Saturday, February 4, 2012


Boy howdy, it's almost winter time in south Texas. But you watch, old Billy Bob ain't gonna say nuttin bout it 'cause it's been in the 70's and 80's for the last few weeks. Ya cain't beat that wit a stik.

I been roll'n round in my mind to go to a new camp'n area not 35 mile from here. It's on the highway between Aransas Pass and Port Aransas. But, like most boondock'n spots in Texas, there are drawbacks. The area in mind is right next to the water....on sand and dirt. Very good possibility of get'n stranded if'n it rains. Oh poop, it's rain'n....so that idea is gonna be put on hold. In fact, any ideas to move "Sally da house" is gonna be put on hold until winter is over.....or close to over.

Oh yeah before I forget......bells, whistles, fireworks an' all that stuff.....Jane is my 100th follower.
Welcome Jane........

Bet ya didn't know that me and OFM Barney had lunch together yesterday did ya? We went down to the Butter Churn....or something like that, here in Sinton and stuffed our faces with sum good eat'n. Took a spin up to the golf course an' sit out under a great big ol' oak tree talk'n bout what, where an' when. Decide we was gonna attempt a round of 9 holes sometime this week to test our talents of "golf ball swak'n". That's gonna be a pretty picture with both us all cripple up from household chores of fix'n stuff. Weather forecast ain't look'n too good, but what the hell, I've swaked golf balls in the snow before.

Just a quickie bout Blogger. The 3 blogs what been giv'n me problems seem to be fine this morn'n. Well almost. The little comment winder or what ever you call it didn't appear until after I hit reset....then there it was. Thanks to BBC for the learn'n experience on the f5 key to reload/refresh a page. Cool!!! Didn't know that.


  1. The way we played last time, 9 holes will be 2 hours of lots of hard work moving dirt and chasing little white balls that went the wrong way. Bout a hunnert miles of walking even when we had a cart.

  2. Wow, if'n what Barney says is true, I am sure glad I don't play golf and never have and probably never will. Would rather be fish'n.

  3. You know better than that Barney. You gonna hav'n folks think'n we rookies (girls) an' can't swak a golf ball.

    Dizzy, when was the last time ya wet a hook? Golf'n is kind of like fish'n. Ya cast the lure, swak a ball, in the general direction ya think there's a fish, t'wards the green, in the water, fareway. Then ya cast again, golfers second shot, to get a little closer to where the fish is at, on the green. Now all ya got to do is set the hook, putt, and reel that sucker in, ball drops in hole.
    See how simple and like fish'n golf is?

  4. Congratulation on your 100th follower Billy Bob.

    I am a little jealous though. You told me I was your first blog follower and I did not get bells and whistles ((me with a sad face and a tear))

  5. If we get one 80 degree day here in a summer it's a fucking miracle. I get so tired of 50 and 60 degree days.

    Not to mention all the damn rain.

  6. Hey BB I betcha if'ns ya keep on typin yer jibberish you'll get a hunnert more folks follerin' ya. I enjoy yer bloggin!