside. I turn the charger off....gonna test the voltage drop until bed time....midnight (12.40 volts with some lights turn on).
In the mean time, I goes outside and check the battery cells using a hydrometer. Don't ask me to explain what a hydrometer is or how to use one, that's technical stuff.....but it's the only "correct" method of checking battery condition. Voltage readings are meaningless....kind of sorta. But we ain't go'n into that neither. I got a hydrometer reading of 1252 to 1255.

I runs inside an' do a Google search on "specific gravity" of batteries. I'm sit'n right on 85 to 88% full charged. This is good news.

Today I will fully charge the batteries, while at the same time do'n further tests on the charge controller and locating voltage drops. Fun huh? This mornings hydrometer reading is 1252....again very good news.

 There ain't no sunshine today. But the temp is way up there in the mid 80's (85). Another front is gonna blow through here tomorrow, but I ain't skeered of nuttin. Let 'er blow. Note to self....tie down the awning.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Summer??? in south Texas

Ya know what??? I like golf.

It was a beautiful morn'n when me an' OFM Barney meet up for an' excit'n round of "pasture pool" as some folks call it. They say pasture pool 'cause they don't understand the concept of professional golf ball swak'n. It's a macho thing to walk up to a little ball an' knock the hell out it....hard as ya can. Don't even give a care what direction it go, long as it goes bout a mile or so. Anybody can do that. But it takes a special skill to miss all them trees, not hit the ball into a freak'n lake, don't bonk nobody on the head an' knock 'em slap out....break winders an' stuff like that. Ya don't learn golf ball swak'n in one day.

We was optimistic when we step up to the first tee box.....BABAAAAM, we was both in the trees. Somewhere's over there in the rough. Didn't get no better for the old Billy Bob, but "dead eye" Barney calm right down....he's in the fairway most every shot. Barney score a great 42 on the front nine. That's when things changed......"new game" on the back nine. Barney fall slap apart an' Billy Bob regain'n some composure. After 18 holes, Barney is one up, with a nice score of 92. Billy Bob a nice 93.

Boy howdy, I don't feel so good this morn'n. I was sit'n over there on the couch, back hurt'n up a storm an' my lungs an' sinuses is drain'n. What the hell, they didn't do that in Del Rio. Humidity??? Different altitude?

But anyhows....."my god, it's absolutely beautiful outside". Got the door an' winders wide open.

Sadie Mae roll in some that "burrito" poop outside. "My god Sadie Mae, you stinks". I throwed her plumb out of bed last night. I ain't sleep'n with no dog what smells like burritos.

Ok...remember them batteries? We gonna do a test on 'em today. See if they will take a full charge. Hook up the 40 amps battery charger on 'em an' let 'em eat for the next day or two. I have my doubts.

Ok, I ain't got nuttin to talk about. I'm out of here. Things to do ya know..... 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Home is where you is

I just don't know what to say......I'm freez'n in Sinton, Texas.

Ok, that's enough of that, the weather is beautiful. I'm look'n out the winders an' there ain't nuttin but sunshine out there. I ain't go'n outside yet 'cause it's still pretty damn cold out there. Would you believe.....it got down to 35 degs last night.....accord'n to my Walmart special temp thingy. An' it's warm'n up fast. This week end will be back up in the 80's.....but look out, there's another cold front headed this way next week. Enjoy the week end.

So what am I gonna do with all this beautiful weather? Well shoot, that's easy, I'm gonna go play a round of golf. Me an' OFM Barney got a tee time for 11am this morn'n just up the street. Be swak'n golf balls all over the place. Of course we will be eat'n up a whole pile of Mexican food after that excit'n round of golf.

It's good to be back in deeper south Texas on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. After spend'n bout 1/3 of my life in the area, I rekon ya could kind of call it home. Not that I would like to spend the rest of my life here though. It's not perfect in any sense of the word. Far as I know, there ain't no where that's perfect. Well maybe Tahiti or somewhere's like that. Do they have a Walmart in Tahiti? Nothing is perfect without a Walmart.

Yesterday I lay around the house think'n. I ain't got it so bad. I'm retired, I got a bucket full of loose change, I got toys to play with, an' most of all, my house has got wheels. I can go somewheres. 

Speak'n of wheels, "that jeep" needs new shoes (front tires). "My God Billy Bob, how much you gonna spend on that damn thing"? Seem like everwhere I go, I got to fix something...or replace something. Grrrrrrrrr "that jeep". I'm too old for this shit.

Speak'n of old, how many old people do ya see ride'n a bicycle down the street. Or throw'n fish'n lures in the water. Or stand'n out on a golf course swak'n golf balls all over the place. Most old folks are sit'n at home in a recliner watch'n TV....or out there on "da porch" sip'n up a cup an' holler'n at the neighbor kids...."git out my yard". I rekon I'm still do'n Ok if'n I can still do that kind of stuff.

