Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why do I live like this?????

Well, there was a meeting yesterday at the VA....or something like that. Wayne will be going to a facility in Truth or Consequences (T or C) bout a hunert mile from Deming. They expect him to remain there for up to a year unless he decides he is well enough to come home.

Ok, now I got to do some think'n bout what Billy Bob gonna do. It's one thing to be a friend and another to live your own life. I got liv'n to do and much thought as to how. When I retired and decided to travel, that was my decision for as long as I was able. I'm still able and that's what I need to do. Wayne would understand. As far as watch'n Wayne's place, I'll do that until I am ready to leave Deming. Then just lock up his stuff and let someone else watch over it. That's all I can do. Then when I come back in a few months, maybe he will be home.

Now I got to find that damn cat and get her used to living in a motorhome. The 2 nights that she stayed with Sadie Mae wasn't the best of a relationship, especially the first night. Hiss'n and puff'n up. Second night was ok. But....this damn cat don't like to ride....at all. More on this later.

Why do I live like this? I been ask myself this for the last 10 years. I could go rent me a condo on the beach somewheres and live like a king. But no, old Billy Bob chooses to live in an old broke down motorhome at the cheapest rv park in town. Ain't got no grass in the yard. Weeds grow'n in the cactus garden. Redneck junk lay'n round. An old "that jeep" what is always break'n something. Old used golf balls. Clothes what are 5 or more year old. No shoes but an old wore out pair of sandals. Socks got holes in 'em. Why Billy Bob do I live like this???

Ya know that I don't have to live like this....right??? Even though I'm on a limited income, I don't spend what I make. I already have most everything I ever had a desire to have....unless it would be one them remote control helicopter thingys. I got a little money I never touch in stocks and bonds. A bank account what just keeps grow'n. Don't be tell'n my ex-wife though. I used to say "ya can't take it with ya"....to other people, so what the hell am I doing? Well, one reason I don't buy stuff is that I have no more room to put it. So, with that in mind, I think I'll go off to Walmart and spend me a hunert dollars on something I'll never use. Not today though.

Yesterdays weather was pretty nice out here in the middle of the desert. High was only 102 degs at 4pm, the hottest time of the day. Weather people says we got a cold front headed this way in a few days....high bout 97 come Friday and Saturday.

Ok....that's all folks.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Computer age

What was it like before computers took over our lives? Seems like a long time ago don't it? My first computer that I could actually operate was an old 286 what I found in a dumpster. Remember when the internet first became active? WOW, look at all the information at your fingertips.

Don't eat the soup!!! Holy crap, what the hell. This stuff sucks. Let's see what went wrong. Cooked the chicken in the solar oven. That should be ok. Only thing I added to the chicken was celery flakes, salt, pepper and dehydrated onions. Cut the chicken up in bite size pieces. No problem there. A quart of water. We have excellent water in Deming. Couple cut up taters. Hmmmm, from Walmart. Package froze veggies. They gotta be good. Couple hand full of noodles. OK, now you tell me what went wrong. This stuff sucks.

Sit'n out on the porch this morn'n. Beautiful morning....83 degs, slight breeze out the east. But you know that ain't gonna last long. Yesterdays high was 111 degs. with the same expected today. Look like another inside day to me.

Will be back later when I have something figger out what I gonna do today.

A while later......
Put on my little black and white French maids uniform and did me up some housework. Wanna see a pic??? Got them big ol' front windsheilds sparlk'n like tiny stars. Washed the dashboard and Armorall'ed it. My God, it looks brand spank'n new. Now I guess I'll start on all the wood cabinets. Should be done in a couple days or so. That is unless I feel a nap com'n on.....yaaawwwn.

Remember I was tell'n ya yesterday morn'n I didn't know where I was at? Well, last night I look out the bedroom winder and said, "now where am I"? Even got out of bed to check see. Damn, I must be los'n it or something like that. Could be "road fever" too.

That damn cat is missing again.

