Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Old news

Well, I guess it's about time to "write" something.

I found that the older ya get and the more ya write, the less there is to tell. For the last 1 1/2 years...or something like that, I've poured my life's story out to this blog. There ain't nuttin more to write about.

Christmas dinner at the slabs was a complete success again, just like the 2 years before. There was right at 25 in attendance with plates and eat 'em up utensils in hand. We had a solar baked ham (by Chili Bob) and a big ol' fat turkey (by Rich and Mary). Both were spectacular. After dinner, we all sat around the campfire, bellies full, and BS'ed about world affairs.

This is a test...... gonna see how long it takes to upload a 15 meg video. Hmmmmm....right at 5 minutes.

Been work'n on "da boat" for the last week installing the motor and drive for the stern wheel. Look'n good so far. Turns right bout 120 rpm what should make it go close to a hunert mile a hour or so. Looks like I may be tak'n a day trip to San Diego for more parts. Why don't Walmart carry parts for Mississippi river boats???

Speak'n of Walmart....got my list all wrote out and ready to roll. Been out of meds for a couple days now so guess it's bout time to go git me sum more. Speak'n of meds....since I ain't had none for a couple days, I been feel'n pretty darn good. Ain't had no pains, blood pressure fine, still breath'n, but still can't remember a damn thing. Why just the other day I was talk'n to old Uncle Ben and was gonna write something down on my Walmart list...in just a minute. Well, waited more than just a minute....now have no idea what it was. Drives me crazy cain't remember shit.

Look'n like old Billy Bob gonna get a taste of winter here in a couple days. Weather thingy says it gonna get down to 32 degs. Not in the day time silly's....night time. Yeah, go head and laugh....it's headed east where all you other people lives. Glad I filled my propane tank the other day.
We been in the upper 40's at night and lower 70's during the day for the last couple weeks. Cain't beat that with a stik. Eat your hearts out!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Jet powered BBQ

Jet Powered BBQ Pit
by barnacle bill
 In south Texas everyone has a homemade BBQ pit of some sort, but old Barnacle Bill, he didn't have none. 
I seen some really snazzy look'n ones and now I got to decide what kind I was gonna build.
Barnacle Bill is a builder, ya know!!!....
Make stuff.... 
After lots of thought as to design, I decided on building one those round ones....
You know, them really cool look'n ones. 
    I searched around and found this old 10 gallon propane tank like what ya use on a travel trailer. 
The size looked right and not much rust. I made a quick drawing of what I thought I wanted it to look like. 
A few measurements was made and a lid was sketched out on the side of the tank.
    Now Barnacle Bill ain't no dummy ya know!
This thing at one time contained propane, a "highly flammable liquid" what explodes on contact with sparks and flame..... and I'm going to open it up with a cutting torch. Got me a big ol' pipe wrench an' takes out that valve assembly thingy...
then I takes me a big ol' whiff. 
Sure nuff, this thing used to contain the "highly flammable liquid" gas cook'n stove fuel called propane. Then I got a think'n...."how the hell ya gonna get that smell out there"? 
Now, what better way to remove the fumes than to fill it with water? 
What I did!!! Three times. Then to be on the safe side, I blows it out with a air hose...three times. 
Ain't no more that "highly flammable liquid propane" stuff in there.
    Then I take it back into the shop, laid it on the floor, but still being just a mite leery as to the 
past contents, "highly flammable liquid propane", I lights up a smoke and takes me a five minute break to survey the upcoming game plan.  
And think out all the possibilities as to what was about to happen.
Hell....it couldn't blow up. Could it?? I took all the "highly flammable liquid propane" stuff out.
    Being safety minded, I made sure that the fire extinguisher was handy and that there was an open unobstructed path to the door.
All looked well!!!
Precaution #2 was to be on the "extra" safe side. So I pulls out my trusty Bic lighter. Yeah!!!
I cautiously put the flame in front of the hole, keep'n back at arms reach...ya know.
Bet you thought all hell were gonna broke loose, didn't ya?
Nuttin happen. 
Well it didn't.....until I turned the flame into the hole.
Holy Crap!!!!
There was this God awful sound of a big ol' jet engine filling the room.
Beautiful blue flames com'n out from that hole where I took that valve out...shoot'n 10 feets.
My BBQ pit was on the move...LOOK OUT!!!
Shoot'n across the room under it's own power. Across the shop floor it went, taking out and bounc'n off everything in it's path.
    I was definitely just a little "shook up" by all this excitement...boy howdy let me tell ya, was I ever...thought I done wet my drawers.
My pride and dignity was terribly hurt from all the laughter and hee ha's from all the onlookers, which had kept their distance and made quick exits from the building.
As I surveyed for any damage to property or person, I felt this numbing and burning feeling to my right hand. 
MY GOD, am I on fire???

