Friday, June 3, 2011

Almost run out of steam

Boy howdy....is old Billy Bob wored slap out or what? I slept in till 9am this morning.

One tid bit of news as of this morning, Wanye is still on a respirator, no change in condition.....BUT, he did make an attempt to open his eyes. No response was made when the nurse talked to him. Maybe, just maybe Wayne will come around.

Then next bit of news is that Wayne's supposedly good friend is making claims to some of Wayne's tools. Now let me tell ya bout this feller. First he is no friend of Wayne.....only a neighbor in the park. He has "used" Wayne on many occasions and has yet to pay him in full for his work.  He borrows stuff (tools and such) but never returns them. Grrrrrrr....got to get to more "happy" news.

I laid around last night feel'n sorry for myself. I've lost a lot of drive in these last couple weeks. I know for sure that I need to get out of Deming for my own well being. I can't take stress like I used to. But this brings up another issue. Insurance. You know bout me changing my insurance from Texas to New Mexico. Well what I gonna do when I move back to Texas? So far only "that jeep" is insured in NM. I suppose I'll just leave "Sally da house" insured in Texas till I find a place to roost.

Ok, to simplify things, I have decided I will continue to pay rent on my space in Deming until I find me another place to squat. I have a few things here that will have to be moved or sold, throwed away, or burnt to the ground. Why I keep some things......I know I'll never use them again. 

Ok, so it's hot in Brownwood. Well I figgered that....since it's in Texas. But let me tell ya, it's hot everywhere in the dead of summer. I remember on time I was headed for Texas from out California way. Was prospect'n for gold ya know. It was in August. "Alice had no air conditioning and it was 110 degs., but I weren't sweat'n, not one iota. When I got just west of San Anone, I was sweat'n like a roast'n pig on a spit over an open fire. When I arrived at Port Aransas I was soak'n wet....and still had to set up camp. So it don't matter where ya go, it's gonna be hot. Oh....did I mention it get's hot in Deming, El Paso, Terlingua, Judge Roy Beans Place, Del Rio, San Antone, Port Aransas, Houston, Atlanta, St. Louis, Dodge City....all them places was hot.

Don't know how long I will wait till I hit the road again, but I'm ready as I will ever be. Got my route all planned out, the "bubba boat" is all packed away in the back of "that jeep", fish'n poles is all stowed, got my prescriptions all took care of for another year, etc, etc. Oh yeah, I got the "bubba boat" stick on thingy from New Mexico MVD yesterday. It sure is purty.


  1. BB I sure did hate hearing about Wayne, it seems that just when you get set to start enjoying yourself a big ole black cloud shows up. You might want to look at Lewisville RV Park near Dallas, we stayed there last fall, right on the lake, and Senior were half price with full hookups, and they have 3 lakes in that system...real close to Ben also.

  2. What River says is True Billy Bob, BUT you be fighting the dammed speed boats and weekend nut jobs.

    I am so sorry they are not alloweing you to at least visit with Wayne.. Shoot, you may be the one thing that snaps him out of it and back to belly aching !!

    If you can accept a hug,, I' sending you one.

  3. Billy Bob,
    In Illinois they have an elder abuse hotline for older folks that are being taken advantage of, like that guy taking Wayne's stuff. Maybe New Mexico has something similar that could help in Wayne's situation? I know in Illinois they are ruthless when it comes to that sort of thing. Just a thought. Good luck. Max from Illinois.

  4. Sounds to me like u need to be ON THE ROAD AGAIN!!! For ur own good. Just sitting there on da porch, doing all that thinking,,NOT GOOD. ACTION required. Now, do it!

  5. String him up Billy Bob!