Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A visit from "cone nose"

Holy crap....I were sit'n here, sip'n a cup and a big ol' bug crawls across the table. What the hell is that? I seen a pic of one these one time.....hmmmm, google cone nose beetle. Yup, that what it were....squished that sucker good. What the hell he do'n in "da house"? He belong outside with all the other critters.

Yesterday was a good day. The 280 mile trip up here went as planned. Pulled out of Lake Fayette Park at 10:30am pointed north. After mile after mile of hilly narrow back roads, I arrived at Tawakoni State Park at 5pm. It was a beautiful drive if ya like look'n at fences and trees. Never see so many white fences in my life.

When I arrived the temp was sit'n right on 108 to 109 degs....boy howdy I mean to tell ya....that's hot. Drove around the park bout three times look'n for a "great" campsite before I picked out a "mediocre". If'n ya look real close, ya can see the lake through them trees over there. I picked this "mediocre" site 'cause it's close to the boat ramp and swim'n an picnic'n  area.

After I brung that "bubba boat" air tube in "da house" to attempt to locate the leak.....what I didn't, I took it down to the boat ramp and sunk it. Still no leak....what the hell??? Now my thoughts are to fill that sucker with water and see where the water come out. If'n air leaks out, wouldn't water leak out??? What ya think????

OK....time to go see the nice lady at the headquarters office....or what ever they call it, pay my dues for a week. Sip me up a cup and wait for the cooler weather to get here.....come on cold front. A big Texas norther...yeah!!!

The following photos is for Gypsy and Trouble............
 The first one is of the air tube removed from the boat to find a leak. Not a water leak silly....a air leak. Ya got to blow this thing up with air ya know.
This photo is of the air tube all blowed up after I changed the old patches what I put on it last week, or so, at Inks Lake. I filled that long sucker half full of water, topped off with a hunnert pound of air, sit back sip'n a cup and wait'n for that water come out. It never did....not a drop. So I drain all the water out, yank the old patches off'n there and replaced with brand spank'n new ones....same brand, same color. If'n ya look really close, you can see them little green patches just above the battery. Burn 2 little hole in there with a cigarette ya know. "NO SMOKING in da boat Billy Bob".

Got my yard raked, awning out, a couple chairs out and been work really hard on that air tube.
It's been a good morning.
107 degs at 2:10pm.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"da house" departs

Well here it is departure day and I ain't at all excited. It's more like work than an adventure. But that's ok....I been on these kind'a trips before. In a couple months I can look back and say...."you had a good trip Billy Bob". But in the mean time......

Boy howdy, that slide out had me worried last night. It was strain'n and groan'n like a hunnert year old Beatty, Nevada prostitute. Finally it was in. Got everything loaded up ready to hit the road again. Gotta be out of here in 2 hours. What I got left to do is a 10 minute job, but old Billy Bob will make it an hour...you can bet your paycheck on that. I always say, don't rush into something that can be done after while. Plus coffee breaks ya know.

Well that "bubba boat" air tube still has air in it this morning. Ok....so where's the freak'n leak?

I haven't really changed my mind yet, but I fount me another lake that caught my eye. As you know, I had decided to move a few miles north look'n for cooler weather. Just a few mile from "Bob from Athens" house is Lake Tawakoni where I am headed to. But just down the road a piece is another lake....Cooper Lake. Out of the 2, I should find a place, as Barney the OFM would say, "hav'n toooo much fun".

My son decided to jump in with both feets and start up hisself a blog. Now you got to understand, my son Billy is just like his daddy.....and he's a Georgia cop. His theme for the blog is "down at the jailhouse" or something like that. Should be some good read'n once he learns how to blog. I should say something bout his partner Britt here, but I'm not sure if he's a Georgia redneck or not. Ya see, ya can say stuff to a redneck and they don't get "all puffed up" and offended. But if he's one them thin skin folk from across the tracks....well you know what I'm talk'n bout. Good luck with your blog Billy Boy.

Ok...things to do.....see ya down the road a piece.

Holy crap Billy Bob, you way up the road....somewheres. Now how the hell I did that, I don't know.... I turn to the left when I should'a go straight. But it don't matter, all roads go to the same place. I'm about to get on Interstate 45 here in a few minutes. Look like I'm bout half way there....where ever there is at.  No, I can't be that far....shoot it were 275 mile to Lake Tawikoni and I been on the road for 2 hour. I'm think'n I only made 100 mile in them 2 hours. Ain't it wonderful to drive the back roads of Texas? Weren't nuttin to take a pic of, so forget it. Up and down road all the way, but some beautiful fences along the road. Somebody got some bucks.

Ok....gone on down the road. See ya laters....somewheres

"Well shoot Billy Bob, I knowed ya could do it". After 7 hours sit'n behind that wheel, steer'n 22,000 pounds down the road with a 6,000 pound tag along behind (called a toad), ya made it. Took me forever to pick out a campsite. Ain't none them close to the water, but I'm real close to the picnic area and boat ramp. Both are on the water. Or I suppose they are....lake is 5.5 feets low.

Now, that nice lady tole me on the phone that they catch'n fish all around the State Park. That's good news to me, but the bad news is that "bubba boat" still has a leak. It's 108 degs out there so I ain't look'n for no leak till it cool down some. Maybe bring the tube in "da house" and search for it. Bubble water all over the floor and carpet.....yeah, that'll work.

I gonna go move that picnic table soon nobody is look'n. Put it where I want it. It's way too far for old Billy Bob to walk....way over there by the fire pit. May have to break out the rake....get them leaves out my yard.

Anyhows, I reserved this site for a whole week. Only on the nice ladies word that the fish'n was excellent and I would just "love" the lake. Well hell, I ain't even see the lake yet. I'm sooo freak'n easy!!!

About internet connection. It ain't good. I have one little bar on my Verizon air card. If I don't make a post tomorrow, you know the reason why.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Dazed and confused

So much a'do bout these damn critter bites I got. I do appreciate all the suggestions and remedies, but I got to figger out what it is before I can fix it. I've had chiggers before, and like MsB says, they suck. But I don't think it's chiggers. I have only two bite in my lower extremities, that would be my ankles and feets. Four bites on my left arm with a brand spank'n new one this morning.  One bite on my right hand. Does that sound like chiggers???  What ever it is, them critters knowed what they was do'n....."let's keep that Billy Bob feller awake at night...he ain't miserable enough with just the heat".

One more little tid bit on them bites. That little hole I was tell'n ya bout, well at 3am I got up, takes a toothpick, sticks it in that little hole.....holy crap that hurts. Then I start squeez'n. Water come out that little hole....or something like that. Then the pain subsided. What the hell????

Now, as I always say...."what ya gonna do now Billy Bob"? I gonna tell ya right now, I ain't hav'n fun like I was expect'n. I got to think'n bout that and come to the conclusion.....old men should stay at home, eat oatmeal, take their Geritol, turn out all the lights and sleep. How exciting is that? But that's about what I been do'n for the last week. I don't want to move on to the next destination (???) 'cause I know what to expect when I get there.

As you know, I been travel'n east and a southerly direction. Actually, I could almost spit on Houston...if'n I had a slight breeze behind me. Steven F. Austin State Park is out of the question for a next stop. They booked up full. So here I sit with walk'n papers in my hand to leave tomorrow.