A couple weeks later my hand was completely healed and that "Jet Powered BBQ" was sizzling the finest steaks anywhere south of Dallas!!!
Happy Sailing !!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Someone asked me about the slabs. Well shoot, what is there to say?

If ya ever been out in the desert....you know, where there ain't no grass and trees, then you have an idea of what the slabs is like. But then again, it ain't at all like that at all. In the winter it becomes a city of r/v'ers from every walk of life show'n up in little homemade travel trailers, converted vans, old school buses and  makeshift tents....all the way up to high dollar Prevost motor homes.  As of today there may be only bout 2000 of them, but they are still coming. From everywhere. They come in droves from Canada and every State as far east as New Jersey. This place is known throughout the country as simply "the slabs".

Now why do people come from all these different places to this God awful place called the slabs? There's other places you can camp for free. Other places that are warm in the winter. But yet, they show up at the slabs. There's nothing special about the place other than it's uniqueness to anywhere else. There's no electricity other than what you make yourself with a generator or solar panels. There no water, no sewers, no grocery stores, no services of any kind....only emptiness, bushes, a few desert trees, concrete slabs for years past, trash piles here and there....a dismal look'n place. But it's alive. There's a church, a couple little makeshift clubs where campers congregate, two book exchange libraries, two outside live entertainment establishments where people hang out drink'n beer, smok'n pot, hoot'n and holler'n...hav'n a good ol' time.

Now if ya wanna do something at the slabs, ya could run over to the Salton Sea and look at the old abandoned buildings that were packed with tourist back in the 50's. Or ya could drive up the road a piece to Indio and Palm Springs...just to take a look see. If ya like to gamble, ya could drive up to the Indian Casino on the other side the sea. Or stop off for a world reknowned "date shake"...just up the road a piece. Actually, there ain't much to do any wheres close. Oh, there's hot springs all over the place, but who want to see an old hot spring? Then in February there's the donkey BBQ not too far from here. Yeah...they used to BBQ a donkey. Now it's a pig or two.

That's bout all I got to say bout the slabs for one day. Will try to post some pics on my next post.

Now I got to heat me up some that chili and a couple dogs before the campfire. See's ya laters....

Friday, December 17, 2010

Bored at da slabs

Somebody was tell'n me "ya gotta update your blog". Well hell, update it with what? I ain't been do'n nuttin.

Tuesday I was sit'n here think'n....let's go golf ball swak'n. That what I did. For such a small town, they got a BIG golf course (6100 yds). Trees and stuff in the way. This course was designed for "young pups" what can hit a ball a mile or more. Us old farts can't even see that far, much less hit a golf ball over 180 yards. Old Billy Bob was hit'n 'em straight and true, putt'n like a pro for a nice 92. Cain't beat that wit a stik.

Broke out the old remotet control car just for something to do. Boy howdy here come the dogs say'n...."what the hell is that"?? They was chas'n it like they was gonna eat it...but they was skeered of it.... not know'n if it bites or not. Anyhows, that got boring so I just sat in my chair sip'n a cup and think'n..... "now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"?

Old Tennessee Ken got caught down at the hot spring with no clothes on. Sheriff ask him where his clothes was and he says.... "at the house".

Speak'n of no clothes on....I remember one time I was down on the beach drink'n a few beers when up pull the local law enforcement shining a big ol' bright light on me. My God, somebody done stole all my clothes...that what I told him anyhows. I were stand'n there stark neekid with a fish pole in one hand and a beer in the other. Just thought you'd like to know.

Been lots of people out here what been sick. Some kind of "bug" go'n round or something like that. Well old Billy Bob ain't gonna get sick too, so I takes me a whole hand full of vitimin "C". If'n ya takes mega dose vitimin "C" ya ain't gonna get "da bug". Been over 17 years since old Billy Bob had sniffles...knock'n on anything made out of wood.

Been watch'n the weather all over the place and hehehehehe.....let me tell ya. It been it the lower 50's here at night and a few days in the lower 80's. Now where else can you find weather like this?

