Thursday, October 31, 2013

It was a good day......problems aside

First things first.....my battery situation. That guy that asked me yesterday if'n I checked the water....he was right. There weren't a drop of water in that engine battery. "See, I tole ya Billy Bob, ya got to check the water ever month or so". This battery is shot....poooof, it ain't no good no more.
A trip to Walmart will cure this situation with a brand spank'n new battery. An' I could use some new fish'n worms too. 

Speak'n of fish'n, OFM Barney drop by yesterday morn'n, mumbl'n something bout starv'n to death. We head into town an' eat up a great big ol' Mexican dinner/lunch/brunch....whatever ya want to call it. I were stuffed. Bout 3pm or so, me an' Sadie Mae jumps in "that jeep" an' head for the fish'n hole, the bridge. I'm go'n fish'n.

I throws my pole out there where all them fish is at, but they either sleep'n or ain't home from work yet. Bout a hunnert casts, I ain't catched nuttin!!! Not even a little nibble. Bass fish don't nibble in case ya want to know. When they see something to eat, they gobble that sucker up an' run like hell. They like colors too. At Lake Amistad bass like watermelon color with little red sparklies in it. An' I'm out of that color.

I hook into bout 3 fish yesterday. One was too little to photograph an' one was too big to get up on the bridge. He spit that little sparklie worm out his mouth an'....pooof, he was gone. Hook'n a fish makes fish'n worthwhile. Even if'n ya ain't gonna eat 'em.

Ok, here the deal. When an' where I leave this life, I want to be a handsome feller lay'n there all decked out in duds. Not that it matters, but I ain't never have me no nice clothes to wear to special occasions. Hand me downs, Goodwill an' cheap shit from Walmart don't quite qualify as "nice". Had me a suit one time. It come from the local Goodwill store for $5...or something like that. Didn't fit, I look like a circus clown in it. I'm think'n I'll go buy me some "funeral" clothes....that fit.
Maybe something like this.....
and maybe not.....

We got sunshine today, warm....and windy. Cain't do nuttin outside, so today is a perfect time to make a Walmart run. "Sadie Mae wanna go for a ride"? Yup she sure do.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Little problems persist

How much can go wrong in a mans life? Let's start with that first....there ain't no sunshine again today. That means, my batteries are low, and will remain low until the sun shines on my solar panels. Ok, that's no biggie, I have a 40 amp battery charger to run off of the generator. Or, I can simply start the engine in "da house" an' charge the batteries a bit. I'm think'n that's what I'll do.

I turns the key. Ain't no lights come on the dash board...dead as a door nail. What the hell???
So's I push this little button what connects "all" my batteries together....dash lights come on. I cranks up the engine. What the hell.....clickity click click....lights are blink'n. This surely ain't right. On the third attempt, lights stop blink'n, no more clickity click click, I'm charg'n all the batteries.

I been hav'n battery problems for quite some time ya know. I'm think'n I might have a problem with the little button doo hicky....or the relay assembly that the little button controls. Like maybe I'm runn'n my stuff off the engine battery an' not the house batteries. "Did ya check the water in the engine battery Billy Bob"? Well shoot, I just get out of bed, no I didn't check the water.

Barney's "cops" just drive by "Sally da house". Real slow, like they gonna stop an' see if'n I'm a legal. Got all my paperwork in order. Are they gonna "deport" me out of the park after my two weeks of camp'n is up? Shoot, I only catched up one (1) fish....they cain't throw me out now. Note: In the past, the two week rule was kind of ignored...stay as long as ya want. As long as ya don't be homestead'n an' open up a Taco Bell or a beer joint..... nuttin like that.

That fish I catched up yesterday, you can see a pic of it over on OFM's blog if'n ya want to. I still can't post no pics 'cause of my sloppy internet connection. The duck photo I posted yesterday took 10 minutes to upload.

For two nights now, I have been sit'n on the couch at 12:30 oclock smok'n little cigars, sip'n up the last of this morn'ns coffee an' think'n. Why the hell I'm sit'n there think'n when I should be sound asleep.....ya know. Last night I was think'n what I'm gonna wear when I give up the ghost an' my ashes is scattered all over the place to hell an' gone. That's something to think bout huh? 

I catched a fish yesterday....yeee haw. Next!
I ride the "billy bike"....yee haw. Next!
I swak 5 golf'n balls....yee haw. Next!
I eat up a "super" supper sammich from hell....huge sucker.....yee haw.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Why??? I'll tell ya why........why?

That is todays post....enjoy!

Test photo goes here....

Monday, October 28, 2013

Ain't catch no fish....

"Holy jump'n Jiminies Billy Bob, what the hell are you walk'n like that for"? Well, ya see, yesterday I went off fish'n for a couple three hours. My back is out this morn'n.

I jumps in "that jeep" an' head to town to fill the gas tank. I hear Jeeps run on fumes, but I ain't tak'n no chances. Five minutes to put 3 gallons of gas in the tank? I go's to Walmart, Murphys, I find me a pump what works. Fill up an' head for the 277 North campground. Catch me up some fish ya know. Well, I didn't, only one little "tic tic" on a plastic worm.

Barney shows up...gonna show me how to catch fish. "Show me sumthing Barney, I ain't catched nuttin". We both come to the conclusion, we ain't fishermen....or we way too early. Everbody know ya don't go fish'n at lunch time an' the sun shin'n straight down on the fish'n hole. I hang up my pole.

Me an' Sadie Mae go look'n an' look'n at new campsites. Drive circles around the campground. "How bout this one Sadie"? Nope, too close to the road. This one is uneven. This one has no view. This one too close to OFM Barney's rig. Pick'n a campsite is work.

I head back to San Pedro campground. Eat me up a great big ol' sammich. Sit back on "da porch" an' do some think'n. Internet. Will my internet work way out there in the middle of nowhere. Well, it don't work worth a crap here, what difference could it make?

How dependent we have become on a internet connection. It's like....I'm gonna die if'n I don't have a internet connection. You think I'm kid'n? Go find you a campsite with out a internet signal an' see how long you stay in that campground. Or fire up your computer some morn'n an' find out you ain't got internet. See how fast ya get on the phone call'n your provider. It's a internet world....get over it.

I takes my computer over to 277 North. I got a signal....3 bars at 1x. That's not good, but it works. Where the hell is my 4G I supposed to have?

Then me an' Barney goes down to the fish'n hole. We bound to catch us some fish this time. Well, no we ain't. Had me a good "tic tic" and then I get me a fish on the line. "Did ya set the hook Billy Bob"? Well.....no. Later on, I get me another one on the line. I rares back on my fish pole hard enough to pull the head off a good size fish. I still don't catch me no fish. My back is kill'n me, I gotta sit down. More than onest I sit there....Sadie Mae sound asleep at my side. I hang up my pole.

Back at camp San Pedro, I got me a decision to make. It's a hunnert degs in "da house" so's I sit outside. I jumps on the "billy bike" an' take a ride. I swak a few golf'n balls. Peanut butter an' jelly sammich for supper. The sun is go'n down...an' I ain't make no decision.

This mor'n I barely make it to the coffee pot. I'm still half asleep. All bend over like that crookit man. Throws stuff in the coffee pot, fires up the generator....and wait. I know when my coffee is done, the pot don't make no more gurgle sound. Turn the generator off. Go to pour my first cup. What the hell, there ain't no coffee. "Ya got to push the button Billy Bob". Generator back on, coffee pot go gurgle....I got fresh coffee.

The wind is blow'n, there ain't no sunshine. I ain't go'n nowhere. Not yet anyhows. May break camp here in a little bit....but not right now. Maybe me an' Sadie Mae go for a ride?

Sunday, October 27, 2013

How slow is slow?

Holy crap, you think my internet was slow yesterday, you should see it today. Don't think I will be able to publish.

To be continued....
This is funny, I got me three of 'em. "Yeee haw....you go Billy Bob".

Ok, now I'm gonna sit here an' write something.
Yesterday started out look'n miserable out there. No sunshine, clouds all over the sky, windy an' just a smig chilly. Later in the day...it was good to go....sunshine an' a might warm.

I grabs holt to a couple golf'n clubs an' swak me some balls all over the yard. Practice ya know. I'm think'n the OFM Barney is got him some competition lined up. "Ya see that Barney, my ball go in the hole".

I sit there look'n at the "billy bike". I'm gonna take a ride to town. I jumps on an' ride all the ways around the main camping area. "Damn.....my legs don't like that crap". That's as close to town I'm gonna go in one day.

The 277 North campground is open. That's where my fish'n hole is at ya know. A trip to town in "that jeep" for gasoline an' "look out fishes, here come the Billy Bob". Now I ain't gonna guarantee I'll catch me up some fish, but I'm go'n fish'n....guaranteed.