Ok....got things to do.....laters.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Waves break'n over the bow....we sail'n

So where did I leave off yesterday. As I recall, I had mentioned rain. I don't drive at night, nor do I drive in rain. That would be absolutely silly to do so.

Anyhows, I pulled out of San Pedro campground at 9:30 am, with expectations of out runn'n any rain. I did that....the roads were dry. I was hit'n bout a hunnert mile a hour headed east. All was fine. Until I plowed into a wind storm. I swear, 30 foots waves (30+mph wind) was break'n over the bow. The seas were rough...."Sally's" course changed with every break'n wave (wind gust). An' I still had 200 miles to go.

This went on for the next close to hunnert miles. We changed course to the south east. The winds are on the fore port quarter....for the next 60 miles. I grip'n on to that steer wheel, ain't gonna never let it go. Knuckles are turn'n blue. We almost there....only a hunnert mile to go.

As we turned south on I-37, the winds....still blown'n a hunnert mile a hour is behind us.....kind of sorta. Rear quarter. We fly'n...go right past the What'sit rest area...."gonna make it home tonight". Made a quick stop at the new to me Love's truck stop. "Sally" be need'n some more go juice. Note: Did not fill up in Del Rio....jist got a little bit (33 gallon).

Since we are on the subject of gas mileage, I know pretty close to "exactly" how far I can travel on 33 gallon of gasoline. For those of ya that either don't care how far you can go, or don't want to know, you gonna be call'n your emergency road service to bring you some fuel. On the other side of the coin, gas mileage is a darn good indication when something is wrong. As is in my case. My gas mileage has fallen to 8.2 mile a gallon from 9.8 in the last 9 years. My god, Sadie Mae an' "Sally" are the same age. Maybe they was born on the same day.

Ok, where was we. Oh yeah, we go'n a hunnert mile a hour headed south on I-37...destination Sinton, Texas. I pulls up in the road outside El Rancho Abraham, the damn gates are closed. There's two cars right where I gonna pull in. That damn goat comes run'n to see who it is. By 5:30, "that jeep" is unhooked an' "Sally da house" is sit'n in her berth....fresh coffee is brew'n. Electric an' water is hooked up. I'm camp'n.

Accord'n to my Walmart special thermometer thingy, it got down to 40 degs. last night. Brrrrrrr....that's cold. But, you think that bother the old Billy Bob? I was all wrap up in 20 pounds of blankets, didn't know nuttin bout no cold. Got up to the first light I see since yesterday at 9:30. Whoa boy howdy was I sleep'n good. No plans have been made for the day....due to the extreme cold an' 6 mile a hour winds. Hee hee hee, don't ya just love winter temps?

I'm think'n maybe tomorrow will be a good day to go swak some golf'n balls. Maybe eat up some great Mexican food at the "fart palace".....that what Barney calls it anyhows. You remember me eat'n there an' get'n stomach rumbles....right? Just a thought....think it over.

Ok, I got things to do. See ya tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Leaving Del Rio behind

I waked up this morn'n to the sound of a garbage truck....trash cans bang'n, doors slam'n...."my God, I'm try'n to sleep here". Oh wait, it's Barney hook'n up his truck to his little bitty travel trailer. He's leaving. Pooooof....he's gone, just like that.

Today is departure day ya know, head south. There's a big ass storm headed this way an' Del Rio ain't where ya wanna be. When I think of big ass storms, I'm think'n blizzard conditions....hunnert mile a hour winds, rain, freez'n cold temps, power lines down....SNOW! Well, I don't suppose it's gonna be anywhere's that bad, but I ain't gonna be here to find out. 

As I sit here at my modified computer station sip'n up a cup, I look out the winders....it's freak'n rain'n out there. I'm all hooked up an' ready to roll. Soon I get that other eye open, I'm out of here. Have ya ever wake up in the morn'n an' look at something....an' the other eye is look'n at something else? Now ya know what I'm talk'n bout. It takes time an' good coffee to get both eyes focused on one object.

First stop, the Exxon station just up the road a piece. Put some go-jo in this big sucker so's I don't run out somewheres down the road. "Damn Sally, you drink too much".

See ya down the road a piece.....

Monday, November 11, 2013

Click like if you love Del Rio

Well. here goes nuttin....that's exactly what I got, nuttin. I can't even think of a funny story to write about.

So what's it about Del Rio, Texas that brings Billy Bob back time after time? Is it the fish'n? Well yeah, the fish'n is part of it. But this is the first year the fish'n sucked. I been here for 20 days an' all I catch was a couple three measly little fish. An I spend bout a hunnert dollars to do that. I sure do like my new fish'n reel though.....$75 for that sucker an' it ain't catch a fish yet.  Dad gum new fangled hi dollar reel aughter catch at least one fish. "Who's the sucker now Billy Bob"?

