Saturday, November 2, 2013

I'm retired damn it, I can sleep all day if'n I want to

Ok, this ain't gonna work. My internet was so slow this morn'n that I was loading blog posts from a year ago. It's so slow that I woke up this morn'n an' it was yesterday morn'n. It's so slow that the bright red maters I bought a few days ago have turned green. It's so slow that I'm reading the same news I read a week ago. Del Rio and Verizon are NOT compatible. But.....last year there was no Verizon coverage in Del Rio.

Yesterday was a boring day. Probly 'cause I didn't get up early. Same thing happen this morn'n.....I sleep too long. Now how the hell does a retired person sleep too long?

I 'member many years ago, I didn't think I would ever, in my lifetime, retire. Figgered I would work till I die. Ha....tell me that now....the "Life of Riley" ain't got nuttin on the old Billy Bob. I go to bed any dad gum time I want to an' I get up when I wake up.....or therebouts. There ain't no 'larm clocks in Billy Bob's house. Now I ain't say'n I ain't got no clocks an' watches....stuff like that. I keep tabs on what time of day it is ya know.

Today I got me another important decision to make. Do I remain camped at San Pedro campground or do I hook up an' change campgrounds? I like the hell out of San Pedro an' 277 North is just down the road a piece bout 7 mile. That where my fish'n hole is at ya know. I'm gonna have to think this one over for a bit. Here at San Pedro I can look out my side winders an' see where the lake used to be. Ain't got no snot nose kids run'n round scream'n an' ride'n bicycles in my yard. Sadie Mae is happy. I can swak golf'n balls any direction without knock'n a winder out another campers rig. I like San Pedro.

Me an' Sadie Mae jump in "that jeep" yesterday an' take us a ride. Holy crap, I want you to look at them fish'n holes out 454.....that's a park road ya know. I bet ya a dollar there's a 14 pound bass in one them holes.

Speak'n of fish'n. Three year ago, OFM Barney gifted me with a fish'n reel he didn't like. I catch me up a bunch of fish on that reel. But it done bite the dust. Make a god awful noise when ya cast it....scare hell out the fish. "Fix it Billy Bob". Screwdrivers an' wrenches....the damn thing don't come apart. I squirts some WD in it....that fix anything.

We....me an' Sadie Mae, jump in "that jeep". We gonna go visit Barney. Well shoot, Barney ain't home. He's off "walk'n" somewheres. Down to the old fish'n hole....there's Barney, bout a half a mile out on a little fish'n finger throw'n something in the water. There's fish in there I bet ya a dollar.
Gonna try out my WD fix on the fish reel. It make this god awful noise....scare all the fish off....the lever wind don't work no more. New fish reel is on my Walmart list of important things to buy.

When I wake up this morn'n, it was a bit nippy in "da house"....bout 46 degs outside last night. There's sunshine an'....holy cows, there ain't no wind. This is gonna be a beautiful day.

Brewed me up a big ol' chicken quarter an' some tater wedges on "Mr. Weber" last night. Chicken was cook perfect, but them damn tater wedges, I burn slap up....char grill them suckers. Yum boy howdy, that some good eat'n.

Ok, I'm done....got a few things to do.....see ya laters! 


  1. Love chicken on our Weber and crispy taters too.
    Thats it sleep when you want and get up when you want, the life of Riley for sure.

  2. happy thanksgiving day very early it is also the start of Hanukkah the very first night slab dabbed on turkey day..Love your blog, wish we could run away and live in a nice place such as yours..We are retired and don't like it when people call early in the mornings or knock on the door etc. We have the phone on low and a new screen door glass with instructions to knock softly, we dismantled our door ringer when we got the house as our baby was always wide awake after it was rung up..I loves me some chicky on the a barbque and some taters, I bake them never barbeque them too fraid of burning them..happy holidays...

  3. I like to sleep late, but then it messes up my whole day - meal times, and such. I've always been a morning person and if I'm going to do anything right it will probably happen before 1pm. I hope you catch a bunch of fish!

  4. There has to be some advantages of being retired. Don't forget to set your clocks back an hour tonight. That will give us an extra hours of sleep. Trouble is, we run on the dogs' time table.