Monday, November 4, 2013

It rained in Del Rio.....yeee haw, excitis

Ok, let's get this over with. I didn't do a damn thing yesterday worth writ'n bout this morn'n. It was a "stay inside" day from the git go, with just a wee bit of sunshine early, turn'n into a dismal cloudy 70 deg day. Excit'n huh???

Shortly after OFM Barney took off down the road bout a hunnert mile a hour, me an' Sadie Mae jump in "that jeep. We go'n to town. Go take another look at that fish pole an' pick up a few items from Walmart. Shoot, I forgot milk. I DID NOT purchase the fish pole. I swear, they change the price on it from $46 to $79 overnight.

I was gonna find me something eat while we was in town. By the time I walk out of Walmart (bout 5:30) I notice people got lights on in their cars. Damn, it's get'n dark already....sun go'n down, an' I don't drive when it get dark. I get back to "da house". Brew me up a big ol' peanut butter an' jelly sammich. That's supper. It's sprinkl'n little rain drops....an' it get'n chilly. Fires up Mr Heater for the rest of the evening. Holy crap, it's 6pm....or something like that, it's way dark outside an' the evening is gonna be a long one. "What ya gonna do now Billy Bob"?

I got me a whole bunch of western books back there in the slumber cave what I been debate'n on for a few days. Maybe I'll start read'n a book. An' that's what I did....all the ways up till midnight. It's a good'un ya know.

Back in my slumber cave, I prepare for a good nights sleep. Rain drops on the roof brings back memories of when I live on the boat. So I spend the next two hour reminisc'n days gone by. The hurricanes on the coast. The torrential rains. Hunnert mile a hour winds. The freez'n cold of a great blue norther. Lay'n there in the "captains" bunk while the boat bob around in it's berthing slip.....ropes strain'n against the winds an' elements. Water leaks....shit like that. Ain't boat life excit'n???

Today ain't much better than what it was yesterday. Had some sunshine a while ago an' a fair chance I'll see some more here in a little bit. Ain't gonna mention my solar panels an' batteries....they still ain't do'n how they supposed to do.

I suppose that bout it for today. Ain't got a thing planned. Maybe do a little housework. Yeah right!!!


  1. No matter how nice camping and traveling is there is nothing like living aboard a good size BOAT. All the days laying under it scrapping,painting,waxing,redoing the Teak fixing a set a new wheels (props) you just bought by hitting a crab pot. If I could afford the 6500.00 a year slip fee I do it all over again. Sail on Billy Bob if only in your dreams...

  2. Thank heaven for peanut butter & jelly when you don't feel like fixing a meal.

  3. Nothin like a good book to enjoy on a rainy night, havin fun you are.