Ok, so let's look at what we got here. Poor old "bubba boat" is just sit'n out there on the picnic table. And you know, "bubba boat" is designed to be in the water do'n a hunnert mile a hour. That's what this trip was all about....get wet, catch a fish and have an adventure. But I got options. This was a planned 3 month trip. One month is dead and gone. I were gonna say it was a wasted month, but it ain't been.....I had a wonderful 2 weeks at Inks Lake State Park. One option is to head north bout 300 mile or so. I could be there in a couple days. I could jump my ass on I-10 and head back to Deming...stop'n along the way to enjoy another couple weeks of 105 degs plus temps. Or I could just continue on south to Port Aransas to the pure gold (99.999%) humidity. What ever I do it will probably be a bad decision one way or the other.

Boy howdy, is today's blog gonna be a long one or what? That what happen when ya sit in "da house" all day long with nuttin better to do. It's only 94 degs outside so maybe I better head for "da porch, sip a cup and do some think'n.
Be back laters......

See, I tole ya....I'm back. Now for the bad news. While I were sit'n out there on "da porch" just mind'n my own business, I get a hairy idea to put the "bubba boat" in the water since it were still kind of cool. I reaches up to grab a holt of it and "what the hell....where my air go"? The tube with the repaired hole in it has sprung a leak. Now don't that just shaft ya? Took a couple days for it to go down a little, so I ain't gonna "disassemble" it till I get to my next stop. Just a minor thang.

Speak'n of next stop, I were look'n on Wondermap and fount some cooler weather. Gonna be in the mid 90's in bout 4 more days. Lake Tawakoni bout 60 mile east of Dallas and 260 mile north of where I at now. I can be there in bout 2 or 3 days. If the State park is full up for Labor Day, I'll have to find a cheap rv park and wait it out. Done that before.

Got a word for ya today what I ain't hear in a long time....behunst. That means behind.

I just come back from read'n Troubles blog where she were mak'n a cake. Thought I would post my Cherry Chocolate Cake recipe for ya'all to give a try.
-------*popsters hand-made scratch cherry choc. cake*-------
Go to Walmart and buy a cheap $.97 cake mix, yaller or chocolate will do, a
can of cherries fer pie fill'n(Comstock), a can of that chocolate fudge frosting stuff
and three eggs if you don't have any at home.
The way I do it is to put all that stuff in a big old stew pot. Then I
mix the hell out of it with a egg flapper thingy. Don't be puttin no
water in there or you gonna have youself a huge mess. I use that egg
flapper cause that's all I got that will get it out of that big ol' pot.
Ya puts it in a greased up and floured pan, pop it in the oven and
walla, you be a bonified cake bak'r just like old red neck Billy Bob. I
lets it cool for 10 minutes afore I put on gobs of that frosting stuff. If ya
wait too long, it won't run down the sides and into the cracks.
Nothing left to do but jump in with a big spoon and eat em up!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Woke up to another beautiful morning.....after a terrible nights sleep. Ya see, it's like this.....there been some kind of bugs bit'n on me. There a little hole where they took a chomp out me and then the bites turn red, itch up a storm and feel like somebody stick me with a 16 penny nail. First off, it ain't skeeters, although I have seen a few. It ain't ants. I seen a bunch of little bitty black spiders run'n round, so I'm think'n maybe it's them what been chew'n on me. There ain't nuttin else run'n round here.....just skeeters, ants and little bitty spiders.

Went off fish'n again last night. Caught me up bout a dozen big ol' bite size perches or something like that.....probably bluegill. Boy howdy let me tell ya, it were hot out there. I was sweat'n up a storm like one them stuffed hogs. Had to go back to "da house" it were so hot. Weather forecast says today is gonna be "super hot" so old Billy Bob ain't gonna be outside too much. I ain't complain'n ya know, but this crap sucks.

Fount me another super good look'n place to go camp'n an' fish'n when I leave here. Called Coleto Creek Park on the Coleto Creek Reservoir just down the road a piece from Victoria, Texas. But, there is a problem with that. First off the fees are outrageous ($34 a night). I'm think'n old Billy Bob deserves just about what ever his little heart desires, but....holy cows, $34 a night??? What ya think?? Secondly, there is Labor Day weekend com'n up. I ain't gonna spend much time think'n bout it till after I give them a call about reservations. I don't normally do reservations, but this may be an occasion of "have to".  

Ok....gotta get off my ass and do something...even if it ain't right. Go outside, sit on "da porch", sip a cup and do some think'n.
Check back laters....

Not only did I get me a nice nap, I done some more research on cooler places to go and I figger, I ain't got no place to go where it ain't miserabl. My God, everywheres I look it 105 degs plus. Down on the island (Port Aransas) it's 97 degs today. now if'n ya ever been in 97 degs with 85%+ humidity, you know what miserable is. That why Barney left that area.

Maybe this global warming thing ain't a hoax after all. Although I think it is, but then I'm not a democrat....oops, that could be a political statement. Sorry!!! 


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Black Vulture warning

I read lots of different blogs, other than the ones over there on the right. There are some really pitifully unhappy people out there. They vent the frustrations of their own miserable life, only to "rune" (ruin) the day for the reader. They will make statements on their blog that they would never have the balls to say to another face to face. Disgusting....that what it is. "Dang Billy Bob, you gonna piss somebody off".

Ok, what happened last night?  Went to bed early, pet that damn dog, lay down on my pillow and eyes wide open for hours. Ya see, I got this "catch" in my shoulder what just won't go way. Been there for bout 3 months now. I'm think'n it's a pulled muscle....corpral tunnel shoulder????.....ever hear of that?? Then bout 3am I got this urge to heave my supper from last night. No, it weren't a good night at "da house".

Last nights closing pic......the photo doesn't do justice of what I seen with my eyes.

Don't know what I gonna do today. After last night, all I want to do is lay down and "do nuttin". The "bubba boat" is still blowed up this morning, so I rekon them leaks is repaired. Had no doubts.

Broke out the grill last night and burnt me up some chicken. As I recall, I had made an adjustment to the regulator back in Deming so I could burn steak on the lower rack. Well, my chicken caught fire on the upper rack. Readjustment were made for 350 degs what is perfect for chicken. Now tonight I plan on burn'n me up a steak, baked tater and an ear of corn.

They have a warning here at Fayette Lake Oak Thicket campground. Beware of black vultures. It seems that black vultures find vinyl a delicacy. Eat them wiper blades right off'n your winder wipers. Put chips in your pait job eat'n dead bugs. Leave a window open in the car and expect holes in the seats and dash. Stuff left outside can be destroyed while you're off fish'n or tak'n a hike.  Here some just wait'n on old Billy Bob to leave camp.

Ok....gonna see what this day has in store for me....laters

As expected, today has been a lay back day. Sat outside till I started sweat'n. This heat is terrible. But lets talk bout that for a minute....I ain't got nuttin else to do. Everybody knows it hot in Texas yet they still complain "it's too hot". 

When I started this trip, I knew it was the wrong time of the year for a trip through Texas. I knew bout all the dried up lakes, the drought and bout the heat wave across Texas. And here I am, right slap dab in the middle of it all. So why do I complain 'cause I can't go out and do stuff? Human nature I would suppose. If it was cold, you would hear me complain bout "it's too cold". Anyhows, I ain't gonna complain no more. I brung it on myself. Now I got to live with it. So today was another beautiful day....even if it was 107 degs a few hours ago and I had to spend the better part of the afternoon in the house with the AC set on 78 degs "do'n nuttin".

