Monday, August 15, 2011

Motor boat'n on da lake

Well shoot, here it is another day and I don't know where to start. First thing Sadie Mae done this morn'n was get tangle up in the tires. Had to crawl under there and unwrap two turns around the dual tires. Then when I crawl back out, I hit my head on the bedroom slide out....ouch!!! Then where do you suppose she got tangle up? Yup, front tire.....damn dog!!!

I left the "bubba boat" down there by that tree last night. It still there this morning. Gonna go put the battery on charge while I go paddle round a bit. Don't want to get stuck over there across the lake and have to paddle back. I'm sure I could use the practice, but damn, that's a long way across there.

I'm out of here till laters............

A while later....12 noon:

One last test run under paddle power.

Installed that 100 hp troll'n motor and battery and took a test run the "easy" way. Yup, this is the only way to fly. Left camera back at "da house", just in case I was to turn over....or something like that. Went 2/3rds across the lake in nuttin flat....bout a hunnert mile a hour. Tested both speeds. Low gear will be just fine for troll'n for fish and high gear will be just fine for hi speed drag boat rac'n. Now that what I'm talk'n bout. Will take pics next trip out on the open seas. Maybe even a short video, if'n I can figger out how to edit a video. Any ideas....anybody???

In the mean time....

Wooooo-eeeeee, I'm get too old for this kind of stuff. Wind were blow'n a gale 10 to 15 mile a hour. Had to put that thing in hi gear just to keep go'n foward. Didn't think I were ever gonna get back. And on top of that, the steer'n sucks. That "bubba boat" go where it want to go, not where it sposed to....like back to shore where I ain't gonna drown. It go this way and then it go'n that way, never in a straight line. Damn!!!
Anyhows, I took the camera with me, but before I could switch it over to "movie", I was headed to dangerous waters.....under tow and all that scary stuff. No movie an' no pics this trip. Maybe later when the wind dies down.


  1. Sounds like you are having too much fun. I need to go buy a fishing liscens and then wait till the rain comes to fill up the lakes.

  2. Referring to yesterday's post...I had a black lab once that was scared to swim. She would go in as long as she could see and touch the bottom, but get her in deeper and her eyes got big as saucers. She fell off a floating dock once and just about drowned. After that I always kept a doggie life jacket on her when we were near water. Made me feel better, anyway. LOL

  3. The last time I was out paddling around in one of those plastic canoes I woke up the next morning and my shoulders were so sore I couldn't wipe my --- nose.

    They sure are fun though. a friend has a Porta-Boat that he swears by and even goes fishing in the Ocean with it. It folds up flat when your not using it.

  4. BB, you can put that camera in a ziplock bag. It will stay dry and will float if you turn over.
    No crust on that sandwich?

  5. Yeah Dizzy, I sure hav'n way too much fun.....right!!! But it's different.

    Anony....my son had a black lab what was about the same. Crazy dog would stand out in the rain, sleep outside in the rain, but you let the water at the beach get up to her ankles, she were out the water lickity slpit.

    River, this is one them blow up canoe thingys....with a hunnert horse power troll'n motor on it. So my shoulders ain't gonna be hurt'n in the morning.

    mrclean, I'm think'n I'm a professional now....ain't fell down yet. Don't need no stink'n zip lock bag....but i did think of it earlier before I find out how easy it is to get in a "bubba boat". Even took a mug of coffee with me an' never spill a drop.

  6. I think the problem with them blow up boats is that they don't have a keel to keep them tracking in one direction, put a keel board down off your motor mount and that should help.