Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Stop sign....dead end.

All my life I just jump behind the wheel an' head on off down the road. Go a hunnert mile a hour most times (speed limit or less). Weren't many times I would get all worried bout break'n down somewheres out in the middle nowheres. But that's happened a few times in my journeys too. But I'm a fix it up kind of guy, I can fix most anything. It's been a hard road but a well traveled road. It's call the "road of life" in case you're wonder'n.

The last few years, bout 2 or 3 I been go'n down a straight road with no turns to go see stuff or to go visit a old friend or anything like that. It's just a straight road. Lately I can see what appears to be a stop sign at the end of the road an' there ain't nowheres to turn around. Ain't no left turn an' ain't no right turn. A dead end.

I been think'n bout that for a bit now, that da gum stop sign. Had me a few episodes where I thought it was the end of the line. But I pulled through, not with fly'n colors but pulled through none the less.
I know my days are get'n short with all this stuff what ails me, but I'm think'n I done did my thing an' there ain't no reason to give it much thought.

Ok, I need to get off this subject an' talk bout some other stuff. Ya wanna hear bout my aches an' pains? Pass on that one too. Oh wait.....last week I cancel my back doctor appointment. It was just a follow up an' I figgered it weren't worth the ride over there just to tell him my pain level an' stuff like that. Yesterday I gets a phone call. From a nice lady tell'n me my doctor ordered me a TENS unit thingy. I had already told the doctor I didn't want one.....but there it is, wait'n for me to get instructed how to use the damn thing. I'm gonna try to cancel the thing. I've used them before an' the only relief I got was when I had it crank up on a thousand volts zap'n hell out them muscles back there. Anyhows????

Ha ha, the "billy jeep". I was gonna fix that a/c as soon as I got the gasket (O rings) kit. Got that sucker almost 2 week ago an' that a/c still don't work. Ya see, I just ain't got me no energy to go out there an' work on the damn thing. Now the temps are up in the mid 90's an' that's get'n on the warm side.....makes sweat run down in yer eyes an' ya cain't see shit. Work'n on a car a/c ya got to see shit.
I rekon I aughter just put my shoes on an' go out there an' suffer it out.

Hot damn, I done invent me another recipe. Everbody knows how to make a pan of chop up chicken gravy....pour it over fresh baked biscuits or toasted bread. Well, I was sit'n here an' got to think'n, that chicken gravy sure would be good over some noodles. Ha, I ain't got no noodles. But I do got me a package of Korr Pasta Sides....chicken flavor. I like that shit with chop up chicken gizzards....yum yum. Anyhows, I brew up the chicken gravy.....damn it tastes good like a sum-a-gum. And I brew up a pan of the Korr stuff. They taste different from each other. How bout mix them in one pan? Holey cows, you talk some good eat'n.....buttered corn on the side.

Have ya ever been somewheres where you ain't the least bit happy? Happy does matter ya know. Well lately that's just how I feel. I suppose that if'n I didn't have all these health issues an' get'n older than dirt, I would be back in Texas try'n my darndest to be happy. But that ain't the case. I am happy that I am well took care of by my son Robert, "yo mama" an' HIL Harry. But my heart is back in Texas.

I got me another son an' daughter in Texas, along with another 5 grandbabies. It's been way way to long since I've seen them.....an' I miss hell out them. I'm probly on Obama's no fly list from the things I posted on social media, so I doubt I could fly to Texas for a visit. I'm also skeered to fly again after the last time. Anyhows, I sure would like to see my son, daughter an' grankids.

In answer to a question in the comments.....NO, I did not got to the family camp'n trip. Sit'n in a chair for a camp'n trip is not what I call fun. But they did send lots of photos. Ha, just like I was there with 'em.

Ok, I got to get off here. Maybe I'll find something to do.....RIGHT!!!!

Oh Oh, blog didn't update on other blogs....try again....

And again.....

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Another day, spend a hand full of $$$$

Ha ha, I don't much feel like do'n this, but I'm gonna do it anyhows. Just 'cause I can an' so's I don't have to listen to everbody say'n..."where's Billy Bob". Please don't take that wrong an' thing I don't love ever one of ya, It just sounded good.

So, what's been go'n on for the last couple days? Well, yesterday I brewed me up a pan of sloppy Joe mak'ns, an' here come Robert...."Are ya ready for your tacos"? Oh hell ya, I love tacos. But I eat way too much. When it was time to break out the chocolate ice cream, I was still full of tacos.

Yesterday I had me a few areas what feel better than the days before. One stomach med I been tak'n I take at night. On the bottle it plainly states, take 1 hour before eating. Well I'm not gonna eat at 2am so's a couple days ago I started tak'n the med in the morn'n. Not certain, but I'm think'n I should have been tak'n it in the morn'n all along. Stomach feel a mite better.

This morn'n....or was it early afternoon, I goes outside to check out the a/c on the "billy jeep". It were pretty low on refrigerant, but I got enough in it to find a "new" leak. Auto parts stores do NOT sell "o" ring gasket kits for a/c compressors. But you ain't never gonna guess who does. Amazon....it's ordered an' on the way. Maybe bout 3 days or so.

You ain't gonna believe this dad gum cat. He's done let everbody know, he's a outside cat an' there ain't nobody gonna tell him to come inside until HE is ready. Only time he come in the house is when he wants a bite to eat or a head rub'n. Then pooooof, out the door he go.