Right down the road a piece is my favorite shop'n place...Walmart. There's bout a hunnert eat 'em up places. One in particular, the Mexican restaurant where me an' OFM Barney eat at. Ya want cheap gasoline? Del Rio got it. Big ol' shop'n center an' a Home Depot.

Did I mention, half the wimmins in Del Rio are slim an' trim? Not that I'm shop'n for a slim an' trim lady or nuttin like that. Men just happen to notice stuff like that. 

I don't "walk", so that's not a reason I come to Del Rio. I would much rather sit back on "da porch" sip'n up a cup an' watch'n "other" people walk. Like the lady with the two dogs what come through the campground ever day. I want that little dog.
You can ride a bike to Del Rio if'n ya want to. I just ride around the campground. Ain't no way this old fart is gonna attempt to ride into town an' back....bout 15 mile round trip. I leave that kind of nonsense up to you young kids. At my age, I'm do'n good just to make it around the campground one time....bout half a mile....give or take. 

I like the hell out of the campground I stay at, San Pedro. But that road....holy cows, it's a mess. Big ol' rocks an' stuff in the road. Road maintenance crew don't know nuttin bout fix'n roads. At $2 a day, I could stay here for months. But even at $2 a day, I ain't stay'n here an' freez'n half to death. That's the reason I left last year....it was get'n too cold for the old Billy Bob to be comfortable. But shoot, anywheres ya go in winter, ya gonna have uncomfortable days. Blue northers, wind, rain....stuff like that. "Don't mess with "mama nature" Billy Bob, she'll beat yer ass with a hickory stik".

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Sit out there on "da porch" sip'n up a cup an' think'n. Swak me some golf balls. Ride the "billy bike". Ya cain't beat that with a stik. Not cold last night neither....58 degs. BUT.....today sucks. Ain't the first ray of sunshine....anywheres. It's chilly out there. Enough wind to make yer bones ache. An' I got work to do out there. Break camp an' hook up "that jeep" for tomorrows departure. Sadie Mae says...."yeah, go ride".

Will I ever come back to Del Rio? You betcha I will. I like Del Rio. Maybe next time I'll come a little earlier so's I don't freeze my yang off. I'm think'n October with plans to leave the first part of November.

That's it for one day....I got things to do. 


Sunday, November 10, 2013

"Don't eat the chili"

"Don't eat the chili"!!! Holy cows, who made this stuff?

Ya see, I was want'n some Billy Bob south Texas chili. I picked up all the make'ns at Walmart. Throwed it all in a big ol' pot an' commenced to cook'n. "That sure are a lot of grease in that pot Billy Bob". A little grease never hurt nobody....I keep on a cook'n. I throws all the season'n in there......something don't taste right. Generic shit....never use generic season'n in a pot of chili...."ya cheap bastard"!

It tastes somewhat like chili, not what I was expect'n. I grabs up a bowl full. OK, I can eat that. "You gonna be sicker an' a dog Billy Bob....don't eat it". Boy howdy you got that right. I was burn'n all the ways down to my toenails.....burp'n an' fart'n all night long. OFM Barney thinked it was funny. Alka Seltzer fix anything. Well most times it do.

I feel so bad this morn'n I didn't even get up. Just lay there in bed feel'n sorry for myself. Bout 9:30 I roll out of bed. I got things to do in the bathroom....brush my hair ya know. What the hell did I eat?

Actually, yesterday was a beautiful day. The sun was shin'n, it was warm an' not much wind to speak of. I'm go'n fish'n. I puts a big ol' green worm on my hook an' I heads for the fish'n hole. Ok, so there ain't no fish. That ain't my fault. These last few days of terrible weather spook them fish.....scare hell out 'em. That's my story......may as well stick to it.

Sadie Mae says "let's go to the other fish'n hole". There's got to be fish there in all them rocks an' boulders, drop offs an' stuff like that. Ain't no fish there neither. Where all the fish? Anyhows, I ain't catch me up no fish yesterday. An' I did try.

What I'm gonna do today is probly start get'n "Sally da house" ready to roll south in the next few days. Ain't in no big hurry ya know, but damn, it's get'n cold in Del Rio. Any time I have to sit in "da house" all day look'n out the winders, it's time to change location. But what the hell, it's winter, that's what folks do when it's too cold to go outside. By south Texas standards, cold is in the lower 40's at night an' below 65 in the day time. We got that clear....right?  *Dad gum yankees an' Canadians probly laugh'n their azz's off at the old Billy Bob freez'n his azz off* I'll buy that.


