Monday, August 1, 2011

Look out Texas, here come "da Billy Bob"

North Ga. Mountains

Woked up early this morn'n think'n it were time to head 'em up. Well today is the day, although 2 months behind schedule. But that may have been a blessing 'cause cooler temps are just around the corner.....in about another month....or so. Look out Texas, here come the Billy Bob.

Got "that jeep" hook up to the back of "da house" ready to roll. Only thing left to do is disconnect the electric power cord, what will be the last thing to do.....got AC run'n full bore an' got one more pot of coffee to brew. It's already 93 degs out there.

Stay tuned for the rest of the day for updates along the way.

4pm Mountain Standard Time:
5pm adjusted Central Time....that what time it really are.

Well here I are in Van Horn, Texas....way ahead of schedule. I didn't want to arrive here until bout 7pm or so, but was get'n all ex'citis back there in Deming to get out of town. So I left early. Now I got to sit here in the 103 deg heat wait'n for the sun to go down before I can cool off. Then hope for a good nights sleep. At least there is a nice breeze.May have to run the generator after while, but do'n ok right now.

It was an easy trek from Deming to Van Horn. Shot right on through Las Cruces and El Paso do'n bout a hunnert mile a hour. Well maybe it were closer to 60. Stopped one time bout 40 mile back so Sadie Mae could take a leak and me eat 'em up a taco sandwich. Checked the tires....damn they was hot. I been here bout 30 minutes, so they are cooled down to 125 degs. Should have checked when I stop for gas.

Gassed up at the Exxon here in Van Horn......holy crap, $3.69 a gallon for 86 proof.
230 miles traveled
31706.7 odometer
52.8 gallons @3.69....$195.00  (topped off full)
(didn't use this much gas. Started with 3/4 tank)


  1. Welcome back! Still headed for Brownwood?

  2. I'm glad you are finally moving. I'm on the road as well, so here's to both of us having a great trip!

  3. Trouble, what you talk'n bout "welcome back"? I been here all the time....didn't ya see me peek'n out the winders?

    Wait'n is good for ya Barney!!!!

    Yeah, me too Gypsy. I had the "road" fever too long. So where are you at?

  4. I left Hudson Valley, NY this morning and ended my day in Western PA. I'm heading for Sacramento, CA. The weather in the east has been wonderful - mid 80's but it doesn't feel that warm. Hope you (and your tires) cool down real quick.

  5. I know this is a dumb question...but, how do you know what the temperature of your tires is?


  6. Well I will be darn, blogger has only been letting me post as anonymous in my old laptop. Can only post on my netbook but the keyboard is so tiny as well as the screen that I had pretty much given up.

    Glad you are on Texas soil.