Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Who blow'n that horn...scare hell out me

Well crap....there went I good start on a blog post.....hit a button, poooof, it's gone.

Anyhows, as I was say'n......we got sunshine. Not a whole sky full, 'cause of the clouds, but it's sunshine none the less. I like sunshine.....

I burn the hell out a couple fingers last night. Ya see, there was this bug landed on the light over the couch. I swak the hell out him with my flyswapper. The light come on. Then it get bright, then dim an' then back to bright. With the cover removed, I grab holt to the light bub.....holy crap, that sucker is some kind of hot. The inside contact thingy is melt'n. Just thought you would like to hear bout that.

So, what about yesterday? Well, after the sun start shin'n, I figgered I would go check on Barney over at the other campground. Maybe talk him into a round of golf. Barney likes golf too ya know. He ain't home. It's bout lunch time, so I head a straight shot to Whataburger....Barney's favorite eat'em up. He ain't there neither. Maybe he's at the golf course swak'n some practice balls. Nope, he ain't there neither. I says, hell, it's almost 1pm....I'm hungry. "Subway Billy Bob, let's go to Subway". I get me a big ol' sammich just the way I like it. And a dozen of them fresh baked cookies......Yum boy howdy.

I'm sit'n out there on "da porch". Done eat up half that sammich....I grabs holt to a golf'n club. Swak some balls to the other end of the campground. Well, half way anyhows. Somebody blow'n a freak'n loud ass horn while I'm in my wind up. It's Barney. He come to visit for a bit an' tell me he been all over town look'n for me.

We sit there an' talk. Mostly bout my battery situation. (A few days ago Barney suggested my charge controller could be mess up). Of course I tell him that's BS. I go inside "da house", "b"slap hell out that charge controller a couple times....the voltage readings go plumb crazy....it ain't charg'n nuttin now. "Ya did it up good Billy Bob....ya done broke the damn thing". Score one point for the OFM Barney, none for Billy Bob. I piddle round, get it work'n again....I'm good to go. Good to go till I get a new charge controller. That's the first step since I cain't find nuttin else wrong.....yet.

I read all the other "travel" blogs. I say to myself...."damn, I wish I could still do that". There's people all over the country run'n round in big ol' motorhomes, 5th wheels an' little bitty travel trailers....sight see'n an' be'n tourist. Mostly they run'n from the colder temps up north in search of warmer weather further south. "Snowbirds" do that ya know. I'm already in the south, so I ain't got nowheres to run to. Here's the good thing though, I'm happy with the way I travel in 2013. The old "get on the road again" thing ain't for me no more. Give me a nice warm place to lay back an' enjoy my surroundings, do a little bit of "nuttins", go fish'n, swak a golf ball.....I'm content with that. 

Barney help me adjust the handlebars an' seat on the "billy bike" yesterday. I jumps on an' take me a ride. What the hell, my legs don't hurt. Well, maybe a little. More days like this an' I'll be tak'n a ride to El Paso an' back.

Golf game somewheres bout 1pm today. Sure hope this wind dies down before we show up to make fools of ourselves. That would be Barney an' me.

Ok, I got things to do. Nuttin excit'n if that's what you're think'n.



  1. I still like to drive all over the country, but I don't think I could ever drive a motorhome or even pull a small trailer around. I sure couldn't do the maintenance it would require. I'm thinking of traveling closer to home next year. The thing is, I love the other side of the country, across that big river.

  2. Sounds like ol' Barney hit the nail on the head with that controller! Time for another one, I reckon!

  3. "... me an' Sadie Mae jump in "that jeep. We go'n to town. Go take another look at that fish pole an' pick up a few items from Walmart. Shoot, I forgot milk. I DID NOT purchase the fish pole. I swear, they change the price on it from $46 to $79 overnight."

    The only Abu Garcia fishing rod and reel I saw at Wal-Mart last night was an Abu Garcia Deluxe Model fishing rod and reel at a price of $99.99.

  4. Daddy, It's me again! Well I've been working at night doing hot cuts, new batteries, cutting over loads from old power plant to the new power plant. Nothing too it. Just hate working at night. Hope you get your controller, batteries thingy fixed. Got to tell you about a crazy golf game I played Monday, Well first of all it was cool, rainy and windy. the cool wear long sleeves(check), rain not so good but didn't last long, wind not even ready for that. Wind blowing 25-30 mph, holly cow!!!!I hit a drive and the ball climbing like a Squirrel going up a tree in a hurry and just hang then drop about 150 yd out. never played in gale force winds before. But I can't say any more, just not gonna do that again. watch the weather channel!!!!! Okay love you and have fun and be safe.

  5. We still like wandering about the country and will do it as long as we can and still enjoy it.
    Sounds like you are doing what you enjoy, so keep on doing it and have fun!