Sunday, August 7, 2011


I were just sit'n here sip'n a cup and do'n some think'n.....are blogs for old people? It seems, some of the best blogs are written by old retired folks. They got the time ya know. Some are just gibberish every day occurrences, meaningless to the younger generation, but so very important to the person spending sooo many hours each day to appease their audience. If you have your own blog, ya know what I'm talk'n bout. You go old people!!!

Well shoot, more troubles for old Billy Bob. Ya already know bout that water leak on "that jeep", but that ain't what I'm talk'n. Yesterday, I had no internet....and you know what that can do to a man. Ya see, that motel what I were steal'n wifi from, cut me slap off. My Verizon air card don't work in Brownwood. That leaves the RV park wifi sysyem.....what really sucks. Then last night I goes to bed. It were hot in there, so I crank the AC down a notch or two. "What the hell is that noise"? Sound like the thing is "on fire"....electrical noises....fan cut'n on and off......OH HELL!!! Then I lay there for a couple hour think'n bout it.....back hurt'n, leg cramps, headache....what I gonna do now?  Before I drifted off into slumber, I done figger, "here go another $1000". But, when I gets up this morn'n, I looks at that thermostat there on the wall and says....."what ya think"? Turn it on and wallla, got AC. 

Took me another quick trip up to the lake yesterday. There ain't no place an old crippled up fart like me could ever launch a "bubba boat" in these conditions. There ain't no water what can be got to with out fall'n on my ass climb'n over all that stuff. Forgot my camera again....no pics.

Remember I were say'n I were look'n at Brownwood for a possible new homebase for "Sally da house"? Well, I ain't all that excitis (excited for ya yankees) bout this place. Actually, it's a bit bigger than what I were look'n for...right at 19,000 population. It ain't really Hill Country as advertised, but the drive to the lake had some nice hills. The RV park rent ($250 plus elect.) is double what I pay in Deming and they refuse to cut a deal. The golf ball swak'n place is private....what would mean play'n in the "cow pasture" up the road a piece.

Ok, before it get too hot, I gotta take me a shower (smell like a goat) and load up "that jeep" and do some runn'n the streets. Maybe find something interesting to gaze my eyes upon. "Camera Billy Bob, don't  forget the camera".

Ok, here's the deal. I made another trip to the lake. Fount the dam this time.....thank ya Google maps. Well....the only place to put a "bubba boat" in the water is a boat ramp by the dam. A couple fellers I were talk'n to says..."Oh no, there ain't no fish close to the dam". Ok, so where the hell are they? After cruis'n every road in the dam area for a couple hour, I figger out the "bubba boat" gonna stay in the back "that jeep".

So's then I head 'em up back to town. Damn, I'm hungry. I spy this Taco Bell....what turn out to be jam pack full of taco stuff'n people. I crank's "that jeep" up, start back'n out and ....what the hell, something ain't right. Spit an' sputter....black smoke com'n out the back. Ok, so the engine was a bit warm...maybe 210 degs. I shut it down, turn off AC an' crank 'er back up. Run'n fine. Turn on AC....now the damn AC ain't work'n right.....then it was....then it weren't.....sheesh....damn jeep. Got back to "da house" and check the water. Never lost a drop....yeah, I fix the leak before I leave.

Inside the nice cool comfort of "da house", I ate me up a big ol' ham and mater samich. Fire up Google map and look at that lake one more time. Well I want you lookie here, a freak'n campground, a beach and a bunch of places to launch a "bubba boat". Tomorrow I'll go back to take a look see.


  1. Don't forget the camera Bill Bob. . .

    Don't get depressed, you may find just the spot you are looking for. May take some time and traveling around. We old farts that write blogs will be watching and reading yours.

  2. At what age does one become "an old fart"?
    I'm still pursuing "Young at Heart"
    Not that it makes a difference one way or the other, just what seems to dart in and out of the brain.
    I found a few blogs by young people, and enjoy those also, different ways of saying the same thing.
    I enjoy your views, and share your cramps and night pain although they seem based on activity for me.

  3. Well Billy Bob all I can say is that I enjoy all the blogs that I read. Had not given a thought to what age group the individual bloggers belonged to.

    It seems to me "that jeep" is more trouble than it is worth.

    If Brownwood has a public library they might have free internet connection (don't try that in Del Rio cause it is not in the budget to have wifi here).

    As much as I HATE McDonald's they also have free wifi and you can buy a cup of coffee and refills are also free.

  4. Anony....I don't rekon that there is any particular age requirement to be an "old fart". When I were younger, when I seen an old man/woman all grumpy, gripe bout everything, peek'n out windows, yell'n at kids "git out my yard", cuss'n for no reason, I looked on them as an old fart....yeah, that purty much covers it. But now that I old enough to legally do all that stuff, I proudly wear the title of "old fart".

  5. MsB, has it took you this long to figger out that "that jeep" is a piece of junk? I'd sell it to ya real cheap.

    Now about wifi. On the bottom of my laptop I have a big ol' fan taped to it to keep it cool. That fan is hook up with a big wire to my 12 volt system in "da house"....redneck style. To take it to the library would be an impossibility.

  6. No Billy Bob, I knew it was a piece of junk back two years ago when you bought it and told was it was :-D

    What I have not figured out yet is why you have not gotten rid of it as much as you complain about it...

  7. Hey old fart, you complaine to much. Your jeep is a good jeep, just gotta know what is wrong with it. If it is still over heating, e-mail me and I will tell you what to fix, oh that is when you have i-net.

  8. Ronny, you gonna tell yer daddy how to fix something???? LOLOLOLOL....HAHAHAHAHA, you knows better than to EVER think you will know half as much as yer daddy bout fix'n stuff. I were wear'n a tool belt at two year old an' had my own Craftsman roll around tool chest by the time I were 5.

  9. Billy Bob;

    I just got to jump in here and put my two cents worth in. I have a 2008 Liberty Jeep and i had it three years and i never had any trouble out of it. The only trouble that i have had is with my Dealer they keep wanting me to trade it in. They are not going to get my Jeep.And that my two cents worth.
    Thank You

  10. Old fartdeness is just a state of mind, some get there about 35 or so, some don't ever get there. There are benefits, like when yur young, (50 or 60) and do something out of the normal people say "what is that idiot doing", later they just say what does that old fart think he is doing.