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Brrrrrrr last night

Ya see, I was just sit'n here read'n some of the blogs. Poooof, internet is gone, just like that. Dad gum thing don't do nuttin. So's I reboot my computer....or I try to reboot my computer. Oh Oh, update. I got auto update turn OFF, why is it updating? Now, where the hell is the "control panel" on Windows 8?....I accidentally find it. Probly never find it again. What the hell, failed updates an' the damn thing is set back to auto update. I fix that. Have to sign in to everthing again with my secret password.....what is supposed to be automatic. An' it ain't. Does anybody love Windows 8?

Ok, here's the deal. I like to freeze to death last night. It was cold....by south Texas standards anyhows (46 degs). If'n you a yankee snowbird from the northern states, or from Canada, you would love it. But the old Billy Bob don't want no part of it....but you already know that. I'm think'n it's time to roll these wheels.....south. "You think it's cold now Billy Bob, you jist wait till wednesday morn'n" Predicted low of 39 degs. or less. I hope it snows.

So that's what I'm gonna do here in a few days....head south. Earlier than I was plan'n on, but I ain't stay'n here all miserable an' stuff. I'll spend one night at a rest area on I-37 south before destination Sinton, Texas. I got free park'n there ya know..."El Rancho Abraham". That's where that "damn goat" lives ya know.

There's a slight possibility I could go catch me up a fish today. I ain't all excitis bout the wind blow'n, but I are a fisherman ya know. Dad gum wind. I done pay almost a hunnert dollar for a brand new fish'n reel an' I ain't even catch a fish on it yet. Maybe today. Dad gum wind.

We got sunshine. Yee haw. But it's still a bit nippy out there......by south Texas standards anyhows (65 degs). Batteries will get a charge today what they ain't had in bout 4 days. Love my south Texas sunshine. Make ya feel warm all over....'cept'n for maybe a cold heart.

Ok.....come on Verizon, do your thing....publish this post. See ya all laters.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Golf'n lessons

That dad gum Barney, he don't know nuttin bout 'splain'n stuff. If'n ya want your readers to feel the frustration, ya got to "splain" to 'em in detail. It's OK to to leave out all the cuss'n words an' throw'n clubs at trees......stuff like that, some people don't understand that stuff anyhows.

Golf!!! Ya wanna hear bout golf? Well let me tell ya. Me an' Barney been wait'n impatiently for days for a chance to "check out" the Del Rio golf'n course. We even practice back at the campgrounds swak'n balls out of little clumps of  "weed" grass, bounc'n 'em off'n big ol' rocks an' off garbage cans an' stuff in other campsites. We was fired up....we was all excitis.

This ain't no regular golf course like we are familiar with. Just off hand, I would say this a a very poorly designed an' poorly maintained golf course. And very over priced for what they are sell'n.
"That's all I have to say bout that"....Gump. 

Now I ain't say'n that the condition of the course had anything to do with the way we played. We sucked...took 14 strokes to get to the first green, an' that was a par 3. Finally reach'n that first green, we find a nice lawn, not a maintained green, all full of little holes an' sand all over the place....a few dead spots right where we gonna be putt'n.....leaves an' stuff. The greens grass ain't been cut in a week or more. But....we played on anyhows think'n it could only get better.

It got worse. We both become frustrated. Swak'n balls just to be swak'n balls....not care'n where they went. What we didn't have much control of anyhows.....we sucked. After we finished the first 9 holes....that was it. "I ain't never gonna play golf in Del Rio no more".

Bout 6pm last night, me an' Barney head for town. Fill up our faces with some good home cook'n. Well, that ain't exactly what happen. We go to the Sirloin Stockade. Everthing taste like rubber. Been sit'n way too long on the serving lines (then later that night I get sick). Won't be eat'n at the Sirloin Stockade no more. 

The weather in Del Rio is far from perfect.  For me, perfect would be upper 70's day time an' lower 60's night time, with no wind an' plenty of sunshine. Well, it ain't. Been have'n to use the Mr Heater ever night before I go to bed an' fire it up again in the morn'n. I hope this is just a passing thing.....cold front.

There ain't been no sunshine in the last couple days, an' there ain't none again this morn'n. This sucks. My batteries are low....need sunshine to charge.....but I ain't gonna go into batteries this morn'n. "Psssst Billy Bob, ya could hook up the battery charger an' run the generator for a while".

It's crossed my mind to hook up "that jeep" an' head further south. Spend a dad gum two hours look'n at the Rand McNally. That's my trusted GPS ya know. Well shoot, there ain't no where to go. Every place north of San Antonio is cold just like it is here in Del Rio.....or colder. There ain't no where to go south of San Antonio that sparks my interest in the least. Dad gum old folks sure are hard to please.

Sure is good to see MsB is back from her excit'n trip to Terlingua. Welcome home MsB.....silly girl.

