Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Google Chrome???

Ok, I just got to say something bout this Google Chrome browser. Although it has corrected the "white page" problem with blogger an' go a hunnert mile a hour, what other good is it?  It don't even look like a browser. It ain't got no buttons to click on. It ain't got no "search" button. It ain't got no bookmark button....at least I ain't fount on yet. Gonna use it exclusively for blogger....nuttin else.

As much as I hate to do it, I may have to upgrade Firefox to the latest version. Did that one time before and deleted it in less that an hour. My favorite browser for many years has been Netscape Navigator, but it's obsolete now, so I'm stuck with crap I don't like.....Internet Explorer, Firefox (latest version) and now Google Chrome. Damn, I hate change.

Speak'n of Minnesota Mike, I ain't hear or see him since I visited his camp yesterday. He were supposed to come pick me up yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock pm.....go catch some fish ya know.

Boy howdy let me tell ya, this is a perfect day. Bright sunshine, not a cloud in the sky and best of all, no wind. Now that what I'm talk'n bout.

Done pick me out a couple new camp sites over at the County Park. Best news it that the sites are free....no more $2 a day stuff. Each site has a water hose pipe stick'n out the ground. Got a few trees on some the sites.
Oh yeah, speak'n of State Park passes, they are $70 a year, not $60 like the web site tole me.

Well I want you lookie here park out there in the street. It's Minnesota Mike an' he got gots a boat hook up to his truck. We go'n fish'n I betcha. I be back later.
Ain't the biggest fish in the world, especially Texas, but by dag burn, it a fish. Caught on a "walk'n da dog" top water lure. No, not a freak'n crank bait, they didn't want nuttin to do with them....it were a popper type.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Agenda? What agenda?

See.....I tole ya. A big ol' motorhome back'n down the boat ramp.

As you may surmise from today's title, the old Billy Bob ain't got the slightest idea what he want to do today. But that ain't a bad thing.

I get all tickle bout some the comments I receive. "Why don't ya buy some fish"? In answer to that question, if'n I was to buy a fish, what the hell I gonna do with it? Ya see, fish'n ain't got nuttin to do with tak'n a fish home to eat....or have it stuffed an' hang on the wall. It's all bout "catch'n". And if'n you're fortunate enough to catch one, ya turn it loose....so's ya can catch it again. Now if'n I was to latch on to one them 14 pounders I just might think twice bout turn'n it loose....take that big sucker home an' hang it on the wall. Uh huh, that what I'm talk'n bout.

What started out to be a nice sunshiny day is turn'n into a cloudy windy day. Since I ain't got nuttin on my mind other than fish'n, it look like today is gonna suck. Took that braided hi dollar string off'n the fish'n reel what the OFM Barney give me and loaded it up with some Trilene monofiliment....12 pounds test. Drove down to the lake and did me some test cast'n. Holy cows, that sucker casted a country mile....ain't got no "pooof" hair ball to untangle.

Took me a trip to Rio Grande City to Walmart yesterday afternoon. Was get'n low on meds, needed to restock the freezer with some meats an' just want'n to get away from "da house". Was only bout 70 mile round trip, but it took me bout 4 an' 1/2 hours. Don't ya just love Walmart? I do too. But I always seem to get all piss off when I can't find what I want. Start cuss'n an' stuff like that. You know what I'm talk'n bout.
Now I got to bag all that meat to put in the freezer. Hate that job.

Still no Minnesota Mike....was surprised MsB remember that name. May take me a run down to the County Community park check see if'n he parked down there. Probably pick me out a campsite for a few more days. At $2 a day, ya can't go wrong. But before I do that, I gonna go to the State Park headquarters and buy me up one them annual park pass thingys for $60. That just covers the entrance fees to all Texas State parks. Ya can't beat that with a stick if'n ya go to enough state parks in a year. Pay for it self in nuttin flat.

Ok....got things to do....laters.
Well, I were attempt'n to make a comment on one them blogs what don't work on Firefox. I got so upset with it, I downloaded Chrome. What the hell? Is this a browser? Guess I'll just use it for blogs and nuttin else since it corrected the problems with the white pages. To skeered to try the latest version of Firefox. Done deleted it one time before.

Guess I'll run down to the lake an' look at the water. That's all I can do with this wind blow'n up a storm. Yeah I got all that meat bagged and in the freezer. Yum boy howdy is Billy Bob gonna be eat'n good for the next month or what.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Pigs in a blanket.....

Heee, Heee.....Last night I throwed the rest of that 15 bean soup out in the yard for the javelina to chow down on. This morn'n it were all gone and the yard is rooted up where I throwed it. Pigs eat anything ya know.

What reminds me of the time....I were liv'n in La Marque, Texas at the time. I had recently took me a trip to Aransas Pass an' bought me up two of the cutest little piglets ya ever did see. I gonna be eat'n big ol' pork chops in no time flat. I builds me a little "pig pen" right next to the garage, buy me up a few sacks of hi protein grow fast pig foods an' sits back to watch them pigs grow.  Well, I weren't aware that in the City of La Marque, there was a ordinance bout rais'n livestock an' such within City limits. Here I are, got me a couple rabbits in a cage out back, a dog what would never qualify as a pet, some stupit squak'n birds in another cage, a monkey on a chain an' two fine look'n pigs out by the garage. One morn'n I goes out to feed them pigs an' they is gone....pooof, just like that. Somebody done stole my pigs. So's I call the law....report a burglary.....grand theft pig.  That were mistake #2....1st mistake was rais'n undomesticated critters in the City. They done write me up a citation, go see the judge and pays me a fine....an' I still ain't got no pigs. Got to get rid of the monkey on a chain an' put the squak'n birds in the house.

Been all over the news bout the troubles over in Afganistan....shoot'n, bomb'n an' such. That were my son is work'n. He tell me last night things is get'n hot over there. That all I can say. Security reasons ya know. I guess it's ok to say that his camp is get'n some of the "tastes of war". Hope they send him home real quick like.

I were sit'n here last night watch'n tv when I see this big ol' truck drive by. I says "that truck look familiar".  Well, it were. It were Mike the fisherman I were fish'n with in Del Rio a few months ago. Damn....gotta catch up to him....he got a boat. I jumps in "that jeep" an' take off....look'n for Mike. Check all the campsites in the park. He ain't here. That leave only one other place to look....the Community park just down the road a piece. Gonna do that today. Damn, I go fish'n with Mike, I gonna catch me up some them 14 pounds bass.

Ok....gonna leave it at that....maybe come back later....more nonsense ya know.
Come on Sadie Mae, saddle up, we go'n for a ride.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I were just a kid

All my life has been spent in childish dreams and outdoor adventure stuff. Never was one to be cooped up in "da house" try'n to figger out something to get into. I got into stuff as a kid. Not your every day "ring round da posy" stuff neither. I were out for adventure. Danger, blood let'n stuff.

