Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mak'n stuff........

You know what I say when I look at stuff? "What can I make out of that"?

Yesterday I was look'n at a well constructed cracker box. It was Nabisco, so I knew it was quality built and of the finest material. But what the hell can ya make out of a cracker box. Hate to just toss it in the trash when I know it still has some use.

Now ya might be laugh'n and say'n old Billy Bob has finally lost his every loving mind, but you wouldn't believe what can be made out of someone else's junk and trash. I have stuff stowed in "da house" and in the compartments under that contain literally "junk". Stuff no man in his right mind would ever think of keeping. So maybe it's a fact that old Billy Bob ain't of right mind, 'cause I keep everything that may be of some use in the coming years. Don't throw good stuff away.

I got to think'n while I was mak'n a cheese and egg omelet....."who's the best cook in the world?". Well I done figger it out it weren't me when I flip half that omelet on the floor. But I do consider myself and excellent cook....for me. People will argue the point of how good their cook'n is till the day they die, but truth be knowed, they are just everyday "tastes good to me" cooks. Not knock'n no "moms" here, but moms are not always the best cooks in the world. Her kids....you and me....just got used to her throw'n something in front of us and say'n...."eat it and like it". Don't ya just love "mom"?
Individual tastes is what makes good cook'n. If it tastes good, it's good cook'n, no matter who made it.

Damn, I been gonna make a trip to Walmart for the last 4 days and still ain't done it. Beings that today is Sunday....it is right....I may just wait one more day. Too hot to take Sadie with me and she gonna be pissed when I drive off and leave her all alone for the rest of her life. You do know that's what they think...right? Then when ya come back, they jump up and down, knock ya down on the ground whiles you're carry'n a load of groceries to the house. You young folks might not get knock down like that, but you just wait till you get old Billy Bob's age. I been on the ground more than one time. All sprawled out, cuss'n and groceries everywhere. And they usually get ya from behind when ya ain't look'n. Damn dog!!!

Sure wish I had me something exciting to write about. Been a while since I've done anything exciting or worthwhile to write about. I suppose everyone is wait'n for me to launch "bubba boat", well so am I. Been a while since I've done something that stupid....something is gonna happen. That reminds me the time I build one of them "air cars". You know, 3 little wheels, 3 inch off the ground, a great big sail....and no brakes. I were only 60 year old at the time, but everybody say....."you gonna kill yourself". Luck have it, I hit a tree and saved my life. Bend the frame, so I throwed it in the dumpster. But, if I ever build another one, it gonna have a big motor and propeller on it....to hell with a sail. A sail will flip ya over and kill ya. Google land yachts if'n ya don't believe me.


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  2. You talking about Mom's cooking. Well you know, all Moms seem to have one or two specialty dishes that no one in the whole world can make as good as Mom. The every day stuff can be so-so, but boy are those special dishes gooooood.

  3. I just cain't wait to hear from someone when you launch that Billy Boat. I want video of it! and I know you won't do it. feared you'll get your camera wet.

    And yep, mommas are the best dook when we was kids cause we didn't know no better.
    I found out later that my Mom didn't like to cook. But none of us ever missed a meal while at home.

  4. Hi BB, I just got back from some more research on Bubba Boat launch sites. There sure is a lot of them around Rockport/City of Aransas Pass. It is beautiful, calm winds and about 89-90 at the water. Have fun, OFM

  5. Hey, BB, a buddy of mine claims to be the second best brisket cooker in the state of Texas! I says, who's the best? He says, well, they still arguin over that fact!

  6. I was almost full growed before I figured out that Mamma couldn't cook.

    Well, maybe that is too critical. What she cooked was pretty good but she had a hell of a time getting it all on the table at the same time. It got to be a Family Joke "Another perfect meal, everything cold except the milk!"