Sunday, August 21, 2011

Yo Billy Bob...are ya tired yet?

Let me tell ya first thing off, if'n ya ain't never been retired, ya don't know what work is. I ain't tak'n bout manual physical labor, I'm talk'n bout brain work. You know, like what I always says..."what ya gonna do now Billy Bob"? Once ya retire, you gonna be think'n....what to do next, where to go, what to do with all this free time, what to do bout the heat, a warm winter get away.....holy cows, that a lot of think'n for one guy. It ain't like ya can just jump straight up in the air and do anything ya want or go anywheres ya want. Ya gotta put that brain to work....think it out.

That what Billy Bob been do'n....think'n things out. Do'n some research. I been get'n some suggestions on "where to go next" and don't ya go off think'n I ain't been consider'n each one. With Labor Day weekend com'n up, I can't just take off to "anywheres". I got to do some think'n bout all them people what gonna be there. Where I gonna find a camp'n site. Do I have to tote that "bubba boat" a half a mile to get to the water. Important stuff like that.....ya know.

And then, I'm run'n out of time. By now I should have caught me up a hunnert pound of fish from 3 different lakes, but no, old Billy Bob is stuck in the middle of Texas Hill Country. It ain't like I'm retired and can just go off gallyvant'n round the country. I got things to do. I miss "da porch" back in Deming ya know. And check on old "pesky neighbor" Wayne. Ain't hear from him in 2 weeks....no cell signal. And I can't call him cause he can't answer his phone. Maybe he can now but 2 weeks ago...no.

Ok, all this think'n has make me tired.....nap???

Just got back from a fish'n trip. I were troll'n a little spinner lure behind the "bubba boat" and my fish pole jump almost slap out the boat. Skeered hell out me. Reels it in and on the end was a big ol' catfish of some kind. Now I never hear of a catfish bit'n a fish lure, but this one did. And then an hour later I chatched me "lobster legs".
Damn it were hot out there.


  1. Naps are always good. Makes the thinking easier. As far as the thinking goes, my wife does most of that (grin).

  2. You can always head up to Terlingua, it may be hot but at least it will be peaceful.

    Or head on down to Del Rio and take Bubba for a dip in Amistad. The San Pedro campground for some unknown reason is usually empty.

  3. I was telling BB about San Pedro campground this morning. It is a great location for yaks when it is not too hot like now. I have slept there several times.

  4. WELLLL,,,in my,,uh,,humble,,opinion,,he's in the perfect spot. U being kicked out for next weekend? Not gonna be any cooler, no matter where u go.
    O ,,,btw, might just show up out there any day, late in the pm, tho. Just can't get any gettyup and go, early. Won't be before 6 tho. Don't wanna wake ya.

  5. Barney great minds think alike :-)

    Seriously BB it would not be a bad idea.