I had me a fish'n hole down in Port Aransas. Always catch me up a fish. I climb's out on the rock jettey an' start chunk'n lures at them fish. One bites....a big 'un. I reels him in an' put it in a 5 gallon plastic bucket. I'm gonna eat that fish for supper. I goes on chunk'n lures. My 5 gallon bucket is talk'n to me....that fish is try'n to get out I betcha. Oh no, a cat is got my fish an' headed into the rocks for "his" supper. I stop off at the local Dairy Queen an' order me up a hamburger. Dad gum cat!!!

As long as the weather hold up, don't get too cold, the old Billy Bob is gonna be right here in Del Rio. Unless the rangers don't run me out first. Two week limit ya know, but sometimes they don't follow that rule. Like last year, I was camped by the lake for close to 6 weeks....I think.

Ok....things to do....laters. 

How slow is slow?

Boy howdy, if'n you think my internet was slow yesterday, you should see it this morn'n.

To be continued....

How slow is slow?

Boy howdy, if'n you think my internet was slow yesterday, you should see it this morn'n.

To be continued....

Saturday, October 26, 2013

A dreary day in Del Rio

Holy crap.....there ain't no sunshine this morn'n an' it's a bit chilly out there....68 degs. And, what's this?....the wind is blow'n again this morn'n.

I was lay'n there in bed this morn'n all cozy an' warm. Damn, I must'a broke a toe or rip a toe nail slap off. That what it feel like anyhows. Weren't neither. Seems a nerve was act'n up an' just make me think I break a toe. But anyhows, I got up early. Hobble to the coffee pot an' load 'er up with mak'ns. It's still dark out there ya know. Them I got think'n......when I fire that generator up, Barney is gonna come alive an' say...."what the hell is that noise". So I wait for a while, think'n bout that first sip of pip'n hot coffee. Oh it's gonna taste soooo good.

Ok, my Weber grill needs a name. I name most everthing ya know. Even had a golf'n club named "Gracie". I'm think'n "Mr. Weber" would be a nice name, but I'm open to suggestions. Wilber???

I did what I said I was gonna do. Move all them tools to a back compartment an' got me a empty compartment for the Weber grill up front. Could probly put the propane tank in there too. Think'n I might throw some more junk in the dumpster. I got stuff I ain't use in 4 or 5 years...an' some I ain't ever use. "Damn Billy Bob, you a junk man".

Hey....there's a whole gob of turkeys out there. I got pics to prove it, but cain't post no pics. Verizon sucks. Kind of reminds me of when I had my first experience with "dial up". This is slow.

Got my fish license yesterday. Good for up to August 31st next year. Now I got to get out an' catch me up $22 worth of fish just to break even. I done forget from last year, but at Lake Amistad, I have to get a "motorized boat" permit to use the "bubba boat" in the lake. I rekon I could just leave the troll'n motor off an' paddle that sucker all over the lake. I won't be go'n very far that's for sure.

For Joey, my fish'n hole is bout 10 mile from San Pedro campground. Over there at the 277 North campground....what is still closed for maintenance...or something like that. I catched me up bout $22 worth of fish out that hole last year. The bridge (that my fish'n hole) is still above water, an' I bet ya a dollar, there fish in there.

Ok, I get me a great big ol' blanket what needs modified. It's a super king size an' I'm think'n I can get me two blankets out of that one. I ain't gonna be cold this winter.

Speak'n of cold, do you have a Mr Heater? Do you run it at night when ya go to bed? Are ya still alive the next morn'n?  



Friday, October 25, 2013

Camp'n in Del Rio ain't so bad....it's wonderful

"Yee freak'n gads Billy Bob, where you got all them golf ball swak'n clubs"? Well, ya see, when ya been play golf as long as I have an' ya don't throw nuttin in the dumpster, ya end up with a big ol' pile of golf clubs. Yesterday, I sorted out clubs. Two sets, plus a few, were carefully examined nicks an' cuts, bent shafts or fading paint jobs. A full set was placed in my lightest golf bag. I'm ready for a round of golf ball swak'n.

Me an' OFM Barney was talk'n yesterday bout where we gonna go this come'n summer. What the hell?, it ain't even winter yet an' we're talk'n bout summer 2014. Speak'n of winter, I rekon I'll end up at Falcon Lake again this winter. But that's yet to be determined.

There's lots of decid'n factors involved in a winter camp'n decision. Like "is it warm". Warm is anywheres close to 40 degs at night an' to hell with daytime temps....they gonna be nice any way ya look at it (mid to upper 60's to 70's be just fine). That would be south Texas, the slabs in California or some god forsaken place in Florida.

Ok, back to Del Rio an' Lake Amistad. It's very nice here, if'n ya don't mind a little wind (53 degs last night). Camp'n only costs $2 a night if'n ya got yourself a "old fart" National Parks pass. Otherwise ya gonna pay an astounding $4 a night. Just 7 miles down the road is Del Rio, with every kind of shop'n you could desire. Gasoline is the cheapest I have seen (yesterdays prices $2.97 a gallon). Ya wanna go "eat'em up"? Boy howdy, let me tell ya, they got everthing from a hunnert fast food joints to expensive full service restaurants.

Me an' Barney dined out last night at the Sirloin Stockade. Yum Boy howdy. Warning....don't eat the mashed taters. Tasted like powdered eggs or something like that....no texture. We walked out of there with our belts loosened bout three holes. By the time we returned to our campsites, only 7 miles ya know, I was feel'n a sleepy come'n on. I fought it an' stay up till 10:30. Cain't take it no more, I go to bed.

This morn'n, I barely crawl out of bed an' hobble to the coffee pot. Feel like the old "crookit man with a crookit stick". My back is in pain. "Aspirin Billy Bob, take some aspirin". Other than that, I feel wonderful.

Today I'll finish set'n up camp. Unload the "billy bike" an' set up the Weber grill. I got the Weber stowed in a compartment at the rear of "da house". Hard to get to an' a back break'n job to unload the grill. Be all bend over, sit'n on the ground, bang head on slide out....stuff like that. It needs to be moved. Well shoot, that's easy....move all the junk out the front compartment an' put it in the back one. Weber has a new home....at the front.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

I feel gooood!!!!

Ok, before I get into all the good stuff...."Houston, we have a problem". Ya see, this is the first year that Verizon works in Del Rio, although "this" is not considered working. You think dial up, many years ago, was slow, you should see Verizon in Del Rio. Grrrrrrrrr.....this sucks.

It's been a while since I feel like a fresh off the press hunnert dollar bill, but the old Billy Bob is feel'n pretty darn good...consider'n. If'n it weren't for this dad gum back pain, I would jump on the "billy bike" an' ride that sucker all the way to town an' back. Ha.....you know that ain't gonna happen in this lifetime.  But....I ain't feel this good in quite a while.

Since leaving the higher altitude (4300 feets) in Deming, I can breath much better. Most of my "buttocks" pains are gone. Ok, let me 'splain to ya....when I ain't move'n round do'n something, I sit on my ass. It was god's intention when he invented buttocks, to sit on 'em. Didn't take me long to figger that out, but I also figger out....too much buttocks time causes "a pain in the ass". You can take that to the bank.

We was sit'n there on "da porch", me an' OFM Barney, tell'n stories. You know how two old fellers are when they get together, they shovel BS an' lies. Don't get me wrong now, 'cause me an' Barney don't tell no lies. We straight up. Up drives an unexpected guest. MsB pulls up in "dad's" old car.....purr'n like a kitten (the car dad gum it, the car was purr'n like a kitten). We all sit out there on "da porch"....have us a good old time catch'n up in real time....face to face. Meeting an' talk'n to fellow bloggers an' followers makes a feller like me all warm inside....an' MsB warm ya right up. Thanks for the visit MsB, you made my day a wonderful day. Now, bout that skinny chick.......

At 49 degs last night, I sleep pretty good. Only one time I get cold. Pick my blanket off the floor an' get all cozy again. Why do blankets fall on the floor when ya sleep'n so good at 5am? Finally roll out of bed at 8am, all refreshed an' feel'n good all over. Coffee brew'n, Sadie Mae outside do'n her thing, it's a beautiful day. I need to do something excit'n today....a trip to Walmart. I need donuts!!!!

Dad gum it, photos won't upload.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

San Pedro campground...Del Rio, Texas

I eased out of the rest area right at 10:30am, headed east with a destination for the day in mind. Uncle Judge Roy Bean's Place. In order to get to Uncle Roy's, I have to change highways from I-10 to US-90 via SR 285 at Fort Stockton. Simple enough, huh? This is my route for the day. Nothing can upset or change this route.

Before I leave/exit I-10 , I got to stop an' pee, let Sadie Mae take a break, sit back an' sip up a cup....a road side break. We sit'n there in a rest area an' ZOOOOM, 6 high speed cops go down the road a hunnert mile a hour. Lights flash'n an' sireeeens scream'n. "Oh crap, it that Van Horn cops gonna put me in jail"? Before I get back on the highway, here come bout 4 more....ZOOOOM, they pass me by. Keep in mind, I drive pretty darn fast on a Interstate....60 mile a hour. More cops pass me by. Then here come some more. All total, bout 20 or 25 cops pass me by in the next hunnert miles. Something is go'n on.  Something BIG!