Bout 7pm I'm gonna go out there and fire up that grill. Got my steak all defrosted, tater laid out and the corn ready for the micro. My old girlfriend Vickie, rest her soul, taught me how to make a perfect baked tater. Ya put it in a bowl of water, just enough to cover it, and nuke it for 8 minutes. Cut it open, fill it with butter and garlic and wrap that sucker in foil for 15 minutes on the grill.

Maybe I better start dinner right now and plan on a fish'n trip later. Try for a catfish tonight. What ya say bout that?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Rest and relaxation........

Boy howdy let me tell ya....old Billy Bob made a good choice of places to visit. For some of ya, you would probably not like Oak Thicket Park, but old Billy Bob is ate up with it. It's secluded, trees all around, quiet and most of all, a very relaxing destination to just lay back, sip a cup and "do nuttin".

Took a cruise around the park yesterday....what didn't take very long. Ended up toss'n some lures over there by the boat ramp. Caught me up a nice size bluegill....or something like that and a big ol' not quite keeper size bass.
This is the trail I took a short hike on. I say short 'cause it were only 50 or 60 yards long.
Here is where it led me to.
 And this very nice look'n fish'n pier. Let me tell ya bout this fish'n pier. I walks out there, just mind'n my own business, tak'n pics and stuff and "holy crap"....waspers come out from under that pier.....they was out to do some sting'n on old Billy Bob......what was haul'n tail right fast like off'n that pier. Never spill a drop my coffee.

Gonna break out the "bubba boat" after while and see if'n my patches will hold air. Over by the boat ramp is a delicious look'n place to catch me up a passel of fish. Don't even need a hunnert horsepower motor for over there.....see....lookie here
Ok, gonna go outside, sit on "da porch", sip a cup and put "bubba boat" back together.

Whoa boy howdy....I sweat'n like a bore hog.....or something like that. Smell like a goat.....shower maybe?
Ok, "bubba boat" is all put back together. Ain't no air leak'n out....that I can tell. Made a slight modification to the motor mount an' took that damn "gunny sack" look'n thing off the back of the seat. Naturally I broke one the mount clips.....DUH!!! Now I got to make some modifications to the back of "that jeep" so I can load "bubba boat" in there all blowed up and ready to go. Golf clubs, where I gonna put my golf clubs?

Did someone say NAP?

Here's to the end of another beautiful day. The sun is bout to go down. Done went fish'n. Ain't catched a thing. 
Seen a whole herd of elk on the way back from the fish'n place. This is the head honcho of them all. His wimmins are out there in the field pee'n in the grass and mak'n fools of themselves.
Speak'n of elk.....I have not seen a single bird or a critter of any kind in my camp. There are no critters at all. What the hell is the deal with that?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rain drops fall'n.....

I hadn't been in camp for an hour and this great big ol' wind start blow'n. Off in the distance I see lightning. The sky is cloud'n up. What the hell is go'n on???? I want you lookie here at that wind.
Well holy cows, now it's rain'n. Not just a little teaser sprinkle, but honest to goodness rain. That took care of my ride around the park for the evening. 
And then....when I got up this morning, it was rain'n again. So now, we back to square one, "what ya gonna do now Billy Bob"?

Ok, gonna go jump in "that jeep" and take a cruise around the park.  Laters.....

Well that sure didn't take long. Parts of the park are closed off so no way to see it all. What I did see is not favorable enough to spend another day at Rock Creek Park on Lake Somerville. Next stop, bout 45 miles to the south. Hope for internet signal when I get there.

I'm out of here.....
Now I'm back in of here right bout 2pm.
Location, Oak Thicket Park on Fayette Lake.
Foun't me a nice "in da trees" camp'n site for the next 5 days. I got 1 bar on my cell phone (T-Mobile) and zero bars on my Verizon air card. But I'm connected...slow as it may be. Now I'll attempt to upload a couple pics....

Boy howdy, I thinks I'm gonna like this place. It's a constant level lake and gots a gazillion fish in it. Checked for a launching area for "bubba boat", but it ain't look'n too good. Banks are covered with all kind of weeds, saplings and not tell'n what else lives in there. You think old Billy bob gonna go traips'n through that stuff....you nuts. I didn't ask the sweet old lady bout wild critters, but I bet ya there are some watch'n me right now just wait'n to take a chunk out my leg. Scare hell out me...that what it would do. Scream'n like a little girl child. Do old men still remember how to scream??? Ha ha, put me face to face with a snake in the same water I'm in and we'll see how my memory is.
At Somerville Lake they warned me bout, bob cats, coyotes, 4 poisonous snakes, foxes, raccoons and possible mountain lions. HUH???? What they talk'n bout, there ain't no mountains in this part of the country.

Just behind my camp site is a trail. Wonder where it goes? Gonna pull a Barney (OFM) and follow it. Take the camera Billy Bob. 

Trip details for 8-24-11
Starting odometer 32241.6
Ending odometer 32391.5
Total miles driven 149.9 miles
Trip counter 912
Gas at Rockdale, Tx....30 gallon....$105.00

Total miles today....53 miles
Trip counter...965

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The dark side....

"Holy crap Billy Bob, it's dark out there". Yep, you guessed it, I got up way to freak'n early this morning. There ain't nobody what gets up before the sun comes up.....is there? If so, my question is WHY??? What the hell can you do in the dark?

Got most everything done for my exciting trip today. Check the oil and stuff, tires look Ok, trash is out, water tank filled, "bubba boat" all stowed....ain't much left to do. A few dishes to wash up, bring in the slides, crank up and go. Sounds simple enough.

If any of ya happen to be hang'n around a corner hold'n one them "work for food" signs and ya see "da house" com'n down the road, give me a wave. I'll stop and buy ya a cup...and a bite to eat. Look'n like I gonna be driv'n through Georgetown somewheres bout early afternoon. Headed to.....still don't know.

Ok, I got my route all plan out. I'm headed to Lake Somerville to check it out. If I don't like it, I'll move south to Lake Fayette. And if I don't like that...."now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"?

Everything all pack up and stowed. All I got to do is hook up "that jeep" and head for the dump station....then "on the road again".

Oh, forgot to tell ya....went over there to the park store and bought me up some stick on patches for that Dracula bite in "bubba boat". Don't know if they gonna hold, but they sure are sticky. Like to never got one back off what had an air bubble under it. Fingers crossed. 

See ya down the road.....
Well that didn't last long. Didn't even get out of the park...well barely, and my auto park light come on. Now if you know anything about auto parking brakes, you know I got trouble. Once ya put it in park on the shifter, ya ain't go'n nowhere till you fix something. Well now, we talk'n bout old Billy Bob "the fix it man" can fix anything. I've had this same problem a few times before, so I carry a couple spare parts. Fortunately the one last spare was the one I needed. Replaced it and back "on the road again". In case you're interested, it was the "rotton green switch" (RGS) what controls the high pressure hydraulic emergency brake.

Guess since I'm sit'n here, I may as well fix me up a sammich. 

"OH look, Walmart....pull in....now". "look out that car"...."damn, ya almost hit that car". I'm sit'n in the Walmart park'n lot. Gonna go buy me some stuff. A few groceries and some fish'n toys. 108 degs out there.....holy cows. Half ways to where I go'n or something like that. Laters......

5:30....almost there. I may lose Verizon air card coverage.....so, see ya when I can.
6:30 and I'm here. Not where I wanted to be, but here at Rocky Creek Park. The YaddaYadda Creek Park was closed for construction. But it makes no difference, the lake has no freak'n water in it. I can put the "bubba boat" in the water, but it's a god awful long walk....like bout 250 feets.

