Saturday, February 25, 2012

Had a dizzy day

Yesterday sometime, I made a mistake. Was it something I ate or was it something I did? I'll have to walk away from something I ate and take tiny steps away from something I did. Oatmeal don't cause ya to be dizzy an' have high blood pressure. And tak'n a long nap don't neither.

I been read'n lots of blogs bout the rising cost of gasoline/diesel an' come to the conclusion.....it ain't gonna go down when up is easier. So it's said, as fuel prices go up, so will the cost of everything else. I find that to be true. As just normal people, we have nothing to say or anything to do with price increases. It's all in the hands of those that profit from "gouging" the public at the turn of the hat. Watch Wall Street bounce back and forth over any little thing that happens in the world. Mary Margaret got pregnant.....Wall Street goes down. Bill Johnson's wife had a hysterectomy, Wall Street goes up. Yeah, silly stuff controls our economy. Actually, it's all speculation as to what may happen.

Dang, it was cold this morn'n (45 degs at bout 7am).  Rained last night too. Mess up my road down to the lake. Probably ain't no fish down there no hows....but it sure is relax'n to sit down there sip'n a cup an' do some think'n.

Speak'n of sit'n by the lake relax'n, it were back in bout '68 I drove my beautiful 1956 Ford down to the beach in Port Aransas.
Look just like this one only it were solid red..........

I were chas'n ghost crabs and drink'n beer.

 Waked up the next morn'n, after the tide come in, doors wide open, with salt water slosh'n round in the car. "Holy crap Billy Bob, this ain't no boat ya know".

There was a crowd of people up on the beach as I climbed out in 2 feets of water....probably wonder'n what I were do'n driv'n round out there in the surf. Took 4 hour to finally get that car out and up on the beach. And then the damn thing wouldn't start. In less than a year that beautiful '56 Ford was a rust bucket sit'n in a local junk yard. What's the moral of the story? Don't drink and chase ghost crabs on the beach.

I been think'n bout my blog. What I gonna do with it. In the last 2 years I have pretty much give a full account of my life through stories and just everyday experiences. There ain't much left. Everybody knows me, where I come from and what I did. Granted, I still have a few faithful followers what check in every day, drop a comment from time to time, but the blog is missing something. Gonna have to do some think'n bout that.
2:30pm.....bored myself into a nap.
But before I did that, I put me on a pot of 15 beans soup with a bunch of ham chunks.

Be done in bout another hour. Smell just like heaven in "da house" Wonder what it gonna smell like after I eats me up a couple bowls that stuff.

Another note.....I don't got no intention on closing my blog. I just got to do some figger'n on how to get it back to what it were before things went from exciting to boring.


  1. This blog fits right in with the email i sent you!
    I feel the same about my blogs, seems not much to say, and they have become boring. Not gonna quit tho, just might not do em every day. I look forward to yours, so plz don't quit.

  2. I'm another one who feels I don't have much to say anymore. But BB, you can say nuthin' and make us laugh, so keep up whatever magical thing it is that you're doing.

  3. Trouble, like I tole ya before, you have plenty to say and do a purty good job of it.

    Gypsy, same goes for you as Trouble. I enjoy read'n bout your projects with the house. Wish I had me a project as well.

  4. Dang, Bill Bob, if'n you need a project, I got plenty of them that my wife gave me to do. Some I have been able to put off for years, but more keep building up. . . Please don't quit blogging. You are an inspiration and a source of my daily laugh and feel good time. Thanks for being you, take care of the blood pressure.

  5. BB, get them carotid arteries looked at. Ya might have a plug in one, causin' the dizziness. It ain't only coronary arteries we needs to be concerned with.

    I like yer blog and visit daily, even though I ain't subscribed. I haz it in mah bookmarks to look at. I get a kick out of might near all you write.

    I 'specially like stories about when you're kickin' "that jeep," or the "bubba boat" gets a leak and near drowns ya. I also enjoyed the projects like yer solar oven and the paddle wheel boat build.

    I understand what ya mean about runnin' outta things to say and such. Of the few blogs I read each day, yours is one of 'em, tho.

    So, it's up to you if'n ya wanna quit but just know there's some of us out here that actually pay attention and would probably miss it... at least for a few days. ;)

  6. Keep doing what you are doing, and we will keep coming here to see!!!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  7. Heck Billy Bob,come on over to Austin and we will hunt some of them Jack Rabbits that I talked about on my blog.
    I enjoy reading your blog every day. Makes a bad day good.

  8. Well had to go take a look over in rvsue blog,,hahahah u stirred up a hornet's nest! I felt the same way! Practice what u preach.
    And just who is that Chuck? lololol.

  9. Somebody in a Casita did not like being called on her on rules. Well done.

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  11. Old gun slingers like to go out slinging. :-)

  12. Just keep on writing your blog. Enjoy each entry. Don't even think about quitting!

  13. Billy Bob this is not the first time you feel dizzy, you might want to have that checked out.

    Even if you have nothing to say, you have a very unique way of saying it and you make me laugh. Does that make any sense?

    I have always told you that you missed your calling, you should of been a comedy writer for some late night talk shows :D

  14. Been awhile since I dropped in. I like your blog, it feels like visiting a friend who has a good sense of humor and can laugh at himself and the world. Love your new blog header...that place looks familar...where is it?

  15. Billy Bob,

    You made just one mistake when you called out RVSue, the 'rules' that she has established are for people that wish to visit HER. She says that other people need an invitation before visiting her she NEVER said that she needed an invitation before she visits them.