At 6 years old, I was a seasoned cow puppy rider. Ya see, old momma cow had done dropped her a young'un on the ground a couple days ago. Cute little bugger too. But for a adventurous 6 year old bull rider, cute had never entered my mind. I were gonna ride that thing, come rain or shine, do or die. Did me some "sweet talk" to that cow puppy fore it trusted me enough to get anywheres close to my "mount a cow puppy" area. Momma cows watchful eye on me all the time. Well, I jumps slap dab right in the middle that cow puppys back and all hell break loose.....just like that. Come straight up off the ground with all fours. I were hang'n on for dear life. That cow puppy give me a ride I never figgered on. Dump me head first to the ground....right in all that squishy cow poop an' fresh pee water. And then, here come that momma cow, head down an' snort'n like a bull ox in a china shop. That cow were pissed I mean to tell ya.....an' I were cut'n a trail fast I can for the fence. I sees barbed wire in front me and there a mad charg'n momma cow right behind me. Up under that fence I shot like a skeered rabbit. Tored a big ol' hole in my "farmer John" bib overalls...and a big ol' bleed'n gash on my butt cheek. That when "Moms" break out the alcohol and iodine, what I were already accustomed to by this time in my life. Think's I got a good ass whoop'n too. But none that deterred "little Billy" from finding adventure on the farm.

I were lay'n in bed last night an' happen to look out the winder. The sky was plumb full of stars. That's a good sign ya know, that the sun gonna shine when I get up in the morn'n. Go down to the lake an' catch me up some fish. Uh huh, think again Einstein. It's freak'n cold out there and the sky is full of clouds. You ain't go'n no wheres.

Just when I think Blogger is got it's stuff together and everything is work'n right, it ain't. There been so many people chang'n their settings that now I have to spend half a day try'n to make a few comments. One guy has changed his settings so much that when I finally make a comment, it get automatic deleted. If'n ya leave stuff alone, it gonna fix itself. For those not in the know, it's the new comments style that is screw'n things up. By new I mean, comment to a comment...reply to any comment of your choos'n. Some blogs have it, some don't. It's the ones that do what causes the "white pages"...redirect. 

Speak'n of javelinas, did I ever tell ya bout the time....Vickie Lynn, my first mate, got herself stumb'n drunk on vodka an' orange soda and go outside to feed the herd of javelina what was root'n round in the yard. These  innocent look'n little pigs may be cute an' harmless look'n, but they ain't. There was warnings all over the park...."DON'T FEED THE JAVELINAS". Ha, like Vickie Lynn gonna heed to any stink'n warnings. By the way, she weren't out there very long. She come in the motorhome like I went under that fence. A hunnert mile a hour.

Oh, before I forget, remember that 15 beans soup I made yesterday. Boy howdy, let me tell ya. Not only was it an outstand'n pot of beans, it were one root'n toot'n concoction what worked overtime half ways through the night. Wonder if'n them javelinas would like some leftovers? Have me a bunch of root'n an' toot'n javelinas out in the yard. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Had a dizzy day

Yesterday sometime, I made a mistake. Was it something I ate or was it something I did? I'll have to walk away from something I ate and take tiny steps away from something I did. Oatmeal don't cause ya to be dizzy an' have high blood pressure. And tak'n a long nap don't neither.

I been read'n lots of blogs bout the rising cost of gasoline/diesel an' come to the conclusion.....it ain't gonna go down when up is easier. So it's said, as fuel prices go up, so will the cost of everything else. I find that to be true. As just normal people, we have nothing to say or anything to do with price increases. It's all in the hands of those that profit from "gouging" the public at the turn of the hat. Watch Wall Street bounce back and forth over any little thing that happens in the world. Mary Margaret got pregnant.....Wall Street goes down. Bill Johnson's wife had a hysterectomy, Wall Street goes up. Yeah, silly stuff controls our economy. Actually, it's all speculation as to what may happen.

Dang, it was cold this morn'n (45 degs at bout 7am).  Rained last night too. Mess up my road down to the lake. Probably ain't no fish down there no hows....but it sure is relax'n to sit down there sip'n a cup an' do some think'n.

Speak'n of sit'n by the lake relax'n, it were back in bout '68 I drove my beautiful 1956 Ford down to the beach in Port Aransas.
Look just like this one only it were solid red..........

I were chas'n ghost crabs and drink'n beer.

 Waked up the next morn'n, after the tide come in, doors wide open, with salt water slosh'n round in the car. "Holy crap Billy Bob, this ain't no boat ya know".

There was a crowd of people up on the beach as I climbed out in 2 feets of water....probably wonder'n what I were do'n driv'n round out there in the surf. Took 4 hour to finally get that car out and up on the beach. And then the damn thing wouldn't start. In less than a year that beautiful '56 Ford was a rust bucket sit'n in a local junk yard. What's the moral of the story? Don't drink and chase ghost crabs on the beach.

I been think'n bout my blog. What I gonna do with it. In the last 2 years I have pretty much give a full account of my life through stories and just everyday experiences. There ain't much left. Everybody knows me, where I come from and what I did. Granted, I still have a few faithful followers what check in every day, drop a comment from time to time, but the blog is missing something. Gonna have to do some think'n bout that.
2:30pm.....bored myself into a nap.
But before I did that, I put me on a pot of 15 beans soup with a bunch of ham chunks.

Be done in bout another hour. Smell just like heaven in "da house" Wonder what it gonna smell like after I eats me up a couple bowls that stuff.

Another note.....I don't got no intention on closing my blog. I just got to do some figger'n on how to get it back to what it were before things went from exciting to boring.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Catch'n fish an' good eat'n

This fish catch'n photo is for the "nay sayers". Careful examination of the photo is living proof that the use of photo editing software did not occur. The reason of posting this pic of my last catch is due to those that question my word as to "catch'n up a fish". Now do ya believe me??? I'm a old redneck kinda guy and have no reason to lie bout such things as catch'n fish. I'll leave it at that....but still fum'n at the gills over the non believers.

Went down to the lake early yesterday morn'n think'n I were gonna catch me up some them big ol' bass fishes in a feed'n frenzy....catch me up a whole stringer full. That what I were think'n anyhows, but that ain't what happen. Didn't catch a dad burn thing. Ya see, it were all foggy yesterday morn'n....sky fill up with nasty look'n clouds an' stuff. It were so foggy I couldn't see where my fish pole lure was land'n. After I catch me up a couple ol' dead trees, I gave it up to the professionals.....in their $30,000 bass fish'n boats.

Back at "da house", I cook me up some that left over steak from the other night along with 4 over easy and some buttered toast. Sadie Mae got her fair share.

Then after a nice day of do'n nuttin, I went back down to the lake bout 4:30pm.....think'n again ya know, I were gonna catch me up a bunch of fish. What I didn't. See a few little ones come to the surface...not much bigger than the lures I was chunk'n, flap their lips at me, wave and go back underwater. Stayed there a couple hour, throw'n different lures an' ain't never catch nuttin. "Ya gotta git in a boat Billy Bob....git in a boat".