As it cools off this evening....101 right now, I'll take a spin around the park in "that jeep"....look things over.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

All alone again

Now I remember.....'Life is tough, but it's tougher if you're stupid'.

The Old Fat Man pulled out early this morning.....headed west. I could'a swear he said 8am, but at 7am he were all hook up, Truck run'n and we was say'n "see ya round the next corner"....or something like that. Have a safe trip Barney.

I were sit'n out there on "da porch" sip'n a cup watch'n them fish jump. There some pretty good size fish out there. Don't know what they are, but they fish. I betcha someone what know all bout fish could tell me. Damn I gonna hate to leave here tomorrow. Inks Lake is like a wart....it grows on ya.

Not much to do today. Go up to the dump station and dump my gray and black water tanks. Fill up my fresh water tank. Check tire pressures, oil and stuff. Yep, it gonna be a boring day with out the "bubba boat".

Will see what trouble I can get into today....back laters.

"There ain't no use com'n back laters Billy Bob if'n ya ain't did nuttin".  That's about the size of it. Ate me up 2 big ol' ham and mater sammiches, lay down on the couch for a 30 minute nap an' wake up 3 hour later. Now that what I call a nap.

Still don't know where I go'n next, but I'm headed east. How I got myself so mixed up this trip, I'll never know. I never had this problem of "what ya gonna do now Billy Bob". I pretty much narrow it down to either Somerville Lake or Fayette Lake....even if it just to lay back and "do nuttin". I know how to do that ya know.


Monday, August 22, 2011

"bubba boat" is OofC

Well holy crap, here I were all the ways across the lake an' I starts sink'n. What the hell??? "bubba boat" has sprung a leak. Since I were sink'n, I figger it might ba a good idea to have a life jacket on....Billy Bob ain't too good a swimm'n feller. Got one arm in that thing and "look out Billy Bob, ya go'n in the water if'n ya keep that stuff up". So's here I am, sit'n in a sink'n boat, can't get into the life jacket on and shore is way to hell over there. So's I hangs one leg over the still inflated tube what make "bubba boat" float, put's that hunnert horsepower troll'n motor in high gear and heads home. Phhhhwwww!!!, just make it back....never spill a drop my coffee. That's what was important ya know.

Took all my stuff out an' throws that boat slap up on a picnic table where I commence to dismantle it......pull out that leak'n tube. Then I hauls all that stuff back to camp....damn I had a lot of junk in "bubba boat".....go get the car. Leak find'n time, but I ain't got no leak fix'n stuff when I do find it. Look like the "bubba boat" is dead.

Oh, did I mention I caught me up one some kind of big ol' "lunker" fish.... kinda like what old Barney caught? Only mine was a tad bigger. No, the fish did not try to sink my boat with all them big ol' sharp fins and stuff. Never let him get anywheres close to it.  Anyhows, he was on the other side where there weren't no leak. It's a mystery to me.

Ok....got things to do. Be back laters with details.

 Yup, there it are. From where I stand,'n, it look kinda like somebody been smok'n in a blow up boat. Further investigation is in order. Now as I recall.... when I were fight'n that big ol' lunker fish, I had a smoke hang'n out my lips. I musta got all excitis and drop some ashes and fire inside the boat. Next time I'll take me an ashtray along with me. I wonder if duck tape will fix that leak? It fix everything else. Damn, cigarettes sure can get expensive.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Yo Billy Bob...are ya tired yet?

Let me tell ya first thing off, if'n ya ain't never been retired, ya don't know what work is. I ain't tak'n bout manual physical labor, I'm talk'n bout brain work. You know, like what I always says..."what ya gonna do now Billy Bob"? Once ya retire, you gonna be think'n....what to do next, where to go, what to do with all this free time, what to do bout the heat, a warm winter get away.....holy cows, that a lot of think'n for one guy. It ain't like ya can just jump straight up in the air and do anything ya want or go anywheres ya want. Ya gotta put that brain to work....think it out.

That what Billy Bob been do'n....think'n things out. Do'n some research. I been get'n some suggestions on "where to go next" and don't ya go off think'n I ain't been consider'n each one. With Labor Day weekend com'n up, I can't just take off to "anywheres". I got to do some think'n bout all them people what gonna be there. Where I gonna find a camp'n site. Do I have to tote that "bubba boat" a half a mile to get to the water. Important stuff like that.....ya know.

And then, I'm run'n out of time. By now I should have caught me up a hunnert pound of fish from 3 different lakes, but no, old Billy Bob is stuck in the middle of Texas Hill Country. It ain't like I'm retired and can just go off gallyvant'n round the country. I got things to do. I miss "da porch" back in Deming ya know. And check on old "pesky neighbor" Wayne. Ain't hear from him in 2 weeks....no cell signal. And I can't call him cause he can't answer his phone. Maybe he can now but 2 weeks ago...no.

Ok, all this think'n has make me tired.....nap???

Just got back from a fish'n trip. I were troll'n a little spinner lure behind the "bubba boat" and my fish pole jump almost slap out the boat. Skeered hell out me. Reels it in and on the end was a big ol' catfish of some kind. Now I never hear of a catfish bit'n a fish lure, but this one did. And then an hour later I chatched me "lobster legs".
Damn it were hot out there.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Nuttin news

Well, I ain't got nuttin new to post today and half the day is gone.....pooooof, just like that.

Well, maybe that's not true....ya see, it's like this, my little ol' scrawny body hurt all over all day long. (I gonna pull an Obama here and place the blame anywheres other than myself.......is this a political statement???) It got to be that damn "bubba boat". "Oh yeah Billy Bob, blame all your ails on "bubba". Well.....what else can it be, I ain't done nuttin. And I sure as hell ain't gonna paddle that boat when it gots a hunnert horsepower troll'n motor mounted on the side. Fuel injected V8 big block Chivvylay 8.1 Vortec, 2 on the floor stick shift, positive traction propeller....you know what I'm talk'n bout. VaaRoooom....go a hunnert mile a hour.

Me and old Barney (OFM) was sit'n on "da porch" this morn'n discuss'n what we gonna do now and where we gonna go next. We runn'n out of things to do. Not that we really runn'n out of things to do, but it too damn hot after 11am up to bout 6pm. We both been lock'n our doors in the afternoon, tak'n a nap and enjoy'n the comforts of air condition'n. Anyhows, I ain't sure where Barney gonna go and I ain't sure where Billy Bob gonna go. With Labor Day week end com'n up, we gonna both be on the road. That's not good.

Joe Pool Lake State Park is look'n good for me, but it's close to Dallas, what mean....thousands of campers...holler'n and scream'n, fight'n over camp sites....yup, it would take a reservation for sure. So it look like old Billy Bob gonna be camp'n at Walmarts, truck stops, somebodys front yard and anywheres else I can find a place to pull over.

Oh yeah, did I mention I caught me up a big ol' hog mouth bass yesterday night. At least I can leave Inks Lake say'n..."I caught a fish".

In the mean time, I got to go take that "bubba boat" for another ride. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Water dawg

Yesterday I were sit'n here, mind'n my own business, when I hears this big ol' truck go whizz'n by bout a hunnert mile a hour. I says..."that look like Barney's truck". Sure enough it were. He parked right cross the street from me bout a quarter mile.