More little piece if information on "pesky neighbor" Wayne. The only coverage he has is through the VA. Since he didn't notify VA within 48 hours of hospitalization, the VA will not pay a penny....nothing. What kind of government BS is that? Because Wayne gets $800 a month SS, he is not eligible for Medicaid.
It looks like Wayne will not be coming home anywhere soon if at all. They are talking about long term rehab and assisted living....or something like that.

Ok....put my little maids cap on and get back to house cleaning.

Monday, June 27, 2011

110 degs.

Woke up this morning think'n I weren't here. I do that sometimes when I have dreams bout go'n down the road a hunert mile a hour.

Speak'n of go'n down the road a hunert mile a hour, back in 57 my uncle give me my first car. It were a 1947 Nash. After I rebuilt the motor....that's another story, I crank it up and hit the road for a test run. Did a little rubber burn out off the sandy shoulder....you know, get 'em spin'n before ya hit blacktop. The speed meter said it would do a hunert so here we go. Even down hill, all I could get out of it was 95....lol, remember the song how I get this thing out second gear...or something like that. Well anyways, I burn that motor slap up. How was I to know bout high gear, I was only 16 year old. But I weren't worried bout all that. I had my eye on a brand spank'n new 46' Ford for $25.

Broke out the old solar oven today and cook me up a chicken for a pot of chicken soup. Boy howdy it sure is look'n good. Have ya ever wonder why some plastic bags will tear easy and others ya gotta use a chain saw to open? Well my noodle bag open right down the side....noodles all over the place. Since they dry, ya don't gotta rinse 'em off. Do I put tomatoes in or no???

Well, it made it up 110 degs today. Now that's hot. Nice comfortable 80 degs inside.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Talk'n to be talk'n

What do ya think about? Well shoot, I think bout everything. Some of my thoughts are really ridiculous. I think bout stuff that would never enter the mind of most people. Weird stuff.

Like yesterday I was think'n bout jump'n on a horse and riding over to the mountains. Now does that make sense when I have a "that jeep" sit'n out there in the yard? With air conditioning.

Them quail puppies sure are grow'n fast. If ya ain't never seen a baby quail, they look like little golf balls run'n around after their momas and daddies. Cute as hell. FORE!!!! Now I guess you know that roadrunners eat little quail puppies. They meat eaters ya know. The "old man" says to shoot all the roadrunners that come in the park, but I ain't gonna do that. They hungry too.

Oh Oh, I got mice. I was put'n up some dishes I washed last week and holy cows, they done got in my oven and took some the insulation out. I set me some traps last night in hopes of get'n them all. Only one. Cute as hell. This is the 3rd time I had rodent problems in "da house". One time big ol' rats build them a nest and eat up some my wires. I think I lost them go'n a hunert mile a hour down the road. This time I'm gonna try them electronic pest thingys. Hope they work as good as they advertise.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gawd almighty....it's hot

I'll attempt to answer a couple questions bout old "pesky". The only health care Wayne has is through the VA. He does not have Medicare "B" coverage. As I understand, he has 100% coverage through the VA. And yes, they do cover home health care. But he needs someone with him at all times of the day.....you know, kind of like a wife or something like that. There is a nursing home here in Deming, but he has already turned that down when he had a stroke last year.

Today I rolled out of bed feel'n like a spring chicken. Cluck cluck and all. By 8:30 I was out on "da porch" sip'n a cup and do'n a little think'n. I sure do love my "da porch". Broke out my mail and "what the hell", I'm a wanted man. Jury duty summons from south Texas. Gotta be there a couple days ago. Don't rekon I'm gonna make it, do you??? Well, I got online and send them a email explaining I ain't gonna be there and the reasons why. I done tole them one time before to don't be send'n no more requests for my presence to any court proceedings 'cause I ain't gonna be there. Now they threaten me with a fine. It's cheaper to pay the fine than it would be for gas money to get there. Three more months and I'll be exempt for "old age".