*A while later*....I see my blog post did not refresh, or what ever ya call it, to the top of other blogs. Still shows yesterdays post. Will this update fix it??? Who knows. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dag gum cold weather

Yeee haw.....the wind is blow'n a hunnert mile a hour an' it's cold out there. That was yesterday when me an' Barney had plans to go swak some golf'n balls. We didn't go due to the extreme weather conditions. Possibility of today.....if'n it warms up to bout 70 degs an' some sunshine come out. Slim chance on the sunshine.

But we did go eat some mighty fine Mexican food. Barny tastes the green salsa. He says..."man, that's hot". I tastes me up some that green salsa. I says to the nice waitress lady..."bring me some ice water". Barney was right, that stuff was hot.....as he giggles while tears are run'n down my face. As usual, the food was perfect an' we both ate more than we should have.....we gonna get fat eat'n like this.

Back at "da house", I cain't get my mine off them dad gum batteries. Sorry ladies, but men think bout batteries an' stuff like that. Barney brings me over a hydrometer......Oh, I forgot, Barney lives right across the street from me now. We neighbors again. Anyhows, I stick that hydrometer in them batteries. Hot dog, all the cell readings are the same. That means either ALL of the cells are bad, or none of 'em are bad. But that still don't mean the batteries didn't die when I run 'em slap out of water. Ok ladies, we done with technical stuff....for now.

Was a bit chilly last night. Ain't talk'n into the 30's or nuttin like that, but I lost a blanket last night. I wake up at 6am, it's dark outside,,,, an' I got little goose bumps,,, an' my feet is cold......got to pee too. Took care of all that an' sleep till 8am. It's 50 degs.

 I 'member one time, me an' first mate Vickie Lynn go to Big Bend National Park. That's in Texas ya know. How was I to know it was winter in Big Bend, I was in shorts an' a tee. We got a sheet on the bed. One sheet, a damn rat terrier dog an' Webster the cat. Blankets are stored in a compartment under "Alice". It weren't even midnight yet an' it was get'n some kind of cold. The furnace done run the house battery slap dead by 2am. Ain't got no heat. It's frick'n 14 degs outside...."Vickie Lynn, go get some blankets". Be'n we from a area where it seldom get's under 40 degs at night, we had nuttin but two "skinny" blankets. Not designed for sub-arctic temperatures. My god, we like to froze slap to death for the next 3 nights. I don't do cold no more.

Ok, that's all the excitement I can muster up for one day. Stay tuned for more excit'n stories.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Who blow'n that horn...scare hell out me

Well crap....there went I good start on a blog post.....hit a button, poooof, it's gone.

Anyhows, as I was say'n......we got sunshine. Not a whole sky full, 'cause of the clouds, but it's sunshine none the less. I like sunshine.....

I burn the hell out a couple fingers last night. Ya see, there was this bug landed on the light over the couch. I swak the hell out him with my flyswapper. The light come on. Then it get bright, then dim an' then back to bright. With the cover removed, I grab holt to the light bub.....holy crap, that sucker is some kind of hot. The inside contact thingy is melt'n. Just thought you would like to hear bout that.

So, what about yesterday? Well, after the sun start shin'n, I figgered I would go check on Barney over at the other campground. Maybe talk him into a round of golf. Barney likes golf too ya know. He ain't home. It's bout lunch time, so I head a straight shot to Whataburger....Barney's favorite eat'em up. He ain't there neither. Maybe he's at the golf course swak'n some practice balls. Nope, he ain't there neither. I says, hell, it's almost 1pm....I'm hungry. "Subway Billy Bob, let's go to Subway". I get me a big ol' sammich just the way I like it. And a dozen of them fresh baked cookies......Yum boy howdy.

I'm sit'n out there on "da porch". Done eat up half that sammich....I grabs holt to a golf'n club. Swak some balls to the other end of the campground. Well, half way anyhows. Somebody blow'n a freak'n loud ass horn while I'm in my wind up. It's Barney. He come to visit for a bit an' tell me he been all over town look'n for me.

We sit there an' talk. Mostly bout my battery situation. (A few days ago Barney suggested my charge controller could be mess up). Of course I tell him that's BS. I go inside "da house", "b"slap hell out that charge controller a couple times....the voltage readings go plumb crazy....it ain't charg'n nuttin now. "Ya did it up good Billy Bob....ya done broke the damn thing". Score one point for the OFM Barney, none for Billy Bob. I piddle round, get it work'n again....I'm good to go. Good to go till I get a new charge controller. That's the first step since I cain't find nuttin else wrong.....yet.

I read all the other "travel" blogs. I say to myself...."damn, I wish I could still do that". There's people all over the country run'n round in big ol' motorhomes, 5th wheels an' little bitty travel trailers....sight see'n an' be'n tourist. Mostly they run'n from the colder temps up north in search of warmer weather further south. "Snowbirds" do that ya know. I'm already in the south, so I ain't got nowheres to run to. Here's the good thing though, I'm happy with the way I travel in 2013. The old "get on the road again" thing ain't for me no more. Give me a nice warm place to lay back an' enjoy my surroundings, do a little bit of "nuttins", go fish'n, swak a golf ball.....I'm content with that. 

