Sunday, January 29, 2017

Retired life in projests and photos

Well let's start with a few project from the last 8 or 10 years.
I been want'n to do this for quite some time, but thanks to Louie, I'm gonna give it a try.
My God I done a lot of projects in such a short time I don't know where to start.

Ya see, I set up camp in Deming New Mexico back in 2005 I'm think'n it was. So let's start there.

But before we go that far into the future, lookie here what I builded an' modified.

This was when I made a trip to Ridgecrest Ca. to take care of my aunt for a few months when she broke her hip. I was bored an' needed me something to do.
 Today this airplane is stowed in a compartment under "da house".

I had a old 1984 Ford Bronco II what needed a paint job.

This is the one I called the "little red broncoII" All ya had to do was look at the key and the engine was run'n. Loved this old "jeep".

Have ya ever builded a sail cart? Take a gander at this one. I actually builded this while I still worked at The University of Texas. Finished it after my first year of travels 2002 an' 03. Crashed it into a tree and bended the long frame tube beyond repair. Dumpstered it.

 Somewhere's along the way I got into gold prospecting. I needed me a gold machine, so's I builded one.

This is called a drywasher 'cause ya don't use water to warsh the gold with. Ya use air instead.

 Here we are wash'n gold with air. My God, I ain't never dig so much dirt in all my life.

While camped at a RV park downtown Deming, I met Louie and "old pesky neighbor" Wayne. Me an' pesky mover out of town to another cheaper RV park an' I set up camp for a few short years. I was stuck in Deming.
Since I had me 2 dogs, Sadie Mae and Lug Nut, I needed a fence. And the old Billy Bob don't build fences without a porch. The "da porch" was born.

So what do you do if you got a porch an' 2 dogs. Ya build a dog house, that what ya do.

Ok, I been at this for a couple three hours look'n up pictures an' stuff. My fingers are tired. My eyes are tired. My feet are tired. I'm freak'n hungry.
Will continue this at another time.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Trump Tower (???) is complete an' sit'n on a pole

Ok, here it is another day and I have very little news to talk about. But I'll give it a try anyhows.

Health issues are bout the same they was a month or so ago. Ain't no worse and ain't no better. I rekon I can live with that. Take all my meds ever day.....that's all I can do.

Well no, that ain't all I can do. I could go outside an' walk around the yard a few times for some exercise....but I probly ain't gonna do that neither. Walking causes me breath'n issues what I don't like at all. So NO, I ain't gonna walk around the yard. But I do get me some walk'n exercise walk'n from "da house" out to the shop an' back again bout a hunnert time a day. So all ain't lost.

For a short while I was hav'n to take aspirin for my lower back an' hip, but it's been over a week since I had to take any. I'm completely satisfied with the last ablations I had done. Bout 80% of the pains is gone.

There's a possibility I may have to have something done with this damn hernia. It done got bigger. But there ain't no pain of discomfort. We'll see what the next month has to say bout that.

The bluebird log cabin birdhouse is sit'n out there on the pole.
Guess what, you gonna see lots of pictures.....

Remember them rocks I was look'n for? Well I didn't find the kind I was look'n for. So I had to make my own....out of interior/exterior spackling compound. Spread that putty stuff on to the 2 X chimney frame an' with a tooth pick, I builded rocks.

This is a sample piece before I began on the chimney. Worked out pretty slick.

Smear'n on the spackling compound in sections.

More smear'n and tooth pick'n an' I got the front of the chimney completed.

Finished product. I did have to do a color wash on it to get the rock color I wanted. Look like sandstone to me.
 But, before I can install the chimney, there is lots of work to be done to complete the cabin.

Bedroom dividers were installed so's the birds would have some privacy. But you already knowed that. Make the door look like a real log cabin door. Stained the winders an' trimmed 'em out.....(not finished in this photo). Put a front porch on so's the birds could sit outside in the shade. Made roof removable for upstairs clean outs. Hinges add to the back of the cabin so the cabin can be tilted back for downstairs clean outs. Put it all together and added the finished and dry chimney. Mounted it on the pole and platform.

We in the stages of find'n a campground for a family Memorial day weekend. Here in the east ya got to reserve months ahead or you don't go camp'n. More on this later.

Oh, before I forget, "yo mama" an' HIL Harry went to south Texas. Robert has a new job location in downtown Atlanta, so he is home ever day

Saturday, January 21, 2017

More photos of the log cabin bluebird bird house

Ok, I still ain't gonna write nuttin. But here are the latest photos of the log cabin.

Getting down to the last of this project. Two room (nest area}dividers in the upper floor. Make roof removable for clean out of nests. Rock mason the fireplace chimney. Now where the hell am I gonna get some rocks the correct size? A tad of old timey trim to the door.
What ya think bout naming it "Trump Tower"?

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Photos in review

I ain't gonna write nuttin right now, but I do have a couple pics for ya.

This is what I'm work'n on for the bluebird bird house.

I will be back at another time to tell ya a story of this construction project.

Have a nice day.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Log cabin? Why not....

Ok, I'm gonna give this a try.
"Oh yeah, we gonna give this a try when you don't got no idea what ya gonna say" "You go Billy Bob".

Well shit, how long has it been? What have I done to write about, Nuttin. It's very very hard to sit down an' write when your life is just a day by day thing.

Went off to see the breath'n doctor a while back, bout a week or two ago. Very little improvement in my lung capacity....like 1 point. From 37% to 38,4%. Whoop-tee-doo, I can breath again. Staying onthe same 3 puffers and nebulizer stuff for the next 4 or 6 months. Hell, I don't know....puff puff puff. Weight still bout the same, 13# low.

We had a pretty nice time through that nasty storm thingy a week or so ago. Lowest temp at "da house" got down to 16 degs one night. Mostly in the lower 20's at night and mid 40's daytime. Mr Heater and 2 electric heaters kept me more than comfortable. Ha, you should see the heavy thick blanket what sleeps with me. That sucker would handle Alaska winter weather.
This week has been beautiful, as will next week be also. Mid 50's at night and....wait for it....upper 60's and lower 70's daytime. You people up north can have all that snow you want.

Oh crap, forgot....had to buy another computer. Bet ya never guess what operating system it has on it. Windows 10. And it upgrades at least 3 times a week. What the hell is Bill Gates think'n? I am NOT at all happy....but at least the letter X works on this one. See...xxxxxxXXXXXxxxxx. No more cut and paste ever time I type a word with a X in it. Like EXCITIS.

I went to another doctor, but I think I may have already tole you. I don't have cancer. It is just a normal growth people get when they reach a certain age (any age) and from eat'n too many pinto beans. I'm think'n pinto beans.

Ok, I may have me a new project. I been think'n bout it for some time an' now I'm think'n serious. A two story log cabin bird house for the blue birds. Now where am I gonna get me a truckload of old pallets. Pallet wood is perfect for build'n log cabins.
Here is one I really like. Rustic and room for bout 6 bluebird apartments.

Shoot, I could live in this one....if'n I never had to go upstairs. I love log cabins, yup I do.

Or maybe something like this but with a rustic look'n wood roof.
I could easily live in this one too.

Everbody want'n me to go back to Texas. As much as I would love to do that, it's just not possible. My health issues would never allow that. As long as I have my son Robert, "yo mama" and HIL Harry to care for me, I'm stuck in Georgia.

Sorry I don't have much to say this trip, but this is all I got. Until next time, I love ya all.