Boy howdy, it feels something like summer. It's 107 out there on "da porch" so old Billy Bob is sit'n on "da couch" in a cool motorhome. So, I rekon I made the right decision to wait out the hot weather before hitting the road. Now yesterday I had a scare from the hot weather. The front a/c make a weird sound and quit cooling. The thermal overload had kicked out on the compressor.....not once, but a few times. That's not good. Ya see, it's like this....the 30 mile a hour wind was blow'n in the back of the a/c and the 29 mile a hour fan was blow'n against the wind. That makes for not enough air flow'n through the coils....walla....kick off on thermal overload. The a/c coils had been through a hail storm a few years ago and straightened as good as could be, but there is still damage.  Today, hotter than yesterday but no wind,  it's work'n fine. Cost to replace....$650.

I've been debating on shutting my blog down for a while since I have very little to write about this year. But then again, I feel kind of obligated to my followers. In the mean time I'll just keep plug'n alone with what ever I can come up with...interesting or not.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Just wait'n

Boy howdy, there ain't much to write about when you're sit'n on yer ass "just wait'n".

Let me tell ya, it's been hot out here in the middle of nowheres. 105 degs may not seem hot to some of ya, but this old guy don't like it. Electricity went up .02 1/2 cents per kilowatt and using both a/c's to keep cool is gonna hurt the pocket change. I don't mind spend'n money, but my God, this is gonna cost me an extra $20 to $30 a month. Damn!!!

Like I said before, it ain't look'n too good for old "pesky neighbor" Wayne. He's gonna live, but how the hell he gonna eat? He's still paralyzed in his arms and hands. There's no way he will be able to come home in that condition. And if he does, who's gonna take care of him?

That being said, the x-owners of the park have offered to take Wayne to their home and take care of him. Of all the people that say they care, these are the only ones that made that offer. I surely can't. I can barely take care of myself....health wise. But I'll be hang'n round until I know Wayne is watched over either in a home care facility or a family home.....such as above.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Coming home.....

Boy howdy, now we talk'n.

Just got off the phone with old "pesky neighbor" Wayne. Hot damn!!! Ok that's good news....right??? Well there's more to the story than that. It was hard to understand his speech, but he's in good spirits considering he has no use of his upper body at present. I guess that's why he's in rehab. Apparently he has had another stroke, but I don't know. It just seems that way. Per his request, I opened his mail to take care of any bills he may have. Only one needs paid. Old Billy Bob take care of that in nuttin flat.

Then I asked Wayne when he could come home. He says he could come home any damn time he wants. That sounds like him to a tee. But he did say...."I'll see ya in a week". I really don't think that's gonna happen if he can't move his arms, but ya never know what a week of therapy can do. I ain't much on pray'n and stuff like that, but....... He's missed here ya know.

Oh....them beans I cook up yesterday.....hot damn, them was good. Got one more bowl for supper tonight. Sadie Mae slept on the couch last night. She says to me...."what the hell wrong with you"? WoooEeeee......!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Another week....of what?

Boy howdy, let me tell ya. The smoke and winds yesterday was terrible. The wind got up high enough to shut down the Interstate and surrounding highways. Now that's bad.
Wind is already "danc'n" the trees, so I rekon we'll have another windy day....damn.

Speak'n of smoke....I'm gonna bet ya a buck that yesterday was the worstest day we had since all them fires started. Even over there in west Texas they are complain'n bout all the smoke. Although, it's not near as bad as here in Deming. I got me an hour on "da porch" yesterday...and again this morning, before I had to go inside.

In case nobody ain't heard, old "pesky neighbor" Wayne is miss'n again. One of the "girls" called the hospital yesterday to talk to him and he was gone....poooof, just like that. Of course they wouldn't tell the girls where he went....just that he was gone. Well shoot, they was gonna pull all them water hose pipes out him last week and send him off to rehab, so I rekon that what they did.
Well now, that wasn't too hard. One of the "girls" made a few phone calls and found our missing "pesky neighbor". He IS in rehab, but has no phone. Now ain't that a crock???

Looked in the freezer and fount me a couple ham hocks....probably over a year old. Throwed 'em in a pot and added a bunch of them "15 bean soup" beans. Takes another look....that ain't enough beans so added more. Last time I did that I had a pot all the ways to the top.

