Friday, November 8, 2013

Golf'n lessons

That dad gum Barney, he don't know nuttin bout 'splain'n stuff. If'n ya want your readers to feel the frustration, ya got to "splain" to 'em in detail. It's OK to to leave out all the cuss'n words an' throw'n clubs at trees......stuff like that, some people don't understand that stuff anyhows.

Golf!!! Ya wanna hear bout golf? Well let me tell ya. Me an' Barney been wait'n impatiently for days for a chance to "check out" the Del Rio golf'n course. We even practice back at the campgrounds swak'n balls out of little clumps of  "weed" grass, bounc'n 'em off'n big ol' rocks an' off garbage cans an' stuff in other campsites. We was fired up....we was all excitis.

This ain't no regular golf course like we are familiar with. Just off hand, I would say this a a very poorly designed an' poorly maintained golf course. And very over priced for what they are sell'n.
"That's all I have to say bout that"....Gump. 

Now I ain't say'n that the condition of the course had anything to do with the way we played. We sucked...took 14 strokes to get to the first green, an' that was a par 3. Finally reach'n that first green, we find a nice lawn, not a maintained green, all full of little holes an' sand all over the place....a few dead spots right where we gonna be putt'n.....leaves an' stuff. The greens grass ain't been cut in a week or more. But....we played on anyhows think'n it could only get better.

It got worse. We both become frustrated. Swak'n balls just to be swak'n balls....not care'n where they went. What we didn't have much control of anyhows.....we sucked. After we finished the first 9 holes....that was it. "I ain't never gonna play golf in Del Rio no more".

Bout 6pm last night, me an' Barney head for town. Fill up our faces with some good home cook'n. Well, that ain't exactly what happen. We go to the Sirloin Stockade. Everthing taste like rubber. Been sit'n way too long on the serving lines (then later that night I get sick). Won't be eat'n at the Sirloin Stockade no more. 

The weather in Del Rio is far from perfect.  For me, perfect would be upper 70's day time an' lower 60's night time, with no wind an' plenty of sunshine. Well, it ain't. Been have'n to use the Mr Heater ever night before I go to bed an' fire it up again in the morn'n. I hope this is just a passing thing.....cold front.

There ain't been no sunshine in the last couple days, an' there ain't none again this morn'n. This sucks. My batteries are low....need sunshine to charge.....but I ain't gonna go into batteries this morn'n. "Psssst Billy Bob, ya could hook up the battery charger an' run the generator for a while".

It's crossed my mind to hook up "that jeep" an' head further south. Spend a dad gum two hours look'n at the Rand McNally. That's my trusted GPS ya know. Well shoot, there ain't no where to go. Every place north of San Antonio is cold just like it is here in Del Rio.....or colder. There ain't no where to go south of San Antonio that sparks my interest in the least. Dad gum old folks sure are hard to please.

Sure is good to see MsB is back from her excit'n trip to Terlingua. Welcome home MsB.....silly girl.

*A while later*....I see my blog post did not refresh, or what ever ya call it, to the top of other blogs. Still shows yesterdays post. Will this update fix it??? Who knows. 


  1. That is the first course I ever had to make the special "get out of trouble" shots from in the fairways. Very interesting to say the least.

  2. At least you got out to swak some golf balls and a bit of exercise.
    Good luck with finding some better weather.

  3. It gets warm during the day here in Phoenix. Kinda chilly at night, though. Lots of room if you head this direction.

  4. No matter which way you and Barney describe it, I can sense the frustration of trying to play golf on a course that isn't taken care of.

  5. Howdy #1BB,
    I really doubt anyone readin' yours & Barney's blogs today will 'waste' their money at that 'cow-pasture-pool' set-up !!!! Just because you call it a golf course, don't mean it is or maybe that's one of those 'authentic' Scottish ones, where you play out in the 'gorse' !!! They have hedges to play around 3' high !!! Sorry, about your stomach-ache, but when you eat at an AMERICAN place in TEX-MEX country, you know it ain't good food... Maybe y'all can catch some 14# Big Billy Basses.... Bubba-boats & ky-yaks !!!