Some ya ain't never see my "bubba boat, have ya? Well here it are in all it's glory.
Photo taken at Inks Lake State Park.

This is the area I am fish'n in. Dad burn silly birds is eat'n up all my fish....Ain't no wonder I ain't catched none.

Let me tell ya bout the pork chop I brewed up last night.....long with another one them baked taters. What I did was sprinkle some my special Billy Bob BBQ seasoning (secret recipe) and some Grill Creations Smokey Mesquite season'n on it. Grill that sucker up on super high heat till it start to catches on fire. Hot damn.....I gonna do that again. Sadie Mae got the left overs.... tater skin and the rest of the bone I didn't eat.

Holy crap, what go'n on this morn'n?  Wind is blow'n a hunnert mile a hour. Like I always says...."what ya gonna do now Billy Bob"? I rekon I could run down to Walmart...bout 50 mile down the road, but I don't need nuttin. I rekon I better leave that decision for laters when I'm awake and function'n to full capacity. I got my doubts that that will happen today.....full capacity is what I'm talk'n bout.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Memory card...where's the memory card?

Full story tomorrow.....

I have to say that yesterday turned out to be a good day.

The start of a good day was when "that jeep" cranked up with the Billy Bob "fix" to the starter. Normally I would leave it at that and go bout my business calling it a permanent fix. But as I age graciously, like a good wine, I tend to worry bout being stranded out in the desert with no food or water.

Canook Louie and I had a nice little visit look'n round the State Park before he headed off to Mexico.

The trip to Zapata to pick up my brand spank'n new refurbished lifetime guaranteed starter was also a success. Since they had lawn tractor batteries on sale for $19.95, I purchased one for the "bubba boat". Drove around look'n at the fish'n places, rv parks and boat ramps. Took a ton of pics. Then when I pushes the little button to review all them pics, there weren't none....only a little reminder that the memory card was still in the computer.
"Sheesh Billy Bob, you thinks you so damn smart".

Instead of go'n back to "da house" when I returned to the State Park, I drives down to the lake. What the hell, where I parked 2 days ago was under water. The lake is fill'n up.....only bout 24 more feet to go. I see a few little fishes jump'n out there so's I break out my fish pole....throw it out there....bout 30 feets short again. I slip into my waders and wades out up to bout my 3 feets of water. Make a few casts and Baaaabam....I catches me up a fish. Didn't have no problem reel'n it in 'cause of the size. No, it weren't that 14 pounds one. Bout 13 an' a half pounds short.  Then I got skeered...."what if "that jeep don't start". Ain't no way I gonna be chang'n no starter lay'n on the ground down by the lake after dark. So I heads back to "da house" and mark up the day as a success.....a good day.

Ok, I gots to head up to the park headquarters to extend my stay for another week. More excitement to follow!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Am I stuck at the State Park or not???

Boy howdy let me tell ya. You would think once ya retire from the working world all your troubles are left behind. That's what I thought too....that is until I bought this damn "that jeep".

In case ya missed last nights NEWS FLASH, just go back to yesterdays post and see why old Billy Bob is in deep doo doo again. Or a short version of my newest and latest trauma episode with "that jeep"....the starter went out....jeep won't start. Will update as the drama proceeds. 

Old rv park buddy, Louie the Canook, what took me to Mexico one time, what got me red tagged at the border crossing, will be here for a visit right bout noon time. Ain't see him in a couple years. Can't say I'm really excited 'cause the first thing he gonna say is...."let's go to Mexico" and I ain't gonna go. Will be good to see him again as long as it's on the US side.

Ok.....I got to go outside and reinstall the starter on "that jeep" and hope it start.
"I'll be back".

See I tole ya I'll be back. That didn't take long to put that starter in it's place. Just before I turn the key to test my mechanical ability I says...."please start". That were all it took....start right up....3 or 4 times. But.....crawl'n round on the ground up under powerful motorized vehicles ain't no place for old farts to be. If it weren't for "that jeep", I would have no excitement at all in my life. Sure do keep me on my toes that for sure. Yes I'm gonna replace the starter. After that I may just retire and enjoy life. Now go pick up all the tools ya got lay'n round out there in the yard.

Now if I could have the same kind of luck fix'n that "bubba boat" battery I could consider this another good day. Just check the voltage after sit'n all night....11.86 volts. Some people don't understand batteries. A fully charged battery has a voltage of 12.7 volts. A dead battery has a voltage of 11.86 volts or less. Well actually, for this AGM battery 11.86 volts is 85 % discharged. That would mean I could run the "bubba boat" for bout 10 minutes and then paddle back to shore. "Billy Bob, ya cheap sucker, go buy ya some good stuff an' ya won't have these problems". 

Ok....call the auto parts in Zapata and ordered a brand spank'n new refurbished lifetime warranty starter for "that jeep". Pick up today after 3pm. Anybody wanna make a bet on that? Gonna eat me up some Mexican foods soon as I get there.....check out the RV park and google my eye balls on all the fish they catch'n up there. Why comes old Billy Bob ain't catch no fish??? Hmmmm, wonder if'n that auto parts place got a battery for the "bubba boat".

Louie done come an' gone....poooof, just like that. Was a nice visit, although short. Now he is headed for Mexico. Good luck Mr. Louie. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dead battery???

Oh holy crap Billy Bob, "that jeep" won't start. All it do is nuttin, cept'n for when the solenoid kicks in with a definite click, but the starter motor don't run. 
I climbs up under there....I been under there before....and I swaks the starter a few time with a big ol' hammer. That usually fix a starter ya know. Well, this weren't one them times. So's I break out a bunch of tools and removed the starter for further examination. Let's see....lay the starter housing on the battery negative post and short across the two little wire hook up stud thingys to the positive post. Sparks should fly, go a hunnert mile a hour....bunches rmps, jump up an' down and stuff like that. But it don't. Ok, lets take the solenoid off and see what the hell go'n on. Actually I know exactly what is the problem....the little disc thingy in the solenoid what makes contact for the starter motor to run.....hunnert mile a hour ya know. But ya can't get to to that little disc thingy. So what ya do is reach in the end with a pair of needle nose pliers and turn the plunger thingy what the disc thingy is on the other end. "Temporary fix Billy Bob, ya got to get a new starter".
Ok, got all that done, starter back together, but it's too dark out there to be reinstall'n a starter. That's as far as I can go tonight.
If'n I get "that jeep" run'n in the morn'n, I ain't gonna never turn it off till I find a brand spank'n new starter.

Let's start this thing off right this morn'n......the damn battery is dead. If you recall, bro in law gived me a 12 volt, 45 amp hour AGM wheel chair battery for the "bubba boat". Well it were dead as a door nail when he give it to me, so I put it on charge for a few days think'n it were gonna be a good'un. Think'n that I didn't need the Walmart special battery no more, I gave it to my nephew Joseph. Now I'm up the creek with only a paddle and a dead battery.

