Sunday, June 12, 2011

A day late and a dollar short

Ok, we gonna try this again.

Would you believe that it was almost in the 40's again this morning? When I got up this morning I said...."damn, it's cold". It was a whopping 52 degrees and the sun was already up smil'n at me through the front windshield. It's been like that for the last 4 mornings. What the hell is go'n on??? But then by afternoon it's been up to 100 hot degrees.

No new news on "pesky neighbor" Wayne. Last report I heard he was still comatose but that they had removed the respirator. Don't know that I believe that report, but if it's true, he may come around and get his ass back home where he belongs.

As for old Billy Bob, I'm just plug'n along. Don't have much to say. Don't feel like doing anything. Just lay round think'n and feel'n sorry for myself.
I needs to "get out of Dodge"....Deming that is. When ya feel like you're "stuck" somewheres, it's time to move on. Hit the road. Hook up and go.

Oh Oh, someone or something has hacked my email addy. Seems I sent out a few emails that I didn't send. Now what do I do?? I did notice on my Virus program that 17 threats were removed or what ever on the 6th if this month. Now what the hell did I do on the 6th of this month? Ebay maybe when I was ordering and bidding on some more western books??? Can't be pron sites 'cause I ain't got time....and I'm a mite old, for that kind of stuff. Now I did click on a couple You Tube videos that a friend sent me through email.....could it be that?

Got a damn water leak on "that jeep". Ya see, I was off to Walmart yesterday and that little computer thingy on the dash says I was low on water. So, I added a bucket full of water. Then I crawled under there and look see if I could find a leak. Maybe I did. Seems like the hose is leak'n. "Well hell, tighten it up Billy Bob".


  1. Yep, tighten it up!! Lefty loosie, Righty tightie :-)
    Glad it's simple, nuthing else on "That Jeep" is.

    Fire up Sally Da House and head this way, we're waiting on ya.

  2. Sure hope to hear real soon that Wayne is back home and feeling good. You take care of yourself, since Wayne isn't around to watch over you.

  3. Wasn't Gmail hacked into a week r so ago? Pretty sure i read that, but i don't use it.
    Still got hopes for pesky.
    Get "On the Road Again!!"