I get off I-10 at Fort Stockton onto SR 285 south, where I'm gonna pick up US-90 in Sanderson, a short distance to destination Uncle Roy's place. There I will spend the night in the community center park'n lot. I'm go'n through a part of town with red lights, dead ends an' many left an' right turns. "What the hell"? I'm back on I-10 headed east, Fort Stockton 5 miles behind me. I continue east...destination throwed in the dumpster. I can make Del Rio by midnight.

I go's through Ozona. Still no sign of all them cop cars what pass me by. Another 10 miles, I see flash'n lights, a guy in the middle of the Interstate direct'n traffic. Cop cars parked in the median, cop cars parked in the ditch...an' one lonely little sport car parked on the side surrounded by another bunch of cop cars. As I eased by do'n 10 mile a hour, I don't see no blood. I don't see no bullet holes. Ain't no bodies lay'n in the dirt. All I see is a little sport car an' some photographer tak'n pictures of the front tire.

I exit I-10 onto SR277 south, Del Rio bout 65 miles. I ain't never been on this road. Holy cows, this is beautiful. Winding road through little canyons, up an' down big an' little hills....this is fun. When I pass the NRA 277 north campground, I can see my fish'n bridge. Yeee haw, I gonna catch me up some fish.

Attempting to publish.....not yet. And I lost a whole bunch of excit'n stuff I wrote this morn'n.

Right at 5:30 pm, the exact time I said I would arrive, I pull into San Pedro campground. OFM Barney waiting patiently for my arrival. We sit outside tell'n stories, then it's off to our favorite Mexican food eat 'em up. Back home by sundown.

Holy crap, my campsite is full of two foot grass an' weeds. I cain't park there.....call the lawn service. They arrive bright an' early this morn'n, an' the old Billy Bob moves into his old campsite with fresh cut grass an' a tree trim'n. That's service.



Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Leaving Deming

A short recap of the departure from Deming, NM.
Poooof, I was gone, just like that.

Sit out on "da porch" for a few final good-byes. Unhook the electric cord and sewer line. "Sally da house" is ready to roll.

I turns the key, engine fire up with a big puff of black smoke...just kidd'n....400 horsepower purr'n like a kitten. We pull straight out of the weed infested camp site....."STOP...stop right now". I gets out to retrieve my coffee jug from where I left it sit'n on "da porch". I don't go nowheres without my coffee.

Fueling up was easy. I'm the only one at the pumps. What is this? I can only purchase $75. That's OK, I can make it to Van Horn with out any stress or headaches that I'll run out of gas.

I got a head wind. Something like maybe 15 mile a hour. Not good for gas mileage ya know. The brake repairs Mark, my mechanic, did on "Sally" is outstanding. Brakes ain't never work this good before. No further splains needed. I can stop.

Oh Oh, we approaching El Paso....do'n a hunnert mile a hour ya know. Traffic is backed up.....a flash'n sign says "CRASH AHEAD 7 MILES" Ok, so I drive 0 to 15 mile a hour for the next hour an' a half. Two cars an' a pick up make contact. Then further down the road, still in El Paso, more back up traffic. Another fender bender. Further down the road....same thing. Take me over two hours to drive 30 miles.

We got open road, "Sally" cruis'n along with the flow. My mind wanders. Will I go to jail when I pull into Van Horn to refuel? Ya got to remember that I'm a wanted man in Van Horn. I broke a City ordinance by sleep'n at a truck stop. Three years ago, when I got me a citation, there was a internet fury from the RV'n community. Emails an' phone calls from disgrunted RV'ers shut City Hall down....but to no avail. The "no overnight camping" still stands.

I pull into the Texas Rest area just a few miles east of town. It's almost 6pm, central time. Me an' Sadie Mae pick out a great camp site with plenty grass to roll in, pee an' drop a log.

That's it. Nuttin excit'n, just a normal day "on thee road again".

Check'n my GPS (Rand McNalley), we decide to head off east to Ft. Stockton, take a little backwoods road to Sanderson an' catch up to US 90 east. That's bout the shortest route to Del Rio an' a hunnert big mouth bass fish. OFM Barney better not catch 'em all before I get there. He's that way ya know.

Ok....it's time to roll on down the road. Catch up to ya laters.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Why I procastinate

I remember one time, I was load'n up for a fish'n trip to Lake Lanier in Georgia. A total disaster was at hand., All that camp'n stuff wouldn't fit in the big ol' Chrysler station wagon an' still have room enough to pack in 5 rambunctious "pants on fire" kids. My kids don't sit still for five minutes.You would'a think we was a bunch of rednecks go'n to gramma's house for Sunday dinner.

I got the car all pack up with with a couple tents, blankets an' pillers, coolers full of food, MY fish'n tackle boxes an' fish poles, bout a hunnert toys for the kids....a couple change of clothes. An' a 12 foots boat, 3 horsespower motor, an' gas cans tied down to the roof. Did I forget something? Wouldn't be the first time if'n I did.

We pile into the big ol' Chrysler station wagon. Three in the front seat 4 in the back. Well, it was supposed to be 4 in the back, Billy was in the back yard chas'n the neighbors cat. Say he was gonna take it camp'n. At this point, I'm think'n....camp'n sucks. Kids scream'n an' fight'n....touch'n each other. I had it.....jump slap out the car an' start unload'n stuff. We camp in the back yard for 3 straight days.

That's bout the way I think of camp'n these days. Pull my hair out preparing to hit the road. Yesterdays departure date was a spur of the moment thought. I got half my "to do" list done Saturday, I can pull out Sunday. It don't work that way. There's more to it than just load'n up stuff. Ya got to feel good. Ya got to have some "git up an' go". I didn't have neither yesterday. But I did finish my "to do" list. I got "that jeep hook up to the back of "Sally da house" an' I ain't got enough gas to make it to Van Horn, Texas....235 mile down the road. God I hate go'n to gas stations.

Ok, I got a slide out to bring in. Unhook the electric cord. Stow the sewer hose. "Sally da house" is ready to roll. But I ain't. Was wide awake at 2:30am last night...toss an' turn for hours. My back hurts. Only got one eye open an' my coffee sucks. Now how did I manage to make a "sucks" pot of coffee when all I got to do is put some water in there an' add some coffee grinds.....push a button?

Ok, I think I pretty much 'splained why I didn't "hit the road" yesterday. See ya down the road a piece after while.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Road prep

"Slow down Billy Bob, you got the rest of your life". I was sit'n out there on "da porch" with my little "to do list" in my lap. Holy crap, that's a lot of "to do" to do in one day. I start with the easy stuff first. You know, pick'n up stuff lay'n on the porch an' stuff scattered all over in "da house".

Can ya put too much water in a fresh water tank? Well, yeah ya can if'n ya don't keep a eye on it. "Billy Bob, turn it off, turn it off, there water run'n all over the place". Shoot, I was only gone for a minute an' now I done overflow my water tank. My converter (converts 120 volts into 12 volts to keep batteries charged) is soaked with a hunnert gallon of water. Thank god it were unplugged an' I know how to turn a water spigot off....lefty lucy righty tighty. No damage done....I think.

"BaBOOOM". Now what the hell was that? I was sit'n here last night an' something go boom...the floor shaked. I investigate for a bowl'n ball on the floor what fell off from a shelf...or something like that. There ain't no bowl'n ball. I look outside. There ain't nobody out there shoot'n guns. What the hell go boom in the middle of the night? This morn'n I check some more. Ain't find nuttin. No blowed out tires, no holes in the wall, ain't nuttin lay'n on the floor.

This happen one time before when the electric heater element blow slap up on the refrigerator. BaBOOOM, blow a big ol' hole on the cool'n system. Milk soured an' lunch meat began to rot. Replaced under warranty....yeee haw for recalls.

So....will I hook up "that jeep" this morn'n or not? *I check my vitals*....yup, I'm still alive an' kick'n. Cain't say I feel like a hunnert dollar this morn'n but the morn'n. Didn't sleep worth a crap last night, couple leg cramps, got eye buggers in my eyes....typical morn'n for the old Billy Bob. And let me tell ya, it were some kind of cold last night.....32 freak'n degs. outside an', listen to this, 48 degs inside "da house". Ya see, my electric cube heater bite the dust last night. I gets up at 3:30, plug in another one. It go "squeek squeek, grrrrrrr, grind". I'm think'n it's time for a couple new electric heaters.

Anyhows, the way I feel right now, I'll leave Deming in the morn'n. Still got lots of good byes to say, a few more "to do's" to do, an' it's get'n late....10:30am.
Google piss me off!!!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Street smart

Learn'n life ain't easy when ya ain't go nobody to tell ya how to do stuff. Ya don't just wake up one morn'n,  go to the school house, an' expect to know everthing when ya get back home. I figgered out at a early age, if'n ya wanna learn how stuff works, ya take it slap apart. Take a good look at the parts an' then put it all back together. If'n it still works, ya learn something. Ain't everybody can do that though. With parents scream'n at ya, "don't touch that", ya ain't gonna learn nuttin.