Who says Sadie Mae is skeered of boats and water?
photo furnished thanks to Barney (OFM)

Holy cows, it were one beautiful this morn'n when I roll out of bed. Me and old Barney was sit out there on "da porch" enjoy'n ever minute of it. Then Barney went off fish'n somewheres and old Billy Bob an' Sadie went for a boat ride. She do so good in the "bubba boat". Barney didn't do so good fish'n. But he see one he says. It was "this" big.

Cord'n to my temp thingy, it's 107 degs out there. But I think it closer to 105...ya never can tell bout these Walmart temp thingys...could be right, but mostly not.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fix'n "bubba boat"

 Ok already!!!!! So you're get'n tired of hear'n bout that damn "bubba boat". Well, it may not be much interesting or excit'n to you, but old Billy Bob is bout to pee his pants. This is what I do. I make stuff. I modify blow up boats and put hunnert horsepower troll'n motors on them so I don't have to paddle the damn thing. When I'm not do'n that, I let my mind wonder off on matters others would never give a thought to. I got to entertain myself ya know.....and this is the way I do it.
Now, while I were sit'n outside on "da porch" sip'n a cup a while ago, I got to think'n. What could wrong that "bubba boat" won't go straight. I break out a slide rule, cac-a-lator. fires up the computer and hot damn, it need more air. So's I take my little blow up boat air compressor down there and blows up "bubba boat"....again. Made a few adjustments to the motor mount thingy an' took 'er out for a spin....in a gale force wind (bout 8mph). "That much better Billy Bob" Now go catch a fish.

Speak'n of life jackets, no I ain't wear'n one. But it's in the boat just in case. 

Last night just before it got dark, I grab up my tackle box, a fish pole and head out across the lake. There just gotta be a fish over there. Trolled for a while....in circles.....damn boat won't go straight, never got a bite. But low gear is just what I was look'n for in a good troll'n speed. That's all I wanted to do....see how troll'n speed was.

I notice in Barney's (OFM) blog last night that he didn't reveal his plans. So I ain't gonna either.

I swear, I spend a good 6 hours yesterday research'n what my next destination is gonna be. I fount a couple places what look pretty promising, but nothing definite yet. Anyone ever been to Joe Pool lake? How bout the Fayette County Reservoir? Can't wait to get down to the Texas coast and catch me up some them spotted sea trout, better knowed as "specks". But it's still to early with the heat and god awful humidity. Maybe first week September I'll head that way.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Extend or not extend

Boy howdy, what a night. Toss and turn all night long, leg cramps and an ach'n back. And I don't have a thing to blame it on.

Don't know what gonna happen today, but I hope it's more than what happen yesterday. Yesterday was spent mostly inside do'n a little this and a little that....clean'n, read'n, and think'n. Think'n was the only success, if'n ya can consider indecision, confusion and a fog'n up a mind a success. Here what I been think'n, Texas is in a severe drought, the creeks all ran dry, ain't no water in the lakes, hotter than hell, an' I ain't excited bout "mov'n on. Maybe I'll just go talk to that nice lady up at Park Headquarters and see if I can stay right here for another week.

I had thought about pack'n up and head'n south to Port Aransas and the babes in bikinis on the beach. But guess what, it's hot in Port Aransas too....along with very high humidity. I should know after living there for 20 years and go'n back for a visit for the last 10 years after my retirement.

Now a word bout fish'n. The fish'n at Inks Lake ain't what you would call outstanding. Channel catfish seems to be the "catch of the day". And old Billy Bob ain't no catfisherman. Then you have the fish'n license to purchase. Problem is, Texas fish'n licenses expire in 14 days and then I got to buy another one. But....for an added fee, you can purchase a resident (what I are) fish'n license what is good for a year from date of purchase.....for $47. That what I gonna do.

Update on fish'n license.... If you purchase your license after Aug. 15th, your new license will not expire until Aug 31st 2012. $22 well spent for a all water fresh and salt fish'n license........"where da fish at Billy Bob"? Well hell, I don't know.

Ok, too late to change my mind. Extended my stay for another 7 days.

Sorry bout the 18 megabytes this video has, but I don't know how to make it smaller. Any ideas????
Holy cows, how do ya keep this thing go on a straight course? Yikes, look out, here come Billy Bob.
Ya see, it's like this.....the pump I have will only pump up to 1/2 pound pressure and the "bubba boat" needs to be pump up to 1 1/2 pound. It ain't rigid enough....or something like that. Got the battery on charge so's I can go a hunnert mile a hour......yeah......yeee haaa!

This is a test......

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Oh, just shut up

People what know me personally, know I don't talk much. Oh sure, I can sit down and write all day long, but to sit down to a conversation, I'm lost for words. I attribute this to "bring'n up". When I was a kid, we were taught to not speak unless spoken to. Old school for kids. Some parents teach their kids the finer arts of conversation, but old Billy Bob got a smack across his mouth and a "Oh, just shut up". So I didn't talk at all, except to my pet chicken and all the critters I would capture. As a teenager, I were a gabber jaw...always talk'n bout something. Mainly cars, drag rac''n, guns and girls....in that order. Then I join the Navy, got married and it started all over again...."Oh, just shut up". Every time I open my mouth to say something, my wife used to tell me "if you're gonna say something stupid, just shut up". So I just shut up 'cause I like to say stupid stuff. Stupid stuff is important ya know.

Up bout my usual time this morn'n, right after the sun come up. But ya can't see the sun come up from "da house" 'cause all the trees. The lake was slick as glass....perfect for a "bubba boat" ride. Well, by the time I got some coffee down, eat'em up some sausage an' eggs, get my other eye open, the wind start blow'n.

"Oh, just shut up Billy Bob". Ok, I'll be back laters.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Motor boat'n on da lake

Well shoot, here it is another day and I don't know where to start. First thing Sadie Mae done this morn'n was get tangle up in the tires. Had to crawl under there and unwrap two turns around the dual tires. Then when I crawl back out, I hit my head on the bedroom slide out....ouch!!! Then where do you suppose she got tangle up? Yup, front tire.....damn dog!!!

I left the "bubba boat" down there by that tree last night. It still there this morning. Gonna go put the battery on charge while I go paddle round a bit. Don't want to get stuck over there across the lake and have to paddle back. I'm sure I could use the practice, but damn, that's a long way across there.

I'm out of here till laters............

A while later....12 noon:

One last test run under paddle power.

Installed that 100 hp troll'n motor and battery and took a test run the "easy" way. Yup, this is the only way to fly. Left camera back at "da house", just in case I was to turn over....or something like that. Went 2/3rds across the lake in nuttin flat....bout a hunnert mile a hour. Tested both speeds. Low gear will be just fine for troll'n for fish and high gear will be just fine for hi speed drag boat rac'n. Now that what I'm talk'n bout. Will take pics next trip out on the open seas. Maybe even a short video, if'n I can figger out how to edit a video. Any ideas....anybody???

In the mean time....

Wooooo-eeeeee, I'm get too old for this kind of stuff. Wind were blow'n a gale 10 to 15 mile a hour. Had to put that thing in hi gear just to keep go'n foward. Didn't think I were ever gonna get back. And on top of that, the steer'n sucks. That "bubba boat" go where it want to go, not where it sposed to....like back to shore where I ain't gonna drown. It go this way and then it go'n that way, never in a straight line. Damn!!!
Anyhows, I took the camera with me, but before I could switch it over to "movie", I was headed to dangerous waters.....under tow and all that scary stuff. No movie an' no pics this trip. Maybe later when the wind dies down.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Time to go home

Got up way too early this morn'n. Dag nab dog wanted to go outside and chase critters. Ya see, there are trees all around my campsite and little critters (squirrels) live in them trees. They everywhere and Sadie Mae wants one. Now anyone that says they don't like squirrels ain't no animal lover. How can ya not be mesmerized watching a squirrel and the antics they pull?