Damn I hate it when an internet connection goes dead. Here I were talk'n to old Uncle Ben this morn'n and pooof he was gone.....just like that.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Smoke on the horizon

I take 4 medications....plus my little 80mg. aspirin and an acid reducer every day. Ok, with that said, there's something wrong with the costs of medications. One of these medications I get from Walmart for a whole $4 for a 30 day supply. That sounds reasonable....or does it? Ok,lets see some prices on my other medications....retail prices. How does $700 a month sound to ya for 3 medications? Well, I got prescription insurance, so I don't pay that much.....$105 a month. So, with them figures, I pay 15% of the retail price....right??? Somewheres here I see what some might call price gouging by the pharmaceutical industry. Just a thought!!!

Well we have smoke to the south again this morning. There's 2 fires down there ya know. The BIG one burning off to the north has been 38% contained...or so they say. So it looks like a smoky week is in the forecast for another week or so. I really don't mind too much as long as I don't have to wear one them breathing apprentice thingys.

About me just hook'n up, bring'n in the slides and hit'n the raod, I done tole you...I ain't gonna do it till old "pesky" comes home.....or don't, what ever the case. Last update I had was tuesday....or was it wednesday....Wayne is talking but hard to understand. They've moved him to a room out of ICU and by this time he should be in rehab.....across the street. So, I'm just sit'n here, sip'n a cup, do'n a little think'n and enjoy'n life as any other retired old fart would do.
Damn....I need a project.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Deming Blues

I were sit'n out there on "da porch" sip'n a cup and a thought came to my mind....Billy Bob, ya ain't get'n no younger. Now where the hell that come from? So I sit there and gave it some thought.

At least one time in a mans life, he gonna get the idea come to his mind that he's all alone, ain't got no place to go, no friends, his dog don't like him no more and his family has divorced him for a couple 20's. Holy cows, that sounds like some kind of a bad place to be. Then I waked up, look around me and says "Billy Bob, get them thoughts out yer mind. Things ain't so bad as ya think".

What got all that kind of think'n started that way was I got up this morn'n, didn't see'n no birds eat'n an' fly'n round, one lonely little rabbit out there scratch'n round in the cactus garden and top of that, there weren't no sunshine. Clouds all over the place. Now that's enough to get ya think'n. So's I picks up my map and start look'n places I ain't been. Well hell, I done been there, don't know no one there and that's a long drive. Take two three months to get back.

Speak'n of no sun shine, them fires sure are put'n off a lot of smoke. In the afternoons ya can't see any of the mountains it's so bad. Now they say'n the high winds is gonna cancel out all the progress they made. I think the fire north of here has burnt something like 700,000 sq. miles of forest, or it could be something like 760 sq.miles. But don't quote me on that.
Cut and paste:
By Thursday late evening, the Arizona Wallow Fire has covered 487,016 acres in eastern Arizona and western New Mexico, authorities reported. The fire at that point was still only 33 percent contained, and there are fears that the strong winds over the coming days could put that figure at risk.
 See what I mean? I been hav'n to stay inside every afternoon 'cause the smoke is all the ways down here in southern NM. Although, there is another fire southeast of here that mak'n smoke too (In a separate fire to the south, the “Monument Fire” has also burned nearly 12,000 acres and is less than 20 percent contained. That fire is affecting the Huachuca Mountains near the Mexico border with Arizona.) . And then there's another one east of here over by Carlsbad Cavers. I'm surrounded by fire. 

Since I got all this free time on my hands, I rekon I need to find me something to occupy my mind. Maybe start me up a new project of some kind. They say an idle mind.......what the hell DO they say??? Old Billy Bob needs to build something.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

All said and done

Don't let the title of this post mess up your mind.....I have no idea where it came from.

When all is said and done, there's not much more to say. That's where I am this morning....lost for words. Well actually, I could probably rattle of for hours, but say nothing of interest to anyone other than Sadie Mae. And she pays no attention anyhows.

Thanks to everyone for the comments on my last update on "pesky neighbor" Wayne. Not know'n much about what goes on in hospitals, I had almost given up hope for his return home. Every morning I look over in his window to see if maybe he sneaked in last night. Nope, not yet.

