Wednesday, October 23, 2013

San Pedro campground...Del Rio, Texas

I eased out of the rest area right at 10:30am, headed east with a destination for the day in mind. Uncle Judge Roy Bean's Place. In order to get to Uncle Roy's, I have to change highways from I-10 to US-90 via SR 285 at Fort Stockton. Simple enough, huh? This is my route for the day. Nothing can upset or change this route.

Before I leave/exit I-10 , I got to stop an' pee, let Sadie Mae take a break, sit back an' sip up a cup....a road side break. We sit'n there in a rest area an' ZOOOOM, 6 high speed cops go down the road a hunnert mile a hour. Lights flash'n an' sireeeens scream'n. "Oh crap, it that Van Horn cops gonna put me in jail"? Before I get back on the highway, here come bout 4 more....ZOOOOM, they pass me by. Keep in mind, I drive pretty darn fast on a Interstate....60 mile a hour. More cops pass me by. Then here come some more. All total, bout 20 or 25 cops pass me by in the next hunnert miles. Something is go'n on.  Something BIG!

I get off I-10 at Fort Stockton onto SR 285 south, where I'm gonna pick up US-90 in Sanderson, a short distance to destination Uncle Roy's place. There I will spend the night in the community center park'n lot. I'm go'n through a part of town with red lights, dead ends an' many left an' right turns. "What the hell"? I'm back on I-10 headed east, Fort Stockton 5 miles behind me. I continue east...destination throwed in the dumpster. I can make Del Rio by midnight.

I go's through Ozona. Still no sign of all them cop cars what pass me by. Another 10 miles, I see flash'n lights, a guy in the middle of the Interstate direct'n traffic. Cop cars parked in the median, cop cars parked in the ditch...an' one lonely little sport car parked on the side surrounded by another bunch of cop cars. As I eased by do'n 10 mile a hour, I don't see no blood. I don't see no bullet holes. Ain't no bodies lay'n in the dirt. All I see is a little sport car an' some photographer tak'n pictures of the front tire.

I exit I-10 onto SR277 south, Del Rio bout 65 miles. I ain't never been on this road. Holy cows, this is beautiful. Winding road through little canyons, up an' down big an' little hills....this is fun. When I pass the NRA 277 north campground, I can see my fish'n bridge. Yeee haw, I gonna catch me up some fish.

Attempting to publish.....not yet. And I lost a whole bunch of excit'n stuff I wrote this morn'n.

Right at 5:30 pm, the exact time I said I would arrive, I pull into San Pedro campground. OFM Barney waiting patiently for my arrival. We sit outside tell'n stories, then it's off to our favorite Mexican food eat 'em up. Back home by sundown.

Holy crap, my campsite is full of two foot grass an' weeds. I cain't park there.....call the lawn service. They arrive bright an' early this morn'n, an' the old Billy Bob moves into his old campsite with fresh cut grass an' a tree trim'n. That's service.




  1. Let the fishing competition begin.

  2. well I been looking at your blog here and glad you moving up/down/sideways. this is what you post to do. hope you catch a big O fish. So , what are the cops taken picture of a tire for. huummm? hope you have a good O time with Barney. love you and take care.

  3. I'm glad you didn't get arrested by any of those cops. Wonder why they were in such a hurry.

  4. Billy Bob you told me about getting lost...but you never told me about the speeding cop story!

    Had a great visit with you guys :)

  5. Hey its is fun to travel some new roads and new scenery.
    Now OFM Barney and you can get into some serious fish'n.
    A fish fry comes to mind..

  6. " photographer tak'n pictures of the front tire" Maybe that's where they hide there Contraband and the 200 cops where there just for support.... Glad to see your gonna get to fish.. Dam if I couldn't fish 3 or 4 days a week I would be one sad dude.
    Good Luck Billy-Bob