Barney help me adjust the handlebars an' seat on the "billy bike" yesterday. I jumps on an' take me a ride. What the hell, my legs don't hurt. Well, maybe a little. More days like this an' I'll be tak'n a ride to El Paso an' back.

Golf game somewheres bout 1pm today. Sure hope this wind dies down before we show up to make fools of ourselves. That would be Barney an' me.

Ok, I got things to do. Nuttin excit'n if that's what you're think'n.


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I'm happy

Sooo..... my lifestyle is different than yours....an' "I'm a redneck". What of it? Don't be try'n to change the old Billy Bob 'cause it ain't gonna happen. I am who I am an' I are what I is.

Yup, we have a problem Houston. Now, depending where you got your information from or where I got my information from, these freak'n batteries just ain't right. Well maybe the batteries are an' maybe the solar panels are, an' maybe the charge controller are, but something is eat'n all my stored energy from the batteries. I ain't no battery expert or nuttin like that, but I do know when ya ain't got nuttin turned on, ya ain't using no power. This problem is get'n old. I been fight'n it for way too long....why are my batteries go'n down ever night (12.21 last night)? I got me some investigat'n to do.

"Yo Billy Bob, ya remember that automatic battery-change-over thingy you almost burn slap up"? "You talk'n bout that set of solenoids an' circuit board fuse block thingy"? Yeah I remember that well. Sparks an' smoke...right? Burn my screwdriver slap up. But I thought I fix that. 

Ok, another miserable look'n day outside this morn'n. Just exactly like it was yesterday morn'n. Don't matter how ya look at it, it ain't a good start of a beautiful day. I had plans for today....like go swak some golf'n balls.

Have ya ever been somewheres ya really like? Ya feel comfortable? That's where I am now. Del Rio, Texas, camped at "Billy Bob's tree" in the NRA San Pedro campground. Right long side what used to be a lake. As long as the Park Rangers ain't got it in their mind to kick me out, I'll stay right here.

Now I ain't say'n I ain't gonna go camp somewheres else. I been think'n bout that. I look on my Rand McNally GPS (road atlas) device an' shoot, there ain't nowhere I would rather be. I can go fish'n in any direction from "da house". I can ride the "billy bike" around the campground (no hills). I can swak all the golf balls I want, to an' not come close to hit'n another camper (I'm the only one here). It's just a hop skip an' a jump to go visit Barney. What more could a man want?

I finish that book last night. Boy howdy, it was a good 'un. Max Braun, Deadwood.   

Monday, November 4, 2013

It rained in Del Rio.....yeee haw, excitis

Ok, let's get this over with. I didn't do a damn thing yesterday worth writ'n bout this morn'n. It was a "stay inside" day from the git go, with just a wee bit of sunshine early, turn'n into a dismal cloudy 70 deg day. Excit'n huh???

Shortly after OFM Barney took off down the road bout a hunnert mile a hour, me an' Sadie Mae jump in "that jeep. We go'n to town. Go take another look at that fish pole an' pick up a few items from Walmart. Shoot, I forgot milk. I DID NOT purchase the fish pole. I swear, they change the price on it from $46 to $79 overnight.

I was gonna find me something eat while we was in town. By the time I walk out of Walmart (bout 5:30) I notice people got lights on in their cars. Damn, it's get'n dark already....sun go'n down, an' I don't drive when it get dark. I get back to "da house". Brew me up a big ol' peanut butter an' jelly sammich. That's supper. It's sprinkl'n little rain drops....an' it get'n chilly. Fires up Mr Heater for the rest of the evening. Holy crap, it's 6pm....or something like that, it's way dark outside an' the evening is gonna be a long one. "What ya gonna do now Billy Bob"?

I got me a whole bunch of western books back there in the slumber cave what I been debate'n on for a few days. Maybe I'll start read'n a book. An' that's what I did....all the ways up till midnight. It's a good'un ya know.

Back in my slumber cave, I prepare for a good nights sleep. Rain drops on the roof brings back memories of when I live on the boat. So I spend the next two hour reminisc'n days gone by. The hurricanes on the coast. The torrential rains. Hunnert mile a hour winds. The freez'n cold of a great blue norther. Lay'n there in the "captains" bunk while the boat bob around in it's berthing slip.....ropes strain'n against the winds an' elements. Water leaks....shit like that. Ain't boat life excit'n???

Today ain't much better than what it was yesterday. Had some sunshine a while ago an' a fair chance I'll see some more here in a little bit. Ain't gonna mention my solar panels an' batteries....they still ain't do'n how they supposed to do.