When Billy Bob started go'n to school, the teachers had their hands full. I was that little feller, in bib overalls an' high top shoes with the laces tie in knots, sit'n in the middle of class look'n out the winders with a gleam in his eye. There's stuff outside them winders an' I gonna put my fingers on all I can. I was a dreamer, an' 2+2=4 don't make no matter to me. Nouns an' verbs have no place in my life. Who the hell is George Washington? Oh yeah, he's the punk ass kid what chop down his daddy's favorite cherry tree.....an' walk barefooted across the Potomic river in the dead of winter tote'n groceries home from the Walmart store.  

It didn't take long, after a hunnert trips to the "office", that I fell in with the rest of the crowd. Learn me some school'n stuff I did. I pick an' choose what I want to learn, think'n down the road a piece ya know. All that other stuff, history, geography, algebra, disect'n frogs an' stuff like that was nonessential in my life. At what time in my life am I gonna find it necessary to do surgery on a freak'n frog? Think "pan fried frog legs".

I turn out pretty good consider'n. I can read an' write, add numbers, spell better 'an some an' I got me some common sense. Ya don't get common sense from school ya know. I learn me enough out there on the streets to fill a book. Ain't much the old Billy Bob cain't do, 'cept'n for fix'n electronics....what I probly could if'n I would a pay attention to to cut'n up freak'n frogs in school.

Went off to the golf ball swak'n course yesterday. Remember I was tell'n ya I been feel'n pretty good? Back ain't been hurt'n like it usually do? Well, I fix that right up. Thought I was gonna die before I finish 18 holes. "Swing easy Billy Bob". That what I did. End up with a score of 93. Dad gum putter let me down though. Ain't nobody can miss 3 foot putts. Much less 4 of 'em.

I'm [this] close to hook'n up "that jeep" to the back of "da house". I'm want'n to go catch me up some fish....like that one OFM Barney catched up yesterday. It's been a while since me an' Barney see each other. I'm rather excitis bout that. Ain't too often ya find somebody what like to do the same things you do. Hope to hell he's still in Del Rio by the time I get there. 

Well shoot, I'm think'n I need to head outside to "da porch". Sip me up a fresh cup an' do a little think'n.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Trap'n buzzards

Was a cold 33 degs this morn'n. If'n it hadn't been for a dad gum leg cramp, I would still be in a warm bed. I'm one them guys what thinks if'n it's still dark outside, there ain't no sense in get'n out of bed. There ain't nuttin you can do in the dark....wait for the sun to come up so's you can see. Old "pesky neighbor" Wayne gets up at 4 to 5am ever morn'n. Then he just sits there wait'n for the sun to come up...do'n nuttin.

We got brakes. Mechanic Mark jump on "that jeep" yesterday morn'n an' in two hours change all the brake pads. They was all god 'cept'n for one, what was wored all the way down to metal. How comes only one pad was wored like that? I jump on the internet. Do some research ya now. Didn't find any cause what I didn't already know....caliper ain't releasing all the way. Buy what the hell, I only drive this piece of junk something like 2 or 3000 miles a year. So what if'n a caliper don't release all the way?  

Got all rambunctious an' wash "da house" winders yesterday. Now today, I got to figger out how I gonna get rid of 10 gazillion water spots. What I'm think'n, I should of just left them bugs on there....with no water spots. All I did was make more work for me. Probly gonna have to sit on "da porch" sip'n up a cup an' do some think'n...."how to get rid of water spots". I can do that!!!

The OFM Barney informed me yesterday that the campgrounds an' lake are reopened in Del Rio. A photo was included of my old camp site. What the hell, the grass an' weeds is 2 feet high. There could be snakes an' critters in there.

I ain't skeered no snakes ya know. When I was much younger, I used to go out in the desert an' catch snakes. I didn't catch all of 'em though. Some of 'em would get really piss off an' threaten to bite me. I 'member one time I was fish'n at Lake Isabella in California. Had me a brand spank'n new fish pole. This big ol' rattlesnake, bout 4 feets long, jump out an' come [this] close to tak'n a bite out my leg. Now mind you, I was just mind'n my own business, not bother'n nuttin. That snake scare the holy jaheebees out me. I swak'n him good with my fish'n pole....bout a hunnert time. Kill him dead. Also kill my brand spank'n new fish pole dead too. Then I feel bad 'cause I kill him. Bury him next to that rock an' make a little cross out of little pieces of my fish pole. Damn snake!

Have ya ever trap a buzzard? I was just a kid, bout 13 year old. I was think'n one them buzzards fly'n round up there would make a pretty nice pet to have around the house. I spend a week construct'n a 6 foot high chicken wire fence trap...bout 6 or 8 foots in diameter. Ya see, a buzzard can land straight down, but they cain't take off straight up. Then I throws a old dead rabbit inside the fence for bait. There's lots of dead rabbits in the desert ya know. Ya just got to know where to look. An' buzzards love dead rabbits.

The next day I go check my makeshift trap. Holy cows, there two buzzards in there. Ain't nuttin but fur where that rabbit used to be. Now how I gonna get a rope on one them ugly buzzards? These buzzards ain't just sit'n there wait'n for me to lasso 'em ya know. They jump'n all over the place flap'n their wings an' "talk'n" at me. They pissed slap off. Beady eye bastards with big ol' flesh chomp'n beaks an' sharp fingernails bout 3 inch long. I ain't do'n this shit. I topple over that chicken wire fence trap an' run like hell. Gonna think me another adventure what ain't so dangerous.

Ok, it's "da porch" time. It's warm out there 68 degs. Laters!!!


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Brake pad day....maybe

"WHAT THE HELL"???? I was lay'n there in bed, sound asleep, just mind'n my own business ya know. Holy crap, I'm freez'n to death. Ain't nobody tole me it was gonna get this cold last night. I get's up, head off to the bathroom, then I go check the Walmart special. It's 32 freak'n degs outside. Inside temp is 49. If'n I told ya onest, I told ya a hunnert times, I don't like cold.  If'n it would have been bout 5 degs colder, I would have used Sadie Mae's water for coffee this morn'n.

Well, what ya think? Are the National Parks open this morn'n? I would almost bet ya a dollar they gonna be closed for bout a week so's they can mow grass, trim the trees....stuff like that, before they let the public back in. Punish the public ya know. 

Did I go golf ball swak'n yesterday? Well hell no. Ya see, I was sit'n out there on "da porch" BS'n with the neighbors. The trees start danc'n. It was get'n windy fast. Somewheres bout 25 mile a hour.....I ain't go'n nowheres. Dust an' sand blow'n everwheres. Dust devils an' tumbleweeds.

Today, Mark my mechanic, is supposed to start put'n brake pads on "that jeep". But before I get all excitis bout that happening, let me tell ya bout his darling wife Linda. She the one that does his "chore" scheduling. She sit on her buttocks all day long watch'n "soaps" an' Fox news, while he's at work. Write down bout a hunnert little chores for him to do when he returns home from a 10 hour day. Then she grab holt to a comfortable chair an' sit there an' tell him how to do it. That grows feathers on the back my neck. Grrrrrrr!!!

I spent most yesterday....painless. I was like, "my god, my back an' hip don't hurt". Don't feel too bad this morn'n neither. Boy howdy, if'n it would stay like this, or better yet, not hurt no more, I would be one happy camper. If'n ya ain't never have back pain (sciatica), ya ain't never give birth to a 14 pounds baby.

Pigs feet??? I love 'em. I can open up a jar them things an' eat 'em all up in one sit'n. God knowed there would be people like me when he put feet on pigs. Bacon, bacon, bacon.....!!!!

Ok, here's the deal....."where my blog"? Ya see, I publish todays post, click view blog....there it are. Then I click on 4 bloggers what follow my blog an' what do I find? Way down their list is yesterdays post "Chicken Feet".

So I'm 'spearmint'n. I'll upgrade my post, see it'n that fix it. Then if'n that don't work, I'll post a comment on my blog. Hang on while I go see if'n that works.

Ok, none that worked. I'm now on Internet Explorer with a update.
That didn't work neither.

Try a reboot of computer......worked on some, but not all.

Now everthing is work'n just fine. What did I do to correct the problem.....I have no freak'n idea.
This has happened in the past with OFM Barney's blog. Was a couple three months ago, didn't show up. It do now. Dizzy's did it a couple times. Now MsB is hav'n the same problem as I am. WHAT THE HELL????



Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Chicken feet

Somehows when I think of food, I think of "MEAT". Ok, the old Billy Bob ain't no fool, I don't eat ALL meats, only the ones I was brung up on an' the ones I like. Of course, there was times in my life when I HAD to eat meats that I wouldn't serve to a dog.....or I would go hungry. Deep fried chicken feet. Oh don't go sniveling up your nose....yes people DO eat chicken feet. Even in the USA. But I don't an' probly never will. Chickens don't wash their feet or wear shoes ya know.