Second thing I notice this morn'n was my neighbors out pick'n up stuff get'n ready to pull out. This kind of reminds me of when we go camp'n in north Georgia. My oldest son is up bout sun up pack'n stuff to go home. My God, we don't have to leave before 2pm. He use'ta be a certified "redneck camper", but like the weather, a black cloud hangs over his head and he got to get out of the rain.  Damn sissy boy....that what he are!!!

Ain't much to write about this morning. Still too many people in the park to tote that "bubba boat" down to the water. Ya see, it's like this, old Billy Bob get embarrassed real easy.....quick like. You know what I'm talk'n bout. Like fall'n on his ass in the water, arms flapp'n an' holler'n "HELP I'm drown'n", with a couple hunnert people look'n. No, I ain't gonna take that chance.

Be back later with more adventures....."what adventures Billy Bob"?

Still no adventures, but let me tell ya bout a bunch of picniceers. They came in 5 vehicles packed like sardines. All total there were 31, kids, growed ups and a few teenagers. But it was this one guy that got my attention. He didn't seem to be too happy with the rest of them. Made trip after trip back to the truck to get a "sip of beer". By the time 2 hours had passed, he was out of beer, sit'n all by his self with his arms folded cross his chest....pout'n I would assume.

Got me some chicken brew'n on the stove. Gonna eat early so I can tote that "bubba boat" down to the waterfore it get too dark to see. Most everyone is gone now, so I may be hav'n launch'n ceremonies in the next hour or so. Don't forget the camera Billy Bob.

8:30pm....."damn it Billy Bob, where the camera"?

Just got back from a jaunt around the lake in the "bubba boat". Ain't nuttin to it...once ya figger how to get in and out. But that weren't too bad for a 70 year old crippled up cogger like me. Pointed my butt at the seat, shut my eyes and sat down. Then to make sure, I got out and got back in...a couple times. Ya might say I'm a pro "bubba boat" gitter in'er out'er now. Pointed that sucker out to the center of the lake an' take off. When I gets out there, I look off to the east, and what did I see. Big black clouds, rain comm'n down an' then the wind come up, blow'n right on old Billy Bob. Made it safely back to dock bout a hunnert mile a hour....arms a flail'n work'n that paddle. Now I figger if I can get back to dock in a gale force storm like that, I'm ready for a motor. Installed my homemade "bubba boat" troll'n motor bracket with the help of Sadie Mae. Ready for some serious motor boat'n tomorrow.
Did I mention, Sadie Mae does not like water....no, not one bit her don't.  I had to carry her out to 1 foot of water and she made a beeline back to shore soon as her feet got wet. Silly ass dog.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

See, I tole ya...

I told ya one them shoes was bigger than the other. See?

Nice rescue by the Texas Parks and Wildlife. Took less than 3 minutes to back down the ramp, launch the boat and be full throttle headed for open waters. Ten minutes later they return with a boat load of people and a canoe in tow. Musta turn that canoe over and couldn't get back in. All is well.

Nice 92 degs here at the lake. Overcast skys with a slight breeze. But holy crap, the park is full up with week-enders. Hunnerts of them. Peolpe lay'n in the grass, kids swimm'n, canoes, kayaks and peddle boats all over the place. Brings back memories of when I were a youngster. I were a "water dog", swimm'n, boat'n and fish'n every chance I got. Did I ever tell ya bout the time I learnt to water ski? After 14 or so tries, I were finally "up", cut'n cross that water like I knowed something bout ski'n. And then...down I went....and down, and down and down. "Let loose the rope Billy Bob". Well hell, I didn't know nuttin bout let'n loose no rope. Almost drown that day. All the girls thought I was cool. That's all that matters ya know.

Friday, August 12, 2011

A few more days????

Got up way early this morn'n so I could be at the park headquarters by 8am in an attempt to extend my stay. I like it here. Wonder if they would let me build a "da porch" right outside my door. Anyhows, the nice lady tell me to come back at 9am. Says there should be no problem. We'll see in 10 minutes....headed out the door.

Boy howdy, that didn't take long. That nice lady tell me "gimme money" for 5 more days. Glad I didn't make reservations at Lake Somerville. "Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"? Well shoot, I'm gonna go out there on "da porch", sip me a cup an' blow up that "bubba boat". Put the charger on that Mississippi sternwheeler boat and wait for the wind to quit blow'n. What ya think bout that?

Since I gonna be here for 5 more days, it sure would be nice to have a surprise visitor come over for a cup of coffee an' some jaw'n. Gate fee paid by Billy Bob Inc. Inks Lake State Park...campsite #281.

Oh yeah, someone asked me if I heard anything from "pesky neighbor" Wayne. Well I sure have. He calls me every night right bout 9:30pm. But since I been on the road for the last couple days, I ain't hear from him. This week he said they are starting him to walk'n. He's feeding himself. Says he's feel'n good....no complaints. Been go'n outside for fresh air. Yeah, old Wayne is doing good. Hope to see him back home by the time I get back first of October. Gonna beat his ass swak'n golf balls ya know. Damn I hope that's true.

 See what I tole ya......blowed that "bubba boat" right up. Now all I gotta do is figger out how to get the damn thing to the water. I ain't "strong like bull" no more ya know an' it a quarter mile to the water. Well, maybe not quite that far....maybe bout a couple hunnert feet.

LOLOLOL....this guy insisted his young daughter and 2 big ol' dogs get in the canoe. Well one dog didn't want to go, climbed over the side....splooosh into the water. In the mean time, the canoe overturns...everyone in the water....boat sinks. Too late for a photo of the sunk canoe.

Mississippi sternwheeler is out of commission. Busted the "o" ring drive belt.

4:30pm.......Holy Crap Billy Bob, now look at what ya done went an' done......
 Them are breakers out there.....
 Yup....headed this way.
It rain'n over there........

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Well holy crap, the freak'n wind is blow'n. Well it was when I got up this morn'n. Thought we was gonna get some rain..... not that it's needed or anything like that.Now it's all sunshiney out there with just a breeze.

Ok, here what I got to do. Got to find me a place where nobody can see me to I launch that "bubba boat". Sure don't want no audience giggl'n at me if I fall in the water. Now how the hell did Barney tell me to get in that thing? Fount me some shorts, got some brand spank'n new water shoes....damn, one shoe bigger than the other.  That should take care of the essentials. Camera, don't forget the camera.

Gonna go see what this day holds for me in my attempt to make an adventure. Be back laters.....

1:15pm......or thereabouts

Load up that "that jeep" an' take off rid'n round the park. The only good place to launch "bubba boat" is right in front of my campsite. Gotta tote the "bubba" bout 50 feets or so from where I gonna park to the water.
Yeah I know I posted this pic yesterday, but that's where I gonna put "bubba" in the drink. I would have done been paddl'n round out there but the wind was still blow'n.....would have ended up across the lake. Then have to walk back.....no thanks. Now how the hell did Barney say to use this kayak paddle???

Here's a couple pics of other parts of the lake.

 Bout a hunnert mile from "da house".......
 Well I'll be dam......
Bet ya there a big ol' fish wait'n back in there for old Billy Bob.

