Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A good Tuesday......

Oh boy....we got drama in the park. I ain't never gonna come back to Deming.....sheesh!
This time it's old "pesky neighbor" Wayne. Ya see, we got a neighbor lady that goes berserk if'n one of the dogs get in her yard. Even Sadie Mae. Anyhows, a bunch of us (3) was sit'n on "da porch". Noel has his little dog "Butch" on a leash 'cause Butch done got in trouble once for pee'n in that ladys yard. Wayne unclips Butches leash. Take a guess where Butch took off to? After Noel give Butch a good tongue lash'n, they went home. I lit into Wayne that he cain't do that kind of shit. Then he jump on me...."I can do anything I want". Anyhows, that's over an' done with. Wayne needs to listen to his elders....me.

Then he fired the clean'n lady. This turn into drama too. Wayne has got his self a attitude ya know.

Me an' Sadie Mae load up in "that jeep" an' head to town. Doctor appointment ya know. Nice lady throws me on the weight scale, I ain't gain not one freak'n pound in the last year. An' I been try'n my damnest to gain at least one. Then she check my vitals....or what ever ya call 'em. Everthing fine an' dandy. Then in walks Dr Fronkinsteen with a big grin on his face. I rekon he was think'n I had died in the last year. He check this an' that, ask a bunch of questions. Did one them electriccardiogram things with a hunnert wires hook up to me. I'm normal....what ever that mean. Listen to my lungs an' breath'n. He says...."good". I was expect'n him to put me on one them big ol' oxygen bottles to tote around with me. Then he asked me that dreaded question, "are you ready for a stress test"? I flat declined even though he say it's important. Got my year supply of drugs an' "I'm out of here". I tell him "see ya in a year"...that what I tell him anyhows. He don't know it yet, but I gonna get me a new Dr. Fronkinsteen in Corpus Christi.

Sadie Mae says, "let's go eat some delicious Mexican food". Taco Bell is right down the street. Hot damn, that was some good eat'n. I used to do service work for 7 Taco Bells ya know. That when I had a refrigeration service business in West Virginia back in '78 to '86. I fix everthing what break. Taco Bell employees are like Walmart employees, they break stuff.

Now we gotta go to Walmart. I walks out of there with 6 little bags. Holy crap, $62 an' some change. 

Ok, here's what I'm think'n...."how bout a round of golf ball swak'n"? It's a beautiful day, 80 degs, a slight breeze an' snow expected in a few days. NO, not in Deming, Colorado. They talk'n bout high winds before the weekend....need to go today.

"da porch" time. Sip'n up a cup an' BS'n with old "pesky".


  1. Glad you got out of doc's office without doing a stress test. Did you tell him the most stress you get is when you swawk the golf ball too far off the fareway to find it? Oh, I forgot. All your drives go right down the center of the green, green grass of home.

  2. Too much arguing for me. I am much more into peaceful things like knocking the cover off golf balls and eating Mexican food.

  3. At least you got the nasty ol' doc visit out of the way! Now it's fun time! Right?

  4. I am glad to hear you are doing so well, and too bad about no weight gain. I just got on a scale at my aunt's house and I woulda swore I am eating more and should have gained weight, but not one ounce!

  5. Sadie Mae says, "let me drive the jeep Billy Bob, I'm a good driver".

  6. Too much dram for me, like when everyone gets along , why all that other stuff?
    Go test results now you good to go, somehwere.

  7. Howdy # 1 BB,
    Ol Pesky can sure get evabody in trubble, can't he and then get an 'attitude' if'n he gets called on it..
    Butch just don't listen good... Glad you got 'the doctor' visit over and dun with... You probably got out of WALLYDRUG cheaper than I can get by on co-pays with the VA; I just quit taking ALL OF THEM PILLS and feel a durn-site better, only I fuss at Joyce, so I may get some more of the PROZAC !!!! Tylenol helps my pains & cramps okay !!!
    That cleaning lady keeps gettin' fired, maybe some day she learns how to 'CLEAN' a house properly !!!!!
    ROUND'EM UP & HEAD'EM OUT to Del Rio and get'cha a CHRISTmas tree from WALLYWORLD; we went yesterday in Brownwood and seen'em, IN OCTOBER !!!!!!!!!!

    They'll be havin' Valentine's Day before Thanksgivin' !!! Be payin' the IRS on January 1st !!!