I come [this] close to go golf ball swak'n yesterday. Like I said yesterday, I was feel'n pretty good. I betcha a dollar I could swak a ball a mile or so. Probly more like a hunnert yards. I don't swak golf'n balls like I used to no more, an' that hurts (breaks my heart). I should be get'n better, not worse. Practice ya know. Anyhows, maybe today. Oh shoot, it's late....maybe not.

I was expect'n our government to get their stuff together yesterday. End this damn shut down thing. But oh hell no, here come more bicker'n an' fight'n. Grrrrrrrrrr....!!!! Has this shut down hurt the old Billy Bob? You betcha it did. Maybe not in my daily life, but I got me some stocks ya know. Well, you know how that goes.....down.

I ain't been do'n too much think'n bout what I'm gonna do or where I gonna go in the near future. I'm at a point where I really don't give a care. As long as it's not too cold. You know, like the mid to lower 40's at night.....I can live with that.

Again, my blog does not show up on bloggers lists....GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I are a cook

Well here it is another start to a beautiful day. Be like 67 degs outside, the sun is shin'n an' I feel pretty dad gum good this morn'n. I'm think'n I probly slept all night long....no leg cramps an' stuff like that. I attribute that to clean liv'n. What ya think???

Back to the battery issue I was tell'n ya bout not long ago. You know, I forgit to check the water an' run 'em pretty dad gum low. Well, I check 'em again a couple days ago. What the hell, water level is low again. Fill them suckers up all the ways to the top. Then I check the voltage for the next two days. Yup, it's low. Go down to 12.4 volts at night with only 2 lights on.....an' a computer, an' a cell phone charger thingy, an' the printer...and all the stuff ya don't see what uses 12 volts. This will be my last set of wet cell batteries I will ever buy for "Sally da house". EVER!!!!

We was talk'n bout "boiled chicken necks" the other day. I LOVE chicken necks, but not necessarily boiled. In a soup, I rekon you could call that boiled an' I LOVE chicken necks in soup. I can sit down with a bunch of "fried" chicken necks an' be in hog heaven. Fried chicken gizzards? Oh hell yeah.

As you can see, I ain't got nuttin to talk bout this morn'n. Nuttin excit'n anyhows. All the excitement in the RV park is all died down. Old "pesky neighbor" Wayne is behave'n his self. Neighbors ain't been fight'n. Most everbody been stay'n in the house.....but peep'n out the winders to see what the neighbors are do'n.

Holy crap, the "da porch" was busy yesterday. Not only neighbors drop'n by, but a couple from down the dirt road show up. An' I were brew'n me up a pot of beef stew soup while all this visit'n was go'n on. Burn the crap out it.....just like I done them batteries. Put too much salt in it. But I eat it anyhows. No "belly rumbles", so it must be good. Cats an' dogs like beef stew soup....right?

That reminds me the time.....I was a teen ager. Ain't learn to cook nuttin yet. I had me a big ol' German Sheppard dog. He was my food taster. If'n he didn't eat it, I sure as hell ain't. I figgered one night I was gonna make me some spaghetti. Company was com'n over for supper....my best friend Gerry. I didn't have no tomato sauce or tomato paste....didn't even know what tomato paste was. Didn't have no kind of seasoning but salt an' pepper. But I did have a couple cans of Campbell's Tomato soup. What could go wrong? I boils me up a whole pound of spaghetti. That should feed 4 people for a week...but I weren't mak'n it to last a freak'n week. Just one night would be fine. Well, I puts some this concoction in Duke's bowl. He take one sniff an' walks away. At this point I should have know better, but I load me an' Gerry up a couple big ol' plates full of Billy Bob spaghetti. "MY GOD, I ain't eat'n this shit". Later in life, I learn to make the bestest spaghetti an' meat balls ya ever eat.


Monday, October 14, 2013

My "da porch"

For those what don't know.....here's the deal. In 2005, the old Billy Bob was "stuck in Deming". I had come to town for a short stay.....I'm on vacation ya know. The weather was beautiful, the greens at the golf course was slick as ice
 ....I'll stay a month.

I set up camp at a local RV park downtown.

Then I met "pesky neighbor" Wayne. We golf ball swakened together an' became BS an' lie'n friends.

We moved to a little "mom an' pop" RV park outside of town call Beyond the River RV Park. Yes there's a river what runs through Deming, but it runs under ground, are so they say. I'm think'n it just died somewheres out there in the desert north of Deming. What do I know, I'm a tourist.

Anyhows, I set up camp. "Ya gotta have a porch Billy Bob". So's I build one

....from the ground up.
In 2011....or was it 2012, I sold "da porch" to the RV park not expect'n to ever come back. I came back. An' I still can "sit on "da porch" sip'n up a cup an' think'n". My "da porch" has turn into the "meeting place" where everbody in the park come to sit an' spew out BS an' lies.

  Taken 2012....an' I call it my "da porch".

Ok, now that that is out of the way, on to the "nuttins" for the day. I'm have'n a very hard time with my decisions. Ha, it only took me two weeks to decide if'n I was gonna stay in Deming for two more weeks. I still don't know where I'm gonna go when I leave here, but I'm think'n by the time these two weeks are up, Lake Amistad will be open to the public. Dad gum government.
I pretty much decided to get off these generic drugs an' go'n back to the name brand Coreg. My heart rate is still too high as far as I'm concerned...80 plus, just sit'n on my buttocks.
Then theres what the hell I gonna do bout my back? It ain't get'n no better. Damn....I don't like doctors with big machetes, chisels an' hammers.

Ok, I'm gonna go out on "da porch", sip up a cup an' do some think'n.    


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Nuttin day = Sunday

Ok, so today is Sunday....right? What does a normal retiree do on a Sunday morning? "Well shoot, that easy. Ya get up late an' ya don't do nuttin all day".

And that's exactly what I did. Unless "da porch" time is considered do'n something. My god, everbody come visit Billy Bob this afternoon. We sit out there for hours tell'n BS an' lies. Rent man come by. I pay for two more weeks. That's it....I'm done.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

$5000 Jeep....broke again

Oh boy, we get to spend some more bucks on "that jeep". I've been eat'n hot dogs, peanut butter samiches an' boiled chicken necks to save money for this anticipated day....."that jeep" is broke again.

Ya see, I was fool enough yesterday to think I could swak a golf'n ball down the middle of the fairway. That's bout all I want to remember bout a "day of golf ball swak'n". Sheesh....it was a terrible experience. On the way back to "da house", after hit'n that damn little ball bout a hunnert times, I pushes on the brake.....screeech an' grind. Sound like I wake up a pissed off prehistoric sabre tooth tiger on the prowl. Something wrong I betch'a a dollar. Ok, so I ain't change the brake pads in a hunnert years....I'm gonna be do'n it now. So here's the deal. My Neighbor Mark just loves to change brake pads....that what he tell me anyhows. But he can't do it today. He say Thursday. By Thursday, I could be in Sinton, Texas, buy a new set of brake pads an' nephew Joseph be under "that jeep" do'n his favorite thing....fix'n "that jeep".

I'm not able to do that kind of stuff no more. Once I get on the ground, I ain't get'n back up. Like yesterday, I was check'n the water in the house batteries (check one more off the "to do" list). I sit's down in a patch of goat heads. My ass is so dead an' numb from sit'n on it, I never feel a thing. I adds a gallon if distilled water. Now I got to get up off'n the ground. I got goat heads in my ass, in my hands an' I bangs the shit out my head on the bedroom slide out. I ain't never get'n on the ground again.

Today is "payday" at the RV park. I been here near on to 6 weeks (Oct. 15th). This leaves me with a decision. Pull out on the 15th an' fix the brakes in Sinton, or pay for another 2 weeks an' fix 'em here. I'm good with either decision.

Holy crap, it's 5:30am when I get this dad gum leg cramp. I comes fly'n out from under the covers, stand'n on my tippy toes....I got to pee. What the hell, I'm up, it's dark, it's cold in "da house" (39 degs outside), I might as well stay up an' watch a sunrise. Brew me up a pot. Turn on the TV an' watch a couple hunnert hot air balloons take off up in Albuquerque. I been want'n for years to go see them in person. You know, park "Sally da house" in one them hunnert dollar a night park'n sites. But my god, I ain't got "that" much pocket change. TV coverage is almost like be'n there, maybe better. This year there is just under 600 balloons to take to the skies.

Holy crap....traffic jam.

Ok, here's what I'm not understanding. After I publish my blog post, I click on one of my followers blog site. I scroll their followers list. The post I just finished publishing does not show up on the top of their list. Then I scroll down their followers list and find my "yesterdays" blog post. I'm using Firefox, does that make a difference? That's what I'm talk'n bout....where the hell is my blog post for "today"? Grrrrrrrrrr Google Blogger!!!
Update, two minutes later. After I updated, it now shows up. I'm lost in a world of technology I don't understand. "Just forget bout it Billy Bob".