Now what is old Billy Bob gonna do? I been spend'n way soooo much time out there on "da porch" sip'n a cup and think'n that I think I have done wore my think'n slap out. Have ya ever done that? But I were think'n that maybe this delay of my Texas trip may end up being a good thing. By that I'm talk'n "weather". It's freak'n hot out there and everywheres I'm gonna go is hot. So maybe postpon'n my trip to the 1st of August ain't such a bad thing.

Speak'n of books.....did I mention books??? Went off to the post office yesterday and picked up 58 what I ordered. One more shipment is on the way. Now where the hell am I gonna put them? Anybody want to buy some books???

I guess everyone knows all bout the fires in Arizona. Well, the smoke was so bad yesterday that it was hard to breath. My other neighbor Woody said he could see ash fall'n out the sky. That's not good when ya have lung problems. Yeah, I been stay'n inside under the a/c. This morning it's clear as a bell. But that don't mean the fires are out.

Ok....."da porch" time. Got some think'n to do.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pesky update

Boy howdy.....all a sudden Wayne come alive and want'n to come home. Apparently he has been trying to speak for some time, but with a water hose stuck down his throat, I'm think'n he was just blabber jaw'n.

His brother, George, has made it to New Mexico and has visited Wayne in the hospital in Las Cruces 70 mile east of Deming. He is supposed to spend the night here in Deming at Wayne's abode. But....Wayne may still not be coming home for quite some time. His brother wants to put him in an assisted living place in Las Cruces. Now....know'n Wayne, he ain't gonna have nuttin to do with  that. If he told the VA to kiss his ass when they wanted to put him in a nursing home, he'll tell his brother the same thing.

More news as I get information.

Ok, brother George just showed up. He had no more information than I posted. But.....boy howdy. He is headed back to SC. in the morning. Now that kind of pisses me off. He said Wayne is not in bad enough shape for him to stay. I say HUH??? to that.  

A day late and a dollar short

Ok, we gonna try this again.

Would you believe that it was almost in the 40's again this morning? When I got up this morning I said...."damn, it's cold". It was a whopping 52 degrees and the sun was already up smil'n at me through the front windshield. It's been like that for the last 4 mornings. What the hell is go'n on??? But then by afternoon it's been up to 100 hot degrees.

No new news on "pesky neighbor" Wayne. Last report I heard he was still comatose but that they had removed the respirator. Don't know that I believe that report, but if it's true, he may come around and get his ass back home where he belongs.

As for old Billy Bob, I'm just plug'n along. Don't have much to say. Don't feel like doing anything. Just lay round think'n and feel'n sorry for myself.
I needs to "get out of Dodge"....Deming that is. When ya feel like you're "stuck" somewheres, it's time to move on. Hit the road. Hook up and go.

Oh Oh, someone or something has hacked my email addy. Seems I sent out a few emails that I didn't send. Now what do I do?? I did notice on my Virus program that 17 threats were removed or what ever on the 6th if this month. Now what the hell did I do on the 6th of this month? Ebay maybe when I was ordering and bidding on some more western books??? Can't be pron sites 'cause I ain't got time....and I'm a mite old, for that kind of stuff. Now I did click on a couple You Tube videos that a friend sent me through email.....could it be that?

Got a damn water leak on "that jeep". Ya see, I was off to Walmart yesterday and that little computer thingy on the dash says I was low on water. So, I added a bucket full of water. Then I crawled under there and look see if I could find a leak. Maybe I did. Seems like the hose is leak'n. "Well hell, tighten it up Billy Bob".

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My God Billy Bob....what ya do'n?

Holy cows, old Billy Bob is sick or something like that. He been busy all morn'n do'n stuff he ain't done in weeks. He's work'n.

Ok, I'm gonna blame it on the coffee I made this morning. Somehow's I put double the amount of grounds I usually use (was still sleep'n) for a good strong pot of coffee. This stuff would eat the skin off'n an alligator. But anyhows, I done got all the dishes done, packaged up 20 pounds of meats for the freezer, took trash out, vacummed, scrub and wax kitchen floor, washed kitchen cabinets, pick up all the books and stuff off the floor.....damn, and I ain't even ate no breakfast or lunch yet. Good coffee pays off.