Well shoot, I been inside all afternoon wonder'n "what the hell ya gonna do now Billy Bob"? The sky clouded up, there were thunder all over the place, but not a drop of rain. And then, the wind picked up again.  This ain't my idea of hav'n a good time. Oh yeah, I took me a nice nap in the mean time. And you know old Billy Bob when he wake up from a nap....all grumpy,  mind in a whirl, can't think straight....you know what I'm talk'n bout.

Look like I gonna pull out of here tomorrow afternoon. Go down the road a piece. Campsites are already fill'n up for the weekend. Gonna be way too many people for old Billy Bob. Anyhows, fount me a nice camp'n spot over at Lake Somerville....right on the water. Checked reservations for a week and yup, it's available.

And then I got to think'n....maybe I ought to just give it all up. Find me a place to plant myself and just sit back, sip a cup an' watch the world go by. This ain't fun no more. Everything I plan or attempt to do ends up a big challenge or a failure. So far, this trip has been a failure. Part from health issues, but mostly get'n too old. Never thought it could happen to me. Gonna have to do some deep think'n on this.

Damn.....here I am feel'n sorry for myself and up there on that shelf sits my Mississippi sternwheeler....and there water everywhere. Ok...."ya know the batteries are probably dead". "Ya know ya can't put it in the water with the wind blow'n". So we back to square one....challenge, frustration and boredom. Sheesh!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Inks Lake bound

All good thing must come to an end. Today is "on the road again" day. I have to pull out of here by 11am, so I gots to get on the ball. Still have to make a quick trip to Walmart to replenish some my groceries I ate up in the last week and pick up some pocket change in case the State Park don't take a card.

As with most State parks, internet connection may be an issue for the next week. So, this may be the last post to Billy Bob's Adventures, or whatever it's called, for a spell until I'm back into civilization.  As you know, I can not take my laptop for a ride in "that jeep" to a WIFI down the road a piece.

Ok, I'm off to my favorite shop'n place....Walmart. Be back in a bit. Don't go way.

Back from an exciting hour an' a half trip to Walmart. Did you know you can actually find a parking spot up front at 8am? Filled my list in nuttin flat. Got my pocket change and am ready to roll. Looked at a brand spank'n new Toshiba laptop. No, I didn't buy it. Will wait till I find a Best Buy.....more choice ya know.

Will attempt to update....down the road a piece.

2:30pm......or there bouts:
We get'n close, I can tell.
Yup, now "that what I'm talk'n bout". See how purty blue that water is?
 Whoa.....want ya lookie here, is this a good camp site or what? Shade on the front end, sun on the solar panels......yeah man. Oh, by the way, it took me two tries to get back in there. The first try, I was in the wrong campsite....."sheesh Billy Bob....look the numbers".
 Ya rekon there any fish round that thar fish'n pier?
Is that a big ol' oak tree?

Ok here's the deal. Was a wonderful trip from Brownwood to Inks Lake. Could only install 42 gallon gas in the tank before I left Brownwood. Damn thing would only allow 2 swipes of the card at $75 a swipe. Still needed bout 10 or 15 gallon to top off.

Well shoot anyhows, old Billy Bob is where he intended to go and feel'n gooood. But.....there were only 4 campsites available and for only 2 days. Hope someone cancels so I can stay for the week as I intended, but that's unlikely with the weekend com'n up. Damn. The nice lady at the check in place say I got to be up there at 8am Friday morning. Don't she know old Billy Bob is only got one eye open at 8am....no matter what day it is.

Oh yeah, almost forgot to tell ya. My phone has no signal, but my Verizon air card is full to the brim with bandwidth. How bout that?

Total miles driven today...105.6
Trip counter 762 mi.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Golf ball swak'n

Boy howdy, old Billy Bob roll right out that bed early this morn'n. "Ah, what's go'n on Billy Bob"? I had planned on being on bout the 6th hole by now, but you know.....get that other eye open. Yeah I know, don't forget the camera.

See ya in a bit later.....

Well Boy Howdy, that didn't take long. Now why the hell didn't the nice lady tell me yesterday that the golf course is closed on Tuesdays? Grrrrrrrr.

Just for fun, I went out and popped the hood on "that jeep". Yep, it's still leak'n water. It appears to be coming from the thermostat thingy that the upper hose connects to. But holy cows, it's hard to see in there. I guess I'll go down to the local auto parts sell'n place and pick me up a new thermostat, a gallon that antifreeze stuff and "fix" it.....if that's where the leak is coming from. But not today. 

Holy Crap, I done lost some big bucks in the stock market yesterday. Make ya wonder if us old folks is gonna make it another 20 years or not. I were sav'n that money to buy a little piece of property and now half of it is gone....poooof, just like that. Well maybe not half of it, but a big chunk. It's like go'n to Walmart and los'n your wallet before ya get to the check out line.

Monday, August 8, 2011

"that jeep"

Let's talk bout "that jeep" for a few minutes this morning. It's really a piece of junk ya know, but not because it's a Jeep. Ya see, I bought this Jeep from a guy in El Paso, what his brother owned a used car lot. That should tell ya enough right there. This Jeep was owned previously by a young "off roader" feller what put all kind of weird crap on it. Jacked it up with a set of oversized tires and a high lift kit so's it could climb over big ass boulders and stuff like that. That wasn't enough for this guy, he had to install what they call a long arm suspension kit on it for extreme off road vehicular abuse. On top of that, he added a device to the on board computer system called a "performance chip". By the time I purchased "that jeep", it had been run through the mill...and sounded like it. To this date I have spent a total of no less than $1500 in repairs, new tires the right size, removal of the lift kit, new shocks, replacement of a water pump, battery replacement......all in a matter of just 2 years. And it's still a "that jeep" with new problems show'n up every day. To sell it is the next problem. Like MsB said, it's not worth a plug nickle. But at present, it's all I got since I sold the "little red bronco".

Ok, it's time for another ride up to the lake and check out that golf ball swak'n place and a little campground I fount on Google maps. More exciting adventures to come.......

1pm plus:
I headed off to the lake, the same route what I took yesterday. Passed the road go'n a hunnert mile a hour. Eight mile up the road I says...."ya missed da road....dumb ass". Well anyhows.....

Yeah, they got a boat ramp, but ya gotta carry your boat 100 yards to the water. No chance of launch'n a "bubba boat" from here. I give up on Lake Brownwood.
Now how would you like to be swak'n golf balls from here. This is the Hideout Golf Course just up the road a piece. May head up that way tomorrow morn'n and swak a few. Looks pretty good from my house.
Damn, now I all excitis (excited for ya yankees). Yee Haaa, gitty up go!!!

Back to that water leak on that damn "that jeep". I pull off to take a pic of the boat ramp (the one above)....water leak'n again. Get back to "da house" and not a drop. Go figger.

5:30pm...or thereabouts.

Spent a good two hours look'n at Texas Lakes and stuff. Boy howdy am I all excitis bout Inks Lake.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


I were just sit'n here sip'n a cup and do'n some think'n.....are blogs for old people? It seems, some of the best blogs are written by old retired folks. They got the time ya know. Some are just gibberish every day occurrences, meaningless to the younger generation, but so very important to the person spending sooo many hours each day to appease their audience. If you have your own blog, ya know what I'm talk'n bout. You go old people!!!

