Saturday, February 18, 2012

Falcon Lake State Park blues....

I really ain't in no mood this morn'n. And yesterday morn'n neither. But here goes nuttin, I'm gonna write another blog post.

I rekon the first and probably the most important item in everybody's mind this morning is "two word verification". If'n ya read as many blogs as I do, you will find....everybody is pissed off with the new change to something that worked perfect. The simplest solution is to turn the damn thing slap off. Google has an excellent spam filter, so word verification is not necessary. I'll wait right here while all ya go do that.

I ain't got much to say bout Falcon Lake that would make another rv'er pack up and head this way. Yesterday was terrible....rain and mist'n all day long....no sunshine. But.....if'n you're a fisherman, now is the time to pack up and head this way. And if'n you have a hanker'n for wild critters roam'n round in your yard, pack up and head this way. Had a whole herd of javelina in the yard this morn'n eat'n up some chunks of bread I throwed out there for the birds.
If'n ya look close, ya can see the dust from the rest of the herd in the bushes.

Speak'n of pigs, did I ever tell ya bout the time........I were liv'n in Aransas Pass, Texas back in the late 60's and we had this pig what we was gonna butcher an' eat. But first we had to catch him. Well, old Billy Bob was a pig catcher from way back, "Git out the way, I'll get 'em". I was chase that pig all over the place an' he done went up under the house....not "Sally da house". I reaches up under there and grab holt of his leg....gonna pull him right slap out from under there. Now that pig is really get'n fiesty, fight'n mad. I were sit'n on the ground pull'n with all I had, when that pig turn round and clamp his teeth on my brand spank'n new cowboy boots. Plumb near bite one heel plumb off. Papa Mike was wait'n there with a ball peen hammer to smak that pig a goodern...and get my foot loose from that pigs mouth. Pork steak, eggs an' fried taters for breakfast in da morn'n.

Today appears to be a much better day than what yesterday was. Sun is out an' got the door wide open. Sadie Mae on a rope watch'n for critters. Wind is blow'n a bit though. If'n I was to put the "bubba boat" in the water, I gonna be in Mexico in nuttin flat look'n for a way to get back to the US side. Blow'n purty good ya know.

Ain't got a thing planned for the day. Shower here in a bit, maybe see bout do'n some clothes wash'n, cruise round the park....hell I don't know. Oh, did I tell ya "that jeep" is got a new noise? Gotta love "that jeep"....keep me on my toes. Now what the hell is wrong with it???

Ok...things to do.....laters.


  1. OMG LOVE your header pic! Really liked the other one too, but this one is fantastic! Little Sadie Mae,,doing her guard dog thang..ran those hogs slap dab off, didnt she?
    Changed my word thing BEFORE i read your blog,,,lol. Only reason i put it on was so much spam in my email,,dont know if it makes a difference or not.

  2. Be careful the coyotes don't get Sadie May. I will turn off the word verification and see how it goes.

  3. You have a way of telling a story that makes it seem like I was right there watching it all.

    "that jeep" sure likes to mess with your mind and your money.

    Thank you for turning off the 2 word verification.

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  5. Cool lookin' riverboat ya got there by the door! You build that yerself?