Ok.....that's the news from the slabs in southern California.

Monday, December 13, 2010

More "Cotton Pick'n" jail

Ya see, it's like this....when ya go to jail for Mr. Meaners they don't lock ya up in a cell with some rough look'n dude. They send ya out to the farm so's they can make ya work for your room and board. When ya get there, theyt put ya in a big building in the minimum security area with bout 40 other criminals. Ya sleep in bunks just like what they used to do in the military. I think our military have condos now days.

Anyhows, I was in minimum security....on a top bunk with a great big ol' wrastler, or something like that, sleep'n under me. I step on him one night get'n up to go pee......boy howdy, don't wanna do that no more. In minimum security ya get to got to town and stuff like that.....to work shovel'n stuff, pick'n up trash and what ever. Well....we jump in a truck before sunrise and head out the gate for another exciting day in town. But it weren't town we was go'n to.....it were a cotton field and we was gonna pick cotton.

Old Billy Bob ain't never pick no cotton so this was gonna be a new experience. An adventure. They give me this big ol' long sack and says...."fill 'er up". My God, it's a half mile to the other end that row. By the time I got there to the other end I musta had me at least 3 pound of cotton in my sack. Well, the night before I didn't get much 'cause that big feller what sleep under me snore so loud. I was sleepy. I look around and I'm down there on the other end that row of cotton all by myself....nobody around. Well hell, I'll just lay down here for a few minutes....nobody gonna see me. Yep, they sure did see me. They take me right straight back to the jail place and lock me up in one them little cells with only one wide open window and a bunch of bars. Sheesh, I were only rest'n for a minute. Pick'n cotton ain't easy ya know.

I got me 10 days in solitary confinement...two meal a day and no smokes. It were cold in there with only one little skinny blanket and no heater to keep the place warm. The meals was 2 slices homemade bread and a can of ice cold fresh milk. But on the third day, for supper ya got what the rest of the convicts was eat'n. What ever it was they was feed'n me sure did taste good. Probably goat 'cause it smell like old dirty socks.

I weren't in solitary confinement but 2 night and I hears someone call my name through the open window. It were that big ol' feller what sleep under me what snore all night long. He brung me some smokes and matches what he throwed in the window.....what I couldn't reach. So's I take my bed sheet and tie it to my "blankie" an I rake all them smokes and matches right in my cell.

In the cell right next to me was this "crazy" guy on crutches. He scream all night long all kind obsintities. "let me outta here"....you know stuff like that. And he bang'n on the back wall and bars with them damn crutches. One night he says...."is that smoke I smell"....."toss me one"...."you bastard". Well that did it. I was already perturbed with his holler'n an' bang'n with them damn crutches for the last 2 nights, so's I start blown'n smoke in his direction. Boy howdy, ya should a hear him do some holler'n now. Anyhows, the day before I was to get out of there, this "crazy" had done busted a hole on the back block wall with them damn crutches and was walk'n around the fenced in compound in broad daylight like he own the place. I think he was sent back to Bakersfield for mental evaluation.

So there you have it, Billy Bob's cotton pick'n days.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

American Legion Beer Joint and Grill

Yup...that where we headed off to this bright Sunday morning. Just up the road a piece bout 30 minutes eat 'em up some country ham, some fried eggs and a pile of fried taters....yum yum yum. Listen to some drunk beat up the piano, mumble a few tunes....drink'n a beer.

My mechanic dropped by yesterday for to fix some stuff on "da house" and replace the water pump on "that jeep". See, I tole you something else would go wrong with it.

Still t-shirts and one blanket weather. Boy howdy. All the rest of the country is already shovel'n snow and old Billy Bob is sit'n outside on "da porch" sip'n a cup and chas'n dogs with the remote control car. One big ol' dog, "Luke", bout the size of a great dane ruffle up his hair and here he come say'n "what the hell is that"? I rekon he ain't never see a remote control car before. He was chase it like it were a rabbit or something like that. Holy crap, if he catch it, he gonna kill it and eat it.

Since I restored this computer it's been work'n a little bit better....until this morning when I woke it up. Hard drive been run'n for the last 30 minutes and ain't done yet. What the hell is it look'n for???

