Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How long does it take.....

Boy howdy, woke up this morn'n to "WTH".... fog....again. Make me up a big ol' pot of coffee and sits myself down at the computer. Don't everybody do that every morn'n? Ya start off first thing check'n the blogs....see what kind of comments ya got. Switch over to email....see if ya got any mail what needs immediate attention. Check Facebook for new "drama" stories and last, but not least, ya click on the news. Well, how long does this take? For me, it's right at 2 hours. "Dang Billy Bob, you need a life".

Usually when I crawls out of bed, I can't see pretty straight with only one eye open. That's just a say'n I use for "still half asleep" ya know. But I do stumble around for a bit until I get my bathroom chores took care of and the smells of a fresh pot brew'n in the kitchen. By the time I get that first cup down, I got that other eye open and well on my way into another interesting day.

Yesterday I was talk'n bout the "freon" leak on the dash air in "da house" and wait'n for that pretty florescent yeller dye to make it's appearance at the point of the leak. Well, it did and I have proof.
The first photo seems to show the leak coming from that there flare nut, but that's not the case. It's from the little low pressure cut out switch thingy in the next photo. 
There it are. Now for the repair....but not today. Well maybe I'll "fix" it today if'n I get to feel'n better after all the chores I performed yesterday. I pretty sore ya know...crawl'n up under "that jeep" an' all.

I use another persons blog to click on the links to blogs that I don't have on my follow list. Of course I read his blog just to see what's happen'n in his little world. *....Parts of this blog post has been removed by the author....* No one should block a public comment even if they disagree with the comments made. It's unAmerican, and unTexan to block somebodys freedom to express their opinion to a given subject matter. That's my story an' I'm stick'n to it.

Take for instant the comment I received last night. I could have easily deleted said comment, but chose not to, even though his choice of words....or word was not chosen appropriately. I hope he will read todays blog and refrain from usage of "that" word in further comments.

Ok, so here's the plan for today. I ain't gonna do nuttin. We'll see how that fares as the day progresses.

Oh yeah, I want to thank PAUL for com'n by for a visit to Billy Bob's Place. If he went all the way back to the beginning....wheeew, that's some read'n. I go back myself from time to time....when I need a few laughs.

See what I tole you. Didn't do a thing. Well, that's not exactly true. Ya see, I took that low pressure comtrol thingy off and took the "o" ring with me to get the correct kind and size. Autozone have just what I was look'n for....in a kit with a gazillion "o" rings in it. But that's ok, needed a "o" ring for my Henery .22 fill tube.
Then I went off up the road a piece look'n for a good safe camp'n site for a few days. Foun't 2 that are high enough so's the tides can't reach "da house" and strand me up to the hubs in mud an' muck.
Took a quick trip on over to the Island to pick up some pocket change from the bank, my mail and some little cigars. Cruised on down to the south jetty and Boy Howdy.....fog everywheres. By now, it was get'n hungry time, so I headed on to the other side the Island to San Juan's Mexican Rest. Ya wanna take a guess what was on special? Yep, you got it right.....sizzl'n fajitas....big ol' chunks of beef, 5 succulent shrimps, bell peppers and onion slivers served on a 500 degrees cast iron platter. OFM Barney would have loved it.
As usual, I ate too much and had to head back to "da house". Probably gonna be lay'n down in just a bit. But first, I got to take "that jeep" down the road a piece and see if I got the headlights adjusted right.

That's all folks....see ya tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like my first 2 hours a day.
    Like your action of visiting,,,u know who,,,since i'm blocked too,,,hahahaha.
    Also appreciate you asking a certain someone to refrain from using,,"that" word. Always told the kids,,it hurts my ears.

  2. Trouble, it's not so much the word used, but it's really kind of disrespectful to a family oriented blog. My grandkids have access to my blog.
    About the other part, I have edited it out of todays post.

  3. I think you made a good choice by keeping the Jeep, that way you always have something to do and to grip about, you just need to get it back to stock form.

    Did you ever find the guy that made all of those terrible mods to that Jeep , if you ever do take a baseball bat to his knees.

  4. LOL River, I made a post to the effect that keep'n "that jeep" will keep me on my toes....something to "beech an' moan" about.

    About the mods. Jeep Grand Cherokees are well known in the Jeep forums as an outstanding rock climber.....with the mods. Most are in the dumpster now with the exception of the "long arm" suspension parts.

  5. Thank ya Billy Bob, for pipin' me aboard. I 'preciate it.

    Like I said, I don't recall how I got here... some other RV blog I look at, no doubt. Yours one'a da few I ever went all the way back to the start, tho. I just knew, when I seen it, it would be worth it.

    Man, you shoulda been here... sometimes, I'd be sittin' here all alone, readin', and I'd say out loud, "Billy Bob, you a silly sum a gun!" Not my exact words, but I know your grandbabies might read this... hehehe.

    Anyway, thanks again for the welcome and maybe someday, if'n you live as long as me, we'll swap some lies... er, um... I mean "sea stories."

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Only time I drink coffee is if I am travelling or I am cold. Loved how your blog is first and the NEWS is last jajajaja!!

    Last night when I read Paul's comment I could not help but think back of the night I found your blog three years ago.

    Boy did I enjoy myself and laugh like a maniac on a night I could really use it.

    Laughter is a great "cure all" and you were certainly given this gift...the ability to inject humor to even the most mundane task.

    That is why I LOVE reading your blog :-)

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