Speak'n of dead battery, I drived down to the lake last night just before sundown to see if'n them fishes would bite my lure. Holy cows, they was roll'n right on the surface not more than 30 feets from as far as I could cast. Look like some big'uns too. Now if I only had a boat....and a fully charged battery. Walmart is only down the road apiece.....bout 35 mile or so. Will "that jeep" make it down there an' back with a brand spank'n new battery?

Remember I were tell'n ya bout that motorhome with the boat trailer? Well here it are. Now picture back'n that big sucker down a hunnert foots or more steep boat ramp.

And of course let's not forget a pic of the "redneck" camp'n rig. To each his own I rekon.

How bout we brew us up a big ol' steak an' baked tater? I mean to tell ya.....that were one good steak, an' that tater was out of this world.
Speak'n of baked taters, have ya ever had a Billy Bob baked tater? They ain't dry like most baked taters get when cooked on the grill. Ya see, I have a special way of cook'n 'em to retain their moistness an' they come out perfect.....every time. What ya do is put that tater in a microwave safe bowl....I use just any ol' bowl. Put enough water to almost cover the tater. Nuke that sucker on high for 8 minutes....no more, no less. Then ya wrap it in tin foil, be'n careful not to burn your fingers and toss it on the grill for bout 20 minutes....or until your steak is done. Some fine eat'n there I mean to tell ya.

I rekon everyone know that the OFM Barney pulled out this morn'n. He's headed to Del Rio for a couple days before he goes to the Big Bend and some serious rock climb'n. That one travel'n man that Barney is. Dang!!!

Now I gots to figger out what I gonna do for the rest of the day. Sure would like to catch me up one them 14 pounds bass. But like the old say'n goes...."I are a fisherman, not a catcherman".

Monday, February 20, 2012

President who?

I remember back a few years ago when George Washington's birthday was celebrated as a holiday. Then someone comes along and "deletes" old George in all his glory for just Presidents Day. Well there is some presidents that I just ain't gonna celebrate no matter what the government says so.

Ok, no I didn't catch up no fish yesterday. All I did was drive down to the lake and look at it. Bout the time I was get'n up the nerve to risk my life and limb in the "bubba boat", the wind come up and change any idea of fish'n right out my mind. But that didn't deter the OFM Barney from jump'n in the lake. He paddle his little pink kayak all over the place. Ok, it ain't really pink....it orange, bright orange.

This is the view from the end of the boat trailer parking area. Somewheres down there bout a quarter mile is a 38 foots motorhome like "Sally da house" with a boat trailer hook up to it. My question is, did he back that motorhome down the boat ramp? He got more nerve than sense in my book.

Today started out with cloudy skys and cool temps.....but it's nice as can be right now. Sun is coming out and it's up to bout 70 degs or so.....and just a itsy bitsy little breeze of bout 5 mph.

Oh yeah.....had visitors again this morn'n. Had to take photos through the dirty winder, but what the hell.
Them are pigs or peccary...better knowed in Texas as javelinas. You do know that they have tusks and will bite ya in a heartbeat....right?

Ok, ate me up some vittles (oatmeal) and it's bout time to go make the rounds. Maybe I'll have some exciting news to update about later on this afternoon. But don't bet a paycheck on it.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Yesterday is gone...

Yesterday was a good day, but it gone....and mostly forgotten.

I say it was a good day 'cause I got my laundry washed, dried, folded and put away. That's say'n somthing. Me and Sadie Mae jumped in "that jeep" an' head 'em off to Roma...bout 15 mile down the road. But we didn't stop there. We went on to the next little town, El something or another. Fount a little clothes wash'n place an got 'er done.

Upon returning to the State Park, we rode down by the boat ramp....just look'n round ya know. Drove through all that squisshy mud (notice photo) out to a little land jut where there was some people bank fish'n.
Perfect place to launch a "bubba boat". Lot's of old dead trees stick'n out the water. There should be some 14 pounds bass up in there just wait'n for the old Billy Bob to chunk a lure in there. That may be on the agenda for today.

Weather is perfect this morn'n. Sun shin'n, no clouds to speak of, and scarcely a breeze. Although, it is still a bit chilly out there....right bout 57 degs. 'cord'n to the weather thingy. 

Ok....here come Barney......laters.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Falcon Lake State Park blues....

I really ain't in no mood this morn'n. And yesterday morn'n neither. But here goes nuttin, I'm gonna write another blog post.

I rekon the first and probably the most important item in everybody's mind this morning is "two word verification". If'n ya read as many blogs as I do, you will find....everybody is pissed off with the new change to something that worked perfect. The simplest solution is to turn the damn thing slap off. Google has an excellent spam filter, so word verification is not necessary. I'll wait right here while all ya go do that.

I ain't got much to say bout Falcon Lake that would make another rv'er pack up and head this way. Yesterday was terrible....rain and mist'n all day long....no sunshine. But.....if'n you're a fisherman, now is the time to pack up and head this way. And if'n you have a hanker'n for wild critters roam'n round in your yard, pack up and head this way. Had a whole herd of javelina in the yard this morn'n eat'n up some chunks of bread I throwed out there for the birds.
If'n ya look close, ya can see the dust from the rest of the herd in the bushes.

Speak'n of pigs, did I ever tell ya bout the time........I were liv'n in Aransas Pass, Texas back in the late 60's and we had this pig what we was gonna butcher an' eat. But first we had to catch him. Well, old Billy Bob was a pig catcher from way back, "Git out the way, I'll get 'em". I was chase that pig all over the place an' he done went up under the house....not "Sally da house". I reaches up under there and grab holt of his leg....gonna pull him right slap out from under there. Now that pig is really get'n fiesty, fight'n mad. I were sit'n on the ground pull'n with all I had, when that pig turn round and clamp his teeth on my brand spank'n new cowboy boots. Plumb near bite one heel plumb off. Papa Mike was wait'n there with a ball peen hammer to smak that pig a goodern...and get my foot loose from that pigs mouth. Pork steak, eggs an' fried taters for breakfast in da morn'n.

Today appears to be a much better day than what yesterday was. Sun is out an' got the door wide open. Sadie Mae on a rope watch'n for critters. Wind is blow'n a bit though. If'n I was to put the "bubba boat" in the water, I gonna be in Mexico in nuttin flat look'n for a way to get back to the US side. Blow'n purty good ya know.

Ain't got a thing planned for the day. Shower here in a bit, maybe see bout do'n some clothes wash'n, cruise round the park....hell I don't know. Oh, did I tell ya "that jeep" is got a new noise? Gotta love "that jeep"....keep me on my toes. Now what the hell is wrong with it???

Ok...things to do.....laters.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Google booglie booglie

Ya know what really hisses me off? People that don't know how to spell Wile E. Coyote. If they are old enough to have watched cartoons, they should know how to spell the name correctly. Now how is that for a rant to start off the day....huh?

Yup, it's pull out time in Sinton, Texas. Got the slide in, Joseph is wash'n the windershields an' the "old Billy Bob", is watch'n.....just to make sure he do a good job. I'm good at that ya know.....make sure stuff is done right. Holy cows, he's wash'n the whole font end.

