Friday, November 15, 2013

Summer??? in south Texas

Ya know what??? I like golf.

It was a beautiful morn'n when me an' OFM Barney meet up for an' excit'n round of "pasture pool" as some folks call it. They say pasture pool 'cause they don't understand the concept of professional golf ball swak'n. It's a macho thing to walk up to a little ball an' knock the hell out it....hard as ya can. Don't even give a care what direction it go, long as it goes bout a mile or so. Anybody can do that. But it takes a special skill to miss all them trees, not hit the ball into a freak'n lake, don't bonk nobody on the head an' knock 'em slap out....break winders an' stuff like that. Ya don't learn golf ball swak'n in one day.

We was optimistic when we step up to the first tee box.....BABAAAAM, we was both in the trees. Somewhere's over there in the rough. Didn't get no better for the old Billy Bob, but "dead eye" Barney calm right down....he's in the fairway most every shot. Barney score a great 42 on the front nine. That's when things changed......"new game" on the back nine. Barney fall slap apart an' Billy Bob regain'n some composure. After 18 holes, Barney is one up, with a nice score of 92. Billy Bob a nice 93.

Boy howdy, I don't feel so good this morn'n. I was sit'n over there on the couch, back hurt'n up a storm an' my lungs an' sinuses is drain'n. What the hell, they didn't do that in Del Rio. Humidity??? Different altitude?

But anyhows....."my god, it's absolutely beautiful outside". Got the door an' winders wide open.

Sadie Mae roll in some that "burrito" poop outside. "My god Sadie Mae, you stinks". I throwed her plumb out of bed last night. I ain't sleep'n with no dog what smells like burritos.

Ok...remember them batteries? We gonna do a test on 'em today. See if they will take a full charge. Hook up the 40 amps battery charger on 'em an' let 'em eat for the next day or two. I have my doubts.

Ok, I ain't got nuttin to talk about. I'm out of here. Things to do ya know..... 

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  1. While Jack Benny was checking his clubs for a golf date with George Burns, a guy ask him why he keeps the shotgun in his bag! He replies that he usually runs into a lot of game on the way to his next shot!