Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Troubled mind

I started todays post....then deleted it.Will return when I get that other eye open an' drink up another pot of coffee. It's not a good day!!!!

I were just mess'n round and pop up the fish'n report for Falcon Lake. WHAT???? Nobody catches a 14 pound bass? Well, yeah they did. In fact, they catch'n double digit size fish all day long. The lake is up a foot, water temp is 60 plus degs and the bass is on the spawn. Matter fact, the crappie is on the spawn too....big ol' fat ones....bout fry'n pan size. Damn!!!!

Guess I aught to run over to Rockport and see the OFM Barney since he's pull'n out in a few days. Maybe go eat 'em up some that Mexican food. We was gonna go play a round of golf ball swak'n , but the weather sucks. Had we played yesterday while the course was closed, it would have been a perfect day. Got up to over 70 degrees. And today it's all cloudy and cold (56 deg.). Too cold for the old Billy Bob that for sure.

Speak'n of cold, have ya ever spend a winter in West Virginia? My God let me tell ya. I lived there for 10 years in that God forsaken place and thought I was gonna die. Them people build their houses on the side of a hill if'n ya didn't know. My house was on the side a hill. Up in a holler where the sun never shined. Sometime wake up to a foot or more of new snow....right on top the foot what fell yesterday. And I had to work outside in that stuff. Don't ever visit West Virginia in the winter. That's why God invented places like southern Ca., Florida and south Texas.

I guess it's bout time I was mak'n up a Walmart list to fill up my freezer and pantry. I got the urge to move on. I rekon I aught to change oil and such before I go 'cause if I don't do it now, it ain't gonna get done. And I got a big summer ahead of me. Lots of places to go....things to do.


  1. Any day is a good day, even if you only get one eye opened.

  2. Well now Dizzy I don't know bout that. Just 'cause ya still alive don't make it a good day.

    Ok BBC, I'll be look'n for ya, but I gotta go to Rockport....eat me up some Mexican food ya know.

  3. Well, BB.. sure sounds a lot more upbeat in your plans than earlier posts. Was getting worried about you. Glad you are gonna get up and get moving!!!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  4. did you know that the cows in W.V. have shorter legs on one side of their bodies so they can stand straight up while walking around the mountains?

  5. I've never caught a big bass, and I suck at fishing for the fish in this area.

    I wish it would get up to 70 degrees here, other than for three days during the summer.

  6. The halibut derby is coming up soon, the winner will bring in about 150 pounder.

  7. Don't think I will ever make it to West Virginia, whether winter or summer...don't matter have no desire to be that far up north.

    Falcon Lake is up because Amistad released a lot of water the past couple of weeks.