Had us a nice campfire last night....bout 10 of us sit'n round BS'n and look'n at the flames. I went look'n to hear some "gossip" but nobody had any good news. Kilt feller got his stuff straightened out so I rekon that episode is history. Damn....I wanted to see a fist fight like back in 1914 when my great grandpa knock some guy on his ass. Weren't nobody mess with old Willian Perry Birchfield when he show up in town. He rode a horse name Snorter and toted a big .44 on his hip. That what they did back in them days. There was still Indians steal'n stuff ya know and kill'n people what they didn't like. Yep....them were rough times.

Ok....time to hit the road up to the American Legion Beer Joint and Grill for a hearty breakfast. See's ya laters.
Boy howdy let me tell ya.....that were one breakfast. By the time we got there, the place was packed....fill'n up 3 25 foot tables and 1 16 footer. Of course the old feller was plank'n away on the piano, sip'n a beer and attempt'n to sing a tune. Old man Leonard Knight was there sit'n right next to me. He's the guy what built Salvation Mountain. He were eat'n french toast what I suspect he ain't never ate before. Pick 'em up with his fingers and took a bite. He didn't know ya supposed to put surrp on them before ya pick 'em up. Twenty five year he been build'n that mountain and he ain't done yet. Oh go head...google it.....knows ya want to.

Now wait just a minute here....Dizzy. I can only write one story at a time and you want'n to hear bout old William Perry. I still got to write about "cotton pick'n" in jail. And then there was someting else I was suppose to write about....but no one reminded me....what made me forget what it was.

Anyhows, back at "da house" with nuttin to do. To dag nab hot to do very much. Somewhere's in the mid 80's I'm rekon'n. Finished another book bout some 6 foots tall Indian out here in Death Valley. Almost kilt his self with no water to drink, his horse done run off and some hippy dude was shoot'n a .50 cal. buffalo rifle at him. Funny how he surrived and saved all them people.......just like that.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Computer restore

Ok....everyone knows Billy Bob is hav'n computer problems....right???

Ya see, it's like this.....every time I turn the computer on, there this little window what pops up and says..."can't fine such and such file". After that, it's takes almost 30 minutes before the hard drive gives up and quits look'n for that miss'n file.....or something like that. So here what I gonna do. Restore the entire computer back to the way it was when I got it. Sounds simple huh? Maybe it is for you, but for old Billy Bob, I dread it. It gonna take me a month to get all my stuff back up and run'n.

But never fear....I have a second computer in "da house". I can even get online with it. Speak'n of get'n on line.....boy howdy I been hav'n a time. The signal keeps drop'n out and then it come back on....then it drops off again. This really sucks ya know. I'm think'n that being this close to Salvation Mountain has a lot to do with it. Don't know what Salvation Mountain is??? Google it. This old religious fart built him his own mountain out of hay bales and mud. And then he painted it all different kinds of colors. Really interesting....Google it.

Some guy wear'n a kilt came up to the campfire last night and started run'n his mouth.  Thought there was gonna be a fist fight the way he was a carry'n on. What the hell, men don't wear kilts (skirt). After all that excitement, there was a bunch of drunks, or something like that, run'n round the camps holler'n and scream'n like they was in a bar or something. Seen 'em shin'n flashlights in peoples windows, so I loaded up the ol' .357 with some powerful medicine. A .357 is an off button on a flashlight ya know. Ask Santa bout the .357 one dark night. Remind me and I'll tell ya bout that one.

Ok.....I'm off to start the restore on this POS computer. Wish me luck....I gonna need it.

Update......well I got part of it done.....and it weren't easy. But I am back online an "watch'n ya". So don't be try'n no silly stuff.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jail??? Who, me?

Ok, here's the deal.

As most of you know, old Billy Bob is an upstanding law abiding individual, never break'n the law or none that stuff. Pay my taxes, drive the speed limit, don't steal stuff....yep, Billy Bob is a clean cut feller. But....when I was a teenager, things were different. I had long hair combed back in a DA, wore mostly black clothes, drove like a maniac, didn't have no driver license and broke the law.
Ya see, it were like this.....I had lived with my Aunt and Uncle for a little while when I arrived in Ridgecrest. I hitchhiked there cause my dad was in jail down in Los Angeles for drunk driv'n or something like that. I lived in an old construction trailer for a while and then we moved the trailer out to the 5 acres bout 6 mile from town. You know, the one with no electric or water. At the time I had this old 1936 Dodge 4 door sedan what had a rod knock'n in the motor.....never could blow that sucker up, and I tried. Rev'er up as tight as it would go, pop the clutch spin them tires. Yeah boy howdy.

