Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bent golf clubs????....maybe not.

Ok, everbody take a seat, this ain't gonna take long.

I suck at golf. Ya see, I keep my golf'n clubs in "that jeep"....lay'n in the back ya know. The other day I piled some Walmart grocery bags on top of the golf bag. I'm think'n that that extra weight bended my clubs 'cause the damn things was hit'n crookit balls all over the place.

Oh wait, I got to tell ya this one. I was in Ga. visit'n family an' I tole my son Robert that ya gotta freeze yer golf'n balls overnight before a game. He put a dozen in the freezer....that bout how many balls he lose in a round. He rare back an' swak hell out that froze ball....sound like he hit a rock....go a hunnert yards. He weren't too pleased with the little trick I pull on him. When I tell him the best way to get "distance" out of a ball by put'n it in boil'n water, he didn't bite. But it do help, if'n ya believe it or not. I do it all the time.

Dad gum it, something in Washington stink. Democrats say one thing, republicans say another. Ain't get nowheres like that. Neither one willing to negotiate. Who do ya blame for the government shutdown? Well that depend on if'n you're a democrat or a republican. All I know is I'm pissed at our present representatives for let'n this crap happen. Sure am proud of our old war veterans though. Walk all over them taxpayer funded federal guards (what should a been layed off) at the Veterans Memorial....yeee haa veterans....you go! This shutdown seems to be directly pointed at the public as punishment. That what I'm think'n anyhows. Why the hell would you shut down a National Park an' then hire extra guards to keep America out?

I been wear'n the print slap off my Walmart road atlas. Where in gods name am I gonna go?

Comments!!!  I been lay'n off of mak'n comments. Ya see, some people don't understand my way of say'n stuff. They read stuff in my words what I don't really mean. Get it all slap ass backerds. I even got a email a while back that I cuss an' they ain't never gonna come back to Billy Bob's Place. Well ya see, cuss'n is a way of express'n yourself. It's necessary. Some blogs I cain't comment on 'cause ya gotta join some club or something....or they got that word thingy turn on. I don't do word thingys. Other blogs don't publish a comment until the next day....after they check it for spell'n an' stuff like that. I don't do that neither. My spell'n ain't never gonna pass no "spell checker".

I rekon Sadie Mae is get'n old just like I am. See been lay'n round "do'n nuttin". Won't even chase the dad gum cats no more. But let "balony man" step outside an' Sadie Mae take off like a bullet......yum yum eat 'em up treat time. Of course she come to life when it's golf cart ride'n time. But she don't run no more....just sit there in the seat an' tell old "pesky neighbor" Wayne, "go faster".

Ok, "da porch" time....go sip me up a cup an' do some think'n.   


  1. You are a "Crackerjack", Billy Bob, pullin' tricks on your Robert and anybody else. Your spellin' and cussin' and tales are what makes the blog so great; keep it going. You're right on track; don't pay no attention to those with no sense to enjoy your writing - stuffed shirts they be.

    As for the shenanigans of the government I have no respect at all. Sick of seeing the taxpayers keep up a bunch who spend 99% of the time arguing and fighting. Why should Americans stand for this? And isn't it amazing that they/the lawyers still get their salary while so much has been cut and an ungodly number of federal employees furloughed, causing more hardship on us lil' ol' citizens. They are playing with out minds! and our pocketbooks!

    You ought to think of traveling farther afield, get to see more of the US of A. Heck, come to east Tennessee; it's really a pretty place and the weather is fine these days. You could park that RV for free. Oh, I forgot, you don't like trees and forests - yes, you did imply that somewhere back in a past post like "any place east of the Mississippi". But being around all the trees here sure furnishes plenty of oxygen for my breathing problems. So come visit my Volunteer State. I ain't talkin' about none of the big cities either; I wouldn't give two cents to live amongst the crowds, noise and smog.
    Got a son-in-law loves golfing too and your age. He knows where the good courses are; even two close by me. Ha, if I had your means and wheels, I and my 4 critters/puppers would be on the road again in nothing flat; doggone it, I've yearned for 67 years to "go see the whole of America"! Makes me wonder just how long one can keep a dream/yearning alive....a long time, eh? My dad went all the way to Californy in 1946 and I ain't got over him not taking me along. Ain't gonna ever forgive him!

    Truly enjoyed your post today. Nice break from my hurrying about doing little chores "like a chicken with it's head cut off"!

  2. Ah, uh, sorry my comment is long as your post. I got wound up, didn't I?

  3. I have some very serious advice for you. Don't come to Carlsbad for good Mexican food.

  4. Why don't you just stick a pin in the map with your eyes closed and head out to where ever the pin lands? Make it an adventure!

  5. Maybe just jump in sally da house and drive somewhere, follow the nice weather.
    You can make comments on our Blog again I removed the restrictions.