Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"da house" departs

Well here it is departure day and I ain't at all excited. It's more like work than an adventure. But that's ok....I been on these kind'a trips before. In a couple months I can look back and say...."you had a good trip Billy Bob". But in the mean time......

Boy howdy, that slide out had me worried last night. It was strain'n and groan'n like a hunnert year old Beatty, Nevada prostitute. Finally it was in. Got everything loaded up ready to hit the road again. Gotta be out of here in 2 hours. What I got left to do is a 10 minute job, but old Billy Bob will make it an hour...you can bet your paycheck on that. I always say, don't rush into something that can be done after while. Plus coffee breaks ya know.

Well that "bubba boat" air tube still has air in it this morning. Ok....so where's the freak'n leak?

I haven't really changed my mind yet, but I fount me another lake that caught my eye. As you know, I had decided to move a few miles north look'n for cooler weather. Just a few mile from "Bob from Athens" house is Lake Tawakoni where I am headed to. But just down the road a piece is another lake....Cooper Lake. Out of the 2, I should find a place, as Barney the OFM would say, "hav'n toooo much fun".

My son decided to jump in with both feets and start up hisself a blog. Now you got to understand, my son Billy is just like his daddy.....and he's a Georgia cop. His theme for the blog is "down at the jailhouse" or something like that. Should be some good read'n once he learns how to blog. I should say something bout his partner Britt here, but I'm not sure if he's a Georgia redneck or not. Ya see, ya can say stuff to a redneck and they don't get "all puffed up" and offended. But if he's one them thin skin folk from across the tracks....well you know what I'm talk'n bout. Good luck with your blog Billy Boy.

Ok...things to do.....see ya down the road a piece.

Holy crap Billy Bob, you way up the road....somewheres. Now how the hell I did that, I don't know.... I turn to the left when I should'a go straight. But it don't matter, all roads go to the same place. I'm about to get on Interstate 45 here in a few minutes. Look like I'm bout half way there....where ever there is at.  No, I can't be that far....shoot it were 275 mile to Lake Tawikoni and I been on the road for 2 hour. I'm think'n I only made 100 mile in them 2 hours. Ain't it wonderful to drive the back roads of Texas? Weren't nuttin to take a pic of, so forget it. Up and down road all the way, but some beautiful fences along the road. Somebody got some bucks.

Ok....gone on down the road. See ya laters....somewheres

"Well shoot Billy Bob, I knowed ya could do it". After 7 hours sit'n behind that wheel, steer'n 22,000 pounds down the road with a 6,000 pound tag along behind (called a toad), ya made it. Took me forever to pick out a campsite. Ain't none them close to the water, but I'm real close to the picnic area and boat ramp. Both are on the water. Or I suppose they are....lake is 5.5 feets low.

Now, that nice lady tole me on the phone that they catch'n fish all around the State Park. That's good news to me, but the bad news is that "bubba boat" still has a leak. It's 108 degs out there so I ain't look'n for no leak till it cool down some. Maybe bring the tube in "da house" and search for it. Bubble water all over the floor and carpet.....yeah, that'll work.

I gonna go move that picnic table soon nobody is look'n. Put it where I want it. It's way too far for old Billy Bob to walk....way over there by the fire pit. May have to break out the rake....get them leaves out my yard.

Anyhows, I reserved this site for a whole week. Only on the nice ladies word that the fish'n was excellent and I would just "love" the lake. Well hell, I ain't even see the lake yet. I'm sooo freak'n easy!!!

About internet connection. It ain't good. I have one little bar on my Verizon air card. If I don't make a post tomorrow, you know the reason why.


  1. Give us a link to your son's blog.

  2. Diz, you are better than I am because I couldn't find it. If Billy Jr. is half as creative and funny as his daddy, I can't wait to read it.

  3. Ok guys i will have a littler shoe to fill and im not as good lookin as him. i will do my best.

    thanks for the support

  4. OMG,,,can't post to ur son's blog either, just like DDs. Maybe he can figure this out, i've tried. Might have something to do with cookies? Says my account doesn't have access.
    By the time u get settled in, the weather is gonna be cooler all over. Even here. lololol
    Happy trails..

  5. Iggy the above. All i did was redo my google account. Duh.

  6. good to know that dear ole billy bob made it. i hope that you get eat up with some there fishes. if not sit back and relax this is a holiday weekend. enjoy the childen thats comin by to visits me dear ole dad.