Monday, June 27, 2011

110 degs.

Woke up this morning think'n I weren't here. I do that sometimes when I have dreams bout go'n down the road a hunert mile a hour.

Speak'n of go'n down the road a hunert mile a hour, back in 57 my uncle give me my first car. It were a 1947 Nash. After I rebuilt the motor....that's another story, I crank it up and hit the road for a test run. Did a little rubber burn out off the sandy shoulder....you know, get 'em spin'n before ya hit blacktop. The speed meter said it would do a hunert so here we go. Even down hill, all I could get out of it was 95....lol, remember the song how I get this thing out second gear...or something like that. Well anyways, I burn that motor slap up. How was I to know bout high gear, I was only 16 year old. But I weren't worried bout all that. I had my eye on a brand spank'n new 46' Ford for $25.

Broke out the old solar oven today and cook me up a chicken for a pot of chicken soup. Boy howdy it sure is look'n good. Have ya ever wonder why some plastic bags will tear easy and others ya gotta use a chain saw to open? Well my noodle bag open right down the side....noodles all over the place. Since they dry, ya don't gotta rinse 'em off. Do I put tomatoes in or no???

Well, it made it up 110 degs today. Now that's hot. Nice comfortable 80 degs inside.


  1. lololol,,i remember the nash, and ,, the studebakers. Don't u wish u had one now?