Well shoot, more troubles for old Billy Bob. Ya already know bout that water leak on "that jeep", but that ain't what I'm talk'n. Yesterday, I had no internet....and you know what that can do to a man. Ya see, that motel what I were steal'n wifi from, cut me slap off. My Verizon air card don't work in Brownwood. That leaves the RV park wifi sysyem.....what really sucks. Then last night I goes to bed. It were hot in there, so I crank the AC down a notch or two. "What the hell is that noise"? Sound like the thing is "on fire"....electrical noises....fan cut'n on and off......OH HELL!!! Then I lay there for a couple hour think'n bout it.....back hurt'n, leg cramps, headache....what I gonna do now?  Before I drifted off into slumber, I done figger, "here go another $1000". But, when I gets up this morn'n, I looks at that thermostat there on the wall and says....."what ya think"? Turn it on and wallla, got AC. 

Took me another quick trip up to the lake yesterday. There ain't no place an old crippled up fart like me could ever launch a "bubba boat" in these conditions. There ain't no water what can be got to with out fall'n on my ass climb'n over all that stuff. Forgot my camera again....no pics.

Remember I were say'n I were look'n at Brownwood for a possible new homebase for "Sally da house"? Well, I ain't all that excitis (excited for ya yankees) bout this place. Actually, it's a bit bigger than what I were look'n for...right at 19,000 population. It ain't really Hill Country as advertised, but the drive to the lake had some nice hills. The RV park rent ($250 plus elect.) is double what I pay in Deming and they refuse to cut a deal. The golf ball swak'n place is private....what would mean play'n in the "cow pasture" up the road a piece.

Ok, before it get too hot, I gotta take me a shower (smell like a goat) and load up "that jeep" and do some runn'n the streets. Maybe find something interesting to gaze my eyes upon. "Camera Billy Bob, don't  forget the camera".

Ok, here's the deal. I made another trip to the lake. Fount the dam this time.....thank ya Google maps. Well....the only place to put a "bubba boat" in the water is a boat ramp by the dam. A couple fellers I were talk'n to says..."Oh no, there ain't no fish close to the dam". Ok, so where the hell are they? After cruis'n every road in the dam area for a couple hour, I figger out the "bubba boat" gonna stay in the back "that jeep".

So's then I head 'em up back to town. Damn, I'm hungry. I spy this Taco Bell....what turn out to be jam pack full of taco stuff'n people. I crank's "that jeep" up, start back'n out and ....what the hell, something ain't right. Spit an' sputter....black smoke com'n out the back. Ok, so the engine was a bit warm...maybe 210 degs. I shut it down, turn off AC an' crank 'er back up. Run'n fine. Turn on AC....now the damn AC ain't work'n right.....then it was....then it weren't.....sheesh....damn jeep. Got back to "da house" and check the water. Never lost a drop....yeah, I fix the leak before I leave.

Inside the nice cool comfort of "da house", I ate me up a big ol' ham and mater samich. Fire up Google map and look at that lake one more time. Well I want you lookie here, a freak'n campground, a beach and a bunch of places to launch a "bubba boat". Tomorrow I'll go back to take a look see.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Tak'n a nap and Iced tea

Boy Howdy, did old Billy Bob steer up some poop or what? I just came off the AllAboutRVing web site (Yahoo group) and, holy cows, they in a uproar over this Van Horn thing. AllAboutRVing is a huge group of RVers from all over the country and just like some of the other RV groups and forums I belong to, they are sending emails protesting my $85 fine for "tak'n a nap". For those that missed my blog the other day, I had stopped in Van Horn, Texas for fuel, a few groceries and a much needed rest. The following morning, I fount a ticket taped to my windshield when I waked up. Here the link to this horrifying story .... http://billybobsplace.blogspot.com/2011/08/ticket-in-van-horn.html.

Ok, now that that's out of the way, what I gonna do for the rest of the day?  Last night I were all fire up to do something special today. I were ex-citis (excited for ya yankees) bout get'n out and run'n the streets. But here what happen to that idea. I drank tea last night. Bout a quart I would guess. Right up till bed time at 11pm. Now tea and old Billy Bob don't get along. It keeps me awake....for hours. Unlike coffee what I can drink in my sleep and never miss a snore. So I didn't get much sleep last night and I ain't ex-citis (excited for ya yankees) this morning. By the way, does anybody have a decent formula for brew'n iced tea? What I did was throw 12 tea bags in a pot and boil it for 5 minutes. Made almost a gallon.

Well I had another "let down" yesterday. I think this makes for #3 now. The golf ball swak'n place here in Brownwood is a PRIVATE Country Club. There's another course up the road a piece what look like nuttin but a good place to raise cows. Cheezy look'n place. But that's Ok, I done decided that Brownwood won't be in contention for a new homebase after the first 2 let downs. RV park rental is way too high anyhows for what ya get. I rekon that would be "let down" #4.

Got a radiator hose leak on "that jeep" what I gotta try to fix today.....before it get over a hunnert degrees out there. I been gonna fix it for quite a while now, but just never got around to it with all the other chores I had to do. Be just my luck put'n that big ol' "macho" high torque screwdriver on that hose clamp, I gonna break something. Wish me good luck.

Come back laters.....

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Laid back in Brownwood

Welcome to Brownwood, Texas!

Brownwood is a favorite Hill Country destination for leisure and living. We are home to legendary barbeque, Coach Gordon Wood, Lake Brownwood, a Downtown Historic and Cultural District, and year-round events and festivals.  Brown County is a sportsman's paradise, with miles of rolling terrain filled with pecan trees, live oak and trophy game.  

This bit of information come directly from the Chamber of Commerce web site page....or what ever. I had assumed, when I read their web site before partaking of this trip to Brownwood, that they would never lie to old Billy Bob. But it seems the City of Brownwood has scammed the "old Billy Bob" by their presentation into visiting a town that is not in the Texas Hill Country. Now don't that just frost your britches???

Speak'n of frosted britches, it's look'n like I gonna be frosted this entire trip....or until this heat wave passes. Weather thingy shows no relief from this heat wave that is devastating my trip thus far for another 10 days or so. 

Old Billy Bob usually don't make many mistakes, but I may have made a slight boo boo this time. Or maybe I didn't. Depends on how ya look at it. Before I head out on the open roads, I do a lot of think'n bout the the most adventurous route to take, weather conditions....all that good stuff ya know. Well I done all that before I hooked up "that jeep", but this time there was a condition I have no control over, no matter where or what way I go....IT'S HOT IN TEXAS. 

Ok, got to put my bones together and head off to town....look the place over. Maybe make a run up to the lake and check it out. 

Check back.....

4pm....boy howdy, this gonna be a long blog post. 
The first thing I want to clarify, after a little research, Brownwood is within 4 mile of the official Hill Country.

Took a trip up to the lake for that look see. Well.....it's a nice lake and all that, but where the hell is the water? Park ranger says the lake is down 14 feets, not the 17 feets I had posted before. 



Boy howdy....is all I can say. After 2 hour driv'n round the State Park, look'n at camp'n sites, stump'n through weeds and climb'n over big ol' rocks for places where I could get down to the water, I done got it all figgered out, launch'n that "bubba boat" is gonna be a chore. The only good place I fount is in the first photo above. And it's close to a nice shaded camp'n site. Only problem is, it's right next to the fish'n peir. And on the pier is a sign what says "no boats within 300 feets of pier". 

The only other place I fount to get down to the water is 100 yards from another shaded camp site, but ya gots to climb over some big ol' boulders an' stuff. I guy could fall on his ass and break a leg do'n stuff like that.

 So there you have it. What would you do??? 
By the way, there was only 2 campers in the whole park.