One night I decided to head to town and see the girls and listen to rock an roll at the "hang out". I was cut'n down the road bout 60 mile a hour and I see these red lights a flash'n. Oh crap, it's the cops. We didn't call 'em cops back in them days. They was police/police officers/the law.....that was call respect. I says..."well shoot, I'm a quarter mile ahead and get'n close to town....I'll out run him and hide". There were only two cop cars in town so I figgered I had a good chance long as the old Dodge kept run'n. Spun around a couple corners headed into a residential area....yeah, I'm home Scott free. Only two blocks to go and that cop was gain'n on me.....only half a block behind. I come around the last corner headed for the home stretch when I think I went up on two wheels....started slid'n and into the bushes and someone's fence. Then the motor died.

I didn't want to tell my aunt and uncle I was in trouble, so I just went off to the jail house think'n I would tell them tomorrow when they let me out. Right....I was tell'n it to the judge before 9am.  Can you believe I was sentenced to 90 days in the "big house" over in Bakersfield for driv'n with no license, speed'n, wreckless driv'n and resisting arrest.

Well it was get'n close to Christmas and things was slow at the "big house". I ain't say'n all we did was sit on our butts and "do nuttin" all day....we worked. Went on road gangs, pick up trash, shovel shit,  pick cotton.....we had a good ol' time. Then they decided they would kick some of us out...early. I had been there only bout a month and they kick me out....poooof, gone, just like that.....on the side of the road 100 mile from home.

Remind me to tell ya bout "pick'n cotton" in jail.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Jail time

Have ya ever went to jail???

Well old Billy Bob did.....but I didn't shoot nobody or nuttin like that. It were back in bout 1959 or somewhere's bout then. But I ain't gonna tell ya right now. Ya see....I had this old 1936 Dodge 4 door sedan......

Ya see it's like this, I look outside and I got me a flat tire on "that jeep". Hmmmmm....them are brand spank'n new tires. New tires don't go flat for no reason. "What's this"??? A freak'n screw. They don't use screws to put a tire on the rim. They stretch it like a rubber band.....let it loose and walla, tire is on the rim. Anyhows, I blowed it bacj up and am headed to town to the tire fix'n place. May even make a quick stop at Walmart just to say hello. You know me and Walmart.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

BOOOM goes the big guns

Well, here it is another day at the slabs. I would say a beautiful day, but it ain't. It's all hazy out there and the wind is start'n to kick up.

Did you know I'm camped right on the edge of the bombing and artillery range? Well I am...and the first thing they did this morning was shoot some big ass gun or something like that. Shook "da house" and I waked up real quick like say'n..."what the hell"? Last year I remember one day they done dropped one them "bunker buster" bombs or something like that. You talk bout scar'n the hell out ya, that did it for me. I jump up real quick like....say'n "what the hell". Then I look at the mountains.....holy crap....big black could of smoke. They blow'n up the mountains.

Ain't much excitement go'n on in Billy Bob's life the last few days. Been accused of "bitch'n" too much, but that's what I do....that's my job.

Speak'n bout job.....??????....well darn....done forgot what I was gonna say. It'll come to me in a bit. It's hard being retired ya know.

Been wonder'n where some of my followers have gone off to. They may not know it, but they are missed. Take MsB for instance.....where the hell she at? And then there's Nick. I been wait'n for him to show up at the slabs for a visit. Once ya meet someone in person and look 'em in the eye, ya kind of miss 'em when they're gone.

Was read'n a book last night. There was a thousand Indians on the war path....rid'n down the hill yell'n, shoot guns an' arrows, throw'n sticks and all that kind of stuff. I done dug a hole I made with my busted saber....was in the calvary ya know and them Indians was out to kill me and my old three legged  horse. It was way past 12:30am before I kilt all them Indians. Damn I were tired.

Look'n like "da porch" time. Go outside, sip a cup and do some think'n. Be back laters or not.

Friday, December 3, 2010

What??? Clouds, I don't believe it

Boy howdy, it was a different mor'n for sure. I woke up just a little after day break and all I see is clouds. And then my Verizon card wouldn't hold a signal. But now that the sun come out a bit, I have a signal.