I suppose that bout it for today. Ain't got a thing planned. Maybe do a little housework. Yeah right!!!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Got a new fish reel

I don't know bout anybody else, but I ain't gonna do a damn thing today. I had every intention of pick'n up my camp, hook'n up "that jeep" an' go'n over to the 277 North campground. Then I got to think'n...."why would I want to do that"? So, guess what, today I ain't do'n nuttin.

I got me a half full tank of gray water what needs dumped, before it runs out in my shower. That means my fresh water tank is get'n low. So I need fresh water too. Up the road a piece is a dump station an' fresh water place. If I decide to change camps, that's the time to do it....when I go to the dump station.

Brrrrr.....boy howdy!!! I wake up this morn'n an' it's 45 degs outside....an' not much warmer inside. Ya see, I left some winders wide open again last night. Now I ain't say'n it's miserable outside, but dad gums it, the wind is blow'n a hunnert mile a hour. A chilly wind right bout 62 degs.  I don't do wind ya know.

Now. Bout that new fish'n reel. Oh wait, I didn't tell ya bout that yet did I? Well ya see, me an' Sadie Mae jump in "that jeep" an' head off to town to Walmart.....my favorite fish'n stuff store. I look at their selection of fish'n reels. Holy crap, they ain't got nuttin but kiddie stuff......girlie reels. That when I spy a rod an' reel made for a man. A Abu Garcia Silver Max....the whole frickin rig. Hot damn, that the one I want. OH OH, a missing part.....now what I gonna do? Simple.....jump back in "that jeep" an go to the True Value hardware store an' see what they got to offer. Billy Bob buys his self a brand spank'n new Abu Garcia Silver Max fish'n reel.
Now that's what Im talk'n bout. That sucker gonna catch me up a great big ol' fight'n bass fish.....or possibly a log. Yup, it's catches logs. I loads it up with 10 pound test Triline Big Game fish'n string. About that Silver Max fish'n rig at Walmart. I got to think'n, I sure do like that rig. Maybe I should buy it an' order a replacement part. Have me a spare reel an' a nice new fish pole.

A short drive down to the fish'n hole from OFM Barneys campsite, I'm all excitis. There's a whole bunch of people fish'n in my hole, so I takes a walk up the banks, throw'n lures in the water. I ain't catch me nuttin....but a couple old logs. Whoa, stop the presses.....I got a fish on!!! Ain't a great big 'un, but it's a real live fight'n sum a gun. Silver Max is do'n it's thing. Wind that fish right up to the shore......poooof, he's gone, just like that. I was gonna release him anyhows....no loss.

Speak'n of fish fries an' eat'n up fresh catched fish....stuff like that....Walmart has a good selection of already cleaned an' ready to eat fish. I don't eat bass fish, but I'm think'n one cooked up on the grill.....well, maybe just onest. Season that sucker up with some creole seasoning, salt an' pepper....what could go wrong? Probly cut a finger off clean'n that sucker.

Talk'n bout walk'n up the lake banks....I don't walk. I walk bout a quarter mile. My back hurts, my feet hurts an' I ain't go'n no further. An' I still got to walk back. Oh God feet, don't fail me now. By the time I get back, I cain't breath....somebody give me a light. Git out my way, I got to sit down. Walk'n wear me slap out.

I get back to "da house". I take me not one, but two 500mg aspirins. Lays down on the floor. Damn, it's hot in "da house", I got to go outside. I lays down on one them picnic bench thingys, but almost fall slap off that thing when I doze off. Throws me a couple fat hot dogs on the Weber an' I'm done for the day.


Saturday, November 2, 2013

I'm retired damn it, I can sleep all day if'n I want to

Ok, this ain't gonna work. My internet was so slow this morn'n that I was loading blog posts from a year ago. It's so slow that I woke up this morn'n an' it was yesterday morn'n. It's so slow that the bright red maters I bought a few days ago have turned green. It's so slow that I'm reading the same news I read a week ago. Del Rio and Verizon are NOT compatible. But.....last year there was no Verizon coverage in Del Rio.

Yesterday was a boring day. Probly 'cause I didn't get up early. Same thing happen this morn'n.....I sleep too long. Now how the hell does a retired person sleep too long?

I 'member many years ago, I didn't think I would ever, in my lifetime, retire. Figgered I would work till I die. Ha....tell me that now....the "Life of Riley" ain't got nuttin on the old Billy Bob. I go to bed any dad gum time I want to an' I get up when I wake up.....or therebouts. There ain't no 'larm clocks in Billy Bob's house. Now I ain't say'n I ain't got no clocks an' watches....stuff like that. I keep tabs on what time of day it is ya know.