I rekon I'm gonna have to make me a visit to a doctor bout my swolled up feet. This is happen'n way too much. Something must be wrong. Last night they hurted like hell, but this morn'n they don't feel so bad. Go figger!!!

Wil, I got me a idea for a new project, Just something to get me off my lazy ass....buttocks, if'n ya wanna be PC bout it.

Not for Sadie May, she lives in "Sally da house" with air condition. Robert has 2 big dogs and 2 small dogs. Think'n they might use this.

RunNRose....and Dizzy Dick....in answer to your question, yes I am kin to my son Daniel and my daughter Angela. Ain't we purty??? Angela's wedding.

Granddaughter Kaitlyn.

Just in case ya don't know, this is how a father giv'n his daughter away should dress like.
 Scooby Doo an' hollerweeen socks. Daughter would not allow me to wear white tennies.

A special thanks to TROUBLEnTExAS and MsB. We been hang'n out together from way back in 2008. Both have visited me in different campgrounds where we had some pretty dern good conversations. I sure do miss these girls. One day MsB, I hope I am able to treat you to that Taco Bell treat I promised you.

The rest of my followers, your are super special to me also.

Oh shit, I got all sentimental. I better get off here fore I say something stupit.
Love all my followers.

Monday, June 6, 2016

This quick sand is eat'n me alive....up to my neck.

Ok already, I'll try to write something.
As each day passes by, I sit here in front my computer an' try to think of something interesting I could say. It's a dead end road an' have ya ever try to turn a motorhome around on a dead end road? I just said that 'cause it remind me....the time.

Ya see, I was travel'n along the highway an' I was get'n low on fuel. I see a gas station so's I leave the interstate, go down the access road bout a block an' I pulls in. Fuels up an' I point "Sally da house" at the access road. Oh shit, I done forget which way I pulled in. Right or left. So's I turns right. Something don't look right, these houses weren't here before. I had turn the wrong way, an' now I got to turn around.

I see's a street. A couple right turns an' I will be back go'n the right direction. Blinker on, I make my turn. Oh shit, there's a sign star'n me in the face...."DEAD END". At the end of the street is a small warehouse of some kind with a rather small parking lot. Have ya ever tryed to turn a motorhome pull'n a toad around in a rather small parking lot? I'm right at 58 feets long an' the park'n lot is 40 feets wide with only one exit. I lock the steer wheel on the toad an' do me some go forward an' go backards until I am back on the dead end road.....in the right direction.

Leonard has been do'n a lot of hunt'n. Bring'n his catch in "da house" for me to see. I throws it in the trash can. As soon as the sun goes down an' Leonard can no longer see, he's out exploring until the wee morn'n hours. I'm gonna rekon Leonard weighs right in the neighborhood of bout 12 to 14 pounds. Damn cat eats too much. An' he sheds hair all over the place. No fleas yet that I can see. 

Health issues ain't no better. Sometimes breath'n is a issue. Damn smokes. Still have a pain in the right hip, but I done give up on fix'n it. But then again, it ain't near as bad as before. Maybe get me another shot in it. Not shot, ablation. Kill the nerves again.
The new medication the stomach doctor put me on ain't do'n it's thing. Back to not eat'n much an' a few pains ever once in a while. Gonna have to go have another talk with her. Not eat'n full meals make me have no energy. Get dizzy....shit like that. 

Feet are back to swell'n up. Have no idea what's caus'n it. But it will have to wait till I get some other stuff took care of. Ha, like I'm get'n a lot took care of.

The left side L3, L4 an' L5 (not the F3, F4, F5 like I said...thanks for the correction) shots I got not long ago seem to be work'n fine. No lower back pains to speak of.

Ok, no more talk bout health issues. The weather here in Georgia has been almost perfect. Low to mid 60's at night an' highs in the upper 80's to low 90's daytime. These people over here say it's HOT. Ha, just wait till it actually gets hot....then what they gonna do? 

Ok, I got my Georgia driver license. For 8 years. Probly be the last one I will ever have to get. I'm now a resident of Georgia....rather I like it or not. Question, did I already tell you this? Ok, I just check, no I didn't. Went to change the "billy jeep" to Georgia plates. Nope, they won't do it until my insurance card say Georgia on it. And, it's gonna cost me $250 for the first year. Some kind of tax thingy. I can imagine how much it's gonna cost to register "Sally da house". 

Speak'n of the "billy jeep", the a/c fix didn't work. I either got another leak or the new "o" ring didn't hold. Back to the draw'n board. Guages, a can of freon an' try to find the leak. But not today.
Wait a minute, I didn't even tell ya bout the a/c repair on the billy jeep"....damn. But anyhows, I'm working on the a/c for the "billy jeep". 

I been mak'n arrangements to pay off "Sally da house", but I ain't got it done yet. What the hell I gonna do when I don't make a loan payment no more? Celebrate an' go to Taco Bell for some tacos? Due to the age of "Sally", I'll crop comprehensive coverage and save me a few bucks on insurance. 

Ok, this is long enough. Nobody  likes to read long ass blog posts. See ya next time.

Oh my God, I almost forget to tell ya, my youngest son Daniel got married.