Friday, October 11, 2013

What's a blog???

What do you expect when you click on a blog? Entertainment? History? Enlightenment? A daily dose of humor? Sad trying times? A romantic interlude of life? Family practices?
Holy cows, the list gets longer the more I think of the reasons I click on a blog.

For so many of us that write blogs, what may have been a idea of a personal journal in the beginning, soon turns into "the story of my life" for others to read. It's the others that are important in blog writing ya know. You write for all the reasons listed above to grow an audience of followers and daily readers. You become involved in the lives of others through their comments and their own blogs with just a little clickity click. You get to know them. Their thoughts, dreams, sadness, happy times....another long list could fit here. Some ya actually get to meet in person "down the road a piece". 

I started my blog "Billy Bob's Place" for just about the same reasons as everbody else. A scary beginning into a strange new world of cyber communication. I was gonna write bout some the places I traveled to as a full time RV'er an' leave it at that. I soon became aware the "others" were more interested in my nonsense and daily experiences than that of a "normal rational person" writing dull travel stories. I rekon I could be one of "those" if'n I wanted to, but then....I wouldn't be "Billy Bob" would I?

As time passes me by, my thoughts change. My memory grows dimmer....."lights out Billy Bob". Childhood memories (stories) become lost in a maze of twisted and dying brain cells (good thing I wrote some of them down in my blogs). Things don't work so good no more. I'm get'n old an' there ain't a damn thing I can do bout it. That's life. Before I know it, I'll be sleep'n out in the pasture with them dad gum worthless cows what don't make milk no more.

It got a little bit nippy last night with a new cold front pass'n through. Overnight 40 degs, but it's already a beautiful 70 deg day...an' climb'n. I still using my little fall fleece blankies to keep me warm at night. I'm think'n winter blankies are just around the corner. I got me this one great big ol' blanket what would fit a super duper king size....gotta modify that sucker to fit my regular size bed. I modify stuff ya know.

"What's the possibility of a golf ball swak'n experience today Billy Bob"? The weather is beautiful, I don't feel too bad, I may just do that....but not right now. Maybe later.

One more update on my drugs. I went online an' read bout it. Then I look see the "instructions" the pharmacy give me. In giant bold letters, it says....DO NOT TAKE TWO. I'm think'n that's what I did. The ingredients for the generic is the same as name brand Coreg....with less mg. I think I'm good to go.

Google is still mess up. Todays post is not appearing on other blogs. Not on my computer anyhows. 



Thursday, October 10, 2013

Drugs, mind changes an' frustration

Holy crap!! Is it me, Google or the government shutdown? You might be ask'n yerself "why does Billy Bob mention the government shut down" on a nonsense blog. How bout we just put it this way....."I'M PISSED". And I have a right to be. And I'll stand up for my rights, not to be swayed by one individual that thinks his shit don't stink. There's your politics for the day.

I been notice a lot of changes to our internet experiences. Just yesterday Yahoo changed my "mail" set up with a "new experience". So they call it. "Ok Yahoo, how do I read my mail"??? I still don't like the changes Yahoo made to my "my yahoo" page. I had that sucker just like I wanted it. Pooooof, it's gone, just like that.....a "new experience". Google blogger continues to make little changes that some of us don't see. But it shows up when we publish a blog posting. On more than one occasion, I've discovered, not only my blog, but others too, did not publish for others to see the newest posting. It's there, you just don't know it. I suspect that's what happened to my blog yesterday. And then there's Windows with all their upgrades. Right now I have 750 megabytes of upgrades to download. This is a brand spank'n new computer, why would I have to upgrade?

 Damn, I only got bout two days to do a weeks worth of work. Not really work, but check'n stuff before I crank up "Sally da house" an' hit the road. Each little chore is only bout 5 minutes long, some a little longer. But you know how the old Billy Bob works with chores. Gotta take a break ever once in a while. Now the freak'n wind is blow'n a hunnert mile a hour an' I need to go outside....check battery water, drain an' fill my fresh water tank, empty black water tank, check tire pressures, check engine fluids....stuff like that.

Update on the "drug test". I'm think'n I may have passed. I took one them new medications last night....notice I said just one. I wait for 30 minutes for the drugs to kick in. Heart rate stay the same, blood pressure stay the same. I think I'm gonna live! Now if'n there was a drug to fix my aching back.

I'll never ever again let a chiropractor touch my back again. I'm think'n the last one, 11 year ago, is the reason for half my pain. Big feller....twist me up like a pretzel. He call it a "adjustment". Adjust "this" sucker.

Had a chiropractor adjust my neck one time. It was my lower back that hurt, why the hell he mess'n with my neck for? Anyhow, it go "pop", he grins an' says...."you fixed". For two weeks I couldn't turn my head neither way....just look forward all the time. When I go back for my next "workmans comp" scheduled appointment, I tell him bout my neck. He says...."I can fix that right up". I don't think so.

Then there was the time....I went to a chiropractor in Atlanta for a aching lower back. He take x-rays. I was headed for the door after he look at my x-ray an' say..."Oh my, you got a big 'un". What the hell??? This is a doctors office, not a side show. Chiropractors ain't all they "cracked" up to be.

Got a little cold front headed this way tonight an' tomorrow. Drop in temps bout 10 degs or so. I can handle that. Wonder if'n I can handle a couple more weeks?

Ya see, since I ain't got nowheres to go an' I ain't in no kind of a hurry, I been think'n bout stay'n in Deming till the end of the month....or therebouts. That's my thought this morn'n. My thoughts have been knowed to change. Monday was my planned departure date....will I or won't I???

Ok, I'm done. Hope this post is visible after I publish it. Did anybody see yesterdays post bout JoJo?

OK, the blog post did not publish or show up on other blogs.  How I gonna fix this????


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Baby JoJo

This is not a good day. Grrrrrrrr at the world. "Well shoot Billy Bob, don't read the news".
Armed Park Rangers. Park Rangers issuing "tickets" at $100 a pop. Illegals allowed to protest/gather in parks closed to veterans. I don't care if this is a Obama thing, a democrat thing, a republican thing or just a bunch of idiots thing....this crap ain't right.

Well, I made another, probly stupit, decision. I ain't go'n to Inks Lake. Simple as that. It ain't 'cause I don't like Inks Lake or nuttin like that, 'cause I really do. Probly my second choice of lakes in the big State of Texas. Well, maybe third choice. No....second. "My god Billy Bob, make up yer mind".

Ya see, I ain't got it in me no more. I'm tired of travel. But I been tell'n ya that for two or more years....right? My little health issues, an' a dose of depression is got me down.....knock me slap on the floor. Today, I just don't give a fly'n flip. Maybe tomorrow or so, I'll go to Inks Lake.

So what about JoJo? When JoJo was gifted to me back in '95, he was 5 weeks old. I tiny little thing what would fit in one hand. He was a feisty little thing from that day on. Make ya wanna laugh at his antics an' clumsiness....side'n across the floor bump'n into stuff. We moved to the boat. He took to boat life with a gusto. Run'n up an' down the teak decks, bump'n into stuff....bark'n at sea gulls, or anything else that caught his eye. 

JoJo was the protector of the boat. When me an' son Daniel moved aboard "Coyote", it was still under contract at a local boat sell'n place. This mean people come to look see "my" boat for a couple months even though I sign a contract with the owner. The assistant marina official guy bring people on board to look her over. JoJo bite the assistant marina guy two times while I was at work at The University of Texas. Tored his britches an' drawed blood onest. An' JoJo was only 4 months old. He never come back to the boat with people an' he keep his distance from JoJo ever time he see him.

One dark evening JoJo took his first plunge into the black waters below. I can hear him splish splash'n with his little paws, but I can't see him. It's dark in here. "The flashlight Daniel, git the flashlight". Where the hell is my dawg? Oh, there he is, sit'n on top of the rudder what stick out the water a couple inches. Rescued JoJo with a fish dip net. Poor little bugger.

I come home to the boat with a order of fresh deep fried shrimps. Great big 'uns....four bite size. I sit my plate of shrimps down in the cockpit to get a cup of coffee. I comes back, four shrimps is gone....pooof, just like that. "JoJo, did you eat my shrimps"? Up under a tarp on the starboard side of the boat, I fount my shrimps. He ain't took his first bite. He was just play'n a trick on me....right!!!

I don't go nowheres without my JoJo. I pulls up in front my favorite eat'em up place. I'm sit'n there sip'n up a cup an' here come the waitress...."Isn't that your car in the middle of the street block'n traffic to the ferry landing"?  Yup it sure were. JoJo had knock the gear shifter thingy out of park an' roll backards....into the street. When I get to the car to pull it out of the street, JoJo says to me...."We go ride daddy".....tail wagg'n.

Tie JoJo to the car while I'm sip'n up a cup at my fav eat'em up. A guy come in...."that damn dog out there bite me". He show me...."it's superficial, no problem....go sit down".  Ya see, the guy was too close to daddy's car an' he tried to pet JoJo. That's a no no for strangers.