Speak'n of books, I have another bunch on the way and a bid on another bunch. If I win the bid, I'll be the proud owner of another bout a hunert western books to add to my collection of bout 2 hunert. Holy crap...that's a lot of books. I figger to sell them and maybe get half my investment back. 

Short update in "pesky neighbor" Wayne. His condition has not changed. Still on a respirator. Although I have not received an update today. His brother will be arriving next Monday from the Carolinas....don't know which one.

Went off to Walmart with a short list yesterday. My God, I done spend $195. And that was a short list.....what the hell would a long list have cost me? But, ya gotta just love Walmart. They got everything you could ever need or want....and the price is right. Although, I bought some stuff I neither needed or wanted.

Seen on old Uncle Ben's blog where he bought himself a camper rig for that "big ol' truck". But I'm gonna have to straighten him out on where I suggested on meet'n up on my "Texas fish'n & golf'n trip". My God, it's gonna be hot!!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mak'n stuff........

You know what I say when I look at stuff? "What can I make out of that"?

Yesterday I was look'n at a well constructed cracker box. It was Nabisco, so I knew it was quality built and of the finest material. But what the hell can ya make out of a cracker box. Hate to just toss it in the trash when I know it still has some use.

Now ya might be laugh'n and say'n old Billy Bob has finally lost his every loving mind, but you wouldn't believe what can be made out of someone else's junk and trash. I have stuff stowed in "da house" and in the compartments under that contain literally "junk". Stuff no man in his right mind would ever think of keeping. So maybe it's a fact that old Billy Bob ain't of right mind, 'cause I keep everything that may be of some use in the coming years. Don't throw good stuff away.

I got to think'n while I was mak'n a cheese and egg omelet....."who's the best cook in the world?". Well I done figger it out it weren't me when I flip half that omelet on the floor. But I do consider myself and excellent cook....for me. People will argue the point of how good their cook'n is till the day they die, but truth be knowed, they are just everyday "tastes good to me" cooks. Not knock'n no "moms" here, but moms are not always the best cooks in the world. Her kids....you and me....just got used to her throw'n something in front of us and say'n...."eat it and like it". Don't ya just love "mom"?
Individual tastes is what makes good cook'n. If it tastes good, it's good cook'n, no matter who made it.

Damn, I been gonna make a trip to Walmart for the last 4 days and still ain't done it. Beings that today is Sunday....it is right....I may just wait one more day. Too hot to take Sadie with me and she gonna be pissed when I drive off and leave her all alone for the rest of her life. You do know that's what they think...right? Then when ya come back, they jump up and down, knock ya down on the ground whiles you're carry'n a load of groceries to the house. You young folks might not get knock down like that, but you just wait till you get old Billy Bob's age. I been on the ground more than one time. All sprawled out, cuss'n and groceries everywhere. And they usually get ya from behind when ya ain't look'n. Damn dog!!!

Sure wish I had me something exciting to write about. Been a while since I've done anything exciting or worthwhile to write about. I suppose everyone is wait'n for me to launch "bubba boat", well so am I. Been a while since I've done something that stupid....something is gonna happen. That reminds me the time I build one of them "air cars". You know, 3 little wheels, 3 inch off the ground, a great big sail....and no brakes. I were only 60 year old at the time, but everybody say....."you gonna kill yourself". Luck have it, I hit a tree and saved my life. Bend the frame, so I throwed it in the dumpster. But, if I ever build another one, it gonna have a big motor and propeller on it....to hell with a sail. A sail will flip ya over and kill ya. Google land yachts if'n ya don't believe me.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Almost run out of steam

Boy howdy....is old Billy Bob wored slap out or what? I slept in till 9am this morning.

One tid bit of news as of this morning, Wanye is still on a respirator, no change in condition.....BUT, he did make an attempt to open his eyes. No response was made when the nurse talked to him. Maybe, just maybe Wayne will come around.

Then next bit of news is that Wayne's supposedly good friend is making claims to some of Wayne's tools. Now let me tell ya bout this feller. First he is no friend of Wayne.....only a neighbor in the park. He has "used" Wayne on many occasions and has yet to pay him in full for his work.  He borrows stuff (tools and such) but never returns them. Grrrrrrr....got to get to more "happy" news.

