Sunday, October 20, 2013

Road prep

"Slow down Billy Bob, you got the rest of your life". I was sit'n out there on "da porch" with my little "to do list" in my lap. Holy crap, that's a lot of "to do" to do in one day. I start with the easy stuff first. You know, pick'n up stuff lay'n on the porch an' stuff scattered all over in "da house".

Can ya put too much water in a fresh water tank? Well, yeah ya can if'n ya don't keep a eye on it. "Billy Bob, turn it off, turn it off, there water run'n all over the place". Shoot, I was only gone for a minute an' now I done overflow my water tank. My converter (converts 120 volts into 12 volts to keep batteries charged) is soaked with a hunnert gallon of water. Thank god it were unplugged an' I know how to turn a water spigot off....lefty lucy righty tighty. No damage done....I think.

"BaBOOOM". Now what the hell was that? I was sit'n here last night an' something go boom...the floor shaked. I investigate for a bowl'n ball on the floor what fell off from a shelf...or something like that. There ain't no bowl'n ball. I look outside. There ain't nobody out there shoot'n guns. What the hell go boom in the middle of the night? This morn'n I check some more. Ain't find nuttin. No blowed out tires, no holes in the wall, ain't nuttin lay'n on the floor.

This happen one time before when the electric heater element blow slap up on the refrigerator. BaBOOOM, blow a big ol' hole on the cool'n system. Milk soured an' lunch meat began to rot. Replaced under warranty....yeee haw for recalls.

So....will I hook up "that jeep" this morn'n or not? *I check my vitals*....yup, I'm still alive an' kick'n. Cain't say I feel like a hunnert dollar this morn'n but the morn'n. Didn't sleep worth a crap last night, couple leg cramps, got eye buggers in my eyes....typical morn'n for the old Billy Bob. And let me tell ya, it were some kind of cold last night.....32 freak'n degs. outside an', listen to this, 48 degs inside "da house". Ya see, my electric cube heater bite the dust last night. I gets up at 3:30, plug in another one. It go "squeek squeek, grrrrrrr, grind". I'm think'n it's time for a couple new electric heaters.

Anyhows, the way I feel right now, I'll leave Deming in the morn'n. Still got lots of good byes to say, a few more "to do's" to do, an' it's get'n late....10:30am.
Google piss me off!!!


  1. Doggone, seems like you are having troubles that never cease. This post isn't showing up over yonder; guess Google's sittin' down on the job. Now you drive defensively on your way to wherever, ya hear? Cross your fingers - might help to keep you safer. Ha ha.

    1. Ain't the first time my post didn't show up. Some people don't understand what I'm talk'n bout....but Sissy do.

      It's been one thing after another for way too long now. I need a break for sure.
      My fingers been crossed for so long, everbody thinks I'm deformed.

  2. You will feel better when you catch up with ole Barney and start catching them big ole Texas bass. Have a safe trip and hope your bad luck changes to good luck real soon.

  3. Have a safe trip to wherever you're going.

  4. I still do not believe you are leaving today but if and when you do...may you have a safe trip.

  5. Yes MsBelinda I'm with you on that departing date, didn't old BB just pay for 2 more weeks????
    All my girl type firends are getting the biggest out of that Poop Paree stuff.....:)

  6. Well there if and when you go travel safe, looking for warmer weather.