What about Google? Holy cows, blogger is get'n worster every day. I thought they had all the bugs worked out and they slip in a "micky"....double word verification. Some ya may not be aware, but Google has a new privacy policy. You have no options. They collect your information. Not you back account info and stuff like that, but they know all bout the sites you visit, what online transactions you make, who you are and where you're at. The Google "eye in the sky" is on ya. Be very very careful.

Ok....I gonna cut this short so I still have room to add something later down the road a piece. Verison better work when I got to where I go'n. Would be the pits if I didn't have my internet.....like in Del Rio.

3pm .....
Well here I are at the Falcon State Park, just like I was tell'n ya, four hour. I makes me a turn into the park an' almost run slap over the OFM Barney rid'n his bicycle down the middle of the street. 

Weren't a thing happen on the trip what could be considered excit'n. Well, yeah there was. Ya see, when I get to Zapata, I turns off to the left on the highway what takes ya to Falcon State Park. Whoa lookie here, it's 4 lane.....oh wait, no it ain't. Oh Oh, they fix'n the road....for the next hunnert mile or so. Not the best fix in the world, but they got half the 4 inches deep holes filled with old smushed up beer cans, rocks and some new blacktop. Redneck fix if'n ya ask me. Poor ol' "that jeep was back the say'n...."slow this big sucker down".

Ok...I'm done for the night....

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Stuck in low gear....

Although yesterday was a successful day of get'n ready for the road, there are still a few things need to be done. Procrastination does catch up to ya.

Nephew Joseph says to me this morn'n, "why is it that every time I come home, the weather sucks"? Ya see, Joe works in the oil fields all over Texas as a rigger and only comes home when the drilling is done. Make some big bucks too.

Got my blood pressure way down (115/63 pr 69) after my episode a few days ago. But I'm still feel'n the effects of the high rates. Weak, dizzy, see'n 2 of stuff, stumble round like I drinked one too many wine coolers and just plain ass lazy. Had a old boy tell me one time, tip'n his gallon jug of T-Bird, that the bible says wine is good for ya. Well I guess it is good for ya if'n ya don't feel no pain when ya fall slap on your face on the sidewalk.

Did I ever tell ya bout the time....was back in bout 63' I think. We was in New Orleans for the Marti Gras or what ever. Sit'n in a little corner bar I done figger out a pint of cheap wine was a thriftier expenditure than a couple cold beers. By sunset when the festivities begin, I had done drinked me up bout 3 them pints of cheap wine.....I were good to go.....gonna raise some hell. We hit the sidewalks....in the fresh air.....what knock me slap out. I were down for the count.....out cold. The local authorities (NOPD) throwed me in the back of a car, what I may have puked in, an' drop me off at the Naval facilities just down the road a piece. Right slap dab in front "headquarters", where all the big wig Naval officers hanged out. By the time I get back to my ship, I done been chewed up one side and down the other by every officer in the United States Navy. Some was flew in from Washington DC I think. Anyhows, this was the year old Billy Bob missed the much anticipated New Orleans Marti Gras....wash'n dishes, mop'n floors and stuff like that for the next 30 days of restriction. 

Ok, got things to do. "How the hell ya gonna wash dishes when ya ain't got no water in "da house"?

2 hour later....
"Good job Billy Bob". The dishes is done. Took 'em out in the yard and break out a water hose from the spigot out there. No, I can't use that water to fill my fresh water tank. If'n ya ever been to Sinton, Texas, ya don't drink the water. Nasty tast'n stuff. Probably got bugs an' worms an' fish scales in it.

Now I got to load up Sadie Mae in "that jeep" and head up the road to Bro in laws to return the infrared leak detector thingy....what I didn't even use. Bought my own bout the size a Marks-a-lot.
Then I'm done....ain't got nuttin else to do but hook up and go....tomorrow morn'n. Let me see.....185 miles, that be right at 4 hours with get'n fuel and propane.....and find'n a place to fill the fresh water tank. Better make it 5 hours. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mental deficiencies

I read lot'sof blogs every morn'n while wait'n on that other eye to open up and see the world in in a different light. After read'n some blogs for over a year, I come to the conclusion that "mental deficiencies" is rampant amoungst us.

Ok now, don't be get'n yer underdrawers in a wad over "mental deficiencies" 'cause I ain't talk'n bout my bestest blogs here. I'm talk'n bout some off the wall blogs I happen onto that most "sane" people would never click on. But what really brought this on is the difference between physical deficiencies and mental deficiencies. What would ya rather have? On my part, I'm think'n physical over mental. I would hate to think of myself cooped up in a little house, winder curtains drawed all day, doors locked, skeered of every little sound....you know what I'm talk'n bout. So what if I have to take my time do'n stuff I enjoy? So what if I can't do some the things I used to? My mind is clear.....although some folks may wonder. That's called "the ability to screw with the human mind".

It's oil change time at the "da house". Bought me up a jug of oil yesterday think'n I had enough for the motor and the Onan generator. Nope, only got 5 quarts. And only 1 filter. Off to the parts house here in a bit. If'n ya remember, old Billy Bob only change oil onest a year. That's bout 6,000 miles on the engine and a hunnert or so hours on the generator. Using synthetic oil, I'm good to go.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Camera....where my camera???

Well dag blame it, I done forget my camera today and today was a day it was needed. I seen me some purty weird look'n people. Now I ain't criticiz'n no weird people or nuttin like that, 'cause old Billy Bob can be pretty weird too sometimes. But today was an exception. Here come this plump little lady down the sidewalk, bout 200/230 pound, just pump'n away on a little 20 inches bicycle. All is fine up to this point, but every time she push a peddle down, that the way that bicycle go....left, right, left, right....you know what I'm talk'n bout. Zigzaggity down the sidewalk. Then she gives me a great big ol' grin an' let loose the handle bar for a friendly wave....almost lose it in a ditch. Then there was this guy at Walmart. Poor feller look like he done been in a fist fight with a baseball bat....and lost. Most his teeth is gone....poooof, just like that. Well, I ain't mak'n no fun 'cause he got some teeth miss'n, I got a few miss'n myself. But you should have see that "redneck" smile he was giv'n out to everybody what passed his way.....for free. It were priceless.

After a hunnert mile trip, or more, to towns....that's more than one town ya know, I got most everything what was on my list done. Oh by the way....Walmart sucks. Didn't think you'ld ever hear me say that did ya? Ever since they took out half the name brand grocery items....well, you know what I'm talk'n bout. Ain't no choice no more.  Ya see, I had me a bottle of La Choy soy sauce, or what ever the hell it is, on my list. They have La Choy items sit'n all over the place on them shelves, but where the hell is my soy sauce? There ain't none. Either Kinkymon or True Value. Grrrrrrrrr to soy sauce. And for the Jimmy Dean products. Oh they had plenty Jimmy Dean, just not the one little item what was on my list. Then there was the 500 mg aspirin I was look'n for. Yup, it was hid from consumer view...in amungst all them worthless 81 mg baby aspirins. I would have to take 10 them just to get rid of a headache, where I takes one 500mg and headache gone....pooof, just like that.