My daughter Angela, her friend Jennifer, JoJo an' me was ride'n down the beach in the Buick. The girls holler'n at boys, JoJo bark'n at sea gulls an' me scope'n bikinis. Just look'n ya know. JoJo was in the back seat with Angela's friend Jennifer. I hear Jennifer screech...."my god, JoJo is hump'n my leg". JoJo was com'n of age ya know. Port Aransas is a small town, news travels fast. To this day, Jennifer gets red faced at the mention of JoJo. 

A trip to Galveston with JoJo........Oh wait, go here....save me some typing. JoJo Super Dog.

JoJo Super Dog

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Medication problem.....maybe

Holy crap, what go'n on? Ya see, my doctor, Dr. Fronkinsteen changed one of my medications from brand name to generic. I had been out of this brand name for right bout a week....keep this in mind as I continue. The medication in question is Coreg. I have tachycardia what makes my heart rate soar to extreme 160 to 180 beats a minute. That's not good. Coreg lowers my heart rate allowing me to function as a normal human bean at a heart rate of 70 to 80 bpm. Well this generic stuff what I took last night ain't right....maybe. I start see'n funny, kind of dizzy an' light headed. I check my blood pressure....it's up, 154/85 with a heart rate of 110. An' I was just sit'n here do'n nuttin. I'm think'n...."what the hell, ain't tak'n no more that stuff". 

There's three possibilities. Since I been out of Coreg for a week, I may have had a minor tachycardia attack....but not likely. Maybe I took too much. Now that's a possibility. It says...."take one tablet twice a day". I took two last night. But wait a minute before ya scold me an' throw stiks at me, the mg for the two generic is less than the once a day Coreg. And last but not least, generics suck.
I'm just fine this morning. Sleeped it off I betcha a dollar. Today I will take one in the morn'n an' one at night. If I still have a problem with heart rate go'n up instead of down, like it supposed to do, me an' Dr. Fronkinsteen gonna have us a talk.

I was gonna tell ya the story bout JoJo, what I called "super dog", this morn'n, but it's already late. No JoJo story this morning. 

Spend a freak'n hour on line last night try'n to pay the insurance on "Sally da house". GMAC, what is changed to another name, National General Insurance, made some changes on the website. I had to walk through walls, swim the oceans wide an' climb a freak'n mountain before I finally fount where to make a payment by electronic check. But anyhows, I'm insured for another 6 months.

I been look'n for a place to go ya know. Still ain't got it figger out. When I research a area, I'll look'n for water for the "bubba boat" an' a nice fresh cut fairway to swak golf balls. Some place have both, some have one an' others have none. Although sit'n on my ass do'n nuttin has become my favorite past time, I would still like the option of catch'n me up a fish or swak'n some golf balls. As of today, Inks Lake State Park continues to pop up as a destination. Now if'n our wonderful representatives in Washington would get together an' fix stuff, I will be in Del Rio quicker 'an a flash. I only got bout 4 or 6 days to decide.  

Ok....I got to go outside to "da porch". I'm all thinked out, so I rekon I'll just sit there an' sip up a cup.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Where to go an' a broke mast

Oh boy, don't know if I can do this. Any time the old Billy Bob ain't got nuttin to say, something is wrong. I always got some kind of story to tell....spiced up a bit for flavor, but dad gum it, I ain't got a darned thing this morning...again.

Holy crap, it's freak'n winter. It were 36 degs last night an' 37 the night before. I base my temps on after the sun goes down 'cause the day time temps are absolutely perfect for what ever ya want to do. Right bout 3 a clock this morn'n I waked up pretty damn shiver'n cold. Went look'n on the floor for my blankie. There it were, lay'n in a pile at the foot of the bed. Gonna get me some velcro an' velcro that sucker to my chest. This keep up an' I gonna head for warmer temps further south.

Well I see I ain't the only one indecisive as "where to go". Did some more research yesterday. Odessa with it's 5 golf courses is out. Ft. Stockton with it's 5 RV parks is out. Sanderson ain't got nuttin, so that's out too. Where in Gods name is the old Billy Bob gonna go? I'm think'n I only got two choices left. 'Left turn, right turn, spit in hand' or 'Ink's Lake'. Kind of lean'n to the first choice.....end up in a damn snow storm somewheres in Montana or something like that.

Was plan'n on a golf ball swak'n day this afternoon, but looks like that may be out. I'm out of my essential medications. That means a trip to Walmart. And you know the old Billy Bob an' Walmart. At least two hours of roam'n the aisles. Bump'n into people, Grrrrr'n at others, a few choice words....I love shop'n at Walmart.

Had to fix my dad gum awning. Ya see, it were loose, didn't roll up like it was designed. "Ya got to tighten the springs Billy Bob". Have ya ever tighten a spring on a awning? Ain't no easy thing when ya ain't got no help. An' if'n ya don't know what you do'n, it's a dangerous operation. Most people would leave the task to a professional....and pay a hunnert dollar. Not Billy Bob, he tackle anything. It's fixed, roll up just like a brand spank'n new one. That dad gum Billy Bob fix anything!!!

My mast broke one time. That sucker stick up in the air 55 feet. A wooden mast, glued together with some kind of "fish" glue or something like that. It just come slap apart....pieces of Sitka spruce all over the place. I were expect'n all kind of damage to my boat and to the neighbors boats. Well, I want you lookie here....no holes in the deck....weren't no damage at all. Good liv'n ya know.

Sister ship S/V Westfalia

A work in progress....S/V Coyote, 41 foot Formosa Ketch.


JoJo the "Super Dog"....boy howdy I could tell ya some stories bout this dog. 


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Shut down "this"

Ok, checked that out, what do I do now? I'm talk'n bout Lake Amistad. It's closed to the public an' will lock you up, maybe even shoot ya like they did in DC the other day, if you cross one of the recently purchased barricades. I don't know bout nobody else, but the public should not be punished for what government has done.
This is not politics, it's a rant from a pissed off American citizen.
I bet ya didn't know, but the government shut down the ocean in Florida. They really did, 1100 square miles of ocean. No boats, no fish'n. Can they do that???

So, it's back to square one. I'm having a problem with "where I gonna go". There's lots of State parks in Texas, but I'm gonna bet ya a dollar they all full up....ain't got no room for Billy Bob an' Sadie Mae. Some people don't have a problem with "hook'n up" an' go'n down the road a piece. This year, I wish I could do that. I keep think'n back to the trip of "turn left, turn right, flip a coin". That was the most terrible trip I ever take.

I ain't got a thing to talk bout today. I need to take a break....take a deep breath, relax....an' start over.
See ya on "da porch".

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Family history an' Indians

Ha....stupit weather man. It didn't get cold last night like ya said it would (50 deg). For now, ya cain't beat this weather in "Indian territory" south New Mexico. Shoot, there was a Indian behind every mesquite bush, under big boulders, on top the mountains....they was everwhere. In 1910, or therebouts, Indians were still steal'n vegetables out my great gramma's garden an' butchering cattle on the Birchfield "KIL" ranches. Remember great grampa's horse "Snorter" I was tell'n ya bout not long ago? Silly Indian tried to steal Snorter. Knock that Indian slap on his buttocks.

On the south end of the Florida , pronounced Flo-ree-da, not like the State, was 4 more homesteaded Birchfield ranches, all part of the KIL ranch. My grandpa, great granpa and a great aunt Piepmeier homesteaded 4 connected quarter sections (480 acres) what they farmed...corn, vegetables an' stuff like that. After the Pancho raid on Columbus, March 9, 1916, 7 miles from the homesteads, most families temporary moved to Deming at the Birchfield mansion...fear of further raids. The homesteads are still there, in the same condition they were 100 years ago, minus the adobe houses of course. One adobe still stands what I believe to be the old San Juan ranch house. If not, I don't know who the hell lives there.

Ok, enough history for one day.

I been think'n since I don't know where to go, just head for Del Rio. I like it there, I'm comfortable boondock'n there, I catches up fish there.....so what the hell, why not? Well now, that could be a problem with the government shut down an' 800,000 federal employees sent home on paid vacation. Who gonna collect my $2 a day for a camp'n site an' who gonna mow my lawn, pick up my trash bags? Dang, I better do some research. I'm think'n ever thing gonna be OK before I leave Deming, but ya never know.

"What the hell you been eat'n Billy Bob, you fart too much"? Well ya see, I brew me up a pot of 15 bean soup a couple days ago....with a great big ol' ham hock in it. Boy howdy that some good eat'n. Last night, old "pesky neighbor" Wayne brings me a whole bag full of NM chilies. "Bet ya cain't eat just one". Holy crap, I eat up 3 of 'em....along with a big bowl them beans. That were some good eat'n. Then I start get'n belly rumbles....."Oh my god....fart!!!