Ok, here's the deal. I got tired of listen'n to that freak'n fan whin'n so's I cut a hole on the bottom of the computer....right under that noisy fan. Then I got to look'n real close. Is that hair I see? Yup, it sure is. See...
Even took out the hard drive to check it. It was clean. Then I crank it back up......oops, forgot to put the hard drive back in. But the fan sounded a whole bunch better. Then I put my trusty bearing tester on the fan motor. Yup, the bearings don't feel that good. But what the hell, it's run'n.

Here's my newest project. I call it my "reed racker".
Ya see, it's like this...when I get to Yuma at "da pond" where I gonna catch all them fish, the banks are growed up with reeds. And if'n I want to throw my fish pole out there where the fish is at, I got to cut down them reeds. This little gadget is gonna do that. The round pipe fits right inside my flag pole so's I can reach out bout 10 feets and "rack" them reeds slap out of the way.

Last night I got to think'n.....let's play hide and seek. Here's the idea....don't tell nobody where ya at and let everyone guess. Maybe give a few hints along the way. What ya think???

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Plenty of sunshine

Holy crap Billy Bob, is it beautiful out or not? It sure is nice to wake up in the morning to sunshine and warm temps. Try bout 47 degs outside for the last two mornings. Cain't beat that wid a stik.

Well, I guess by now everyone is get'n tired of listening to me bitch bout all the computer problems I been hav'n. Either that or you're hav'n a good laugh wait'n for the damn thing to blow up in my face. So here's the deal....I ain't tak'n this thing apart. After read'n the "manual" on how to take it apart....holy crap, forget that. There's 107 screws, every component has to be removed and disconnected....just to get to that noisy fan. Forget that!!!

Later sometime today or maybe in the next week I'll restore the operationg system back to like the day I bought it. But in the mean time....forget that too. Think'n maybe I'll just take it to someone what know what he's do'n. What ya think???

Ok, let me tell ya bout that big ol' pot of chili. Ya see it's like this, I brewed me up a great big batch....bout a couple gallon. I set it to "rest" after it was done cook'n, but I stole me a bowl just to see if it's was "right". You bet ya it was right....damn it was good. After it rested for a few hours, I says, I want me some more that chili and crank up the burner. Well, everybody know how that works, ya forget about what ya do'n and then ya smell something burn'n. Yep, I done burn my wonderful south Texas chili. Dug me out a bowl and it don't taste the same......Hmmmmm....tastes kind of burnt. No....I ain't gonna throw it out...gonna eat it.

Ain't much go'n on at the slabs. You know, just lay'n round "do'n nuttin" most the day. The bombing range has been quiet this year compared to last year. Hear a few gattlin guns and a couple bombs explod'n, no earthquakes yet.....yup, been pretty quiet. Did I ever tell ya bout the time....me and Gerry was out chukker hunt'n up in the desert and we fount an old miner cabin. Inside the shack was this half a box of dynamite. Well we done figger out a way to blow that stuff up. Yep, it blowed up. Set us on our ass too. Holy cows, no wonder that crap is dangerous for kids to mess with.  Never see a chukker the whole day.

Never tell ya bout the time I went mountain lion hunt'n did I?? We was camped up at Robbers Roost for the weekend....bout 5 of us as far as I can remember. Ya see, Robbers Roost was an outcrop of great big ol' rocks where the outlaws used to hang out wait'n for the stage to come across Walkers Pass in the Sierra Mountains. Then they would ride out and rob the stagecoach....stuff like that ya know. We used to drive down Walkers Pass in Mexican overdrive back then. Don't know why, but we was go'n bout a hunert mile a hour when we got to the flat area of the highway before it dead ended into highway 14. Boy howdy, what a ride.

Ok....got things to do.....change the battery in "that jeep". Then go for a ride look'n for my Texas flag. Still can't believe someone stole my flag. Why don't anyone like Texas except Texans???

Update......when for a ride....nope, ain't no Texas flag fly'n nowheres. But I did stop off at Solar Mikes and bought me up a brand spank'n new 600 watt pure sine wave inverter. There goes sav'n a buck. Installed it and now I can run anything I want....as long as it's under 600 watts. Ya see, it's like this, my old inverter was a 2500 watt modified sine wave....what ya can't run a fan off of and it mess up audio equipment an the little fans don't work no more. Now I'm set for life.
Oh yeah, Solar Mike says my batteries in "da house" are just fine. How bout them apples???

Speak'n of audio equipment, I fount me just what I been look'n for at Walmart. Or I think it's what I been look'n for. Will do a little research before I buy it. I like to buy stuff ya know.