Don't nobody tell Barney that Old Fat Man that I bought me up a pair of chest waders today. Gonna surprise him when I waddle up to his camp with 'em pull up over my head. Think'n I gonna have to break out that "sew machine" an' do some adjustment on them. Do I see another high blood pressure moment com'n on? Them suckers fit plumb up to my neck. Them ain't no chest waders, they neck waders. Might sew me some pockets on 'em for carry'n some smokes an' stuff. Yeah I know...burn another hole in the "bubba boat".

Ok....got to lay down after all the excitement I had today. I'm tired to a frazzle. Oh damn, forgot to get some water. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Life ain't easy

Boy howdy Billy Bob, you done did it again.

Ya see, I've knowed for a long time that this old body ain't gonna hold up forever and things is gonna fall apart sooner or later. Well, that is what is happen'n right now. This little episode with the high blood pressure just added to the equation, along with all the other stuff what been happen'n in the last year. Although I got my blood pressure back down to a somewhat normal level (122/70), I feel the effects it has caused. For those unfamiliar with high blood pressure, any time it goes over 170/100, it takes something out ya and it take time to get it back.

Now to top all that off, I just ran out of fresh water brew'n a pot this morn'n and my freak'n propane tank is plumb empty. But that's my fault from think'n I knowed what I was do'n. So now I got to go outside in this freez'n cold, trample through the blinding snow drifts and hook up the little 5# propane tank.......what I did. Ahhhhh!!!......Mr Buddy heater come on like magic. The water situation is a different story. Got to go downtown, fill my two 7 gallon water jugs and pump them into my house tank. Might sound easy to you, but it ain't.

I was hoping to pull out of here tomorrow (Monday), but it looks like I'm off in a dream world again. On the agenda....sounds like Obama huh, I have to make a trip to the Island (Port Aransas) to pick up my mail in hopes my new debit card is in it. If not, I got to wait till it arrives. Then I still got to make the Walmart run for the necessities of life....food and such to last for the next month. For the day of departure, fuel up "Sally da house", fill propane tanks, find a place to fill the fresh water tank and a place to dump the gray and black water tanks. I had thought bout go'n to a r/v park for a night just to take care of the water and dump, but that decision is on the back burner. But of course, I could wait till I get to Falcon Lake for all the water related tasks.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Survival of the fitest..

Well I survived last nights ordeal by not wak'n up till 8am this morn'n. BP is still a bit higher than what I think normal, but it's been there before and I lived to tell. 145/81....75PR

Some folks is skeered bout that awful day they will leave this world. When I had my heart surgery, the room next door to mine had a guy in for the same operation as mine.  They was quot'n bible verses, wailing an' cry'n, people blow'n their noses. All kinds of weird carryings on. Like that was gonna help this poor feller. I were all souped up on some super potent drugs, so naturally I thought it were kind of funny. Drugs will do that ya know. Only thing I was concerned bout was find'n a place to hide my scrufty underdrawers. But I weren't one bit worried or skeered bout the operation. Nope, not one bit. All I wanted to do was go back up in the mountains and find me some gold.

Guess I probably aughter sit back an' do a little think'n for the next couple days. Was plann'n on head'n south tuesday morn'n. But now maybe I better give some more thought to that idea. The OFM Barney is pulling up stakes Sunday head'n to the same place the old Billy Bob is headed. Would hate to miss meet'n up with him down there catch'n up all them great big ol' bass an' stuff like that. But ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Thursday will probably be my pull out day. Look out Falcon Lake and big fish, here come the Billy Bob, Sadie Mae an' the "bubba boat". 

High blood pressure???

12:40 am.
Oh boy howdy, what did you do now Billy Bob? I ain't been feel'n too good all day long. Matter fact, only got 4 hours sleep last night. Something ain't right I bet ya. So's I break out my blood pressure monitor bout a hour ago. Holy crap, that too high. So's I take my meds what I weren't gonna take till tomorrow. Now I got to sit here and wait to see if the blood pressure meds is gonna bring my pressure back to a normal level.

Ya see, bout 8 months ago I cut my BP an' heart meds from every day to every other day. I ain't gonna lie when I says I feel better on the every other day schedule, but damn, maybe I shouldn't have done that. I know it ain't something I ate 'cause all I had today was some donut holes an' some candys and for supper some Chinese "crap in a can". I been eat'n like that for years, so that ain't the problem. Only drinked 1 pot of coffee today, so check that off the list.

The reason for this post is my my personal record of when this occurred.
1215.....163/106....took meds.

Oh, did I mention that I changed my underdrawers.....just in case? Last time when I have my heart surgery, them underdrawers could stand up in a corner. That what your mama was talk'n bout.....always wear clean underdrawers.

While I'm sit'n here wait'n, let me tell ya bout the time......ya see, old Billy Bob bought his self a sew machine. One winter in Deming, I decided to make a enclosure for mine and Wayne's golf carts. Well, it were heavy material and the damn needle kept break'n....what cause me to cuss a few words. Lug Nut and Sadie Mae took to outside every time I sat down in front that sew machine know'n I was gonna get really really angry bout them damn broke needles. Anyhows, I start feel'n kind of bad....dizzy and stuff like that. So's I check my blood pressure. Holy crap, it were 205/110. All 'cause of that damn sew machine an' broke needles. Off to the doctor I goes the next morn'n. Just a pill pusher ya know. Put me on some drugs and blood pressure come down in nuttin flat. But of course he sent me to my Dr. Fronkinsteen.....related to the real Dr. Frankenstein by marriage, or something like that. A year later, 9 months actually, I had 3 heart attacks in 2 weeks and got myself replumbed. That was when my underdrawers was stand'n there in my room wait'n for me when I got out of surgery. Been downhill ever since.

Maybe I'll go back to bed now and see how I feel in the morning. I think I gonna be fine, but I bet ya a buck I take my meds EVERY day just like the good doctor said.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Troubled mind

I started todays post....then deleted it.Will return when I get that other eye open an' drink up another pot of coffee. It's not a good day!!!!

I were just mess'n round and pop up the fish'n report for Falcon Lake. WHAT???? Nobody catches a 14 pound bass? Well, yeah they did. In fact, they catch'n double digit size fish all day long. The lake is up a foot, water temp is 60 plus degs and the bass is on the spawn. Matter fact, the crappie is on the spawn too....big ol' fat ones....bout fry'n pan size. Damn!!!!

Guess I aught to run over to Rockport and see the OFM Barney since he's pull'n out in a few days. Maybe go eat 'em up some that Mexican food. We was gonna go play a round of golf ball swak'n , but the weather sucks. Had we played yesterday while the course was closed, it would have been a perfect day. Got up to over 70 degrees. And today it's all cloudy and cold (56 deg.). Too cold for the old Billy Bob that for sure.

