Friday, February 10, 2012

High blood pressure???

12:40 am.
Oh boy howdy, what did you do now Billy Bob? I ain't been feel'n too good all day long. Matter fact, only got 4 hours sleep last night. Something ain't right I bet ya. So's I break out my blood pressure monitor bout a hour ago. Holy crap, that too high. So's I take my meds what I weren't gonna take till tomorrow. Now I got to sit here and wait to see if the blood pressure meds is gonna bring my pressure back to a normal level.

Ya see, bout 8 months ago I cut my BP an' heart meds from every day to every other day. I ain't gonna lie when I says I feel better on the every other day schedule, but damn, maybe I shouldn't have done that. I know it ain't something I ate 'cause all I had today was some donut holes an' some candys and for supper some Chinese "crap in a can". I been eat'n like that for years, so that ain't the problem. Only drinked 1 pot of coffee today, so check that off the list.

The reason for this post is my my personal record of when this occurred.
1215.....163/106....took meds.

Oh, did I mention that I changed my underdrawers.....just in case? Last time when I have my heart surgery, them underdrawers could stand up in a corner. That what your mama was talk'n bout.....always wear clean underdrawers.

While I'm sit'n here wait'n, let me tell ya bout the time......ya see, old Billy Bob bought his self a sew machine. One winter in Deming, I decided to make a enclosure for mine and Wayne's golf carts. Well, it were heavy material and the damn needle kept break'n....what cause me to cuss a few words. Lug Nut and Sadie Mae took to outside every time I sat down in front that sew machine know'n I was gonna get really really angry bout them damn broke needles. Anyhows, I start feel'n kind of bad....dizzy and stuff like that. So's I check my blood pressure. Holy crap, it were 205/110. All 'cause of that damn sew machine an' broke needles. Off to the doctor I goes the next morn'n. Just a pill pusher ya know. Put me on some drugs and blood pressure come down in nuttin flat. But of course he sent me to my Dr. Fronkinsteen.....related to the real Dr. Frankenstein by marriage, or something like that. A year later, 9 months actually, I had 3 heart attacks in 2 weeks and got myself replumbed. That was when my underdrawers was stand'n there in my room wait'n for me when I got out of surgery. Been downhill ever since.

Maybe I'll go back to bed now and see how I feel in the morning. I think I gonna be fine, but I bet ya a buck I take my meds EVERY day just like the good doctor said.


  1. My goodness Billy Bob when I saw your blog post at this hour I knew there was something wrong. I am the only nightowl in our close blogger circle.

    I am not going to tell you that you SHOULD of been taking your medication everyday because you have finally realized your error (or at least I think you have).

    Glad to see that it is going down by the minute. I too suffer from high blood pressure and one of the culprits at least in my case has been the high salt content in process food and/or the can products I eat.

    Keep us posted. Good night, may you have Terlingua Dreams.

  2. Dang BB, high blood pressure is no laughing matter. Guess that's why I feel a little guilty about sittin here laughing my ass off.

  3. Well high BP is bad, but is better than no BP. Sometimes them doctors actually know what they talking about. Always listen to your Mama, and most times to the Doc.

  4. Had the same thing happen a month ago when my doc changed my meds. My BP went up to 178/104. Got the doc to put me back on the old stuff and this morning it is 138/76. You got to let it go up once in awhile to check for aneuryzms (grin).

  5. Taking a dose every other day is not the same as taking a half dose everyday when it comes to needed drugs.