Friday, June 17, 2011

Deming Blues

I were sit'n out there on "da porch" sip'n a cup and a thought came to my mind....Billy Bob, ya ain't get'n no younger. Now where the hell that come from? So I sit there and gave it some thought.

At least one time in a mans life, he gonna get the idea come to his mind that he's all alone, ain't got no place to go, no friends, his dog don't like him no more and his family has divorced him for a couple 20's. Holy cows, that sounds like some kind of a bad place to be. Then I waked up, look around me and says "Billy Bob, get them thoughts out yer mind. Things ain't so bad as ya think".

What got all that kind of think'n started that way was I got up this morn'n, didn't see'n no birds eat'n an' fly'n round, one lonely little rabbit out there scratch'n round in the cactus garden and top of that, there weren't no sunshine. Clouds all over the place. Now that's enough to get ya think'n. So's I picks up my map and start look'n places I ain't been. Well hell, I done been there, don't know no one there and that's a long drive. Take two three months to get back.

Speak'n of no sun shine, them fires sure are put'n off a lot of smoke. In the afternoons ya can't see any of the mountains it's so bad. Now they say'n the high winds is gonna cancel out all the progress they made. I think the fire north of here has burnt something like 700,000 sq. miles of forest, or it could be something like 760 sq.miles. But don't quote me on that.
Cut and paste:
By Thursday late evening, the Arizona Wallow Fire has covered 487,016 acres in eastern Arizona and western New Mexico, authorities reported. The fire at that point was still only 33 percent contained, and there are fears that the strong winds over the coming days could put that figure at risk.
 See what I mean? I been hav'n to stay inside every afternoon 'cause the smoke is all the ways down here in southern NM. Although, there is another fire southeast of here that mak'n smoke too (In a separate fire to the south, the “Monument Fire” has also burned nearly 12,000 acres and is less than 20 percent contained. That fire is affecting the Huachuca Mountains near the Mexico border with Arizona.) . And then there's another one east of here over by Carlsbad Cavers. I'm surrounded by fire. 

Since I got all this free time on my hands, I rekon I need to find me something to occupy my mind. Maybe start me up a new project of some kind. They say an idle mind.......what the hell DO they say??? Old Billy Bob needs to build something.


  1. If I sit outside down here the sweat running off my fat body drowns the drought dead grass. Temps are 82 in morning and 92 in the day. Humidity is a little salty and damp.

  2. Maybe this year Alaska would sound like the place to head for. Trouble is, by the time you get there it will start to turn into winter.

  3. Well, you got the NM Blues!! You need a change of scenery in the Worst Way!!

    So, clean up the porch, pack up all the crap you got laying around, Pull in your slide out , Fire up "Sally" ,( Make sure Sadie is on board) And git the hell out of Dodge!!

    I got ya a real RV hook up wired now , for ya. I'll move Tortuga when I get your expected arrival date. ( I did mow the entrance :-) )

  4. Hey BB straight up north of you, ya got Colorado, Wyoming and Montana, guaranteed you can find some cool cloud and smoke free camping spot somewhere up there. I also know that there are a lot of lakes and rivers and streams that are full of trout that are just waiting to show ya the difference between fishing and catching.

  5. Ur worrying me, now. Why are you still there? Hit the road, Jack! Get on That Road Again! Take that Travelin Band (Sadie) with ya! Places to go, things to see. Wastin Time. North to Alaska,,,lol,,right now would be MY pick too.