Speak'n of cold, have ya ever spend a winter in West Virginia? My God let me tell ya. I lived there for 10 years in that God forsaken place and thought I was gonna die. Them people build their houses on the side of a hill if'n ya didn't know. My house was on the side a hill. Up in a holler where the sun never shined. Sometime wake up to a foot or more of new snow....right on top the foot what fell yesterday. And I had to work outside in that stuff. Don't ever visit West Virginia in the winter. That's why God invented places like southern Ca., Florida and south Texas.

I guess it's bout time I was mak'n up a Walmart list to fill up my freezer and pantry. I got the urge to move on. I rekon I aught to change oil and such before I go 'cause if I don't do it now, it ain't gonna get done. And I got a big summer ahead of me. Lots of places to go....things to do.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Favorite places

Have ya ever had a favorite place? Someplace where you "could live" kind of a place. Ya really gotta travel round the country to find such places, but then again it could be right across the street. No I ain't talk'n bout a little spot down by a babbl'n brook or nuttin like that. I'm talk'n cities and towns, maybe a whole state. I've found a few places like that.

Everybody know that old Billy Bob ain't no "yankee" per se, although I were borned in Missouri many many years ago. My travels are in the I-10 to I-20 corridor what keeps me south most the time. Before I retired, I happened through  New Orleans on a few visits to Ga. My God, loved the place. So, N'Orleans is one my favorite places. Well maybe not N'Orleans as a whole, but the French Quarter. The French Quarter is like the Grand Canyon is to the west....ya just gotta go see it.

My first trip to Ca. in "Alice" in 2002, went right through Deming, New Mexico. There weren't no other choice but to go through Deming....that where they built I-10, right through the middle of town. I says to my first mate Vickie Lynn..."damn, I like this place". Went explor'n an' look'n at stuff. Camped out on the old "Birchfield and Piepmeier" ranches south of Deming. This was ranch land....cowboy country. This was Pancho Villa territory back in the early 1900's. It was hostile Indian territory before that. Little did I know in 2002, "that one day I would come back to Deming and plant myself there. No, not to live there permanently, but as a homebase for my travels. It worked out well for my trips to Calif. and my yearly trips to Texas and beyond. The high winds of this desert community finally blowed me out of town last year.

Now I'm back in Texas. What's my favorite place in Texas? Cain't rightly say I have a favorite Texas hideaway. Been all over the State an' ain't fount that "perfect" place....although, there is plenty of choices. For a while I thought Port Aransas was a "perfect" place....mild winters, excellent fish'n, wild bikini clad wimmins on the beach, moderate liv'n expenses....you know what I'm talk'n bout. So I made it my homebase for a few years after I retired. Still have a bank account and  post office box there, but things changed. What was once a quaint little fishing village, is now a metropolis of condos, souvenir shops and tourist traps. All the charm of yesteryear is gone.

Ain't had me no leg cramps last night....yee haa. But I did have me up a freak'n nightmare what waked me up in a cold sweat. I had the same nightmare one other time....well, almost the same, not long ago. I survived all the fight'n, shoot'n, get'n throwed off'n a train, run'ed over by a herd of cows, Indians shoot'n arrows, wild wimmins an' stuff like that. I don't think I like nightmares very much. Makes me wonder if someone is try'n to tell me something.

How bout that Super Bowl yesterday? I were expect'n to see snow, rain, sleet an' hail....mud. But shoot, it look like they was play'n in a house or a garage.....or something like that. That ain't American. Didn't watch it anyhows. Had it been outside where ya supposed to play football, I might have watch it. The sports world is turn'n into a bunch of "sissy boys". Ya sure don't see golf games played in "da house".

Ok, gotta figger out what I gonna do today. Decisions, decisions, decisions...... 


Sunday, February 5, 2012

What a night....

Holy crap, last night I waked up think'n I was gonna die or something like that. After toss'n an' turn'n for a hour I finally got to sleep. For a little while that is. I waked up at 1:30am with one them cough'n fits like I had pneumonia or some kind'a blubonic plauge. Couldn't get my breath. Could'a been turn'n blue for all I know, but didn't think to look in no mirror to check see. After I got all that cough'n an' hack'n behind me, I jumps straight up out the bed with one them God awful leg cramps....wake me slap up out of a dead sleep. After a few choice words and hop'n round on my tippy toes, all was good to go. So I thought. Two more times I get them damn things before my regular get'n up time. More cuss'n and toe hop'n. Got up at 5:45, put on a pot, look out the winder an' says...."damn, it's dark out there". Ain't nobody get up this early. Unless ya go'n fish'n or something like that.

Yesterday afternoon, I made the decision to take "that jeep" for a little ride. Headed north towards San Antonio. Well no I didn't go to San Antone, I were just headed that direction with a destination in mind. Ain't very far ya know....to San Antone, bout a hunnert mile. Took a left turn off I-37 at Mathis an' head out to the Lake Corpus Christi State Park. Just to look around ya know. Been think'n bout spend'n a week there...catch me up some fish. Weren't a bad look'n park with half the campsites closed an' the water level bout 10 to 15 foots low. Don't think the old Billy Bob gonna be spend'n no time there.

Then I say to Sadie Mae...."let's go to Walmart". We headed back towards Corpus Christi now. Bought me up some sweet eats....um yum, chocolate donuts and a few groceries. Forgot the milk, so that means one more stop on the way back to "da house". Was get'n kind of dark, so's I turns on the headlights. The same ones I adjusted a few days ago for the second time. What the hell....still ain't right. One shin'n down there and the other one over there. I give up....ain't never gonna drive at night no more.

Look like winter is gonna be with us for the rest of the week. Cold and rainy, no sunshine...dreary, nasty, freez'n cold weather. Rain all night long last night an' it ain't quit yet. This ain't good ya know. The only day it's gonna be warm is Tuesday...bout 65 degs, (with a chance of rain the rest of the week) and the golf ball swak'n place is closed on Tuesdays. Now what we gonna do Barney???

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Boy howdy, it's almost winter time in south Texas. But you watch, old Billy Bob ain't gonna say nuttin bout it 'cause it's been in the 70's and 80's for the last few weeks. Ya cain't beat that wit a stik.

I been roll'n round in my mind to go to a new camp'n area not 35 mile from here. It's on the highway between Aransas Pass and Port Aransas. But, like most boondock'n spots in Texas, there are drawbacks. The area in mind is right next to the water....on sand and dirt. Very good possibility of get'n stranded if'n it rains. Oh poop, it's rain'n....so that idea is gonna be put on hold. In fact, any ideas to move "Sally da house" is gonna be put on hold until winter is over.....or close to over.

Oh yeah before I forget......bells, whistles, fireworks an' all that stuff.....Jane is my 100th follower.
Welcome Jane........

Bet ya didn't know that me and OFM Barney had lunch together yesterday did ya? We went down to the Butter Churn....or something like that, here in Sinton and stuffed our faces with sum good eat'n. Took a spin up to the golf course an' sit out under a great big ol' oak tree talk'n bout what, where an' when. Decide we was gonna attempt a round of 9 holes sometime this week to test our talents of "golf ball swak'n". That's gonna be a pretty picture with both us all cripple up from household chores of fix'n stuff. Weather forecast ain't look'n too good, but what the hell, I've swaked golf balls in the snow before.

