Saturday, November 9, 2013

Brrrrrrr last night

Ya see, I was just sit'n here read'n some of the blogs. Poooof, internet is gone, just like that. Dad gum thing don't do nuttin. So's I reboot my computer....or I try to reboot my computer. Oh Oh, update. I got auto update turn OFF, why is it updating? Now, where the hell is the "control panel" on Windows 8?....I accidentally find it. Probly never find it again. What the hell, failed updates an' the damn thing is set back to auto update. I fix that. Have to sign in to everthing again with my secret password.....what is supposed to be automatic. An' it ain't. Does anybody love Windows 8?

Ok, here's the deal. I like to freeze to death last night. It was cold....by south Texas standards anyhows (46 degs). If'n you a yankee snowbird from the northern states, or from Canada, you would love it. But the old Billy Bob don't want no part of it....but you already know that. I'm think'n it's time to roll these wheels.....south. "You think it's cold now Billy Bob, you jist wait till wednesday morn'n" Predicted low of 39 degs. or less. I hope it snows.

So that's what I'm gonna do here in a few days....head south. Earlier than I was plan'n on, but I ain't stay'n here all miserable an' stuff. I'll spend one night at a rest area on I-37 south before destination Sinton, Texas. I got free park'n there ya know..."El Rancho Abraham". That's where that "damn goat" lives ya know.

There's a slight possibility I could go catch me up a fish today. I ain't all excitis bout the wind blow'n, but I are a fisherman ya know. Dad gum wind. I done pay almost a hunnert dollar for a brand new fish'n reel an' I ain't even catch a fish on it yet. Maybe today. Dad gum wind.

We got sunshine. Yee haw. But it's still a bit nippy out there......by south Texas standards anyhows (65 degs). Batteries will get a charge today what they ain't had in bout 4 days. Love my south Texas sunshine. Make ya feel warm all over....'cept'n for maybe a cold heart.

Ok.....come on Verizon, do your thing....publish this post. See ya all laters.


  1. I have my auto update turned off too. I decide when I want to update, which I haven't done in a long time because all it does is change the looks of things, where things are on the screen, and all. I will just keep everything where it is. I hope you stay warm - I think I like cool weather better than hot. You can always add another jacket or blanket to warm up, but it's more difficult to get and stay cool.

  2. Howdy #1 BB,
    JUST BE THANKFUL YOU AIN'T GOT THIS ~!@#$%^&*() NEW YAHOO EMAIL BIO-SOLIDS TO FOOL WITH !!! You know what BIO-SOLIDS is don'tcha; it's like when you're in a cow-lot and you tell someone, "Watch out, DON'T STEP IN THE COW-BIO-SOLIDS !!" I HATE IT !!! Can't find anyone to tell me how to change to another FREE email... DON'T WANT gmail, Microsoft, hotmail ALL BIO-SOLIDS !!! Need one that's SIMPLE for an old man to do !!! I don't even know what an AUTO-UPDATE is or if I've got one !!! I'll bet Joseph's goat knows more than I do about computers !!!
    Well, hope you have a HAPPY DAY, anyway !!!!!

    1. My alternate email is at http://www.zoho.com/mail/ which has a lot of other free business stuff that you can use, but I just use the mail part. Not sure if it is what you want, but I don't hear from them much and it just works.

  3. Since Sinton is close to the Gulf which will help keep the weather on the warm side of cold. Please don't wish snow on us!!!

  4. I hate to be cold and I care what happens to the people I love.
    I bought a Wiggy's Hunter Ultima Thule
    sleeping bag rated to minus 20F for the five in my immediate family. I don't know where we may have to go, or what the weather may be.
    If we had no other shelter the Wiggy bag wet with water will keep us toasty warm while body heat
    dries the bag.

  5. I would not say that I love Windows 8 but have not had any of the problems that you keep having. I have selected to Autoupdate which it did last on 10/24/13. I did not remember that happening and had to go look for when it may have happened. I do not have any Passwords on Windows nor on my Toshiba laptop, can't help you with that except to say, if it were me I would eliminate the password.

  6. That sounds like a good idea for you back to Sinton, the price is right and weather warmer for ya too. Travel safe.