Today I got me another important decision to make. Do I remain camped at San Pedro campground or do I hook up an' change campgrounds? I like the hell out of San Pedro an' 277 North is just down the road a piece bout 7 mile. That where my fish'n hole is at ya know. I'm gonna have to think this one over for a bit. Here at San Pedro I can look out my side winders an' see where the lake used to be. Ain't got no snot nose kids run'n round scream'n an' ride'n bicycles in my yard. Sadie Mae is happy. I can swak golf'n balls any direction without knock'n a winder out another campers rig. I like San Pedro.

Me an' Sadie Mae jump in "that jeep" yesterday an' take us a ride. Holy crap, I want you to look at them fish'n holes out 454.....that's a park road ya know. I bet ya a dollar there's a 14 pound bass in one them holes.

Speak'n of fish'n. Three year ago, OFM Barney gifted me with a fish'n reel he didn't like. I catch me up a bunch of fish on that reel. But it done bite the dust. Make a god awful noise when ya cast it....scare hell out the fish. "Fix it Billy Bob". Screwdrivers an' wrenches....the damn thing don't come apart. I squirts some WD in it....that fix anything.

We....me an' Sadie Mae, jump in "that jeep". We gonna go visit Barney. Well shoot, Barney ain't home. He's off "walk'n" somewheres. Down to the old fish'n hole....there's Barney, bout a half a mile out on a little fish'n finger throw'n something in the water. There's fish in there I bet ya a dollar.
Gonna try out my WD fix on the fish reel. It make this god awful noise....scare all the fish off....the lever wind don't work no more. New fish reel is on my Walmart list of important things to buy.

When I wake up this morn'n, it was a bit nippy in "da house"....bout 46 degs outside last night. There's sunshine an'....holy cows, there ain't no wind. This is gonna be a beautiful day.

Brewed me up a big ol' chicken quarter an' some tater wedges on "Mr. Weber" last night. Chicken was cook perfect, but them damn tater wedges, I burn slap up....char grill them suckers. Yum boy howdy, that some good eat'n.

Ok, I'm done....got a few things to do.....see ya laters! 

Friday, November 1, 2013

A new battery for "Sally da house"

Is it better late than never....or is it better never than late. That's sometimes the way it is with blogs...."should'a just keep my mouth shut".

First off, take a look see what one of the Anony's did for the old Billy Bob.

BB Masterson goes here.....dad gum internet....Grrrrrrrrr

Oh, there he is...Billy Bob Masterson.

So's anyhows.....it's a beautiful day outside this morn'n. Was a bit nippy last night, but I was sleep'n, so it didn't make no matter to me. I can handle 49 degs....as long as I got me some covers to wrap up in. 

Yup, I went downtown Del Rio yesterday. I'm on a mission, buy me up a brand spank'n new battery for "Sally".....an' a few eat'em ups. I ask the nice guy in the battery department..."can you help me put "that" big ol' battery in my cart"? He says "that's a marine battery, what ya gonna put it in"? I says....."my house". He start pok'n numbers into the "battery selection" device thingy...."what year is your house". I tell him right now, no pok'n numbers stuff...."I want THAT battery... that one right there on the shelf". He says...."OK, but it ain't gonna work...that's for boats". What the hell nice guy, "that's" the same battery I been using for years. Grrrrrrr..... An' then... the nice lady give me a discount. Either 'cause I'm handsome or 'cause I look old.....or 'cause maybe it's on sale. Either way, I like discounts.

Back at camp, I unloads bout 14 bags of groceries an' a few other "cain't do without" items. Buy me up a smoke/fire/carbon monoxide "talk'n" detector device. It screams "yer house is on fire, git out now"....well, something like that. I ain't even open it yet, so I'm just guess'n what it says. 

Now I got that big ol' heavy battery to put in "da house". That sucker weigh a hunnert pound....or probly closer to 50. When I took the old one out, I knowed I was in trouble put'n the new one in. Not that it's hard or nuttin like that, but I got to lift it up over a doohicky bout 4 or 5 feet high.....then set it gently into the battery holder thingy....way tho hell an' gone down on the other side the doohicky thing. That put a hurt'n my my poor old decrepit back. Had to sit down....eat up a big ol' sammich. 

While I was sit'n there, eat'n on that sammich an' sip'n up a cup, I got to think'n....."them fish is call'n ya Billy Bob". Me an' Sadie Mae jump in "that jeep" an' heads for the fish'n hole. We got right bout a hour of fish'n before it's too dark to drive home. On bout the second cast, a fish pick up my fish'n worm with his lips an' he take off with it......lickity split bout a hunnert mile a hour (spices).  I rares back to set the hook. Glad nobody see me do that. I mean to tell ya, I like to yank his head slap off set'n that hook. "He's a big 'un Barney....git yer camera". In my many years of fish'n, I come to learn that bass fish have a knack at remov'n a hook from their lips. He jump up out the water, do a flip, he undo that hook an' tell me....."sucker". He gone.....poooof, just like that. That was my one an' only bite for the evening.