Just a quickie bout Blogger. The 3 blogs what been giv'n me problems seem to be fine this morn'n. Well almost. The little comment winder or what ever you call it didn't appear until after I hit reset....then there it was. Thanks to BBC for the learn'n experience on the f5 key to reload/refresh a page. Cool!!! Didn't know that.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Grrrrrrrr to Blogger

Here I was, sit'n back think'n I had it all figger out an' somebody throws a monkey wrench  in my lunch sack. Yeah, I'm talk'n bout Blogger. I don't know how many other people are hav'n the same problem I am, but damn, this is frustrat'n. In my little circle of everyday blogs, there is 4 in particular that is mess'n with my mind. They redirect to a blank page before they fully load. To nowhere. Just a freak'n blank page. I learned to use the back button and stop button on my browser to at least see what's go'n on in someone elses world, but it seems to be getting worse. Making comments has become a chore. This makes me wonder if people are having the same problem with my blog.

Yesterdays task of air conditioning repair was a success. (By the way, that thermostat is still lay'n on the counter.) Everything went just like clockwork. It's fixed.  But.....I've said them same words in the past....it's fixed, only to discover later that "it ain't fixed". So, I gonna be knock'n on wood with crossed fingers that this repair is a fix.

Boy howdy!!! I got up this morn'n with my mind all twisted up in a tizzy over "what now Billy Bob"? Yeah, you've heard me say that many times before. But I have really no idea what, where or when something is gonna happen. Oh I have plenty ideas roll'n round up there, but put'n them into action is where the problem lays. I'm run'n out of "legal" excuses.

Been read'n fish'n reports for the area I am in. Lake Corpus Christi reports suck 'cause there ain't no recent reports.  But, Falcon Lake is red hot. They catch'n double digit bass. Holy cows, that's 10 pound plus. I ain't never catch me a 10 pound bass.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Feel like a new $10 bill....

Boy howdy, "do'n nuttin" for a day sure did paid off. Not enough to go up to the golf course and be swak'n no golf balls though. Nope, not yet.

Yesterdays ride to the Island was a very enjoyable trip. Got what I wanted to get done and had a nice time. "that jeep" performed like a brand spank'n new Cadillac Sedan deVille....or something like that. Well, maybe not that fine a ride, but at least the dump truck ride has been eliminated. The slight vibration in the driveshaft is much better after the adjustment. Damn, it's almost like rid'n in a American car. But....when I replaced the great big "off road'n" 18 wheeler tires, I let the guy replace them with...Oh God, here we go.... hard rubber truck tires. So naturally, it rides like a freak'n truck.

Last nights little ride after dark to check the headlight alignment proved I need to readjust. Driver side light is shin'n in the ditch on the other side the road. Well, maybe not that bad, but it needs pointed a little to the right and up just a smiggin. When I turn on the hi beams, holy cows, the whole world lit up like it was day time. But I still couldn't see worth a crap. "Don't drive at night Billy Bob".

I rekon I'll go outside and replace that leak'n "o" ring on the dash air, blow them 2 cans of freon out and hook up the vacuum pump for a couple hour. Charge that sucker back up an' I be ready to go this summer. Ain't gonna be no sweat pour'n off'n the "Billy Bob" driv'n all over Texas in a hunnert degrees or so. 

Ok, here I go. Gonna go do something, even if'n it ain't right. Where my shoes Sadie Mae???
Details later......maybe.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How long does it take.....

Boy howdy, woke up this morn'n to "WTH".... fog....again. Make me up a big ol' pot of coffee and sits myself down at the computer. Don't everybody do that every morn'n? Ya start off first thing check'n the blogs....see what kind of comments ya got. Switch over to email....see if ya got any mail what needs immediate attention. Check Facebook for new "drama" stories and last, but not least, ya click on the news. Well, how long does this take? For me, it's right at 2 hours. "Dang Billy Bob, you need a life".

Usually when I crawls out of bed, I can't see pretty straight with only one eye open. That's just a say'n I use for "still half asleep" ya know. But I do stumble around for a bit until I get my bathroom chores took care of and the smells of a fresh pot brew'n in the kitchen. By the time I get that first cup down, I got that other eye open and well on my way into another interesting day.

Yesterday I was talk'n bout the "freon" leak on the dash air in "da house" and wait'n for that pretty florescent yeller dye to make it's appearance at the point of the leak. Well, it did and I have proof.
The first photo seems to show the leak coming from that there flare nut, but that's not the case. It's from the little low pressure cut out switch thingy in the next photo. 
There it are. Now for the repair....but not today. Well maybe I'll "fix" it today if'n I get to feel'n better after all the chores I performed yesterday. I pretty sore ya know...crawl'n up under "that jeep" an' all.

I use another persons blog to click on the links to blogs that I don't have on my follow list. Of course I read his blog just to see what's happen'n in his little world. *....Parts of this blog post has been removed by the author....* No one should block a public comment even if they disagree with the comments made. It's unAmerican, and unTexan to block somebodys freedom to express their opinion to a given subject matter. That's my story an' I'm stick'n to it.

Take for instant the comment I received last night. I could have easily deleted said comment, but chose not to, even though his choice of words....or word was not chosen appropriately. I hope he will read todays blog and refrain from usage of "that" word in further comments.

Ok, so here's the plan for today. I ain't gonna do nuttin. We'll see how that fares as the day progresses.

Oh yeah, I want to thank PAUL for com'n by for a visit to Billy Bob's Place. If he went all the way back to the beginning....wheeew, that's some read'n. I go back myself from time to time....when I need a few laughs.

See what I tole you. Didn't do a thing. Well, that's not exactly true. Ya see, I took that low pressure comtrol thingy off and took the "o" ring with me to get the correct kind and size. Autozone have just what I was look'n for....in a kit with a gazillion "o" rings in it. But that's ok, needed a "o" ring for my Henery .22 fill tube.
Then I went off up the road a piece look'n for a good safe camp'n site for a few days. Foun't 2 that are high enough so's the tides can't reach "da house" and strand me up to the hubs in mud an' muck.
Took a quick trip on over to the Island to pick up some pocket change from the bank, my mail and some little cigars. Cruised on down to the south jetty and Boy Howdy.....fog everywheres. By now, it was get'n hungry time, so I headed on to the other side the Island to San Juan's Mexican Rest. Ya wanna take a guess what was on special? Yep, you got it right.....sizzl'n fajitas....big ol' chunks of beef, 5 succulent shrimps, bell peppers and onion slivers served on a 500 degrees cast iron platter. OFM Barney would have loved it.
As usual, I ate too much and had to head back to "da house". Probably gonna be lay'n down in just a bit. But first, I got to take "that jeep" down the road a piece and see if I got the headlights adjusted right.

That's all folks....see ya tomorrow.