I laid around last night feel'n sorry for myself. I've lost a lot of drive in these last couple weeks. I know for sure that I need to get out of Deming for my own well being. I can't take stress like I used to. But this brings up another issue. Insurance. You know bout me changing my insurance from Texas to New Mexico. Well what I gonna do when I move back to Texas? So far only "that jeep" is insured in NM. I suppose I'll just leave "Sally da house" insured in Texas till I find a place to roost.

Ok, to simplify things, I have decided I will continue to pay rent on my space in Deming until I find me another place to squat. I have a few things here that will have to be moved or sold, throwed away, or burnt to the ground. Why I keep some things......I know I'll never use them again. 

Ok, so it's hot in Brownwood. Well I figgered that....since it's in Texas. But let me tell ya, it's hot everywhere in the dead of summer. I remember on time I was headed for Texas from out California way. Was prospect'n for gold ya know. It was in August. "Alice had no air conditioning and it was 110 degs., but I weren't sweat'n, not one iota. When I got just west of San Anone, I was sweat'n like a roast'n pig on a spit over an open fire. When I arrived at Port Aransas I was soak'n wet....and still had to set up camp. So it don't matter where ya go, it's gonna be hot. Oh....did I mention it get's hot in Deming, El Paso, Terlingua, Judge Roy Beans Place, Del Rio, San Antone, Port Aransas, Houston, Atlanta, St. Louis, Dodge City....all them places was hot.

Don't know how long I will wait till I hit the road again, but I'm ready as I will ever be. Got my route all planned out, the "bubba boat" is all packed away in the back of "that jeep", fish'n poles is all stowed, got my prescriptions all took care of for another year, etc, etc. Oh yeah, I got the "bubba boat" stick on thingy from New Mexico MVD yesterday. It sure is purty.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Boy howdy...it gonna be hot

I was sit'n out on "da porch" sip'n a cup and got to think'n....."it's gonna be hot".

Here it is the start of another month and I'm still here....stuck in Deming. Temps have been right at the upper low side of 100 degs. That would be bout 97, 98 and 99. Then I said...."is it gonna be hot in Texas when I get there"? Well, it always has been. Don't see no reason it wouldn't be again this year.

Speak'n of Texas, my "Texas Fish'n & Golf'n Trip" ya know, I'm making BIG changes to my original plan. I won't be going up to the Panhandle 'cause the lake is so low....Lake Meredith ya know. Not only will that save me the frustration of try'n to find a water front camp'n site, it'll save me a bunch of change for the gas tank. Plan as it stands today is to shoot right on through El Paso, bout a hunert mile a hour, get on I-20 and head up the road a piece to Abilene. Just a few miles southeast of there is a little town call Brownwood....with it's own lake 15 mile north of town, Lake Brownwood and Lake Brownwood State park. And a couple golf courses near by. And a Walmart of course.

What got me think'n bout Brownwood was a follower of the blog what send me an email suggesting I check it out for a home base like I do here in Deming.....what I did online. Took a look see the rv parks and fount one in Early, Texas...only a few mile from Brownwood that is perfect. "My God, did you see all them big ol' oak trees"? Wonder if they let me bring "da porch"?

Speak'n of "da porch", did you know that when I designed it, I designed it to be highway legal? Everything was designed to be taken apart and stacked on the floor, slide a trailer under it and hit the road with in less than 4 hours....or for old Billy Bob, a couple days.

Brung that cat over to "da house" to spend the night. First night weren't so good....hiss'n at Sadie Mae and stuff like that. Second night was just fine. But.....can old Billy Bob handle another cat? I remember the last 2 all so well. Run'n round an rv park look'n for that cat when it was time to check out...say'n "god damn cat". That kind of crap can cause the stress level to skyrocket, blood pressure out of sight and stuff like that. Hopefully Wayne will be home soon and I won't have to think bout taking care of the cat.

Speaking of Wayne....no news. Carol has gone back to Wisconsin, but that don't mean she won't be call'n the hospital.