Started pick'n up "stuff" yesterday....tools, extension cords, golf clubs, dirty dishes, a shirt the cats been sleep'n on....you know, camp'n stuff. I don't know how I do it, but I got half the RV spread out on "da porch". "Don't ya ever put stuff back when ya finish with it Billy Bob"? Well, not really, I may need it again. That's the way I live an' I ain't chang'n now. Period...end of story.

I don't know bout nobody else, but Washington needs a good ass whoop'n. All of 'em. We voted a bunch of idiots into office. If something don't work, ya fix it. Can ya here me now???  "That's all I got to say bout that"....Gump.

Ok, it's "da porch" time. I been sit'n here do'n nuttin...got stuff to do. Maybe straighten them bent golf'n clubs....clean 'em up a bit. Wash some golf balls for a round of golf ball swak'n in a couple days.

Friday, October 4, 2013

"Sally" is too big.....she's fat

Ya see, it's like this...."Sally" has gained weight an' cain't fit in a recliner no more. Her belly is plumb full....tools, pieces 2x4 sticks, man toys.....stuff I ain't used in a hunnert years.....I'm a freak'n junk man. Mostly bout once a year I make a dumpster run....put "Sally" on a diet. But every time we go to Walmart, she sneeks stuff in my shop'n cart what I don't want her to have. She get all fat again.

Get'n gasoline in "Sally's" belly is a chore. With "that jeep" tag'n along behind, we are right at bout 55 feets or so. I block plenty entrances fill'n this baby up. Some stations I can't get into no shape or form. Then there's the camp'n sites. What a hassle to back this big sum-a-gun into. It don't fit in some of the better State parks. Ya can't drive down some back woods country road for fear ya ain't gonna find a place big enough to turn around. My choice of camp'n sites are limited to "big rig" camp'n sites. And then, where the hell do I park "that jeep"?

For a couple year I been think'n bout downsiz'n to a small class "C" with enough horsepower to pull "that jeep" to hell an' gone. I'm think'n bout 27 to 30 feet...with a great big 500 horsepower motor. Go a hunnert mile a hour ya know. Well anyhows, it's just a thought I been roll'n round. Whether I ever do it....who knows. Probly not.

I spend another two hour look'n at that blamed map again this morn'n. What a freak'n waste of time that was. West Texas has no interesting places I want to go. Terlingua is out of the question. I done been there 3 or 5 times an' I didn't lose a thing there that I need to go back an' look for. Del Rio is on my list.....but. I'm think'n further east.....a nice lake an' maybe a couple or three golf courses. Inks Lake??? Where the hell is my golf course?

A few years ago I took a trip. No destination in mind....just go. Turn right, turn left....flip a coin. Swore I would never do that again. You wouldn't believe some the places I ended up. But...it's look'n like that may be what I do when I leave Deming. After I get through El Paso, the only exit out of New Mexico go'n east, I might just turn the wheel over to "Sally"  an' let her do the driv'n. Before anybody suggests another route out of New Mexico, them other routes all go north. And it's gonna snow to the north ya know. 

Yesterday the wind was blow'n like hell. My awning was flap'n in the breeze (bout 30 mile a hour). Weather guy says today the wind is gonna BLOW.....gusts to 40 plus. I put the awning in. What the hell, the damn thing don't go all the way. "Sheesh awning, you piss me off". Shit break'n an' not work'n right has got to leave the old Billy Bob alone. I could use a break here ya know.

Speak'n od stuff break'n an' not work'n right, "Sally da house" is 9 years old. Ain't much go wrong with her in that time. Little minor stuff what I could fix myself....nuttin major. Still look like brand spank'n new when I give her a bath, apply some makeup....stuff like that. I ain't got no complaints.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bent golf clubs????....maybe not.

Ok, everbody take a seat, this ain't gonna take long.

I suck at golf. Ya see, I keep my golf'n clubs in "that jeep"....lay'n in the back ya know. The other day I piled some Walmart grocery bags on top of the golf bag. I'm think'n that that extra weight bended my clubs 'cause the damn things was hit'n crookit balls all over the place.

Oh wait, I got to tell ya this one. I was in Ga. visit'n family an' I tole my son Robert that ya gotta freeze yer golf'n balls overnight before a game. He put a dozen in the freezer....that bout how many balls he lose in a round. He rare back an' swak hell out that froze ball....sound like he hit a rock....go a hunnert yards. He weren't too pleased with the little trick I pull on him. When I tell him the best way to get "distance" out of a ball by put'n it in boil'n water, he didn't bite. But it do help, if'n ya believe it or not. I do it all the time.

Dad gum it, something in Washington stink. Democrats say one thing, republicans say another. Ain't get nowheres like that. Neither one willing to negotiate. Who do ya blame for the government shutdown? Well that depend on if'n you're a democrat or a republican. All I know is I'm pissed at our present representatives for let'n this crap happen. Sure am proud of our old war veterans though. Walk all over them taxpayer funded federal guards (what should a been layed off) at the Veterans Memorial....yeee haa veterans....you go! This shutdown seems to be directly pointed at the public as punishment. That what I'm think'n anyhows. Why the hell would you shut down a National Park an' then hire extra guards to keep America out?

I been wear'n the print slap off my Walmart road atlas. Where in gods name am I gonna go?

Comments!!!  I been lay'n off of mak'n comments. Ya see, some people don't understand my way of say'n stuff. They read stuff in my words what I don't really mean. Get it all slap ass backerds. I even got a email a while back that I cuss an' they ain't never gonna come back to Billy Bob's Place. Well ya see, cuss'n is a way of express'n yourself. It's necessary. Some blogs I cain't comment on 'cause ya gotta join some club or something....or they got that word thingy turn on. I don't do word thingys. Other blogs don't publish a comment until the next day....after they check it for spell'n an' stuff like that. I don't do that neither. My spell'n ain't never gonna pass no "spell checker".

I rekon Sadie Mae is get'n old just like I am. See been lay'n round "do'n nuttin". Won't even chase the dad gum cats no more. But let "balony man" step outside an' Sadie Mae take off like a bullet......yum yum eat 'em up treat time. Of course she come to life when it's golf cart ride'n time. But she don't run no more....just sit there in the seat an' tell old "pesky neighbor" Wayne, "go faster".

Ok, "da porch" time....go sip me up a cup an' do some think'n.   

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A good Tuesday......

Oh boy....we got drama in the park. I ain't never gonna come back to Deming.....sheesh!
This time it's old "pesky neighbor" Wayne. Ya see, we got a neighbor lady that goes berserk if'n one of the dogs get in her yard. Even Sadie Mae. Anyhows, a bunch of us (3) was sit'n on "da porch". Noel has his little dog "Butch" on a leash 'cause Butch done got in trouble once for pee'n in that ladys yard. Wayne unclips Butches leash. Take a guess where Butch took off to? After Noel give Butch a good tongue lash'n, they went home. I lit into Wayne that he cain't do that kind of shit. Then he jump on me...."I can do anything I want". Anyhows, that's over an' done with. Wayne needs to listen to his elders....me.

Then he fired the clean'n lady. This turn into drama too. Wayne has got his self a attitude ya know.

Me an' Sadie Mae load up in "that jeep" an' head to town. Doctor appointment ya know. Nice lady throws me on the weight scale, I ain't gain not one freak'n pound in the last year. An' I been try'n my damnest to gain at least one. Then she check my vitals....or what ever ya call 'em. Everthing fine an' dandy. Then in walks Dr Fronkinsteen with a big grin on his face. I rekon he was think'n I had died in the last year. He check this an' that, ask a bunch of questions. Did one them electriccardiogram things with a hunnert wires hook up to me. I'm normal....what ever that mean. Listen to my lungs an' breath'n. He says...."good". I was expect'n him to put me on one them big ol' oxygen bottles to tote around with me. Then he asked me that dreaded question, "are you ready for a stress test"? I flat declined even though he say it's important. Got my year supply of drugs an' "I'm out of here". I tell him "see ya in a year"...that what I tell him anyhows. He don't know it yet, but I gonna get me a new Dr. Fronkinsteen in Corpus Christi.

Sadie Mae says, "let's go eat some delicious Mexican food". Taco Bell is right down the street. Hot damn, that was some good eat'n. I used to do service work for 7 Taco Bells ya know. That when I had a refrigeration service business in West Virginia back in '78 to '86. I fix everthing what break. Taco Bell employees are like Walmart employees, they break stuff.

Now we gotta go to Walmart. I walks out of there with 6 little bags. Holy crap, $62 an' some change. 

Ok, here's what I'm think'n...."how bout a round of golf ball swak'n"? It's a beautiful day, 80 degs, a slight breeze an' snow expected in a few days. NO, not in Deming, Colorado. They talk'n bout high winds before the weekend....need to go today.

"da porch" time. Sip'n up a cup an' BS'n with old "pesky".

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy October

Ain't got a thing to post this morning. I rekon I could write a story of some kind, but most of my stories have already been posted. So today, I'll just wish everbody a "Happy October" an' be done with it.