Friday, February 24, 2012

Catch'n fish an' good eat'n

This fish catch'n photo is for the "nay sayers". Careful examination of the photo is living proof that the use of photo editing software did not occur. The reason of posting this pic of my last catch is due to those that question my word as to "catch'n up a fish". Now do ya believe me??? I'm a old redneck kinda guy and have no reason to lie bout such things as catch'n fish. I'll leave it at that....but still fum'n at the gills over the non believers.

Went down to the lake early yesterday morn'n think'n I were gonna catch me up some them big ol' bass fishes in a feed'n frenzy....catch me up a whole stringer full. That what I were think'n anyhows, but that ain't what happen. Didn't catch a dad burn thing. Ya see, it were all foggy yesterday morn'n....sky fill up with nasty look'n clouds an' stuff. It were so foggy I couldn't see where my fish pole lure was land'n. After I catch me up a couple ol' dead trees, I gave it up to the professionals.....in their $30,000 bass fish'n boats.

Back at "da house", I cook me up some that left over steak from the other night along with 4 over easy and some buttered toast. Sadie Mae got her fair share.

Then after a nice day of do'n nuttin, I went back down to the lake bout 4:30pm.....think'n again ya know, I were gonna catch me up a bunch of fish. What I didn't. See a few little ones come to the surface...not much bigger than the lures I was chunk'n, flap their lips at me, wave and go back underwater. Stayed there a couple hour, throw'n different lures an' ain't never catch nuttin. "Ya gotta git in a boat Billy Bob....git in a boat".

Some ya ain't never see my "bubba boat, have ya? Well here it are in all it's glory.
Photo taken at Inks Lake State Park.

This is the area I am fish'n in. Dad burn silly birds is eat'n up all my fish....Ain't no wonder I ain't catched none.

Let me tell ya bout the pork chop I brewed up last night.....long with another one them baked taters. What I did was sprinkle some my special Billy Bob BBQ seasoning (secret recipe) and some Grill Creations Smokey Mesquite season'n on it. Grill that sucker up on super high heat till it start to catches on fire. Hot damn.....I gonna do that again. Sadie Mae got the left overs.... tater skin and the rest of the bone I didn't eat.

Holy crap, what go'n on this morn'n?  Wind is blow'n a hunnert mile a hour. Like I always says...."what ya gonna do now Billy Bob"? I rekon I could run down to Walmart...bout 50 mile down the road, but I don't need nuttin. I rekon I better leave that decision for laters when I'm awake and function'n to full capacity. I got my doubts that that will happen today.....full capacity is what I'm talk'n bout.


  1. I loved that picture of you and the bass. Now that made my day for sure!!! You always have way of making me laugh.

  2. Did I miss the part about putting that new rebuilt life time starter in "that Jeep" I wanted to hear how much skin you tore off your hands.

    I spent all day yesterday crawing around under the MH fixing the rear leveling jacks. I was so sore this morning I could hardly get out of bed.

    Be careful in that Bubba Boat.

  3. Dizzy, it's my lifes dream to tickle everybody's gizzard.

    River, I ain't put that new starter on yet. I have all the confidence in the world that my "fix" on the old one will last. But, just in case, all the necessary tools to make an emergency replacement are in "that jeep".

  4. I gots three boats but my 16 footer is the only one I use anymore.

  5. You silly silly goose jajajajaja...lol, I have been laughing like a mad woman!!

    Billy Bob next time you try playing with photo editing software you might try using a guy as thin as yourself so it is more believable jajajajaja :D