Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rain drops fall'n.....

I hadn't been in camp for an hour and this great big ol' wind start blow'n. Off in the distance I see lightning. The sky is cloud'n up. What the hell is go'n on???? I want you lookie here at that wind.
Well holy cows, now it's rain'n. Not just a little teaser sprinkle, but honest to goodness rain. That took care of my ride around the park for the evening. 
And then....when I got up this morning, it was rain'n again. So now, we back to square one, "what ya gonna do now Billy Bob"?

Ok, gonna go jump in "that jeep" and take a cruise around the park.  Laters.....

Well that sure didn't take long. Parts of the park are closed off so no way to see it all. What I did see is not favorable enough to spend another day at Rock Creek Park on Lake Somerville. Next stop, bout 45 miles to the south. Hope for internet signal when I get there.

I'm out of here.....
Now I'm back in of here right bout 2pm.
Location, Oak Thicket Park on Fayette Lake.
Foun't me a nice "in da trees" camp'n site for the next 5 days. I got 1 bar on my cell phone (T-Mobile) and zero bars on my Verizon air card. But I'm connected...slow as it may be. Now I'll attempt to upload a couple pics....

Boy howdy, I thinks I'm gonna like this place. It's a constant level lake and gots a gazillion fish in it. Checked for a launching area for "bubba boat", but it ain't look'n too good. Banks are covered with all kind of weeds, saplings and not tell'n what else lives in there. You think old Billy bob gonna go traips'n through that stuff....you nuts. I didn't ask the sweet old lady bout wild critters, but I bet ya there are some watch'n me right now just wait'n to take a chunk out my leg. Scare hell out me...that what it would do. Scream'n like a little girl child. Do old men still remember how to scream??? Ha ha, put me face to face with a snake in the same water I'm in and we'll see how my memory is.
At Somerville Lake they warned me bout, bob cats, coyotes, 4 poisonous snakes, foxes, raccoons and possible mountain lions. HUH???? What they talk'n bout, there ain't no mountains in this part of the country.

Just behind my camp site is a trail. Wonder where it goes? Gonna pull a Barney (OFM) and follow it. Take the camera Billy Bob. 

Trip details for 8-24-11
Starting odometer 32241.6
Ending odometer 32391.5
Total miles driven 149.9 miles
Trip counter 912
Gas at Rockdale, Tx....30 gallon....$105.00

Total miles today....53 miles
Trip counter...965


  1. Well here in Texas, that wind is just the notice that there may be rain coming. Weather persons call it the out flow boundary. It can get up 65 or 75 mph and plays heck with the trees.

  2. Rain is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Billy Bob is the king of the road.

    Better watch out on the lake in Bubba Boat, some people are crazy in their boats.

  4. I'd stay just for the rain. hahahaha,,that's coming from me watching it rain on ustream a few days ago. Love thunderstorms, heavy rain. BRING EM ON!

    Hmmm, did it again. Hit something and all's gone. I could watch it thunder, storm, and rain, for days. Love it.

    And,,Who's crazy in their boats? hahahaha Didn't we see the results of that? lmao,,,i did.

  5. TROUBLEnTX, I watched the video of the rain 5 times thinking "so that is what rain looks like".

  6. BB

    You mite want to think about getting you a Cradleport, I have a Cradleport 1000 with my Version air card and it sure helps me getting out.

  7. Too bad Rock Creek park did not work out for you but at least "sally da house" got a bath :-)