Thursday, August 11, 2011


Well holy crap, the freak'n wind is blow'n. Well it was when I got up this morn'n. Thought we was gonna get some rain..... not that it's needed or anything like that.Now it's all sunshiney out there with just a breeze.

Ok, here what I got to do. Got to find me a place where nobody can see me to I launch that "bubba boat". Sure don't want no audience giggl'n at me if I fall in the water. Now how the hell did Barney tell me to get in that thing? Fount me some shorts, got some brand spank'n new water shoes....damn, one shoe bigger than the other.  That should take care of the essentials. Camera, don't forget the camera.

Gonna go see what this day holds for me in my attempt to make an adventure. Be back laters.....

1:15pm......or thereabouts

Load up that "that jeep" an' take off rid'n round the park. The only good place to launch "bubba boat" is right in front of my campsite. Gotta tote the "bubba" bout 50 feets or so from where I gonna park to the water.
Yeah I know I posted this pic yesterday, but that's where I gonna put "bubba" in the drink. I would have done been paddl'n round out there but the wind was still blow'n.....would have ended up across the lake. Then have to walk back.....no thanks. Now how the hell did Barney say to use this kayak paddle???

Here's a couple pics of other parts of the lake.

 Bout a hunnert mile from "da house".......
 Well I'll be dam......
Bet ya there a big ol' fish wait'n back in there for old Billy Bob.

Well shoot, I been inside all afternoon wonder'n "what the hell ya gonna do now Billy Bob"? The sky clouded up, there were thunder all over the place, but not a drop of rain. And then, the wind picked up again.  This ain't my idea of hav'n a good time. Oh yeah, I took me a nice nap in the mean time. And you know old Billy Bob when he wake up from a nap....all grumpy,  mind in a whirl, can't think straight....you know what I'm talk'n bout.

Look like I gonna pull out of here tomorrow afternoon. Go down the road a piece. Campsites are already fill'n up for the weekend. Gonna be way too many people for old Billy Bob. Anyhows, fount me a nice camp'n spot over at Lake Somerville....right on the water. Checked reservations for a week and yup, it's available.

And then I got to think'n....maybe I ought to just give it all up. Find me a place to plant myself and just sit back, sip a cup an' watch the world go by. This ain't fun no more. Everything I plan or attempt to do ends up a big challenge or a failure. So far, this trip has been a failure. Part from health issues, but mostly get'n too old. Never thought it could happen to me. Gonna have to do some deep think'n on this.

Damn.....here I am feel'n sorry for myself and up there on that shelf sits my Mississippi sternwheeler....and there water everywhere. Ok...."ya know the batteries are probably dead". "Ya know ya can't put it in the water with the wind blow'n". So we back to square one....challenge, frustration and boredom. Sheesh!!!


  1. Lived here since i was 6, and still wouldn't live anywhere else. And, i bet there's some hungry fish out there by that pier. lol GL

  2. Good luck and wait until it gets real hot before you fall in. Then it will be refreshing.

  3. Well damm BB, here you are moving again. You need to get out of that hill country where the beaches are 6' drop offs.

    You need to get ol' Ben in his new camper rig to join you somewhere so you can help him get that rig all squared away. Then her can help you get that boat in and out of the water. It would be a good shake down trip for him.

  4. Trouble, I can see why you don't want to leave the Hill Country. I could live in a place like this, but holy cows, did you see how much they want for property.

    LOL Dizzy, as shallow as the water is, I only gonna get half wet.

  5. River, as low as the lakes are in this drought, it's not the 6 foots drop, it's the 100 yard ya gotta carry a boat to the water.
    I guess you ain't hear bout ol' Ben and me hav'n a fall'n out. But the idea is a nice thought.

  6. Billy Bob, I know the feeling exactly of it not being fun anymore, but I have health issues, but maybe I'm just getting too old. Trouble is, when I think about hangin' in all up I can't stand it.

  7. Now what did you do BB. pi** off the Wal Mart manager like you did the legion manager and get tffn's panty hose all twisted up in a knot.

    It must have been one of them days when you got up on the wrong side of the bed. maybe one of them days when you was worried about ol' pesky neighbor Wayne, or the day someone stole your dog. Anyway if he can't be a better friend that that then he can eat a bugger.

  8. Billy Bob By the way have you hear from Wayne lately? I know what you are talking about Old age it surprise me also. Raining ever afternoon and my mower tore up, grass about a foot high and the wife is having a fit to get her yard mow. I wish i had stay in the Army. Well i went up to the lawn mow place to see if i could get parts to fix that old mower. It make fell real mbad just thinking about working on that thing.i done run my mounth to much already. I'm tare out.